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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CEST

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this is due to the news life from berlin hundreds of patents call for gun control in the united states protesters descended on the white head to demands tighter restrictions on firearms and it's part of a box romney in washington that fund survivors of last month's school shooting in florida also coming up. turkey says it's now in full control of the kurdish afrin region in northern syria but kurds around the world are outraged saying i'm sure is real gold is ethnic cleansing. saying this monuments around the world go
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dark for earth hour will see has switching off lights is connected to protecting the planet. and in sports the formula one season kicks off with the price tag not the australian grand prix in melbourne and ferrari combustion faddle champion in the us how close content to a dramatic victory to find. i'm on i was on a welcome to the program protests in favor of ties or restrictions on gun ownership have been taking place across the u.s. hundreds of thousands attended the main demonstration in washington called the march for our lives the protest was organized and led by students who survived the mass shooting at the marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland florida.
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they've come from all over the country descending on the capitol to demand an end to gun violence protesters that march for our lives want stricter laws to regulate the sale of guns especially semiautomatic rifles like the one used at the most recent mass school shooting in hartland florida. how line stronger background checks and i want to make it harder for people to take it away to me like that eighteen year old can just walk in my marriage fifteen wait that's not ok they say that this time they're not going to let the issue fade away. and seeing that kids are actually running from the chains i think will finally wake up people in congress so i think it's a really it's it's going to. this is only the beginning there's another march coming in april and these kids are not going to stop until they get what they want we need to let the politicians know. it's important to us that we are going to pay attention and specially the ballot boxes were prepared to. go to
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the n.r.a. or national rifle association drew particular fire for its role in opposing tighter regulations on guns. but many of the people here say they're ready to vote out of existence to take campaign donations from various groups trying to block gun before it you know five people like us the more of the oregon's the more support we have and the more support we have i think for have a shot in making our gun laws a lot tighter. a show of force from hundreds of thousands asking their lawmakers to help make america safer and. the turkish ministry says it now has complete control of the ethnically courage of offer and region in northern syria as comes a wake up for turkish forces and syrian fighters gains control of the city of afrin the kurdish y p g militia turkey launched operation olive branch and january in
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a bid to clear the region off the white p.g. which i'm career regards as a terrorist group. turkish and free syrian army flags fly side by side enough taken on sunday talk you know claims the two allies have rested complete control of the way to a free region from kurdish forces. no those lucky enough to be left alive on the streets me. many of them formed queues desperate for the aid provided by the turkish red crescent. to smoke as it should we think one hundred thousand people are present and on the road to freedom tone center he will step up humanitarian aid efforts to reach these people. some locals pronounce the relief at what they saw as a liberation. we were treated unjustly that way. but thank god a group of fighters came in there and we thank them. but no we are suffering because of a lack of food and water. and our women are out in the mountains and they're not
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being allowed to come home. yet but we hope that our women and children will come home that night a huge void now. but not everyone agrees with turkey's presence in a free and kurdish groups across europe gather to protest what they see as the an exception of territory that is rightfully kurdish hall and frankfurt demonstrators criticize germany's delivery of arms to turkey. must finally stop with the export of weapons and arms. to the acceptance of the must murder in a free and raja in syria needs to cease the the and the propaganda of the turkish media in germany median and of supporters of the arab one regime must be stopped. in paris kurdish groups denotes to what they see as ethnic cleansing.
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people around the world know what's going on. and they do not. after these repeated attacks this genocide this ethnic cleansing of a people. it was. french president the manual mccoll has said that france and turkey will pursue quote deep and intense discussions about syria in the coming days. meanwhile thousands of rebel fighters and civilians are pulling out of the pussy enclave of a strain near the syrian capital damascus fates of bosses have been lined up to transport those leaving along a corridor which has been cleared of barricades and explosives thousands of others have already moved out of the region i'm sure insurgents agreed to give up territory in return for being a lead to depart state television safe that the syrian army is advancing into areas previously held by the rebels and investigators looking into.
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supermarkets in southern france have discovered homemade explosives at the supermarket they also found a handgun and a hunting knife as well france will hold a national mourning ceremony for the fourth victim off the attacker nal are no the policeman died from gunshots and stopping wounds received after he traded places with a hostage held by an islamist gunman in the supermarket. outside the police station where bill tribe was based in the town of local people have been paying tribute i don't you know i haven't slept all night since what happened yesterday he was marvelous he was a hero all the asli the military the police officer i have huge respect for them and then i will march on the radio chums mother spoke of the policeman's commitment . because he was someone who ever since he was born gave everything for the
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homeland he would have said to me i'm doing my job nothing more but that's defending and helping others and doing his work in the most noble way possible. somehow by ripping no agreement policy of france president emmanuel mccollum praise the swift action of the police. i want to salute their engagement and their professionalism but especially their courage. in particular particularly the courage of an officer of the gendarmerie who volunteered to take the place of a hostage to. the attackers rampage began in the medieval city of caucus on around lunchtime he then moved on to tab. you know we live in a small toad of six those residents and we were all convinced these atrocities would never happen i told him we were all convinced it would be also our neighbors
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. but yesterday we were able to measure how much radicalism can affect anyone. investigators found homemade explosives one hundred gun and a hunting knife in the supermarket while a woman under young man believed to be linked to the attacker have been arrested more than two hundred forty people have been killed in islamist a toxin fronts since the beginning of twenty fifteen. and some of the other stories making news around the world. former castle on the us where someone has avoided and attempt to arrest him by leaving the country and pfizer says he was returning to belgium where he plans to cooperate with authorities regarding spain's attempts to extradite him last month went into exile last year in the wake of an independence referendum. the first direct commercial flights between australia and
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britain have taken place the boeing seven eight seven jet flew nonstop to london from the western city of perth with more than two hundred people on board the flight took seventeen hours on a journey that once took weeks. saying at least. there is at the age of ninety four is best known for being the first winner of the euro vision song contest back in one hundred fifty six she represented switzerland on one song. many of the world's iconic sights on attractions have been marking earth hour by switching off their lights from the city off rise to the empire state building in new york skyline has been a little darker as the event moves through the time zones are there is a sparking global awareness about environmental issues that's. light site in moscow is rate square. as the eiffel tire disappears from the paris.
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at eight thirty pm local time in cities of right in the world stopped eliminating their landmarks and turned the lights for air thyra it's part of a call for international unity for action on climate change and last just sixty minutes taking place each year for more than a decade it all started in sydney which was also one of the first cities to go black the world wide fund for nature created the event to urge people to think about their energy use as a symbol of their commitment to the planet organizers hope the people leaving gage this year don't switch off to claim it change and that no one remains in the dark about its impact on the world or out of the. front one there has been a surprise in the opening race of the season and australia with ferrari's german driver sebastian fattal seeming dramatic victory write letters from sports desk
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joins me to tell us more we weren't really expecting that where we were everyone was assuming that lewis hamilton would win but hey it's exciting for the rest of the season it's a good thing for the sport absolutely well let's have a look at the podium from the melbourne race then vettel managed to pass raves leisurely was how will it end during a safety car face leaving the british world champion to finish second ethel's ferrari teammates kimi raikkonen was third. so mark and you explain to us then how exactly that on managed to sneak that sneak is the right word because there was a virtual safety cafe's now for non f one fans that basically mean a car a stopped on the track at the broken down so all the other cars had to slow down including lewis hamilton it was late in the race it was the best invest all by fluke or by being very very clever we're not sure at the moment he was in the pits now in the pits although you're changing your tire as you can go the normal speed
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so then he came out of the pits and he was in front of hamilton sadie's of admitted that they made a mistake hamilton could actually been a little quicker than he was going ensuring the safety car face that less said hey i was lucky i admit i was lucky but don't take it it was one hundred podium in his two hundredth race so they could have planned something like that is possible possible but the. split seconds are a disappointment though for hamilton at the bounce back do you reckon yes he can i mean he was the quickest driver all week and he was on pole let's be honest if this safety car if you hadn't of happened then hamilton would have won the race so most avi's from shouldn't be too wordy still on for a fifth world title at the end of the season but probably they're a little bit put said that he didn't manage to pass vettel once vettel was in front of them suggest the mercedes was lacking a little bit of power and maybe the ferrari is quicker than it was last season now their results what does that bode for the future well it makes it more competitive as a season yes it's only one race it was a bit of
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a fluke but as i say it's good for the sport and the longer term is maybe even better for the sport because ferrari actually fretting to maybe quit the sport if plans are going to make all the teams have the same engine for said we're not doing that if you do that we're going to leave and the mercedes boss this week said a breakaway is a real possibility but actually if the season is already competitive without needing to make these rule changes then that's good and it stops the threat of a breakaway really ok mark cueto thank you very much for joining us here in studio . i'm moving on to tennis now where roger federer has announced he won't do. any cake or tennis tournament for a second year running that includes the french open a grandson's high school he last won almost a decade ago the swiss players and then spent came after he suffered a shock to face in the second round of the miami open by world's number one hundred and seventy five pound aussie kochi not his a loss this last may and he will use the world number one spot to arch rival rafael
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nadal where the rankings are of on one day. that's it for me for now there is more news again at the top of their stay with us if you can. in the. german state by state. the most traditional. any time.


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