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street of this imposing house of worship. you can see troll starting watch twenty night on t w. this is date of a newsletter from the lead britain's allies launched a wave of diplomatic expulsions against to russia over the poisoning of a former double items from fishy songs three weeks after the attack on such a strict power your game council doesn't total toast fest fourteen e.u. nations are expelling the russian diplomatic staff of the united states this removes sixty russia says it will respond in concert also on the program spain's most wanted man proposed to face a german judge exiled castellan separatist leader collins pushed along is facing
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possible extradition to spend most of the past month couple boss alone remains on edge after a night of violent crimes. three days of post enough begun in egypt's presidential elections with president al sisi over something to win many view the votes as a sham so the size of the turnout will be closely watched. i'm still going to welcome to the program. britain's prime minister says it is the largest expulsion of russian intelligence officers in history countries around the world are to expel russian diplomats following the poisoning of a former double agent in britain sergei script and his daughter remain in critical condition in hospital after the exposed but nerve agent in the english city of solsbury earlier this month britain blames moscow for the attack but russia denies involvement prime minister theresa may have presented evidence of russian
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involvement to european allies last week in the last few minutes she has welcomed the coordinated response which she says sends a strong signal to moscow. eighteen countries have announced their intention to expel more than one hundred russian intelligence officers probably. this includes fifty eight you member states as well as the united states canada and the ukraine and this is the largest collective expulsion of russian intelligence offices in history. i have found great solidarity from our friends and partners in the e.u. north america and nato and beyond over the past three weeks as we have confronted the aftermath of the salzburg incident and well let's get responses from osama young here in claridge's and in washington amir drag us in moscow as well as ben we've got it brussels that welcome all we'll start with you simon young then what is germany been saying about the four diplomats that it is to expel. overall the
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german government has told the russian embassy here in berlin that four of its people of course a leave within the next seven days and it says that this is intended as a strong signal of solidarity with the united kingdom and of the determination that an attack on germany's partners and allies cannot go without a response at the same time the german government has stressed that it remains open for dialogue with more sco it doesn't want to cut off old toys and it's also linked to this action interestingly with cyber attacks which the german government believes have been carried out against german government computer systems sourced in russia as it says so a comprehensive response very much in line with what the british government has been asking for so for diplomats from germany sixty going from the united states a clear richardson what's washington saying well phil this is the toughest action
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the trump administration has taken against russia and a major turn from what we've seen up until this point trungpa been criticized of course for not being tough enough on russia and in fact just last week if you'll remember he called out america tend to congratulate him on his election victory despite widespread claims of fraud now it has announced this has not announced this expulsion himself but the white house released a statement today accusing russia of destabilizing activities around the world and they're saying that this move is meant to make it harder for russia to spy on americans it's of course important to remember that this is not the first time we've seen the u.s. sent home suspected russian spies obama in late two thousand and sixteen expelled thirty five russians in response to meddling in the us elections but this is certainly the biggest expulsion we've seen since the mid eighty's when president reagan expelled almost the same number as we're seeing today to moscow than drugs so rich the kremlin says this is a provocative gesture what else they say. well
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a product of gesture in the sense that russia russia's point is still russia is part of us still we have nothing to do with souls very so there's no reason for punishing us moscow's foreign ministry condemned the expulsion of the diplomats they said this is an unfriendly act and will not go without consequences from an spokesman dmitri peskov said that president putin would make the final decision about how moscow is going to respond so we will see some sort of tit for tat in the days to come if germany expels for russian diplomats moscow is going to do the same and they will definitely expel more americans off the washington is kicking out more than sixty russian diplomats that being said moscow has a canonic interests germany and the e.u. are still very important trade partners so i don't think that russia is interested
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right now in making a bad situation worse than rigorous in brussels fourteen out of twenty eight say you country is a fact this move that's only half what does this tell us that . this. looks like we're having problems getting through to bet we get there in in brussels i'm going to now it looks that well try once more but really get it in brussels what what do we learn from the fact that only hof of you countries have backed this move. that means of the other half is still in doubt if these measures are really necessary and really effective and that's why e.u. council president oliver thomas could only say that is highly likely that russia is behind the attacks with the nerve agent this for him no other plausible explanation but there's still no real evidence for some of the countries nevertheless this is the biggest concerted effort diplomatic effort that you have undertaken in such
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a case and this is also a show of solidarity for the british despite the fact that britain is leaving the european union in the brics it process and it's not excluded that is still more to come also the sanctions against russia could be prepared in the next weeks to get that in brussels thank you may drag storage declare bridges and simon young thank you as well now spain's most wanted to fugitive to spend the night in a german jail as the german courts decide whether to extradite him back to spain catalan separatists played a college pushed him on was detained on sunday while traveling through germany to belgium where he's been self-imposed exile is wanted by spanish authorities over his role in catalonia unauthorized independence vote the arrest has angered many cats alliance with street protests erupting in the regional capital boss alone and about ninety people injured in clashes between protesters and security forces.
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prejudgments detention has ignited anger in catalonia supporters of the former leader brought traffic to a standstill near the region's border with the rest of spain despite the protests madrid isn't backing down in pursuit of its most wanted man. but shall not get them out of each other in time. said it many times. you know those people currently on trial and those in prison i'm not being punished for their ideas. but for not obeying the law. missy. in the arse alone a catalan lawmakers staged a partial strike to protest the arrest of pro independence leaders chanting for freedom. on the streets there are mixed feelings about putsch two months
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detention. the they would up by is for stuff going i think if europe is fair idea which it claims to be. should be free and the president of cut lonia. if not you know and we will be witnessing the decline of europe as an international community when you get up at your end. i understand his supporters are angry. but i also understand the spanish government you know the laws he has to serve time in prison he did something that was illegal . no one is above the law that it is a very good no not you but my freedom or extradition his detention in germany has put berlin in a delicate position but the chancellor rhee says the decision is up to the regional courts and voiced its support for madrid is bain is a democratic state under the rule of law and the german government remains
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convinced that this conflict with catalonia must be resolved within the spanish legal system i'm for this reason we support the clear position of the spanish government to ensure this happens it's. just it's. the german regional court will now have to decide whether to charges against their legal wage in germany. let's take a close look at this with a have a president a cruise is a spanish journalist who's been covering the cost of elections recently welcome to date of the start with the rising what is going on there is just about colors proved months detention no no no it isn't just that it says this is the last episode of a crisis that has been going on between catalonia cologne and regional government i'm stunned his central government for the last six years when the so-called process process towards independence started has more deep and long historical implications but this is just if you serve another sign of the anger of the
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bitterness from the people in catalonia who supported the vendors that was punished to destry that was the spanish institutions what will happen to push of all if we're back to square or he was sent to leave be detained he will be pretty front of the church and he will dictate. jail pending trial. we all the political representatives are already in prison and particularly puts them on is face in charges and the rebellion is the strongest one so this is an investment and for those want to see rebellion he could see stacy twenty five years up up to twenty five years in prison. feelings running high on both sides of the cattle are independent arguments madrid supporters have been reacting to last night's violence here is representative of mariano rajoy party in catalonia i handwrote fernandez albus. firstly the nature except the reality of the situation the need to
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understand the confrontation with spain has been a total failure they need to abandon that teenage psychology be more mature and understand the reality of the situation democratic europe has explicitly demonstrated its support to spain we can see this with the extraordinary cooperation between spain and of the great european democracy germany. paris that accrues that not exactly a conciliatory tone do we expect this to escalate it was hard to say for sure we've kind of used to these kind of comments from the from our end of the holy populist party for the governing party in madrid and also from the citizens parties throughout our nose which is the party that actually won the original election back in december he referred to there in the groups and parties as broadhurst you can escalate well it's hard to say why we never you might in that song thing these images from the referendum from the illegal referendum brutally repressed by the
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police and but we could never expect also the political parties the pro independence political parties to declare independence you know it's really. monday so it's hard to say how how far these days and can go thank you so much for joining us the cross there you take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world the final death toll from a massive fire at a shopping center in siberia sixty four several children are reported to be amongst the dead the blaze broke out in the fourth floor of the complex the coal mining city of chemical eyewitnesses say they saw people jumping from windows to escape. thousands of huth of rubble supporters have demonstrated in yemen's capital sanaa marking three years since the beginning of the country's civil war a saudi of a coalition has been waging a military campaign against the who for since march twelfth thing is having to restore the former government who took over so now in twenty forty.
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this comes as saudi forces intercepted seven yemeni rebel missiles late on sunday one man was killed and two others injured from falling shrapnel in the capital riyadh it was the first death in the city during the saudi led occupation three year military campaign in yemen. i don't film star stormy daniels says she was threatened as part of efforts to keep silent about on that sexual encounter with us don't trump. dissipated interviewers in time that she faced intimidation intimidation tactics i wasn't sure but she didn't talk about. sierra leone's topcoats his role of the country's president who want to go ahead the judges that temporarily halted the vote because of allegations made by a member of the ruling party. election the tuesday three days of voting in egypt's presidential election have begun there's little
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doubt that abdel fattah el-sisi will win a second term as he's facing no real competition so any challenger is one of his supporters now authorities hope that enough voters will turn out for the vote to be credible. his victory may be assured but abdel fattah el-sisi needs the numbers to consolidate his authority with nearly sixty million eligible voters the former general is hoping his supporters will march to the polling stations and there's plenty of praise for the incumbent. police every one who vote for president. of great success for example responding a new administrative capital. there is one rival candidate mousavi who stuff he's not a household name and perhaps surprisingly he himself admits that he admires. the people will decide who the best candidate is the voters who go to the polls
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with the soon we'll know the result. many in the opposition believe muso is only in the race to create the appearance of democracy at first there were more candidates but some were imprisoned after they announced their candidacy others withdrew from the race often under great pressure. in. the government's worry that if there were real candidates there would have to be debates about real issues. bob the. egyptian media is similarly one sided there's even a hotline where citizens can report journalists who criticise the government. d.c. promised a heavy hand against terrorists earlier this month there was another bomb attack in alexandria on the same night peninsula the egyptian army is busy fighting
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a jihadist insurgency. the supporters point to his focus on economic stability the all important tourism sector has been recovering under his rule this man who do it without sisi has fashioned the presidential election as a referendum on his leadership he's hoping for a high turnout to legitimize his rule. egypt election with. the business that thank you very much felt to as much as we've thought may have picked up but other parts of the economy are still struggling inflation is style. the times may be turbulent but businessmen on cairo's streets seem to be content with their president. or not directly but you can bring me his replacement. if you don't what would his replacement do what does he present what will he present our presidencies he can do
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it all. we want someone who we will be stable with. for. the support for el-sisi is obvious but have the egyptian people really done better during his administration unemployment has gone down slightly but it's still high at almost twelve percent and egypt's deficit has widened now at over one hundred percent of g.d.p. . alone from the international monetary fund should help the economy twelve billion dollars six billion of which have already been distributed but the country needs to set a strict austerity plan in motion the government has to float the currency on international markets cancel energy subsidies and introduce a sales tax of fourteen percent. that's cause prices to rise and the egyptian pound has lost value inflation has increased under el-sisi last year up
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a daunting twenty five percent. it's hard times for businesses. and yet they still support the president's plans. of course i will vote for president sisi vote for him for the stability of the country. we're living in stability. we have to keep living and stability. of the month it with. its unsure whether all the gyptian see it that way after all a third of the population still lives below the poverty line. it's official the u.s. federal trade commission is. investigating facebook a consumer watchdog is trying to determine whether the company's privacy practices cause quote substantial injury to uses facebook stock plunged to further tests on the news following last week's decline their social media company has been under pressure following a series of privacy scandals that states are misusing election map targeting by
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consulting group members and others are affecting fifty million facebook users in the u.s. i will have more on this story in the next hour on d.w. business writing firm is selling its southeast asian business to bigger regional rival grab that mocks the u.s. companies second to retreat from an asian market that is the industry's first big consultation in southeast asia home to about six hundred forty million people and potential customers who will get a twenty seven point five percent stake in braben exchange right hailing companies throughout asia ever lied heavily on discounts and promotions in the highly competitive market that is driving down profit margins and increasing pressure for consultation the deal is the latest attempt to shore up its finances and resold has its business ahead of a planned initial public offering. a little earlier we asked also have focused on
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atlanta home if a stake in grab means it's keeping the back door into southeast asia open well in a way yes i mean keeping a stake in grab is a way to do you risk its presence in asia while looking forward to better returns you know letting grab do all the fighting and was with us as a form of mojo where it can actually went together to improve on technologies such as apps so perhaps this mojo would also be a win situation in terms of learning about how to improve. in singapore south korea has agreed to cut steel exports to the united states by thirty percent in order to avoid trump's tariffs south korea's trade minister described negotiation with the u.s. as fierce but insisted his country wasn't in a weak position the asian country is the third largest steel exported to the u.s. after brazil pledged to reduce steel exports is part of revisions being made to the
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existing free trade deal between the u.s. and south korea and that news also in effect on the markets of course some see finally some light at the end of the tunnel that seem to be leading to a trade war let's bring in daniel cope at the frankfurt stock exchange danny what do investors trade will become less likely now. well when you talk about south korea and the u.s. most likely yes the deal is also going to mean that u.s. car companies will be able to export the double amount of u.s. car to south korea without paying tears as well germany's new economists minister appear to my also seems to like this idea but also pointed out that germany cannot negotiate as an independent country about tears and deals as donald trump would most likely call it all of this needs to be done on the european level after she has recovered this morning in asia it seemed that also he and frankfurt investors
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were again a little bit optimistic but this afternoon at around three thirty shares again were dropping this is happening despite the fact that also shares on wall street recovered and went back into the green the strong euro is giving investors quite some headache again just during last week the euro went up again more than zero point seven percent a very strong euro is considered here as not being helpful for a strong export business the dax finished the trading day with eleven thousand seven hundred eighty seven points that is a true year a low here actually on the trading floor and when you talk to experts they are telling me that the trade war still not off the table also terrorist we have to remember that at the moment terrorist for the for european union are only exempt until may and what happens after may still not clear so this topic is still going to keep investors very busy also during the next days gephardt. thank you very much
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for this update from the front. tax cuts and increased government spending could accelerate economic growth in the u.s. over the next two years that's according to a survey of economists which projects the economy will grow two point nine percent this year its best performance in three years since the national association for business economics last issue its forecasts president trump pushed a one a hof trillion dollar tax cut through congress from the administration insists its economic policies will accelerate growth through sustained annual rates of three percent or more majority of economists though considers that to be realistic it's back to fill now in the world of cricket is up in arms yes it's but it's just not cricket yet one of the biggest scandals in international cricket australia's national team as a message cheating in a match against south africa in
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a sport that prides itself on fair play act of scuffing the ball to make it swing through the air as led to plenty of soul searching around. it's here in cape town that scandal engulfed to the australian cricket team the third test match in south africa will be remembered for one thing sheeting cameron bancroft was caught trying to illegally damage the ball that can change the way it moves in the air potentially giving us an advantage bancroft and captain steve smith were forced to admit their guilt us or an opportunity to potentially use in decent type get. you know granules from the right from the rough patches on the wicket in and try to. just change the change the ball commission the leadership knew about it and we spoke about it at lunch and. i'm not proud of what's happened. you know it's not within the spirit of the game the outcry in
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a stroller means smith could be stripped of the captaincy he's already been banned for one match we certainly don't have all of the evidence at hand and we need we need someone to go over there and to talk to the rowan people involved to understand what happened in the detail and then we'll mike appropriate decisions as to next steps astray in cricket icon shane warne expressed his disappointment but others want smith to be given a second chance. look i hope i hope people can can forgive i think he's such a great young man and he's got a heart of gold and i just think he's made a big mistake unfortunately to make matters worse sponsors such as quarters are reviewing their relationship with the straightly in cricket assailing also lost the match against south africa heavily few of their players will have good memories of newlands cricket ground. start reminder of our top story this hour three weeks of poison attack on the four but double agents of. fourteen e.u.
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nations and the united states more than one hundred russian. and russia which denies involvement says it will respond in kind. as issue up to that all possible future of the talk of the outgoing forget you could only use news information on the website of state w dot com.
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chasing the up i'm going to invite my. goals for us in the company scheme publicly and many more in one thousand nine hundred they were founding figures of the balls movement via fine art design and architecture both became a pioneer off more there and it. has much more to offer. to ensure the. next. whatever the cows don't eat ends up in the
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cold no. genuinely is a pioneer when it comes to making. and he's wrong material of choice fizzy. it goes much faster than it would. be cheaper and more environmentally friendly. and the supply chain is very short. tomorrow today in sixty minutes called d w. dortmund's leipsic as a favorite cmos we've got all the best goals we've got all the action the double is the home of german football shared experience every match. the fund is legal the weekend here on g.w. . and about changing the world. but i was a woman in egypt some things turned out differently forced marriage genital
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mutilation humiliation. so i know all else and all we rebelled against the written word to stand up for women's rights. no one else a dollar the flavors of egypt starting april eighth on t w. by a mile is a small tell in choosing him but it's linked to some pretty big names he specially good to and shut up but the poets are the reason for my journey today it's the balls in iraq that began one hundred years ago.


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