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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 1:00am-1:03am CET

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what products remember ukraine will be made between the planet and we'll make sure you wouldn't want to. bring the factory starting march twenty fourth on g.w. . french police raided the apartment of the suspected gunman who killed three people and a hostage incident in the southern french city of tribe the standoff at a supermarket ended when police shot and killed the man dozens were also wounded including one policeman apprentice president emanuel calls in a quote act of islamic terror and always. peruse congress voted overwhelmingly to accept president pedro pablo kaczynski his resignation because in ski stepped down
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over corruption allegations in the face of certain impeachment lawmakers have been trying to oust him for months alleging he had attempted to buy political support vice president martinelli scotto was sworn in as the new president. world stock markets have tumbled over growing fears of a global trade war china is threatening to slap retaliatory tariffs on american goods including pork apples and steel pipe the move comes just hours after u.s. president hit chinese steel and aluminum imports with fresh taxes worth sixty billion dollars. he you and british leaders have agreed on the guidelines for brags that the parties indorsed each other's negotiations chances for trade discussions which are due to start next month brussels confirmed it would let britain effectively stay part of the block without a vote until the end of two thousand and twenty. a hardliner who wants to stop iran's bomb by bombing iran john bolton is donald
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trump's new national security advisor is his appointment the final straw for the nuclear deal with tehran my name's christopher spring eight this is the day. the president is the person with the responsibility he or she needs the advice of their advisors because the earlier you strike the more damage you can do i think the national security adviser's role is to make sure that the president's decision is carried out and here's the headline it's an eye catcher to stop iran's bomb bomb iran so those are the two sides of the same coin i think and i think that's where my focus is. also coming up a young american staging a weekend of protest against gun violence we focus on the high school students from florida taking the debate on gun control by storm and putting.


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