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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm CET

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you know why. the force of nature. on g.w. . this is the news live from berlin that tens of thousands of students are holding a gun control rally in washington d.c. the rally is in support of stricter gun laws and is led by survivors of the parkland school shooting will be crossing live to our correspondents at the protest . from swan's
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a hero police officer who died after supermarket shooting on nobel trying to keep the place of a hostage and helped bring the siege of the store to an end. and it's for the football world cup is fast approaching with germany making the finishing touches to this squad the defending champions to consecrate in a hard fought friendly last night and go bring you the best of the action. program protests in favor of tighter restrictions on gun ownership are taking place in the u.s. tens of thousands of students are at the main demonstration in the capital washington d.c. students who survived the mass shooting at the marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida are leading what's called the march for our lives rally pro-gun control rallies are due to take place in other cities in the united states. and one of the students from marjorie stoneman douglas high school spoke at the rally and here's
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what he had to say. all it comes down to is life or death. to all of the politicians out there if you take money from the n.r.a. you have chosen. if you have not expressed your constituents a public stance on this issue you have chosen to ask if you do not stay with us by saying we need to pass commonsense gun legislation you have chosen and none of the millions of people marching in this country today will stop until they see those against us out of office because we live. from on this front joined by our correspondent alex hunter phenomenon who is in washington alexander we've just had one of the students give a very passionate speech to the people there is the general mood and atmosphere at the rally. i'm
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sorry i couldn't hear you question but i can just tell you that i am very impressed from what i've been seeing here and from my conversations with students who are so world you know world what's going on and which proposals are being discussed and who are so determined to put up pressure on their politicians to tighten gun control and i'm now joined by two students from new york is jay leno and morgan thank you for being with us can you tell us more why it's important for you to be here to participate in this march i think it's important to participate in this march to show that we really care about gun control in schools and across the nation and we need to ensure the safety of other people and people in schools and churches to learning environment and community are you concerned about your own
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safety when you go to school. when i'm in school whenever they say lockdown or a theme even if now the announcement speech comes on i just start to get a little nervous but ever these knew when they say chill but i feel that people shouldn't have to go to school to learn and not to be scared just like gun control because it benefits everyone. so are you hopeful that you know we will see gun control tightens soon dad see you protest will impress the politicians and you know that something is going to change yes i really do hope everything we're doing now will hope change because as of right now it doesn't make sense that our schools are being armed we're having so many primaries when instead of sort of arming them it should give us better stuff and make us more aware of it and lead to more safety a sort of more violence what kind of legislations would you like to see. on.
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the what do you think about the president's proposal to armijo teacher as i think it's really full of him it doesn't make any sense for someone that we're supposed to trust to come to for help now we have to be careful of them and always be careful because you don't know if they're ever going to have a problem and be upset and just pop off in a studio and something and marco what would you seeing what should happen now which kind of legislation would you like to see raising committee moment age to buy a gun or you know to ban and sold weapons what would you say i would like to have a site i would like to ban assault weapons across the nation for everyone to ensure safety and so on i would like to see a trickle ations on guns to ensure a safe environment what would you tell people who say these are just kids stay don't know how politics works. i'd like to say to them even though we are you we still do know what's going on people think we're just here to get. well it's beyond
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t.v. but no because we really want to see it changed i mean you see it. and when people say we're just kids sure we are kids but. also politicians. thank you very much for being here so as you could see those students are really determined to keep on going keep up the pressure on the law and lawmakers to tighten gun control alexander fundament thank you very much for the latest there in washington . investigators looking into a hostage taking and shooting incident at a supermarket in southern france have discovered homemade explosives at the site of the attack they also found one hundred and one hunting knife now the policeman who offered himself as a hostage during the hostage situation has died in hospital. is being hailed
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as a hero for saving lives his switched places with the last remaining person being held captive inside the store the supermarket's manager says the woman he saved has been devastated by the office is death. outside the police station where beltran was based in the town of trad local people have been paying tribute i don't you know i haven't slept all night since what happened yesterday he was marvelous he was a hero obviously the military the police officer had huge respect for them. and their whole mash on the radio bill trauma's mother spoke of the policeman's commitment. but as it did to sicken he was someone who ever since he was born gave everything for the homeless and he would have said to me i'm doing my job nothing more but that's defending and helping others and doing his work in the most noble way possible for how i replied no grim old policy of the france's president emanuel
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mccrone praised the swift action of the police. i want to salute their engagement and their professionalism but especially their courage. if you want to particularly the courage of an officer of the gendarmerie who volunteered to take the place of a hostage. the attack is rampage began in the medieval city of caucus on the around lunch time he then moved on to trebell. we went in the office started our shopping and after some time we heard an explosion well several explosions here so i went to see what it was about and on the till i saw a man lying on the floor and another person very agitated with a handgun in one hand and a knife in the other yelling allahu akbar. the french government says the islamist governments connections are under close investigation police have detained
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a woman and a young man believed to be linked to him more than two hundred forty people have been killed in islam mr attacks in france since the beginning of twenty fifteen the government says the terror threat level remains high. and as we've just reported investigators have found weapons at the scene of the hostage taking and only i did speak to the ws he said louis in paris to find out more about the investigation. we know that this seventeen year old apparently was a friend of his the police also yesterday arrested at the attack his partner we don't really know how he was in touch with the with the so to say radicalized people in the area the police are trying to find out he's about more about his links with the people there but also with possibly people in syria and iraq and now the french president in monaco yesterday said that the threat to france hatch ange
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in its nature whereas before hand attacks would be masterminded from abroad from countries like iraq iraq and syria nowadays there was this homegrown terrorism so the police had to deal with people who had never left france to get ridiculous who got radicalized here in france and are staging attacks and that's obviously a lot more difficult to detect and the police will have to adapt this to this new kind of threat. that was lisa lewis in paris let's not look at some of the other stories making news around the world two policemen have been killed in a car bomb attack in the gyptian city of alexandria the target was reportedly a convoy carrying the city's security chief the attack comes just two days before egypt's presidential election no group has yet claimed responsibility. british regulators have raided the london offices of data from cambridge analytical they're investigating whether the company improperly used data from some fifty
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million facebook users to target voters of political messages the firm is under scrutiny for its role in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election and the bedsit campaign. us president donald trump has ordered the banning of most transgender troops from serving in the country's military people who have had gender reassignment surgery or taken hormones cannot serve an earlier version of the band prompted protests and was successfully challenged in court. it's time to start your engines the new formula one season gets underway on sunday with the australian grand prix was a driver lewis hamilton beat ferrari sebastian vettel to the top to the title last year and the two look set to continue their rivalry in twenty eighteen now on saturday the to drive us faced off in qualifying any was the defending champion who struck an early psychological blow. the new season but the same old
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story defending champion lewis hamilton stormed to a pole position in melbourne the mercedes driver set a new lap record and will start sunday's race up the front of the great despite winning the world championship four times in his career the britain's thirst for victory remains unquenched. you would think that with. the results we've had for these years it would be the norm but it doesn't still just as intense and hard stories and i wish you could feel it right now. for our ease kimmie reichman was second quickest. his teammate and four time world champion german drivers sebastiaan fettle came in third. mercedes driver of terry both times had a nightmare start to the season he crashed out and starts well back an exciting
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season awaits with both hamilton and fattal hoping to equal argentine great juan manuel funk heels five world titles. football now and world champions germany hosted spain in a friendly in the western city of the sold off on friday it was a chance. to test his players against a fellow title favorites ahead of the world cup in russia in june both teams started with strong line ups which made for a tight contest. no surprises in germany starting eleven as they spotted the new away shirt despite being the hosts but the put a stop along to spain and dresden yes the setting of roderigo marino with a neat bow and the forward kate spade and certainly against the stats german defense. germany's first attacking efforts lacked persuasion. spain remained the more dangerous side just missing
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shoppers in front of go i but after half an hour thomas miller did find a gap in the spanish defense something home the equaliser. after the break both teams had their chances in an entertaining affair but it remained own square one one between two teams who underlined their world cup credentials germany next played brazil in a friendly on tuesday spain entertain argentina. we conclude in the philippines where thousands of people watched fireworks light up the night sky as part of an event celebrating the world's top power technical experts the international param musical competition has been getting underway every weekend since need february with ten countries each hoping to win the china and canada are runners up there were two grand winners germany and the united kingdom.
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a spectacular show and a great way to wrap up this edition of the news live from berlin my name is even money my colleague my shrader will be coming to you with more in exactly forty five minutes statement. state by state. the most. colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state. on t.w. da.


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