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move now with. the force of nature stored in your own d w. this is due to the news live from berlin and catalonia separatist leader is behind bars in germany police detained car days push to moms and european arrest warrant after he enters the country from denmark because that makes sense from our political correspondents. compound in sports the formula one season kicks off with the surprise that komatsu the australian grand prix in melbourne carries the box in
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fact will pits world champion lewis hamilton to a dramatic victory to find out how he did us. on the honors are welcome to the program former or current us push to montage has been arrested in germany where samantha was detained by highway police after he crossed into germany by car from denmark. or near left to avoid arrest an advisor said he was returning to belgium where he planned to cooperate with authorities regarding spain's attempts to extradite him placed him on twente into exile last year in the wake of an independence referendum on. and i'm joined now by our fiscal correspondent who's here to give us a bit more insight into the story tell us what more can you tell us about the
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circumstances of his detention so most of the information that we've got so far comes from people that are close to push them onto him self is lawyer for example he has been tweeting some of the circumstances and he said basically what you just mentioned yourself that he was driving from finland then denmark and when he crossed the border between denmark and germany in northern germany he was detained in one of the highways there it's important to say that he was detained that the case will most probably be held now by the state prosecutor's office so it is probably that he will go to the state prosecutor's office at some point the lawyer also said that he's been taken care of you know respectful none of that everything has been ok as far as that's concerned so far and that he was going back to belgium where he has been living in exile so far it's like the never ending saga almost this story now what would happen to push them and if he was handed over to the spanish without any questions regarding what will happen to him now as i just said
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we know very little about this there was confirmation by german police that he was detained but if he were sent back to to stay he would probably face up to twenty five years in prison he's charged for rebellion and addition but again it is still unclear what will happen to him this is only news that has been that has just broken and we're waiting for more information both from mr bush don't want himself or his spokespeople and from german authorities that are. detained in thank you very much tell us borrow for coming in hand giving us some insight into this breaking news story. well the turkish military says that it's now complete control of the ethnically kurdish afrin region in northern syria that's led to protests by kurdish groups around the world who accuse turkey of ethnic cleansing but i'm curious says it's only targeting the u.s. backed kurdish y.p. which it calls a terrorist group. turkish and free syrian army flags fly side by side enough
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taken on sunday talking no claims the two allies have rested complete control of the way to a free region from kurdish forces. know those lucky enough to be left alive on the streets me. many of them formed queues desperate for the aid provided by the turkish red crescent. team on his job we think one hundred thousand people are present and on the road to free in tone center we will step up humanitarian aid efforts to reach these people. some locals pronounce the relief at what they saw as a liberation. we were treated unjustly that aig. but thank god a group of fighters came in there and we thank them. but no we are suffering because of a lack of food and water. and our women are out in the mountains and they're not being allowed to come home. yet they live here we hope that our women and children will come home at night
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a unit right now i don't know. but not everyone agrees with turkey's presence in a free and kurdish groups across europe gather to protest what they see as the an exception of territory that is rightfully kurdish whole and frankfurt demonstrators criticize germany's delivery of arms to turkey. must finally stop with the export of weapons and arms. must. be acceptance of the must murder in a free and raja in syria needs to cease on the on the on the propaganda of the turkish media in germany median and of supporters of the arab one regime must be stopped. and paris kurdish groups denounced what they see as ethnic cleansing. people around the world know what's going on. and they do not accept these. peter the tax this genocide has all
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this ethnic cleansing of a people. it wants to what it needs i think of the. french president the manual mccoll has said that france and turkey will pursue quote deep and intense discussions about syria in the coming days. and they joined by vladimir fun video game boy journalists monitoring the situation and a friend who has spent time on the ground in the kurdish parts of syria god to me or what is turkey's next step and a friend there are rumors that are the one wants to send a governor to our friend what exactly would that mean. our own reason to say few days ago that they're going to start a ministration are saying they did this before us in other areas that captured from isis in france is involved and out of those so now they want to do the same thing but the kurds are worried that this council will not be consists of people of us
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through blood will be dominated by the rebels to turkey brought into i think and we've also heard in the previous report that kurdish groups are calling this ethnic cleansing are there any indications that this is actually happening. well. first of all there's like on the more than one hundred sixty thousand people that were displaced from the train they're now living with us three months out of fog with a lot of support and there are rumors that fighters will be brought from two to three and also the fighters they're bringing there are some of the like are excited to bring their families to assay so that's what the course are very devout but we still have to see in the coming months what it will what the democrats feel saucing will look like until now is not their break but also i don't himself said that isom is not the majority kurdish region although in reality the reason is over ninety
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percent kurds. as serious as the humanitarian crisis in africa right now what are you hearing while the problems especially there are still thousands of people inside the us and it's also there are there is turkish aid organizations working there about the situation especially very dire for those people that lost us three there is like over one hundred fifty thousand people they're losing without any there's no calm sort of there's not a lot of support also the syrian government is sort of blocking not to they don't allow all aid to go in so the situation is very bad for those people that are displaced because there are no places to sleep but they're lucky that it's at least it's spring so it's not very cold but there's a lot of need there for you during support and that's why you see countries like france and other counties now calling on the on the on the syrian government turkey to allow aid for those displaced people. and how bad turkey's increased presence in syria and how is that impacting the at wider conflict would you say.
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well it's not the first time to turkey answer syria the first time was in august two thousand and sixteen when they took large forces more than aleppo but it's definitely made a huge impact because this is the first time the course were getting support from the u.s. against isis well now they're the first on that they're being really pushed out from city by turkey despite if there are certain forces to fight against isis so this is the whole situation in turkey also struggling to attack other towns who are the curse of our presence so this creates like a new kurdish turkish conflict or even our kurdish conflict in northern syria. that you may have on vinick a member speaking to us in erbil iraq thank you. meanwhile hundreds of members the of a rebel group are pulling as of the besieged enclave of eastern goods head near the syrian capital damascus buses have been lined up to transport those amazing along
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a car door which has been cleared a cleric case and explosives that's part of the plane and likely armed fighters to deckard rather lengthy states elevations that the syrian army is advancing into areas previously held by the insurgents. and some of the other stories making news around the world. special roman catholic mass has been held in the french town of tab to commemorate the four victims of friday's deadly as a mr spock the bishop said the police officer who died after trading places with the hostage say the nation. large crowds have gathered in the vatican says he to mark palm sunday the day christians believe jesus made his triumphant entrance into jerusalem pope francis that the service and st peter's square. there were also celebrations in jerusalem the church of the holy east africa. the
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first direct commercial flights between australia and britain has landed in london a boeing seven hundred seven jet flew nonstop to london from the western city of perth with more than two hundred people on board the flight took seventeen hours on a journey that once weeks. formula one now and there has been a surprise in the opening race of the season in australia with ferrari's it german driver as the boss in fattal a sealing a victory mark meadows from divvies sports has to ask joins me here is time you were about us and mark weren't really expecting that were we no no lewis hamilton would win so it's good for the rest of the series makes it more exciting absolutely well let's take a look at some of the action from melbourne that fassel managed to collect in front of world champion was how will ten minutes race after a pit stop under safety car conditions vettel then managed to hold off on milton's
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charging the briton to finish second. set of races his forty eighth career win and ferrari's good starts into the season was rounded off by came the right conan who finished and there's. so mark can you actually explain to us how it was that vettel managed to sneak in that victory in the end. sneek is the right word because basically a virtual safety car phase for non f one fans is when a car has stopped on the track it's broken down so all the cars have to slow down to avoid an accident but look a late or maybe very cleverly we're not sure who's a bastion but who is in the pits at this point getting new tires and in the pits those speed restrictions don't apply so they need to carry on and came out in front of lewis hamilton so say views of said hey something went wrong then maybe hamilton was going too slowly when i look at our data that was admitted yes that was very lucky but i'll take the when he's one hundred podium in his two hundredth race so good job either gratefully or are
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a great plan one of the other here i mean we talk about milliseconds and who knows now disappointment of course for hamilton county bounced back here and yes he can i mean he was the quickest driver all weekend he was on pole i don't think save his fans need to worry so much she's still pretty much on course for a fifth world championship if we can say that after just one race but they might be a little bit perturbed that he didn't actually money to overtake vettel wants vettel to take the lead that maybe suggests the mercedes lacked a little bit of power and the ferrari is definitely quicker than it was last season what would you say the future now holds after this result well it makes the season more competitive even after one race another probable fluke and also in the longer term it's good for the sport because ferrari were actually frightening to break away because they were worried about new plans that would make all the teams have the same engine to try and make it all much more competitive even this week the mercedes boss said a breakaway is a real possibility but now if we're having
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a competitive season anyway there's no need for a breakaway in the future they can just carry on the way they are ok oh mark meadows from the sports s. thank you very much for joining us here in studio. they've been on edge this force of cricket is famous for its traditions and spirit is a fair say but that has all changed after a cheating scandal involving the australian team during a test match in south africa cameron bancroft's was caught on camera roping sticky tape covered with dirt on to the ball in an attempt to change how it moves in the air the act is a need that in cricket captain steve smith admitted he helped cops the time but refused to resign long term after a public outcry has stepped down as skipper for the remaining two days of the match australia's prime minister has apologised james that the dons head of cricket australia has promised a far reaching investigation. to tennis where world's number one roger federer suffered
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a shock to face and the second round of the miami open world's number one hundred seventy five an aussie kokkinakis this last means that he will do his top spot in the world rankings furthermore the swiss player announced that he won't compete at any to make or to tennis tournaments for a second year running that includes the french open title he last won almost a decade ago. that's it for now you are watching days of the stay with us. lieut.


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