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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2018 9:00am-9:31am CEST

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this is news live from berlin a german court is set to decide the next steps of spain's most wanted man protesters take their outrage to the streets in barcelona as separatist leader carlos pushed him on sits in a german jail cell but the words are deciding whether to hand him over to madrid our political correspondents have more analysis also coming up a massive fire in a shopping mall in siberia kills at least fifty three people russian authorities say that several children are among the dead and missing and egyptians head to the
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polls today for a national vote that current president you see is almost certain to win a low voter turnout and damage his legitimacy we'll go live to cairo plus cricket is famous for its spirit of fair play but the backlash from a cheating scandal just won't stop australia captain steve smith risks losing his job as administrator is look to salvage the team's credibility. welcome to the program thanks for joining us. spain's most wanted fugitive is expected to appear in court today but it will be in front of a judge in germany that's where cattle and separatist leader carlos pushed him on was picked up on sunday as he tried to slip unnoticed through the country the arrest could end pushed monts five months of self-imposed exile sought by spanish
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authorities for his role in catalonia as vote for independence meanwhile some ninety people have been injured as clashes broke out between separatists and police on the streets of our salada i police on one side demonstrators on the other they faced off long into the night in barcelona. outright surged into violence. thousands of catalans took to the streets to protest the arrest of their former president placed crack down hard on protesters dozens were wounded. as demonstrations hated up aides in the speaker of the catalan parliament who supports a protest is code for calm. i can but official was i share with you the feeling of indignation regarding the situation in this especially unfair context i would like to call for calm and responsibility because the response from catalans must be democratic civic unifying and peaceful as always
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one percent of crimes. some two thousand kilometers north of boston it was on the side of this german highway that cost breached amount was arrested on sunday he had just crossed the dine is german border on his way to belgium. but his journey ended in a german gyle cell joey but lots of it was on the shelf for you to pee in a rush warrant has been issued we received a request and it's been looked into i'm going to say saying it's pre-conditions we will farther assess whether extradition can be granted the step before that however is the detention order and we're seeing if we can proceed with doctrinal if you will include them. shortly after prejudged months arrest tens of thousands of supporters rallied in front of the german consulate in barcelona. their message germany should stay out of spines campaign against the catalan independence movement one of them when they touch a democratically elected representatives they touch an entire people and we'll keep
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an protesting peacefully as we've always done. but supporters and opponents of preached are more and now waiting to see how events in germany will play out they'll decide the fight to form a catalan president. and we have team coverage this morning joining us here in the studio is our chief political correspondent melinda crane good morning to you and we also have on the ground journalists even bergen who is joining us with the latest from barcelona where as we mentioned there were clashes overnight and but you know first linda i'd like to begin with you because a lot of action to come here in germany it's a day for carlist pushed him on he spent the night in prison as we know walk us through what is going to happen over the coming hours well first of all he will appear before a district court judge simply for purposes of confirming his identity to make sure that he is in fact the person he is said to be later on the comes the really decisive step he will then go before the high court of the state. where he was detained where he was held overnight and that court will rule as to whether the
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european arrest warrant in fact must be carried out and he must be extradited to spain so that is the legal ruling we have heard from the german justice minister yesterday who said that she sees no cause for the government itself. get involved for politicians to get involved that it is a straight up and down legal matter and in fact that court will then apparently decide today although the extradition then may not occur until sometime within the next sixty days and there is such a sense of anticipation in barcelona as to what that decision could be and that's where we will go to you now stephen because we saw massive clashes as we mentioned they're all over night how angry are people in barcelona over pushed amongst attention would you say. i think people get angry since freude everywhere and the judge basically declared in smaller. government or brought in charge of brit independence is there's going to be jailed you know people say oh
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this is no way to deal with things or we see the arrest of bush the most you know or a flash point and i think if he's extradited to the next flashpoint it will be when he appears in spain. i think but primarily you know the government wants him silence because of what else is either you know been silenced illegally or is is unfair in jail where's the moral is you know constantly using the media which is very good or as a journalist this is a stone and richard shoe constantly using the media constantly also changing position i mean we actually know that he went through several conference right melinda before he got to germany so why was he only detained here well apparently the german authorities were given intelligence both by the spanish intelligence services and also by finland he had been in finland on friday to speak before the finnish university and apparently also to carry out other meetings and then he decided for some reason not to fly back to belgium where he had been staying for
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the past couple of months but to travel overland through denmark to germany and then he presumably he was planning to go on from here to belgium but didn't get any further than then a restoration on the highway right at the danish german border where the german authorities picked him up ok so he wasn't able to continue on this particular road before talking about his generally speaking this trajectory that he's been on you know this has been quite a long road up to now this point of his detention stephen just walk us through now bring us up to date why he was detained to begin with and what his brawl has been there. well the of the declaration of independence and that's what is some of the hawks over the last year they. introduced direct rule but that was the only political thing they did it left everything else on the course and of course you know brought these charges of ability. and this is
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a public phones against bush and all those particular there are those who are still in both rooms. and they dropped the extradition order because they brought in november they jumped again in december when they realized that there's no crime of rebellion or sedition on the belgian statute books and therefore he could only be extradited on the lesser charge of misuse of public funds presumably they're hoping that in germany you go get a better result although the only equivalent charges for treason in germany and that is only applicable if it involves four lives or the threats of violence which would be difficult to establish and in case of push them up and melinda what's your assessment on that because we know that you're a lawyer for example here and you're going to provide her your legal expertise also on this matter to be have any indication about how the german judge will today most german lawyers acquainted with this field of extradition and indeed as we just
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heard the rules are pretty straightforward across all e.u. countries if there is a request for extradition the courts must assess whether in the criminal law of their own country the country where the person is being held there is a charge that is similar doesn't have to be identical but it has to be largely similar to the charge that's being made by the country requesting extradition so spain it says the main charge against him is is rebellion and there is no charge of rebellion under german criminal law but there is a charge of high treason and the question for the court today will be is that conquer. bow to rebellion are these two comparable are they also more or less comparable in terms of penalties the court will not be deciding whether he might be guilty of this it is simply trying to compare the charges if it finds that they are comparable it must extra extradite him under e.u. law so it is
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a legal matter as the german justice minister said but with vast political implications it is nonetheless a very political matter for germany not least because of the kind of demonstrations we saw there last night in spain and let's talk a little bit more about those demonstrations a little bit more about the move will go to use even if he's extradited what is likely to happen on the streets of barcelona. well it's difficult to say the mainstream independence policies are calling for calm but i think it a grocer it's local people feel there's a growing feeling that enough of peaceful demonstrations and it's time for direct action and certainly some some groups i've been calling for a sustained campaign of destruction and direct action but there has to be i don't i don't third much whether they'll be more people gathering outside the spanish delegation as they were last night there has to be some kind of spur for us and i think what the spanish government is hoping for is that push the moment be
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extradited he'll be jailed and silenced and therefore if there is we sort of move into a period of of all events if you are well thank you so much so much to pay attention to in the hours ahead our chief political correspondent joining us here in studio melinda crane and also in the field there in barcelona stephen bergen with the very latest thank you to both of you. well meantime in other news a fire in a shopping center in siberia has claimed fifty three lives officials say that sixteen people are still missing the blaze broke out on the fourth floor of the complex in the coal mining city of kemah role well i witnesses say that they saw people jumping from windows to escape the flames. smoke darkens the skies of kemet although in central russia a city with many grey days ahead the winter cherry mold was full of sunday shoppers
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when a fire broke out over one hundred people escaped the blaze some of them leaping from the windows. but dozens died inside and more are still unaccounted for children among them. this is not a decent bill to be lent for ten in the afternoon we received information about smoke in the shopping mall on the for the floor were children playing rooms and cinemas were situated you know. it took hundreds of firefighters most of the day to bring the massive blaze under control not before over a one thousand square meters of the building had been destroyed. reinforcements have been flown in to help search for the remains of the victims and to help their relatives cope with the loss. if the rescuers have gas masks to be able to work in a toxic environment but we're ready to work at night but we don't we're taking
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special lights with us what you provide psychologists are accompanying the rescue group to help the elected population in the city and the cause of the blaze remains unknown investigators are now checking the shopping mall safety documentation and may bring criminal charges against anyone responsible for the tragedy. a check now some other stories that are making news around the world adult film star stormy daniels says that she was threatened to keep silent about an alleged sexual encounter with u.s. president donald trump in a highly anticipated interview she revealed that she faced intimidation tactics aimed at and showing her silence she had received a one hundred and thirty thousand dollars payment days before the u.s. presidential election. forget the saudi forces have intercepted seven yemeni rebel missiles late on sunday one man was killed two others injured from falling shrapnel in riyadh it was the first death in the capital during the saudi led coalition's three year military campaign in yemen and egyptians head to the polls as the
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country's presidential election gets underway it has been branded a sham there is little doubt that up the fattah el-sisi will win a second term the incumbent president is facing no real competition with his only challenger being one of his supporters now authorities hope that enough voters will turn out to lead the election some credibility. with and without sunglasses the tough film a general all the mild mannered father of egypt but while the variety of election posed is launched the selection of candidates is not across egypt there's plenty of praise for the leader likely to be returned to power hopefully everyone will vote for president el-sisi or he believes achieve great success for example he's building a new administrative capital. there's one rival candidate most of mustafa mosa he's not a household name and perhaps surprisingly he himself admits he had maya's l.c.c.
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. caught up with that and the people will decide who the best candidate is the voters who go to the polls with to distort the soon we'll know the result. and. many in the opposition believe most is only in the race to create the appearance of democracy at first there were more candidates but some were imprisoned after they announced their candidacy while others withdrew from the race often under great pressure. of. the government's worry that if there were more real candidates there would have to be debates about real issues. but of them in. egyptian media is similarly one sided there's even a hotline where citizens can report journalists who criticize the government.
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l.c.c. promised a heavy hand against terrorists earlier this month there was another bomb attack in alexandria on the center. the egyptian army is busy fighting it hardest insurgency . l.c.c. supporters point to his focus on economic stability the all important tourism sector has been recovering under his rule. we will see see his fashion the presidential election as a referendum on his leadership he's hoping for a high turnout to legitimize his rule. let's get more on the election journalist karim standing by he is covering the elections in egypt's capital cairo welcome to you kareen you know if you would describe these elections as free and fair but what is the state of democracy in the country. well basically three may be the problem is of course.
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competition. in this election we have one candidate that is also himself before him as a c.c. friend so nobody is really taking it too serious so we have come to grips still and many people are hailing the policy of the tides you see saying that he brought big security to this country he also created a lot of infrastructure projects he brought the christians and muslims together and since take that but of course this also because it was issued so what we don't know here is. the opposition has nobody to vote for so the big issue here for the digits you see. in this election is going to be there was a turnout that serves how many people in the next three days were turned out in the city and what do you anticipate because i mean you know you've been in cairo for quite a while you gauge the mood there on the streets you think that people will vote.
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why that's that's really really very difficult to say of course the government is trying everything to mobilize people day in the fact that we have elections the last three days shows how much they are trying to bring people to vote with make sure at the end we're not off the street this really how they move is of course we have no organized opposition at the moment all of the other candidates that they were intimidated or arrested we have the biggest opposition are muslim brotherhood basically is spent is a terrorist group those young activists who used to seven years ago where to the square they have one this is true from politics to private life so this scene is very which one sided right now so turnout is really the size karim hari with the latest from cairo where voting is getting under way in this three day election for
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president thank you karim. you're watching news still to come on the program where does australian cricket go after one of the biggest scandals to hit the sport in nears a captain is clinging to his job. and speaking up clinging describes taxes clinging monica clinging on to someone heights there which can't be said sara about asian markets they've been continuing their slide as fears of a trade war between the united states and china weigh on investors' minds now early trading on monday so sell offs across the continent the biggest a drop was in shanghai was stocks fell more than one percent the latest market losses come on the back of last week's well wide plunge following u.s. president donald trump vowed to impose tariffs on sixty billion dollars worth of chinese goods. well over the weekend china's newly appointed finance minister told
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us treasury secretary steve beijing is ready to defend its interests and threatened to retaliate by hitting u.s. agricultural exports earlier i spoke to our asia correspondent linda hong and i asked her how powerful that threat is you know some of the china imports actually more of a third of u.s. exports every culture exports led by soybeans and among the goods other goods are for kelly tree terrace will sever agricultural products like for wine you know fresh fruit dry food and these were five different type of farmers and if we go back to twenty sixteen when trump was voted into the office most of these boards actually come from farmers so these were actually hit where it hit president donald trump the most and that is where it will play and impact this well possibly in the mid-term elections coming up in the event although it might be a bit too early to say right now but still the impact could largely be felt in
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these tariffs and trade war really does go through well there were talks over the weekend on the phone we talked about that how hopeful are investors that this tit for tat trade dispute can be stopped before a trade war begins well you mentioned just now that u.s. and china are actually having a talk right now and the new treasury secretary is actually quite hopeful that something good will come out of it so you could actually see that things might actually be averted because there's all too much to lose and it's quite unprecedented for trade war we haven't seen a trade war in a very long time especially since we've been signing orders free trade agreements world wide so this sell off investors who are really not very confident about it and those who see stock markets still reeling from the lead a sell off that continues that stock on fighting is continuing on monday monica all right linda hong there from singapore thank you so much. so china and the united
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states have begun behind the scenes negotiations to improve u.s. access to the chinese domestic market that's also according to reports by the wall street journal on sunday and use of those talks are following days of trade war rhetoric between the world's top economies sending shivers through global stock markets. according to the report the discussions will be led by china's economic czar leo her u.s. treasury secretary steve minucci and u.s. trade representative robert bly hisor topics they'll cover include manufacturing and financial services u.s. president donald trump it recently announced cherubs of up to sixty billion dollars in chinese imports the chinese have said they won't be bullied. the mummy found they did misjudge the situation and underestimate china's determination and capacity for defending its legitimate interests they also underestimate the price the u.s. has to pay for its reckless behavior. u.s.
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business leaders in china are warning that a full scale trade war would not benefit either side. the response from our members has been one of concern that these actions could be to a trade war which is something that nobody wants to see at the same time it's important to recognize that there has been a growing sense of frustration within the business community about the lack of progress on market access openings in china is increasing use of industrial policies minucci in in light highs are sent to you letter last week spelling out requests including greater u.s. access to the chinese financial sector and the reduction of chinese tariffs on u.s. vehicles it also requested china increase its u.s. semiconductor purchases minucci was reportedly also considering a trip to beijing to continue the talks. right hailing for. selling its southeast asian business to bigger regional rival grap mocking the u.s.
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company second retreat from an asian market it's the industry's thirst big consolidation in southeast asia home to about six hundred forty million people the deal is the latest move to shore up its finances and refocus its business ahead of a plan to public listing who will get a twenty seven point five percent stake in grab in exchange right heading companies throughout asia have relied heavily on discounts and promotions in the highly competitive market driving down profit margins and increasing pressure for consultation. i've been associated to one of the world's most successful cricket teams and that would be australia that can of course beat was a lot of money a scandal has now prompted one of its main sponsor this contest for example that has led to two reviews that partnership this is a massive scandal we're talking. in fact it is the biggest scandal to hit cricket
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in just. four years and it just keeps rumbling on in fact it comes after the australian team admitted hatching a plan to cheat in a match against south africa in a sport that prides itself on good sportsmanship the simple act of scuffing the ball has led to plenty of soul searching in australia and even calls for the captain to be fired. it's here in cape town that a strain in cricket reached an all time low the third test match in that sort of south africa will be remembered for one thing only cheating that's when cameron bancroft was caught trying to illegally damage the ball that can change the way it moves in the air potentially giving a straight bowlers an advantage bancroft and captain steve smith were forced to admit their guilt in a press conference last year an opportunity to potentially use an infusion type get . granules from the right from the rough patches on the wicket in and try to.
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just change the change the ball condition the leadership knew about it. we spoke about lunch and. i'm not proud of what's happened. you know it's not within the spirit of the game smith has been suspended for one match and could be stripped of the captaincy the revelation that senior players planned to act as cause an outcry in south africa and back home in australia. we certainly don't have all of the evidence at hand and we need we need someone to go over there and to talk to the rowan people involved to understand what happened in the detail and then we'll mike appropriate decisions as to the next steps former strelley of players were equally shocked smith's producers captain michael clarke compared the news to a bad dream. while spin bowling great shane well expressed his disappointment.
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to make matters even worse a stranger went on to lose the match heavily few of the players will have good memories of new zealand's cricket ground. now the top stories we're following for you here at the w. former capital and regional president carlos pushed him on expected to appear in a german court today police arrested him at. he tried to drive through germany on his way to. meanwhile some ninety people were injured in clashes that broke out in barcelona in the wake of his arrest. and with that you're up to date now on t.w. news i'm sorry will have more coming up at the top of the hour i hope to see that.
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