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this is news coming to you live from spain's most wanted man prepares to face a german judge separatist leader called his pushed him on sits in a german jail as authorities decide whether to hand him over to madrid and barcelona remains on edge after a night of violent protests we'll have analysis on push the legal option also on the program the death toll from a massive fire in the shopping center in siberia stands at sixty four several children are reportedly among the dead. and polls open in egypt as the three day
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presidential vote gets underway with president all but certain to win but how big will the turnout be for an election many viewed as a sham. oh i'm terry martin good to have you with us spain's most wanted fugitive is expected to appear in a german court today the couple and separatist leader called his push to malta was apprehended sunday while traveling through germany on route to belgium the arrest and five months of self-imposed exile he's being sought by spanish authorities for his role in catalonia unauthorized independence vote the arrest has angered many catalonians in barcelona street protests erupted and some ninety people were injured in clashes between protesters and security forces. the police on
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one side demonstrators on the other they face stuff long into the night in. outright surged into violence. thousands of catalans took to the streets to protest the arrest of the former president placed crack down hard on protesters dozens were wounded. as demonstrations heated up even the speaker of the catalan parliament who supports a protest is code for calm. i. share with you the feeling of indignation regarding the situation in this especially unfair context i would like to call for calm and responsibility because the response from catalans must be democratic civic unifying and peaceful as always . with some two thousand kilometers north of. it was on the side of this german highway the callus preach from what was detained on sunday he had just crossed the
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dine is german border on his way to belgium. but his journey ended in a german gyle cell show with lots of interest on the official who for you to pee in a rush warrant has been issued we received a request and it's been looked into. pre-conditions we were farther assess whether extradition can be granted a step before that however is the detention order and we're seeing if we can proceed. before voting could unleash. shortly after prison once detention tens of thousands of supporters rallied in front of the german consulate in barcelona their message germany should stay out of spain's campaign against the catalan independence movement when it's not and when they touch a democratically elected representatives they touch an entire people and will keep on protesting peacefully as we've always done. but supporters and opponents of preached are more and now waiting to see how events in germany will play out. now
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decide to fight for my cattle and president. more on this developing story let's bring in our chief political correspondent melinda crane she's in our parliamentary studios and also with us is javier perez de la cruz he's a spanish journalist who's covered recent cattle on elections good morning to you both a moment to start with you why was purged of all detained here in germany and not in belgium where he's residing or finland where he's been visiting. according to the european union's rules of extradition a country can and will only extradite someone where there is a request for extradition if its own legal code includes charges more or less comparable actually almost identical to the charges on which he has been or the issue for his arrest has been issued by the country requesting extradition in other words belgium would have had to look at whether they have
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a legal charge similar to rebellion which is what the what spain is charging mr puts them on with and belgium doesn't have such a crime therefore he in fact he did briefly come before a judge in belgium but spain immediately retracted the arrest warrant which it had at that point issued because it knew that it simply wouldn't be recognized by belgium so that takes care of belgium but why wasn't he for example detained in finland where he was this weekend why wasn't he detained in denmark which he crossed in order to get to germany yesterday that is an open question there's a lot of speculation about it apparently spanish intelligence authorities notified the other countries including germany of his whereabouts and his plans so that any of those countries theoretically could have detained him but did they perhaps the spanish authorities want it to be germany germany is considered by spain to be a very reliable partner in terms of coordinating legal measures and coordinating
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such proceedings as this and perhaps this was very much part of the spanish intention but we simply don't know for sure ok we saw those clashes overnight in barcelona many people injured how much anger is there in barcelona not just barcelona but catalonia in general about germany's detention or this seems there's a lot in those images it's important to say the. actually there in the last weeks according to the from polls fair sample for independents among the cuts alone and population was decreasing actually compared to the numbers in october when the referendum took place and it's important also to say that the anger is not only on the streets but also in the cuts in parliament was the pro in the party as half a majority of very slight majority and they you already called for an extraordinary and they criticize and the money just is against these detentions that they
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consider illegal and against a free political representatives of the cut a lot of people well into what is germany's legal position here does germany have this parallel charge of rebellion you mentioned that would be needed to to affect extradition and how likely is it then that question what will be extradited. it is not called rebellion here in germany it's called high treason but the elements of the crime are similar so that most legal experts feel that the basis is there for germany to extradite the probably a judge here would be if attacked required to decide for extradition because the judge isn't deciding whether mr put him on is actually guilty of high treason a rebellion he is simply deciding whether there is a comparable charge in the legal system here so on that basis most people think he would be extradited but it may take some time it may take a couple of months and i think it's important to recognize the legal side is fairly straightforward but this case clearly has political implications we saw those
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protests however german politicians are saying they're not going to going to get involved we heard the speaker spokesperson for the government saying today spain is a demo democracy with rule of law and we believe this must be settled under its legal system. thank you so much our chief political correspondent linda crane there and here in the studio holly of paris de la cruz thank you both. now some other stories making headlines around the world today thousands of the rebel supporters have demanded have demonstrated in yemen's capital sana'a to mark three years since that country's civil war started a saudi led coalition has been waging a military campaign since march twenty fifteen against the who these with the goal of restoring the former government it's called who seized takeover in twenty fourteen well this comes as saudi forces intercepted seven yemeni rebel missiles late on sunday one man was killed and two others injured from falling shrapnel in
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the capital riyadh it was the first death in the city during the saudi led coalition's three year military campaign in yemen. adult film star stormy daniels says she was threatened but as part of efforts to keep her silent about an alleged sexual encounter with u.s. president donald trump in a highly anticipated interview she claimed that she faced intimidation tactics aimed at ensuring that she did not speak about the alleged affair forget the story . russian investigators say it appears blocked fire exits contributed to the high death toll in a massive fire at a shopping center in siberia at least sixty four people were killed the blaze broke out on the fourth floor of the complex in the coal mining city of come out robo eyewitnesses say they saw people jumping from windows to escape the flames. smoke darkens the skies of chemical in central russia
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a city with many grey days ahead. the winter cherry mall was full of sunday shoppers when a fire broke out over one hundred people escaped the blaze some of them leaping from the windows. but dozens died inside and more are still unaccounted for children among them. this is not a good place to be let for ten in the afternoon we received information about smoke in the shopping mall on the fourth floor were children playing roofs and cinemas were situated you know. it took hundreds of firefighters most of the day to bring the massive blaze under control not before over a one thousand square meters of the building had been destroyed. reinforcements have been flown in to help search for the remains of the victims and to help their relatives cope with the loss. if the rescuers have gas mask company
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the rescue group to help the affected population. because of the blaze remains unknown investigators are now checking the shopping mall safety documentation and may bring criminal charges against anyone responsible for the tragedy. people are going to the polls an inch of today as the country's three day presidential election kicks off there's little doubt that. he will win a second term incumbent president is facing no real competition with only challenger being one of his supporters now authorities hope enough voters will turn out to lend the elections psalm credibility and his victory may be assured but abdel fattah el-sisi needs the numbers to consolidate his authority with nearly sixty million eligible voters the former general is hoping his supporters will march to the polling stations and there's plenty of praise for the incumbent. hopefully everyone will vote for president el-sisi or he believes it's of great
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success for example he's building a new administrative capital. there is one rival candidate. he's not a household name and perhaps surprisingly he himself admits that he admires. the people will decide who the best candidate is the voters who go to the polls soon we'll know the result. and how. many in the opposition believe muso is only in the race to create the appearance of democracy. at first there were more candidates but some were imprisoned after they announced their candidacy others with drew from the race often under great pressure. in. the government's worry that if there were real candidates there would have to be debates about real issues. bob the.
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egyptian media is similarly one sided there's even a hotline where citizens can report journalists who criticise the government. promised a heavy hand against terrorists earlier this month there was another bomb attack in alexandria on the same night peninsula the egyptian army is busy fighting a jihadist insurgency. the supporters point to his focus on economic stability the all important tourism sector has been recovering under his rule this man who do it without sisi has fashioned the presidential election as a referendum on his leadership he's hoping for a high turnout to legitimize his rule. egypt's presidential election i'm joined here in the studio by my colleague ibrahim oh you are egyptian yourself tell us how much support does really have among egyptian voters it's actually pretty
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difficult to gauge how much to see how much support c.c. has right now but. it's important to remember that twenty fourteen c.c. was elected he's a democratically elected president he was elected by about ninety six point nine percent for voter turnout by then was a little bit over forty percent so this indicates that he does have some sort of popularity on the streets but it is difficult to gauge i mean a lot has happened since twenty fourteen hour twenty eight hundred and a lot of the sort of natural tools the natural barometers that we have is journalists and even for citizens that we have to get. politicians popular just don't exist anymore the press has come under unprecedented pressure egypt freedom of the press in egypt. at an all time low one hundred sixty one out of one hundred eighty countries on reporters without borders freedom of the press index many journalists find themselves sitting in prison one for secular case that comes to mind that i've been following the early is that of a photo journalist a twenty nine photo twenty nine year old photo journalist who's been sitting in
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egypt without in a prison in egypt without a verdict for almost five years now. things like a protest there's a protest law that highly controls how much people can go on the streets and actually express their opinion and civil society is unfortunately and not in a much better state so it's very difficult to tell and you can imagine that in this environment people might have a difficult time expressing how they feel or open about about their opinions on the popular of such a candidate ok so there is an authoritarian led country with some repressive measures that are affecting freedom of the press obviously tell us more about a bill see see what is he trying to achieve as pressed. very much wants to be seen as the man who is going to bring back economic and. security economic stability and security back to egypt a defense to his sixty first rose to political prominence in. twenty thirteen when
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he was the defense minister he was the younger and before that he was the youngest member. he was the youngest person on the. supreme council of armed forces he was appointed by the muslim brotherhood president mohamed morsi to be the defense minister the same president that he ended up then ousting in june of two thousand and thirteen after after after popular uprising against morsi more scenes rule so he he said in general this year i believe that he was quote unquote not a politician and he said that in reference to the uprising of twenty eleven he said you know what happened then will not happen again and what was not achieved back then will not be achieved now what he meant to say i think at the time was you know i'm not a politician i'm not here to talk talk talk i'm here i'm about action to what extent this and he's done a lot but what extent this action has been effective is. a big big open question thank you very much. for talking to us about presidential elections.
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south korea has agreed to cut steel exports to the united states by thirty percent in order to avoid donald trump tariffs south korea's trade minister described negotiations with the united states as fierce but insisted his country wasn't in an inferior position the asian country is the third largest exporter to the u.s. after canada and brazil the pledge to reduce of steel exports is part of revisions being made to the existing free trade deal between the united states and south korea. and with that it's over to a man of the frankfurt stock exchange a done year and i believe that our new economics minister peter my here in germany is looking at a similar way to avoid u.s.
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steel tariffs. yeah indeed monica this deal is actually very interesting is also going to mean that u.s. car companies will be able to export the double amount of u.s. cars to south korea without paying a terrorist as well u.s. cars remember for donald trump always a very important he stated in the path that he always doesn't understand why you see so many asian and european cars on american roads but not many american cars whenever he travels abroad and yes peter i admire the new german economist minister seems to be in favor of a similar compromise others are saying that this would not be the right way to do it since it could give the signal that his very protective actions could be already accepted but i also say that today that germany cannot negotiate as a country those negotiations about terrorism also possible compromises will be done on the european level was still sort of those latest developments seem to come
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investors nervous equity markets slowly but surely recovering and it looks like investors are hopeful that certainly a trade war between beijing and washington can be averted. yes exactly equity markets in europe are doing much stronger than expected the blue chip index next i guess you can see it in the background also recovering a plus at the moment of zero point eight per cent this is also happening after two major indices in asia went back into the winning zone as well this is now going to mean a long time recovery at the markets i personally don't think so the fear of a trade war is still there many experts are saying that tears on chinese goods could also hurt other asian countries as well so there's still lots of room lots of space for falling shares at the stock markets. the week is young in frankfurt thank you so much. meanwhile china's foreign ministry said that to beijing was willing to
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hold talks with the united states to resolve their differences over trades of the weekend of course china's u.t. appointed finance minister want washington to rethink its trade policy and threatens to retaliate by hitting u.s. agricultural exports. according to the report the discussions will be led by china's economic czar leo her u.s. treasury secretary steve newton and u.s. trade representative robert blight hisor topics they'll cover include manufacturing and financial services u.s. president donald trump and recently announced cherubs of up to sixty billion dollars in chinese imports the chinese have said they won't be bullied. the mummy found baby misjudge the situation and underestimate china's determination and capacity for defending its legitimate interests underestimate the price the u.s. has to pay for its reckless behavior. u.s. business leaders in china are warning that a full scale trade war would not benefit either side. the response from our members
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has been one have concern that these actions could lead to a trade war which is something that nobody wants to see at the same time it's important to recognize that there has been a growing sense of frustration within the business community about the lack of progress on market access openings in china's increasing use of industrial policies minu chin in light hisor sent to you a letter last week spelling out requests including greater u.s. access to the chinese financial sector and the reduction of chinese tariffs on u.s. vehicles it also requested china increase its u.s. semiconductor purchases minucci was reportedly also considering a trip to beijing to continue the talks. rice hating firm is selling its southeast asian business to a bigger regional rival grap mocking the u.s. companies second retreat from an asian market it's the industry's first big cold sunday sion in southeast asia home to about six hundred forty million people on the
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deal is the latest move of all but to shore up its finances and refocus its business ahead of a plan to initial public offering will get a twenty seven point five percent stake in grab in exchange right hating companies throughout asia have relied heavily on discounts of promotions of the highly competitive market driving down profit margins creasing pressure for consolidation . a share in the owners opposition leader has criticised the ruling party successful bid to have a runoff poll delayed to over alleged fraud terry it's quite a story that's right it's a bit complicated but we hope to get some clarity today monica. in an exclusive interview the main opposition leader vying for the presidency in sierra leone has told e.w. he will call people to action if a runoff election is postponed which really is one the first voting round earlier this month but failed to receive a high enough majority to win outright the presidential runoff is scheduled for
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tuesday but the election only move forward if it's given the green light by sierra leone's high court members of the ruling a.p.c. party say election fraud has been an issue on sunday supporters of matafeo took to the streets in freetown ahead of the court's decision. a lot of b.s. as his supporters will publicly object if the court rules to today's to delay tuesday's vote for we are all said we've been preparing for this for the past five years and with the news that we have international observers here quite a lot of money has been spent for this particular location and we see no reason why it should be postponed. the only reason that is there is because the president wants to postpone by nortel's it it took all the people of disco and three to come out and defend peace security and democracy we have fought for i didn't fight for
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democracy alone this whole nation for tories and i think we should rise up just to make sure that democracy is maintained in this country and those opposition candidate not have beer they're talking to my colleague adrian krishna well we're joined now by our africa correspondent and he's in sierra leone's capital freetown area we are expecting a ruling any moment from the high court on whether this runoff vote can take place to morrow have you heard anything yet. well i'm right now in front of the high court and people are curious waiting for the results but so far nothing has come out and it is not clear what will actually happen there's also a chance that the high court will transfer the case to the supreme court but you need to know that there's very little trust in the new digital system yet in sierra leone remember the country has had a civil war more than ten years that just ended in two thousand and two and after was the truth and reconciliation commission he also blamed the system for the
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outbreak off the war and this trust has still not been built up after all that's time so what the result will be and it will be very exciting to see how the reactions are going to look like we heard in your interview with the opposition candidate. that he won't hesitate to call on people to defend peace as he says what is that defending peace likely to entail. well he also said for example that he will not accept the current president from tomorrow if the elections will be really possible and that it is likely that his supporters are going on the streets if indeed the elections are going to be postponed and that this is happening is quite likely because the date was set for tomorrow but the electoral commission already made not an official statement but some announcement saying that it will be very difficult for them to run the elections tomorrow because the preparation time is just so small publisher poured through these. actually. you tell us.
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when the first run of the elections he was slightly ahead of the candidate of the governing party but he didn't reach the required fifty five percent to go to be voted directly as the president and most people here believe that now in the second run he has the highest chance to win because all the other opposition parties are not allowed to run anymore and it is unlikely that they're going to shift their words to the governing party below has been a heavy critic of the current administration he has criticized the handling of the economy it's in crisis there's a double digit inflation rate here you also have really criticized massive infrastructure projects that were commissioned by the government for a lot of money a new app or for example and he has been criticizing the issue of corruption which is a big problem in the country and in the interview also told that he is going to strengthen the anti corruption institutions in the country. to say that it is a. two hour development. even our national. security of
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this country we have the laws what it was what is lacking in east. to support them to give them to freedom they desire. to be able to prosecute. and that is what i'm going to provide. and that was truly a spot of beer they're talking earlier to my colleague chris you're watching news from we have more news for you at the top of the next hour and you can get all our stories all of course at the dot com thanks for watching.
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