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tv   Interview - Background and Analysis  Deutsche Welle  March 25, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CEST

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worried about new plans that would make all the teams have the same engine to try and make it all much more competitive even this week the mercedes boss said a breakaway is a real possibility but now if we're having a competitive season anyway there's no need for a break when the future they can just carry on the way they are ok well mark meadows from the sports s. thank you very much for joining us here in studio. and that was your news or after you join us again at the top of the hour or you can always check out our web site at stepney dot com. which of it it. surely is from africa. your link to exceptional stories and discussion. of these events and what i would say to debbie to come smart to join us on facebook. for the.
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landmark catholic architecture. one of the world's cultural treasures. a never ending construction site. for tourists. cologne cathedral join us as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. cologne cathedral starting march twenty ninth on t w. this week on the d.w. interview u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson. thank you very much for the interview and welcome on the program faces some days ago you said that it is extremely likely that putin personally gave the war there they used the nerve agent to attack their former doubles by mr screen part what they have as evidence you and the british
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parliament to support this judgment well i think it's very important first of all to show that we think the the cope roots for this are not the russian people not russia we have no quarrel with with russia. i love russia and i'm its you know i have russian ancestry so if that's not the issue these are issue is with the kremlin and with the russian state as it currently is and the reason i said what i did was because if you if you look at the. the stuff that's being used it's a no beach rock agent according to our scientists at porton down there very good begin to get the a p c w in the or over as agent for the prohibition of chemical weapons is coming in today to look at the sample that we have of of the nerve agent you also have to consider that case cripple the guy that they attempted to
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assassinate is somebody who's been identified as a target for liquidation and that led him to putin himself said that traitors i.e. defectors such as mr script how. should be poisoned so it's. a russian only nerve agent this is about do you have any solid evidence that poor didn't directly or did it because what you say that is the most direct accusation of russia's leader that ever right. well i'm afraid you know he's in charge of the clattering train as we say in the u.k. somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence or culpability points to the russian
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state and as it did in the case of alexander litvinenko a new member the trail of polonium lead back very clearly to the russian state and in the end. mr putin is in charge and that is you know that i'm afraid he cannot escape responsibility and culpability why did he make the statement without waiting for the outcomes of the investigation that you are conducting right now and i'm going to you about their present government where we are giving the samples obviously to the organization to the technical experts are coming today and by the way i have great confidence in them let them that decide what they make of them they will look at the most they will have moved in the best possible the bar trees but i'll tell you the reason for wanting to to get on with it is because we have such bitter experience of what happens with russia with putin's russia russia with with the russian state under putin when we have
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a problem like this twelve years ago we had the assassination in london about examine the libyan yank and at that stage this was an extraordinary event we had and with polonium and the u.k. proceeded within the limits and slowness and we decided to work with the russian judicial system to to try to extradite mr cove to mr lugovoy who were strongly suspected of having been responsible and in the end we just got a sort of sneering sarcastic refusal to engage with our judicial process and we felt it was very important to take this. decision to get on to show that if you are going to use recklessly to use nerve agent. of
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a kind that hasn't been used in europe since world war two if you're going to do that in ensues bre in we'll catch up then you've got to face some some diplomatic consequences and that's why we've done together you argue that their source of far they sniff edge and not the chalk is russia how did you manage to find it out so quickly that's driven possessed sample something where we we are interrogated very closely as you can this is a very i mean let me be clear with you i am. i wanted when i became foreign secretary almost two years ago one of my objectives was to try to reach out to russia i really did and i went to see sergey lavrov in in moscow against the advice of some people by the way who said it was a totally futile venture but i wanted the police i mean i genuinely think russia is
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an incredible country a fantastic place and it pains me to see the way things of have got between us and so i am genuinely distressed by by what has happened but when i look at the the evidence i mean the people from from porton down the burglary have the sample can do and they and they they they were absolutely categorical and i asked the guy myself i said are you sure and he said there's no dogs so. i think we have very little alternative but to take the action that we have taken but i must say the difference between this time and what happened twelve years ago with alexander litvinenko is also that there is much more sympathy in the international community far more understanding of the of the kind of behavior that russia has been engaged in in the last few years and rather table here in in
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brussels talking to all the other european countries as there's hardly anybody who hasn't experienced directly or indirectly some kind of you know. disruptive behavior is understandable but in an interview on sunday you mentioned that you would like to have a constructive cooperation with russia on that easy how do you see it having accused put in that directly well yes and you know what is the prime minister said on i think monday of of last week a week ago we we gave him a choice we said look. this stuff is not a check if if there's a rational explanation of how it has escaped your stockpiles and how it has come to be used on the streets of wilton soulsby then come on that's that's that's work together and own get to the bottom of it. if on the other hand
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it there's no explanation we can only conclude it's the agency of the russian state and we got there was we were treated with the sort of satirical lots of sarcastic tweets and trolls here but there have been and i want to say is that they would like to have an access to the u.k.'s materials will you allow this access to russia well i think in the first instance if i can maybe respectfully say to the to the to the kremlin detectives i think we will we will trust to the technical experts of the organization of the press. bishan of chemical weapons who are here writing in in the u.k. today let's see what their assessment is that's the proper procedure that the u.k. has to follow. the chemical weapons treaty and i you know i just have to say that. i find the right the russian position about what has happened to this not to talk absolutely bizarre increasingly bizarre you know we're told one that they didn't
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make any no bitch whatever there's one position that they take i think that the russian ambassador to the e.u. said that second they say miss they did but all the stocks have been destroyed and the third thing is is yes they did but all the stocks have been destroyed except some which escaped to other countries like sweden and the czech republic and slovakia and america. and maybe the u.k. you know i think they need to make their mind up about this and. of course if they if russia if the with the putin regime can clarify or explain what has happened then we are all ears and we're only too willing to listen so their british government and prime minister are off the united kingdom will have a announced some measure a set and you're going to expand twenty for you have already expressed by different diplomats from britain and you've got a symmetrical lose here once what other measures measures have gone to take what
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will be the targets of this matter so i understand that some of them are nonpublic you must understand. its name so over the we we don't want to do this out of any particular i don't take any joy in this and that i'm not as i know you're i'm talking about what i mean as we say we have expelled twenty three. diplomats probably spies masquerading as diplomats and there are other things that we are going to do and in particular yes we were toughening up our our borders we have plenty of laws which allow us to crack down on money in the u.k. that has been illicitly unexplained. well food is right that is money that's been in this the or corruptly obtained we can do that we have the national crime agency the national economic crime unit can can do that but i must say they are they will get all that work but i must stress to you that the u.k.
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is a. country under the rule of law and i cannot as a politician say you know go after that person's cash do this do that that's not how it works but mr johnson can you say right now that all officials who work for mr putin including ego shorewall of he has a luxurious property in land then that he will be deprived of his property and the officials like him i think the most the the worst thing i could do not given the work that's going on is to get into individual names of cases because all these individuals have as you know deep pockets and very powerful moya's and i think i'm sure that almost anything i said about anybody would be taken to be prejudicial any case ok i will i will try to pull that in another way so you referred to some russian businessman as related to point and so they might be punished what criteria
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will be applied in determining that one businessman is related to putin and the other is not well again i think you are inviting me very very rightly or inviting me to go further in into the detail of such cases and i think it would be wise for me to do because all such legal actions are open to challenge under our system and it's very important that there should be no there should be no sign of political bias or interference and there won't be. this week. seeking britain's professional mountain biker. sons of terror and the abandoned villages of its own. seeking style the same bad becomes
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a home infection of the century bureau but next doubling. into one of the world's natural wonders of the french barrier reef. millions of tourists flock to the sun to watch a wonderland awful strain is east coast. climate change is threatening disenchanting world with extinction. easy to make two of the disaster australia great barrier reef country ski team sixty minutes from d w. make your smart t.v. smarter with the t w force more to. what you watch for when you want it up to date extraordinary. to decide what's on sunday morning that dog costs more to feed. you. i dreamed about changing the
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world. but i was a woman in egypt some things turned out differently forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. so i no else and ah we rebelled against the written word to stand up for women's rights. now while the inside our three fourths of egypt starting april eighth w. hi there and warm welcome to our highlights edition the best of european culture and lifestyle as it shaped up this past week with the following top stories. men.


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