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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 24, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin half a million people have reportedly in washington d.c. at the march for our lives these are live images from the rally in support of tighter gun laws across the united states being led by survivors of the parklane to school shooting cross live to our correspondent at the protest. and police have discovered explosives and other weapons at the site of a shooting in southern france two arrests have been made in connection with the attack we'll have the latest from our correspondent. and in sports the football
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world cup is fast approaching with germany putting the finishing touches on their team the defending champions took on spain in a hard fought friendly last night we'll bring you the best of the action. schwager welcome to the program protests in favor of tighter restrictions on gun ownership are taking place across the u.s. hundreds of thousands are at the main demonstration in the capital washington d.c. called the march for our lives the protest was organized and led by students who survived the mass shooting at the marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida similar marches were also held across the world. one of the students from archery some in douglas high school spoke at the rally in d.c.
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here's what she had to say all it comes down to is why your dad was authored to all the politicians out there if you take money from the n.r.a. you have chosen. if you have not expressed your constituents in public stance on this issue you have chosen to ask if you do not stand with us by saying we need to cause commonsense gun legislation you have chosen and not of the millions of people marching in this country today will stop until they see those against us out of office because we. always thought she was ok. and our correspondent out of town a phenomena in washington after the march for life looks like there's quite a crowd behind you this could become even a larger protest than the women's march in twenty seventeen tell us about the atmosphere there and tell us who's there with you right now.
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i would describe the atmosphere here as a mixture of determination and confidence because the students i talked to are confidence that they can make a difference one of them is joining me right now it's amanda she's from new york amanda you came here from new york with your friends why was it so important for you to participate in this protest it's important to me to. prices have been this because this isn't just one person issue it involves everyone because everyone is a vick could be a victim of gun violence young old black white whoever you are and so i want to stand up for the people that i love and for everyone so i encourage everyone to go out vote may change what what change you would like to see what kind of legislation i would love for some out america so rifles to be banned i want should
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background checks i just want people to be safe and especially gun violence in general to understand just about school shootings gun violence continues in communities of color constantly and we need to focus on supporting students and mt mental health background checks and just keep going from there what you tell people who tell you you are just a high school kid. we seem to be losing the signal a little bit from alexandre at the protest of the march for life there but we will bring you more as developments continue. well now rallies in support of gun control in the u.s. have also been taking place in europe in the french capital dozens of protesters gathered near the eiffel tower and many of the demonstrators were americans living in paris there are also protests in several german cities organized by americans demonstrators gathered outside the u.s.
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embassy in central berlin to call for more restrictions on gun sales. investigators looking into a hostage taking and shooting incident at a supermarket in southern france have discovered homemade explosives at the site of the attack they also found a handgun and a hunting knife all that the latest on the investigation from our correspondent in paris in a moment but first tributes are being paid to the policeman who offered himself as a hostage colonel. has died of his wounds in the hospital his first place is with a woman who is being held captive inside the store. outside the police station where bill trump was based in the town of local people have been paying tribute i don't know i haven't slept all night since what happened yesterday he was marvelous he was a hero obviously the military the police officer i have huge respect for them. and . on the radio comes mother spoke of the policeman's commitment.
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because he was someone who has since he was born gave everything for the homeland he would have said to me i'm doing my job nothing more. defending and helping others and doing his work in the most noble way possible for full power by group you know a grim old policy of the french president manuel mccollum praised the swift action of the police. i want to salute their engagement and their professionalism but especially their courage. particularly the courage of an officer of the gendarmerie who volunteered to take the place of a hostage to. the attackers rampage began in the medieval city of caucus on around lunchtime he then moved on to. you know we live in a small town of six those and residents and we were all convinced these atrocities
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would never happen at home we were all convinced it would be our to our neighbors. but yesterday we were able to measure how much radicalism can affect anyone because your. investigators found homemade explosives one hundred gun and a hunting knife in the supermarket while the women under young man believed to be linked to the attacker have been arrested more than two hundred forty people have been killed in islamist attacks in france since the beginning of twenty fifteen. i'm joined now by did i be a correspondent lisa lewis who has been following the story for us from paris. we know that the police arrested two people after the attack what's the latest on the investigation now well we know that there are some arrested his partner and a seventeen year old friend of his and the police is now looking into how these people were connected how the attacker was connected to a local extremist group actually they're still wondering how this person who was
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named to be radicalized then got to the point to stage this attack they were not expecting this the authorities and they said they had not seen him traveling to iraq or syria and and i'm now wondering actually if you has been in contact with so-called islamic state or not apparently investigators found some papers some names at his home some local means of national media reporting that they also found a will mentioning so-called islamic state. so seems like we have a homegrown terrorist situation here or what else do we know about the attacker we know that he was twenty five years old he was of moroccan origin he was born in morocco he got the french nationality at the age of twelve at one point between twenty sixteen and twenty seventeen he was being watched very closely by the french secrets was services but at the time they believed he was radicalized but not about
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to commit an attack that there was no imminent danger coming from him we also know that he was known for petty crime such as drug offenses but again that the police were not thinking that he would be able or would be willing to stage an attack really. now unfortunately this incident seems to have become part of everyday life now in france they're happening so often how are the french reacting to yet another terror attack on their home soil well the people here obviously a poor they're shocked that they say they knew that this might be coming everybody knows that the terror threat in france is still incredibly high but they were maybe hoping because for the past year and a half there had been no huge major attacks here in france they were hoping that maybe it was going away but it's not the case and also there is something outside actually it's happening in rome france and not in a big city and that means that the secret service is now have to spread out even
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further that they have to get more decentralized to be able to watch everybody very closely here in france hi lisa louis for us in paris thank you very much for your insights. and now on to some of the other stories making news around the world two policemen have been killed in a car bomb attack in the egyptian city of alexandria the target was reportedly a convoy carrying the city's security chief the attack comes just two days before egypt's presidential election no group has yet claimed responsibility. thousands of foreign supporters in croatia have marched in the capital zagreb to protest a european council treaty designed to prevent domestic and gender based violence they say the so-called istanbul convention promotes what they call a quote gender ideology that would undermine the traditional family. the italian parliament has elected new speakers for both chambers paving the way
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for negotiations to create a new government for how the senator maria elisabetta of. has become the first female senate president italy's history a five star movement veteran roberto fico was elected speaker of the lower house. british regulators have raided the london offices of the data firm cambridge analytic they're investigating whether the company improperly used data from some fifty million facebook users to target voters with political messages the firm is under scrutiny for its role in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election and the braggs it campaign. now to football and world champions germany hosted spain in a friendly in the western city of dusseldorf on friday it was a chance for coach yogi lew to test his players against a fellow title favorite ahead of the world cup in russia in june both teams started with strong line ups which made for
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a tight contest. no surprises in germany starting eleven as they spotted their new away shirt despite being the hosts but the better stuff belong to spain and dressin yes dissenting raji go merino with the need for the ball and the forward they've stayed in the against the static german defense my germany's first attacking efforts lacked precision. spain remain the more dangerous side just missing shot miss in front of goal my but after half an hour thomas miller did find a gap in the spanish defense something home the equaliser the but after the break both teams had their chances in an entertaining affair but it remained own square one one between two teams who underlined that will cup credential germany next play brazil in a friendly and shows de spain and to take out in tina. and start your engines the
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new formula one season gets underway on sunday with the australian grand prix mercedes driver lewis hamilton the ferrari is sebastian vettel to the title last year and the two look set to continue their rivalry in twenty eighteen on saturday the two drivers faced off in qualifying and it was the defending champion who struck an early psychological blow. the new season but the same old story defending champion lewis hamilton's stormed to a pole position in melbourne the mercedes driver set a new law practice word and will start sunday's race at the front of the great despite winning the world championship four times in his career the britain's thirst for victory remains unquenched. you would think that with. the results we've had for these years it would be the norm but if it doesn't it's still just as intense and i'm like my heart's racing i wish you could feel right now. furries
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kimmie reichman was second quickest. his teammate and four time world champion german drivers sebastiaan fettle came in third. mercedes driver of terry bull thomas had a nightmare start to the season he crushed tight and starts well back an exciting season awaits with both hamilton and fattal hoping to equal argentine great juan manuel funk heels five world titles. and now to the philippines where thousands of people watched the fireworks light up the night sky as part of an event at the world celebrating the world's top pyrotechnic experts the international pyro musical competition has been getting underway every weekend since mid february with ten countries each hoping to win china and canada were runners up there were two grand winners germany and the united kingdom. and just
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a reminder of the top stories we're following here for you survivors of last month's florida school massacre are leading a rally in favor of tighter gun control laws in the united states similar protests are set to happen across the u.s. . that's a news wrapped around it again at the top of the hour thanks for turning and. the d w a center. going to take. over. discovery. video and audio podcast and language courses. in the d.w.t. a center of gravity media centered on d w dot com.


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