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tv   Arts.21 - Cult cinema and women in Saudi Arabia  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2018 10:30am-11:00am CEST

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never ending construction sucked into a magnet for tourists. to visit cologne cathedral joined us as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. coffee drop starting watch twenty night long t w. hello and welcome to costs twenty one. coming up on the show. today we get fascinating new perspectives on the lives of saudi arabian women. find out how one artist is challenging the internet giants. fans need a younger set designer from the philippines conjuring up the fantasy worlds. but first fifty years ago stanley kubrick made cinematic history with two thousand and one a space odyssey the groundbreaking science fiction film is still call today.
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it was a stroke of genius. that never missionary leap to four million years from eight man to space travel kubrick showed it in a single culture half a century ago he said the space ship discovery on a mission to jupiter the german film he's a man from far is now celebrating the film that reinvented the science fiction genre from the normative side cannot his peers realize that the film is one of a kind. and that in many aspects it can't be repeated few an aspect of doubt and even if it is influence not only filmmakers but also graphic artists and designers product designers as well and all. when kubrick think i'm putting the film together in the mid one nine hundred sixty s. americans in. soviets were vying to be the first to reach the moon. to develop
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a visionary but believable set design nasa experts who had worked with rocket pioneer vanna from prone. to frankfurt show shows how meticulously every technical detail is planned. space historian p.s.p. certainly has written a book about the making of the film. he brought in all these other people who are not normally associated with movies big corporations so he had product placement for the first time in movie history i.b.m. honeywell all of these companies whose products were just gently in that pan am and in return for this gentle advertising they gave could make a lot of advice about technology. this futuristic watch from a luxury brand hamilton went on sale as the film opened. only a few original props are preserved cooper destroys most of them. this is a replica of the model of the famous centrifuge a hamster wheel wayne thirty tons and twelve meters in diameter. filming listen
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complicated but it took several days to shoot just a few seconds. boxing's for the galaxy the space scenes were created with elaborate animation by hand without computer technology. you know when you think it's so models it's wooden glue and straying and nothing shows it's. just a testament to how careful he was and god knows how many of how many. sort of takes they took of model shots because they're obviously the special effects to real time . more than one hundred people worked on the special effects alone to prick spent four years making the film at london's m.g.m. studios going way over his budget and schedule. with his team he. image it's like
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known before. so there was a very open kind of art school atmosphere let's see let's try there was no oh we can't do that it's you know that was a red rag to standing said oh we can't do that it's for why not why can't you let's try it so everybody was able to be as a maginnis if it is crazy and like it because there were no wrong on says kubrick wrote the screenplay with saif i legend arthur c. clarke the goal was to create the definitive science fiction film probing the question of extraterrestrial life and artificial intelligence that spirals out of control and the form of the onboard computer held. it in the park big doors. i'm sorry do you i'm afraid i can't do that. the computer becomes the enemy thanks to bad programming the problem how it has to be switched off and becomes the true
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tragic figure of the film it's one of the many seems that made movie history. so the feel it's my mind is going. so. it's. it's two thousand and one a space odyssey one kubrick is and the oscar in one nine hundred sixty nine the year of the moon landing. but for the film special effects not for his courage to break with the conventions of narrative cinema and to send the audience on a journey into the unknown. it's really a philosophical film it's not really a science fiction i would call it much more philosophical film and it is so fresh.
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because it doesn't contain in its essence anything that can be outdated because we are as ignorant now as a row fifty years ago about the miracles of the universe. writer we come from where we going. stanley kubrick's two thousand and one a space odyssey office now says only stunning images the journey continues. facebook is under investigation over its handling of the data of millions of users pallette cheerios subversive our it reveals the dangers of online surveillance. how no cheerio usually works in secret the artist intends to show through his one account public our private mind song thanks to the internet. space he
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spray painting here belongs to a former head of the f.b.i. james komi. children from the private photos are very behind cia and n.s.a. members on social media. sites like pace to be sure it's all over. but really any new york. and so in this case you know i talk about. accountability these are powerful people that actually get order or they are like waning else. entirely and has lived and worked in new york but almost ten years he develops whose ideas in his studio on manhattan's lower east side cheerios searches for the pitfalls of the digital world. the brave new world where the big internet multinationals collect our every click on the net to turn
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them into money and to make us all more transparent whether we want it or not. the internet different situations that are way more. powerful also they also like way more personal in a way so that affects you directly first because they can target to you it's called bunnies facebook or twitter or any other company can we target you as you indeed need to also they know you more than yourselves google street view pixelate everyone's face with the aim of making the man recognizable even so many can be identified by his street ghosts campaign paolo cheerio printed full size images of people from google street view and place them exactly where they were photographed the reaction outrage. during question what is public and
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what is private these notions are very blurred today and we are all confused and these confusion is gray area though there are be companies as facebook as google and so on then take advantage in the become more nor paul is by. taking all the information that we. we're all we don't care about and they start to commercialize it it's impossible to escape the internet and the vast power of the digital world but we should be more aware of where the risks lie and of how we handle our own data we need rules that apply well white that means thinking beyond national borders. i think the internet needs like breaking boundaries and borders and that's why we more globalized world that is kind of gud you know i think i am not against it
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and so i think all saw the end of nation can be an opportunity to some degree but for now paolo cheerio has made it his mission to warn us about the dangers of the digital world. belinelli talents is a networking platform for young filmmakers we speak to them about their hopes and dreams in a new series a passion for film. production design us having to create worlds like every little bit of it. from the
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details to the general principle of the universe. oh my name is lee ray new i'm from the philippines and i'm a practicing artist and i also do production design. i've always been interested in these fantasy worlds and growing up in the south of the food means where i'm from we had this whole mythology of catholicism kind of just. constantly being presented to us and at the same time i was fascinated with local superstition which you know my grandmother would originally tell me about you know local monsters and spirits.
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i wanted to kind of create my own mythology by overlapping all these different influences from religion to pop culture to all of the frustrations of living in a third world country it's very common in the urban landscape for you know filipino to reuse a lot of materials. and transform them into like hand crafted sculptural pieces i mean we were not trained to throw away stuff just like that i love experimenting with what the world already has to offer instead of like making something from scratch.
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so me and my collaborators have always you know problematize avenues of presenting art and let that lead me to realize that inanimate objects that i started doing as a trained sculptor were not enough anymore so they had to be like lived in the objects should be war and not just like look bad you know they really needed to be performed in.
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artists particularly are great examples of those people who thrive on on this chaos you know like we make something out of it it's kind of coping mechanism for us at the same time exposing the systems that determine our lives. and you can find more on facebook under d.w. culture.
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are the winds of change blowing in saudi arabia new documentary film shows the battle. saudi women for more rights from their perspective. to. the race itself was either worldly it was this crazy out or body drive. a silent revolution this film from saudi arabia tells the story of women women who have succeeded in breaking out of their roles as mothers daughters and wives in one of the world's most conservative muslim countries. it took us at least sixty five years to realize that the law does not forbid women not only from voting but also from running and getting appointed in the board of directors. with a slightly modified last minute clip no i had ten years ago they found at the
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company dancer productions in saudi arabia without a male guardian that was almost unthinkable now they have high hopes of the reforms in saudi arabia especially the lifting of the ban on cinemas. this is five years of violence as that have gone into this film so the idea that we might be able to get our film supported in the future that to us is one of the most exciting things when it comes to change. i have a choice and we started to have that song very hopeful very happy you saw the choice of driving like even if she doesn't want to drive our. vision twenty thirty women in saudi arabia have been encouraged by crown prince mohammed bin salman's program of reforms the prince says he wants to diversify the
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economy away from its dependence on oil that also means strengthening the role of women they're needed as workers and consumers. the prince has also announced that women will not necessarily have to cover their head in face and from june women will be allowed to drive the one in his transformation of saudi society chiefly seeks to win over the younger generation. so now to actually be given opportunities to do other things whether it's cinema or concerts or theater is very promising and people are loving it they're so excited about it and all the events are always sold out so i think it's great that instead of all of the people leaving the country to find entertainment that they can see it within their own country that wasn't possible in the past ten years ago we wanted to meet saudi arabia's first female filmmaker high finance word but we were not allowed to enter the
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country i first had to cross the border into the more liberal neighbor bahrain only then could she take off her veil and drive a car. she was just beginning her career having just completed a documentary on women in saudi arabia but her big dream was a feature film the first saudi arabian movie. five years later. drive to an international cinemas. conference and time. and activities. i found months or maybe impossible possible hiding from the saudi islamic morality police she filmed the story of a girl who only wants one thing bicycle something forbidden to girls. in the film one star always manages to resist the strict rules in the end a small victory
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a parable about the struggle of girls and women in the ultra conservative country and an international success a silent revolution aims to build on that it had its world premiere in berlin in the presence of danielle her money and danny a nazi action there any ms to depict women's quiet day to day battle for more rights and show what has already been achieved in saudi arabia since the nineteenth sixty's. we were really warriors we would open in the road the roads are open now and it's up to young people to take the roads they want it's not about seeing a big impact of a sudden change the idea is that change has been happening so gradually and we're moving in a certain direction and sometimes when it happens lonely you don't feel that need it impact you know so. definitely with more than seventy five percent of our
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population being under the age of twenty five. the hostile b.s. if the. gender roles are only changing slowly the filmmakers want the of elation of male guardianship their film shows strong women but without questioning the role of islam in saudi arabia it takes small steps towards openness that may one day bring great changes. iraqi born writer now jim while he takes a more skeptical look at the saudi kingdom in his latest novel the female protagonist rebels against male hypocrisy. this girl is special that's what her parents feel from the very first moment they name has sarra the happy one she has an independent spirit something she pays for daily and conservative saudi arabia novelist niger mali who lives in germany wrote the story
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of sorrows life. of the starlight he felt how strong the women are and how they crave freedom that is the contradiction in saudi arabia if or when a change comes it comes from women. in and out of. the novel begins in one thousand nine hundred when the iraq iran war broke out and the u.s. set up bases in saudi arabia. the protagonists family is divided into liberals like a father who makes a fortune supplying us troops and for the just radicals like an uncle who supports the morality police. sorry it's at school when she first encounters an official from the commission for the prevention of sonny's he comes to speak to her class he tells the girls they will burn in hell and that the bodies will be roasted on spits some are explodes.
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then she is accused of being possessed by the devil. you so it's figures it out that i was sorry society generally is conservative fanaticism is taught in school because the official wahhabi ideology is a very strict and conservative strain of his luck. there think that al qaeda bin ladden and i am all relate to one hub ism then you realize what this ideology is this was this and that this once taught in school. or just last month in their food. money based his novel on stories he was told when he visited saudi arabia in two thousand and ten he was invited by the german consulate to give some links there were only men in the room. the women had to watch via
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video transmission in a different room. but not you molly was able to meet them afterwards and they told him about their lives. this have a three legged sister and i heard many stories from these women of course i heard many stories my sorrow is the some of these stories this is the zuma if you ask me what did it mean for me i would say the answer is in my novel. the un vote women now have a voice because of the novel in their own money as if there are when i left him that. morning mainly lives in berlin. in his book sarah is subjected to violence and comes to the conclusion that she has to leave. she enters a marriage of convenience and goes to london. the rich father finances the couple's luxurious lifestyle until nine eleven. the two become suspects after the attack on the world trade center we have gotten
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often observed that we often end up in absurd situation that's your laugh if i tell you that. people thought i was a sleeper agent back then. yeah just so absurd that it doesn't matter the you might look modern or liberal. or the. little child in a legion hall joke and nine i'll give whatever you do. or mine will more than that . but something is changing in saudi arabia in two thousand and eighteen. women will soon be allowed to drive again. and they won't have to cover themselves completely. does this mean that women will no longer have to fight for their rights . is skeptical. if this month i would want people to talk more about the situation of women these days spotty countries these and this would
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surely lend them the guy that would want there to be more talk about saudi arabia without reference to economic interests and arms and exports what good is listed this month. but in the planet today it's about freedom democracy and human rights i want saudi arabia to be silent and the congress. will sour and benefit from the changes in saudi arabia. not in this novel. while they remain suspicious about the motion of spine saudi arabia's reform drive. that's all for this week from arts twenty one next time will be showcasing iranian born artist filmmaker and photographer sharing a shot at home in both the muslim and the western world nations is fascinated by contradictions and dichotomies her art explores the representation of muslim women
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and their realities. until then good bye and and alpheus. move. the.
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yourself with t w interior design channel on your terms. me when i was young i dreamed about changing the world. but i was a woman in egypt things turned out differently. forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. no one else adel we rebelled i used the written word to stand up for women's rights. as i travel to the places where i lived as a child i'm filled with anger at the past. now was the free voice of egypt starting april eighth on g.w. .
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good. good good good . this is due to the news life from berlin hundreds of has its call for gun control in the united states because it started to stand on the demonetize or restrictions on firearms it's part of a vons trolley in washington led by survivors of last month's school shooting in florida also coming up. turkey says it's now in full control of the kurdish on fern region in northern syria but kurds around the world are outrageous thing as real gold is at nick clegg.


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