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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin spain's most wanted man prepares to face a german judge separatist leader called his push them on sits in a german jail as authorities decide whether to hand him over to madrid barcelona remains hold it after a night of violent protests also in the program the death toll from a massive fire at the shopping center in siberia stands at sixty four several children are reportedly among the dead. and polls open in egypt as a three day presidential vote gets underway with president el-sisi all but certain
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to win but how big a prone election many do you as a shadow. hello i'm terry march and thanks for joining us. spain's most wanted fugitive is expected to appear in a german court today the catalan separatist leader collis pushed a mall was apprehended sunday while traveling through germany on route to belgium the rest could and pushed months five months of self-imposed exile he's being sought by spanish authorities for his role in catalonia as an authorized independence but the rest has angered many catalonians in barcelona street protests erupted and some ninety people have been injured in clashes between protesters and security forces and. police on one side demonstrators on the
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other they faced off long into the night in boston. outright surged into violence. thousands of catalans took to the streets to protest the arrest of the former president placed crackdown on protesters dozens wounded. as demonstrations hated up aids in the speaker of the catalan parliament who supports a protest is code for calm. i. share with you the feeling of indignation regarding the situation in this is especially unfair context i would like to call for calm and responsibility because the response from catalans must be democratic civic unifying and peaceful as always simple sometimes. some two thousand kilometers north of basilan on it was on the side of this german highway the coast which from what was detained on sunday he had just crossed the dinah's german border on his way to belgium. but his journey ended
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in a german gyle cell show with lots of it to someone who for you to pee in a rush warrant has been issued we received a request and it's been looked into a more assessing it's pre-conditions we will farther a sas whether extradition can be granted a step before that however is the detention order and we're seeing if we can. if you want to condemn. shortly after prison months detention tens of thousands of supporters rallied in front of the german consulate in boston. their message germany should stay out of spain's campaign against the catalan independence movement when it's not and when they touch a democratically elected representatives they touch an entire people and will keep on protesting peacefully as we've always done. by supporters and opponents of preached to more and now waiting to see how events in germany will play out now decide the fight to form a catalan president. or for more of let's go to correspondent alexander drexel he's
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outside the courthouse annoyance to where collis pushed him out will be appearing later today and in barcelona the journalist stephen bergen is standing by for us start with you call this push them out has spent the night in jail in northern germany what can we expect from his court hearing today. well we have to see what's in the courts here today and not so many moments and it could be but it's mostly unlikely it's really mostly unlikely that the judge pushed him on today on three but as i told it's mostly unlikely the main purpose of this court appearance is to eat didn't just call a switch to month and to prove the custody he's spent here nights and coming days but once again it's mostly unlikely that she was set free today.
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stephen in barcelona we saw massive clashes where your over night many people injured how angry are people in barcelona over push the most attention. well people are very angry about it but you know people have been angry about the matric government's treatment of this whole issue for several years and particularly since friday when the supreme court judge ruled that basically all of the independence leaders were going to be locked up and doing a trial on the on the fence was similar to them on such as rebellion. and things boiled over half the last night with the the arrest of push them on who i mean the thing is he is you know a legally legitimately elected leader in the election that was called by the matric government the government didn't get the results it wants it but it didn't get it you know if it didn't get the results it's not because of anything unfair happened
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they just didn't get what they wanted and they seem to be refusing to look for things like. how likely is it that germany will actually extradite bustamante and send him back to face justice in spain. they were a list of cans to upcoming cold appearance of which to mount perhaps in the coming days we don't know exactly because the european of orange has a big big time frame could be several weeks up to sixty days for a decision to extricate. one person so we don't know exactly but what we know is that says lawyer which two months lawyer is on his way yet. and. perhaps tomorrow or the day after tomorrow they will appear in the courts here and shelly's next to my minster and they will approve the custody and also proof that the european warrant because there's one big problem if you want to extra date. a
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person to another european member state you need to counterpart in your own state a counterpart and the crime which is comparable to the triune which is the european warrant for so that means most media talking about the resolution which is what's months. on the other hand you have the german law high treason but it's not very likely that this both crimes meche to each other because going into high treason needs violence and this is not the point in the special. stephen you mention there that the spanish authorities are cracking down on catalan separatists if pushed is extradited what kind of treatment can he expect from spanish authorities. well i think he will be whisked as quickly as possible into jail and he will probably remain there for
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a long time before he and his colleagues come to trial because spanish justice moves very slowly and this man his government is no rush to bring this to a head but it doesn't solve the problem it doesn't so the political issue. which is a political not a legal issue and it also leaves the prime minister mariano rajoy without a budget because until there is a. government installed the best nationalists will not vote through his budget and so he is also dependent on this big implications of the story correspondent alex on address. and journalist stephen bergen in barcelona thanks to you both very much. now to some other stories making headlines around the world today thousands of the rebel supporters have demonstrated in yemen's capital sana'a to mark three years since the country's civil war started
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a saudi led coalition has been waging a military campaign since march twenty fifteen against the hoodies with the goal of restoring the former government that followed the who these takeover of sana in twenty fourteen. well this comes as saudi forces intercepted seven yemeni rebel missiles later late on sunday one man was killed and two others injured from hauling shrapnel in the saudi capital riyadh it was the first death in the city during the country's three year military campaign in yemen. a fire in a shopping center in siberia has claimed sixty four lives and six bodies have not yet been recovered the blaze broke out on the fourth floor of the complex in the coal mining city of kemah rovell eyewitnesses say they saw people jumping from windows to escape the flames. smoke darkens the skies of chemical in central russia a city with many grey days ahead. the winter cherry mall was full of sunday shoppers
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when a fire broke out over one hundred people escaped the blaze some of them leaping from the windows. but dozens died inside and more are still unaccounted for children among them. not to get it but the people that for ten in the afternoon we received information about smoke in the shopping mall on the fourth floor were children playing rooms and cinemas were situated you know. it took hundreds of firefighters most of the day to bring the massive blaze under control not before over a one thousand square meters of the building had been destroyed. reinforcements have been flown in to help search for the remains of the victims and to help their relatives cope with the loss. if the rescuers have gas masks to be able to work in a toxic environment but we're ready to work at night but we don't think we're
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taking special lights with us to provide psychologists are accompanying the rescue group to help the affected population. because of the blaze remains unknown investigators are now checking the shopping mall safety documentation and may bring criminal charges against anyone responsible for the tragedy. people in egypt are going to the polls today at the start of the country's three day presidential election there is little doubt that. sisi will win a second term the incumbent president is facing no real competition with his only challenger being one of his own supporters now authorities hope enough voters will turn now to lend the election solemn credibility. that his victory may be assured that abdel fattah el-sisi needs the numbers to consolidate his authority with nearly sixty million eligible voters the former general is hoping his supporters will march to the polling station. and there's plenty of praise for the
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incumbent. police everyone who voted for president. of great success for example he's building a new administrative capital. there is one rival candidate. he's not a household name and perhaps surprisingly he himself admits that he admires. the people will decide who the best candidate is the voters who go to the polls with the soon we'll know the result. and i know. many in the opposition believe musar is only in the race to create the appearance of democracy . at first there were more candidates but some were imprisoned after they announced their candidacy others withdrew from the race often under great pressure. who if. the government is worried that if there were real candidates there would
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have to be debates about real issues. but of them in. egyptian media is similarly one sided there's even a hotline where citizens can report journalists who criticise the government. promised a heavy hand against terrorists earlier this month there was another bomb attack in alexandria on the same night pin into the egyptian army is busy fighting a jihadist insurgency. the supporters point to his focus on economic stability the all important tourism sector has been recovering under his rule this man who do it without sisi has fashioned the presidential election as a referendum on his leadership he's hoping for a high turnout to legitimize his rule. or earlier i asked journalist ruth michael if egypt is any different today from how it was under hosni mubarak
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before the arab spring in two thousand and eleven. while there are critics who say that actually things should be well and who are at the end of his tenure at had he did allow sound space for limited political freedoms and you know there were members in the same bracket that ptolemy for example but now you know there are critics. who say that the level of human rights abuses the level lexicon expression the level of crete suppression is following us and it was under mubarak. there also inside and among a lot of egyptians notice about me and the dire state. it seems and how this affects poorest and me it's you know i'm calling to hear people who are very will say well he gave up all right so i think that c.c. at least read out the economy and that hasn't happened so we're not sure how we got
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to this point and that was ruth michaels on there talking to us a little while ago from cairo monica's going to be with you in just a couple minutes should be taking a look at egypt's economy and much more still to come here on. earth the home for saving global ideas tells stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global i do has been by a series of global three thousand on d. w. and online. fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of work here's what's coming up. on a monster.


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