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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is due to every news live from berlin france has been struck by terror again police storming a supermarket in the small town of earlier today on for a series of shootings in a dramatic hostage crisis that left three people dead the police shot and killed the attackers so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility. also on this
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program another new face at the white house a man who wants to use military force against iran and north korea and also cut funding for the united nations john bolton america's new national security adviser all be asking a leading security experts want to expect. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us french police have shot dead a gunman who killed three people before taking hostages in a supermarket in the small southwestern town of the twenty six year old attack screamed fundamentalist slogans during the incident he was known to all thora jesus a petty criminal and he was also being monitored as a possible islamist threat so-called islamic state have claimed responsibility for the attack. police rushing to the scene of the shooting and hostage situation the
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attacker twenty six year old. france's interior minister says the suspect was shot dead by. police after one officer offered himself in exchange for one of the hostages. we had no indication the attacker was radicalized he was known to the authorities as a petty criminal. case officer left his mobile phone switched on inside the supermarket and that's how we were able to listen to what was going on in there. when we heard gunshots we decided to intervene in it until. the attack took place in the tide of trade close to the southwestern city of carcass on to super market around lunchtime more than two hundred forty people have been killed in islamist attacks in france since those on the offices of the satirical magazine charlie hebdo and the batek unmusical in twenty fifteen
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following this latest attack the french government says the terror threat level remains high. ok correspondent and is a better day joins me now do we know. any more about whether the attacker was working on his own or had perhaps accomplices. well we don't yet know whether he had accomplices and is nobody likely especially about sterility that we'll find out but the idea that he was working alone when he was constantly all crypted telegram chats with various asuna feasts around the world means that he had he was being fed information he was being fed propaganda he was being fed ideas possibly even techniques to do an attack and therefore you could possibly say this you know working you know. and tell us also about the police officer who exchange himself for a hostage president mccall calling him a hero but he's fighting for his life i understand. yes he's left in kernel of the
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shotgun believe it or not not he until very recently whether specific brought to the army it's no attached to the home secretary to therefore to the police but they are specially trained forces and he is an officer of great courage when we went to an office himself for the remaining hostages in the supermarket he's forty five we don't know who we are not being told this day because we suspect that his family right now if they know what happened to him must be terrified he is a said to be in a very critical a situation we'll know more as things develop and you know we all pray that he will be your right and. you know france has experienced so many attacks in recent years help people reacting this time. that is a horrible feeling of vision because yes we have experienced this in the past and was about to say it's more frequent in our sixes and certainly it is but if you
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remember the killing a father had melted year and a half ago in a small town close to war it had aspects and similarities the killer once again was a local. the do nothing the the church itself had donated ground next to it for a local mosque. and this came out of the blue and it was the same thing the same data islamic state of indications that cetera ok elizabeth. thank you very much for that background. we're going to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world now spain's supremum court has ordered castle and separatists tool to be jailed along with four other separatist leaders to rule is a candidate to become regional president twenty five cattle and leaders on now facing trial on charges of rebellion embezzlement or disobey in the state.
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in afghanistan police say a car bomb exploded outside a sports stadium in with. in the southern helmand province so they today. health officials saying at least thirteen people were killed and dozens more wounded the blast came as afghan new year celebrations are winding down and revelers were on their way home. in new york a firefighter has died in a blaze that broke out on a film set and david michael davidson rather was separated from his colleagues and had lost consciousness when he was found two other firefighters suffered burns the cause of the blaze is under investigation. turning to u.s. politics now and the latest shake up at the white house last night president donald trump firing his national security adviser most of the two men were known to disagree on key areas all of us foreign policy in his place trump has now announced
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that prominent hardliner john bolton will be taking over the role he'll be trump's third national security adviser in just fourteen months. even in a crowded field john bolton's provocative views have long stood out whether it's north korean brinkmanship or iran's nuclear program. and has a more only had one answer to fight fire with fire let's ask john bolton for us and of the past ten years he has been a fixture on u.s. talk shows but today the new york times and here's the headline it's an eye catcher to stop iran's bomb bomb iran there's rarely missing a chance to hammer home his aggressive foreign policy approach i think has the earlier strike the more damage you can do it is a stance he has doggedly clung to ever since he said as the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. under george w. bush that was through to the iraq war he now returns to government on
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a bulging in-tray well i think the issues that confront us on proliferation and terrorism these are issues dealt with before the president obviously has them at the top of his priority list and so that's that's will be working on among them on many others bolton will have to put words into action when he starts shaping u.s. national security policy from next month. ok let's get some analysis on this new appointment now from one of germany's leading security experts also an expert on the middle east steinberg who works for the german institute for international and security affairs thanks for coming in trump appears to be surrounding himself with people who agree with him and firing people who disagree with him how worried should we be about this i think we should be extremely worried because even the first generation of foreign policy specialists. in the white house was was quite
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hawkish they were foreign policy realists but at the same time ready to use military value and violence if need be now we have people who stand for an extremely aggressive foreign policy especially with regard to north korea and iran so we should be worried yes you mention iran john bolton the new national security advisor is a very well known and vocal opponent of the international nuclear deal with. iran is his appointment an unmistakable signal if you want that president trump is in may going to abandon that deal well in the case of president trump you never know what is happening but he has been quite consistent in his criticism of the iran deal and i think in may we will see the united states abandoning that deal i think we should expect that yes and what effect would that move that depends very
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much on the iranians they should they could just stick to the agreement with the europeans with russia and china and not react this is a best case scenario though in a worst case scenario they would start enriching uranium and they would be able to build a nuclear bomb in about two years or perhaps even less in the. passed jumbo the new security advisor national security advisers called for military action against iran. presumably if they start making a bomb that would become even more imminent how probable is u.s. military action against iran i think it's a it's a possibility and with with the appointment of john bolton and all the others in the white house and especially pompei zero as secretary of state it has become more probable not necessarily a big military action against the nuclear program that you know might might happen
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in the future but i think what is imminent is military american military actions against iranian allies in the region we have seen ever since president visited saudi arabia this spring that this that he has that he has been talking about rolling back iranian influence in the region and that means rolling back iranian influence in yemen in lebanon in syria and perhaps even within iraq we're talking about shia militia including hezbollah so you think military conflict with the u.s. involved in iran or near iran but certainly in the middle east is a question of time i think it is highly probable it is not a question of time as i said there is there are the president is nobody that you can predict. but i think what we are seeing in
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recent months the appointments of pompeo. of john bolton and others in his administration point to military action is specially with regard to iran i think that's the short term problem we we will be facing in may ok the views of good or steinberg from the german institute for international and security affairs giteau many thanks. we're going to turn to some sports news now due to the international break there is no bonus legal action this weekend but training went ahead for the players not included in the national teams where the pressure off brewster dormant for one decided it would be the perfect time to try out the talents of an extremely famous jamaican. retired sprinting legends you saying bolt has never denied his love for the beautiful game. in fact he's long dreamed of becoming a player and now with more time on his hands he's confident he has what it takes to
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make it. i think overall i'll give myself probably not that i think i was ok i did well it just takes practice knowing what you know get fit and i should be ok. bolt appeared to gel well with the dortmund squads and even showed some promise in front of goal. but that left footed one hundred and two hundred meter world record holder is trying to kick start his footballing career at the ripe old age of thirty one which may go against him. as if he's not at an age where i'd say he can develop much but he can still improve some things he'd have to train with the team for a few weeks or months and then see how it works out but he has a good understanding of the game. and courage in words for bolt but no matter how well he develops his skills on the pitch the jamaican certainly
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knows how to exploit the crowds. now the new formula one season gets underway this weekend drivers have already competed in practice for the australian grand prix and so fall there is a familiar look to the top of the time sheets and save his drive and reigning world champion lewis hamilton setting the fastest lap time in melbourne the britain has his sights set on a fifth drive his title this season in well red bull pilot max fished up and he was the closest challenger at all saturday's qualifying. a quick reminder for you of our top story at this hour french police have shot dead a gunman who killed three people and held others hostage in a suit. market the twenty six year old was known to authorities as a petty criminal and being monitored as a possible is the most treacherous so called islamic state. responsibility for the attack. don't forget you can always get news on the go with.
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