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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin tens of thousands of students are holding a gun control rally in washington d.c. the rally is in support of tighter gun laws and is led by survivors of the school shooting will be crossing live to a correspondent at the protests. in france mourns a hero police officer who died after a supermarket shooting on o.b.l. traum took the place of a hostage and helped to bring a siege at the store to an end. and in support of the football world cup is fast
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approaching with germany making the finishing touches to their squad the defending champions to constant pain in the heart for it friendly last night we'll bring you the best of the action. welcome to the program protests in favor of tougher restrictions on gun ownership are taking place in the u.s. tens of thousands of students are at the main demonstration in the capital washington d.c. students who survived the mass shooting at the marjorie stoneman douglas high school in florida are leading what's called the march for on lives a rally pro-gun control rallies the due to take place in other cities in the u.s. . and one of the students from madras john douglas high school spoke to spoke at the rally here's what she had to say. those seventeen people did not die in vain.
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they along with the entire student body of marjorie stillman was high school and all of you standing before me today are the force and spirit that drive this movement and we will stop at nothing until we make real lasting change. for more on that rally we're joined by a correspondent alex hunter phenomenon who is in washington to thank you for joining us so it looks like this could become a new an even larger protest than the women's marching twenty seventeen what's the atmosphere there like. i would describe the atmosphere here as a make show determination confidence students here feel strong that they can really make a difference we heard them chanting both of them oh it's that was
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a clear left reference to politicians lawmakers on call cup which will heal students here want them to act now to pass stricter gun legislation so i'm joined here by a teacher it's cartney told from ohio so you came all the way here to join this march to participate in this protest how does the issue of. school safety impact your everyday life it impacts me every day when someone knocks on the door i think is a shooter and i shouldn't have to feel that way but i'll protect my students no matter what you talk with you students about the issue of what could happen what to do in case that you have a active shooter at school yes i have five classes so each class i have to discuss with them what they would need to do in my room and they have seven classes they go seven different classrooms they have to figure out how to get out or where to be safe what to expect from this movement from the march today i'm hoping that it
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unifies america and the world to stop gun violence and make a difference so that we keep children safe why should it be different than in the past. or columbine and i felt safe i felt safe going to school when i was a kid and since then i don't feel safe anymore many different proposals being discussed one of them is something that president. trump proposed to arm teachers what do you think about that if i wanted to be armed i would be a police officer or join the military i became chief students i prefer to teach content and not worry about a gun it was about different other proposals to the minimum age for gun violence what would you like to see from the lawmakers definitely raise the minimum age requirement a mental health background check is huge we need to get more mental health counselors in schools we see it every day and we can't everything as teachers and
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we're basically mental health counselors teachers nurses everything so we need more support and are you hopeful that it's going to happen now i'm hopeful and that's why i'm here today so we're getting a lot of voters registered and that's how we're going to make a difference thank you cause meaning you and students here told us that they want to keep up the pressure on the lawmakers to agree and start demanding stricter gun control as they want the politicians to act now. so alex under the gun control debate has obviously been ongoing for years but the movement seems to be gaining quite a bit of momentum right now why is that. what we have to see. parklane students just survivors of the mosque in the park florida i was able to achieve so far that's why many gun control activists told me that they are very helpful those students are very active on social media there are
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visible on american networks they have a clear message and that message is that they are going to go soon and they are going to go to those politicians who are not representing their demands and this is a very powerful message and those students are very out there. and they inspire a lot of fellow students. alexandr phenomena join. us from washington thank you. now we apologize for the poor sound quality at the end of that interview the policeman who was offered himself as a hostage during a supermarket shooting spree in south of france has died in hospital. is being hailed as a hero for saving lives he switched places with the last remaining person being held captive inside the store on the supermarkets not just says a woman he saved has been devastated by the office as death outside the police
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station where beltran was based in the town and tribe local people have been paying tribute i don't you know i haven't slept all night since what happened yesterday he was marvelous he was a hero obviously the military the police officer i have huge respect for them feeling and then i will march on the radio bill trauma's mother spoke of the policeman's commitment. because he was someone who has since he was born gave everything for the homeland he would have said to me i'm doing my job nothing more than defending and helping others and doing his work in the most noble way possible. somehow by ripping you know a brutal policy of france's president emmanuel mccrone praised the swift action of the police. i want to salute their engagement and their professionalism but especially their courage. particularly the courage
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of an officer of the gendarmerie who volunteered to take the place of a hostage. the attackers rampage began in the medieval city of kharkiv around lunchtime he then moved on to tribe. we went in the office started our shopping and after some time we heard an explosion well several explosions. so i went to see what it was about and i saw a man lying on the floor and another person very agitated with a handgun in one hand and a knife in the other yelling allahu akbar. the french government says the islamist governments connections are under close investigation police have detained a woman a young man believed to be linked to him more than two hundred forty people have been killed in islam mr attacks in france since the beginning of twenty fifteen the government says the terror threat level remains high. the double correspondent who
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said the us is following the story for us from paris lisa thank you for joining us so what are the reactions to this police officer as death well people here are reacting with a great deal of sadness obviously that a poll that this man passed away overnight they called him that calling him the epitome of a hero and saying that today harrison has a name and a face and one of the people speaking out today was his brother cedric who was talking to france's r.t.l. radio. cos you know he's gone as a hero i think what he did goes beyond the commitment to his job and values he gave his life for someone else for a stranger. it's not even for someone from his family he gave his life for strangers. he was well aware he had almost no chance. he was very aware of what he was doing he kept his professional reflexes using his mobile phone. i think if we
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don't describe him as a hero i don't know what you need to do to be a hero but he did what needed to be done and thanks to him many lives were saved. the moving words of cedric beltran was a brother of the policeman who took place with took the place father of the last remaining hoss stange speaking on french radio service a back to you what more do we know about beltran well we know that he was forty five years old i was married didn't have any children he was known for his bravery really from very early on from when he was actually doing his police training people who are saying he is someone who will never back down will fight until the end in two thousand and five he was sent to iraq as a parachutist and afterwards received a military medal for that and after that he was actually attached to the ne the palace and was commander in the republican guard that is guarding the elysee palace
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and then obviously about last year late last year according to local press reports he was participating in an exercise and that was staging an attack just like happened last night and yesterday actually as an attack on a supermarket now following that attack a minor as the rest of this morning what's the latest on the investigation. we know that this seventeen year old apparently was a friend of his the police also yesterday arrested at the attackers part not we don't really know how you was in touch with the with the so to say radicalized people in the area to police trying to find out he's about more about his feelings with the people there but also with possibly people in syria and iraq and now the french president in monaco yes it is said that the threat to france hatch anges in its nature whereas before hand attacks would be mastermind it from
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a group from countries like iraq iraq and syria nowadays there was this homegrown terrorism so the police had to deal with people who had never left france to get radicalized who got radicalized here in france and as staging attacks and that's obviously a lot more difficult to detect and the police will have to adapt this to this new kind of threat. lisa lewis there reporting for us from paris let's now have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world a car bomb has exploded in the north an egyptian city of alexandria killing at least one person talk it was reportedly a convoy carrying the city's security chief there talk comes just two days before egypt's presidential election no group has yet claimed responsibility. british regulators have raided the london offices of data from cambridge analytical they're investigating whether the company improperly used data for some fifteen million facebook users to talk at voters with political messages the firm is under
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scrutiny for its role in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election and the bedsit come pain. in football world champions germany hosted spain in a friendly in the western city of dusseldorf on friday and now it was a chance for coach yogi nerve to test his players against a fellow title favorite ahead of the world cup in russia in june both teams started with strong line ups which made for a tight contest. no surprises in germany starting eleven as they sported their new away shirt despite being the hosts but the better start belonged to spain and dress in yester setting up roderigo marino with a neat bow and the forward gives me against a static german defense. germany's first
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attacking effort persuasion. spain remain good more dangerous side just missing sharpness in front of go. but after half an hour thomas miller did find a gap in the spanish defense something the equaliser. after the break both teams had their. answers in an entertaining affair but it remains all square one one between two teams who want to learn their world cup credentials germany next play brazil in a friendly on tuesday spain and to take argentina. it's a new formula one season but it's the same old story in qualifying for the australian grand prix a say does have grabbed pole position thanks to defending champion lewis hamilton now the briton will be at the front of the grid for sunday's race following this for lap in melbourne there are is can we right can and was second quickest ahead of germany sebastian vettel now mercedes drive
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a voluntary board has crashed all ten starts well bad f one's new here no drive a protection system not needed here. that's your news wrap we'll be back with more at the top of the hour in the meantime do feel free to check out our web site that's going to be dr thank you for watching. they make a commitment. they find solutions. and sharper. africa . stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation.


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