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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm CEST

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this is day two of the news live from above and britain's allies launch a wave of diplomatic expulsions against russia over the poisoning of a former double agent on british soil three weeks after the attack on second street power the united states and fifteen i repeat in countries are expanding their own russian diplomatic stop russia says it will respond in khaki also a program to. german judges decide whether to arrest for die time caseloads news an exiled leader of congress opposed to go back to spain tough laptop to bosler the
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remains on edge after a nine to five progs. the e.u. five to save its migration deal with president obama greets tank refugees which set out for a new countries from seventy but now he says the e.u. is not sticking to its side of the pocket. also on the program voting begins in egypt's presidential elections president sees open sunday when they see the posters to shop so the size of the sun the intense dispute. accelerations in sierra leone the high court of the last the second round presidential election to go ahead to the capital freetown. i'm felger welcome to the program. prince prime minister says this is the largest expulsion of russian intelligence officers in history united states canada ukraine
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and fourteen e.u. countries are expanding more than one hundred russian intelligence officers over the poisoning of a former spy in britain so basically pilar and whose daughter remained in critical condition in hospital after being exposed to a nerve agent in the english city of soulsby earlier this month britain blames moscow for the attack russia denies involvement which is prime minister theresa may present evidence of russian involvement to european allies last week had to earlier today as she welcomed the coordinated response which she said sends a strong signal to moscow and today eighteen countries have announced their intention to expel more than one hundred russian intelligence officers probably. this includes fifteen e.u. member states as well as the united states canada and the ukraine and this is the largest collective expulsion of russian intelligence offices in history. i have found great solidarity from our friends and partners in the e.u.
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north america and nato and beyond over the past three weeks as we have confronted the aftermath of the salzburg incident and let's get responses from osama young here in clare richardson in washington amir drag us in moscow as well as ben we got in brussels that welcome all we'll start with you simon young in birthname what is germany been saying about the four diplomats that it is to expel. overall the german government has told the russian embassy here in berlin that four of its people of course a leave within the next seven days and it says that this is intended as a strong signal of solidarity with the united kingdom and of the determination that an attack on germany's partners and allies cannot go without a response at the same time the german government has stressed that it remains open for dialogue with moscow it doesn't want to cut off old toys and it's also linked this action interestingly with cyber attacks which the german government believes
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have been carried out against german government computer systems sourced in russia as it says so a comprehensive response very much in line with what the british government has been asking for so four diplomats gone from germany sixty going from the united states a clear richardson what's washington saying well phil this is the toughest action the trump administration has taken against russia and a major turn from what we've seen up until this point trungpa been criticized of course for not being tough enough on russia and in fact just last week if you'll remember he called out america tend to congratulate him on his election victory despite widespread claims of fraud now it has announced this has not announced this expulsion himself but the white house released a statement today accusing russia of destabilizing activities around the world and they're saying that this move is meant to make it harder for russia to spy on americans it's of course important to remember that this is not the first time
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we've seen the u.s. sent home suspected russian spies obama in late two thousand and sixteen expelled thirty five russians in response to meddling in the u.s. elections but this is certainly the biggest expulsion we've seen since the mid eighty's when president reagan expelled almost the same number as we're seeing today to moscow than dragon so rich the kremlin says this is a provocative gesture what else they say. well a product of gesture in the sense that russia russia's point is still russia's point of use still we have nothing to do with souls worry so there's no reason for punishing us moscow's foreign ministry condemned the expulsion of diplomats they said this is an unfriendly act and will not go without consequences from and spokesman dmitri peskov said that president putin would make the final decision about how moscow is going to respond so we will see some sort of tit for tat in the
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days to come if germany expels for russian diplomats moscow is going to do the same and they will definitely expel more americans off the washington is kicking out more than sixty russian diplomats that being said moscow hassock anomic interests germany and the e.u. are still very important trade partners so i don't think that russia is interested right now in making a bad situation worse but really gets it in brussels what do we learn from the fact that only hof if you countries have backed this move. that means of the other is still in doubt if these measures are really necessary and really effective and that's why e.u. council president on interest could only say that is highly likely that russia is behind the attacks with the nerve agent there's for him no other plausible explanation but there's still no real evidence for some of the countries nevertheless this is the biggest concerted effort diplomatic effort the you have
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undertaken in such a case and this is all it's a show of sort of t.v. for the british despite the fact that britain is leaving the european union in the brics it pro says and it's not excluded that there's still more to come sanctions against russia could be prepared in the next weeks do we get that in brussels thank you may drag storage declare bridges and simon young thank you as well. aspirants most wanted fugitive is back in jail as he waits to hear whether a german court will allow him to be extradited katz alliance a separatist leader calloused putumayo was detained on sunday while travelling through germany to belgium where he's been in self-imposed exile is wanted by spanish authorities or his role in catalonia as an authorized independence vote. push the most attention has ignited anger in catalonia supporters of the former leader brought traffic to a standstill near the region's border with the rest of spain. despite the protests
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madrid isn't backing down in pursuit of its most wanted man. but china. citizen many times. those people currently on trial and those in prison i'm not being punished for their ideas. but for not obeying the law that old mission. in barcelona catalan lawmakers staged a partial strike to protest the arrest of pro independence leaders chanting for freedom. on the streets there are mixed feelings about push to most attention. see they were forced to go or they think if europe which it claims to be. should be free and which the president of kut lonia. if not the noise we will be witnessing the
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decline of europe as an international community when you get up you know. i understand his supporters are angry. but i also understand the spanish government the laws my freedom or extradition his detention in germany has put berlin in a delicate position and prosecutors say not to expect an immediate decision. this is kind of. this is not a question of hours but something that needs to be examined very thoroughly and accurately a decision should not be expected before. the german regional court will now have to decide whether the charges against bustamante bear legal weight in germany. let's take a closer look at this with cruz is a spanish journalist who's been covering the cattle elections recently a welcome to date of you let's start with the writing what is going on there is
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just about colors proved to most attention no no no it isn't just that it's and this is the last episode of crisis that has been going on in catalonia cologne and regional government unspun in central government for the last price six years when the so-called process process towards independence started has more deeds long historical implications but this is just there to serve another sign of the anger of the bitterness from the people in catalonia who supported the violence that was punished to destry that was the spanish institutions what will happen to push of all if you years back to or he was sent to leave be detained he will be front of the church and he will dictates. jail pending trial. with all the political representatives that are already in prison and particularly puts them on is face in charges and the rebellion is the strongest one so this is an investment
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for those for your rebellion he could face in twenty five years up to twenty five years in prison. or feelings running high on both sides of the cattle are independent arguments madrid supporters have been reacting to last night's violence here is representative of mariano rajoy party catalonia i handwrote fernandez advise. you firstly the nature except the reality of the situation the need to understand the confrontation with spain has been a total failure they need to abandon their teenage psychology be more mature and understand the reality of the situation democratic europe has explicitly demonstrated its support to spain we can see this with the extraordinary cooperation between spain and of the great european democracies germany. still across the not exactly. tone there do we expect this to escalate. to say for sure we've kind of used to these kind of comments from the. populist
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party for the governing party and also from the citizens parties. the party that actually won the original election back in december referred to the pro in the groups and parties as fraudsters you can escalate well it's hard to say. that something is from the referendum from the illegal referendum brutally repressed by the police and we could never expect also the political parties the pro independence political parties to declare in the really a proper mandate so it's hard to say how how far this situation can go thank you so much for joining us to the cross thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world russian investigators looking into one of the country's deadliest files for decades says emergency exits were blocked at the shopping center in goals to buy the blaze the sixty four people were killed in the inferno
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in this appearance city of chemical and best cases also believe a security guard had turned off the moans from. greece's outspoken former finance minister yanis varoufakis has launched a new political party he said it would be part of a europe wide leftist movement pushing for a new deal after eight years of austerity resigned in twenty fifty when greece signed up to its third successive international buy in. south africa's former president or jacob zuma has been ordered to appear in court next month on corruption charges prosecutors allege he accepted bribes in one thousand nine hundred ninety s. weapons to mr zuma resigned last month after losing the support of his party the a.n.c. . say they will challenge the case against him if. the case against him if found guilty he could be said since to jail. media reports say north korea's leader kim jong un has made an unannounced visit to china if confirmed it would be chems the
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first known trip abroad since taking power and twenty eleven dinars the north's main ally and has been involved in global efforts to pressure pyongyang over its nuclear program. thousands of who's the rubble supporters have demonstrated in yemen's capital sanaa to mark three years since the country's civil war started a saudi led coalition has been waging a military campaigns in so much trying to fifteen against the gold and restore the form of government and follow the who's takeover of sanaa in twenty fifteen. top u.s. officials have been meeting with the turkish president to want to discuss the deal to curb migration into europe fold garia host of the gathering which included turkish. doesn't budget time as well as work in council president donald post and european commission president. two years ago and career agreed to take back refugees who were set out for you countries of from in exchange for billions of euros to house them the meeting comes amidst rising tensions between turkey and
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several a you members ahead of the government president who once said he was that waiting for brussels to fulfill its pledge to help her syrian refugees in turkey. we're meeting in van or on monday and we're going to talk shortly we're going to say. we're going to show them all the pictures all the videos and save them see for yourselves. bijection if you're going to give his aid then give it to us but if not then be honest and say that you are not going to follow through so that we don't keep waiting in vain. while this is happening as the president said invalid or in bold carry they don't do correspondent barbara faisal is that welcome barbara let's start with the charge we heard from the president is he correct there when he says they the e.u. has failed to stump up the cash. the e.u.
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of course sees this totally differently and they say that they have come up with the whole three billion euros that were sort of the first part of this whole refugee deal however they did not give the largest part of this to the turkish government and that was agreed upon from the first steps of this agreement because they feared of course that the money would then disappear or not reach the refugees instead they have given the majority of this money directly to refugees for their daily life lee hood or they have given it to some n.g.o.s in international organizations to help them in the camps where they are largely and whatever go on once basically is more money into his own coffers in the e.u. says no to that so we have a standoff there anya's repeated the claim that the money didn't come through again and again and the you european union says no we did pay it so you might as well make up your mind whom you want to believe in the struggle this comes as turkey is
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fighting all sorts of folks was literally mera metaphorically on all sorts of fronts concerning the e.u. it's still hoping to join. despite the fact the relations between the two sides have become increasingly strained hard to turkey's chances look at the moment. they look like zero nothing nada you can do this in any language in the world even a turkish turkish with which i don't speak the problem is that even this meeting here is extremely fraught because there is a long list of complaints from the european union side. turkey they for instance complain about the problems with cyprus turkey is for hitting cyprus from looking for gas and drilling for energy in front of its coasts it's a long running program problem. because the german chancellor has criticized turkey heavily for the war in africa and there is a long list of complaints from the european side and turkey always says no it's not
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true it is lies and we want to be a member but of course on this basis they absolutely cannot be anything like it up there cannot be anything like turkey coming closer to even take up exception talks again so we're pretty much stuck and this looks like a sort of frozen one flip between turkey and the european union meanwhile of course your leaders have been critical of president tarion wrong in the way the demands have repeated over and over again to release the political prisoners to release the journalists even still some german prisoners still in turkey and berlin asks for the release of those human rights situation is horrific you criticize that over and over again and the turkish side just a day ahead of this meeting has answered by insulting angela merkel and the government in a paper that is close to the government was not a comparison so it's the old game that we have seen before in turkey escalates and
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then on the other hand comes and say oh we want to be a full member and we want to be respected and those two things of course absolutely do not go together they were and visa liberal. they want. the next step in the customs union they're not going to get anything. from the e.u. if they continue like this maybe except for for the money for the refugees which again then will be paid directly so that's the standoff the two sides are at at the moment it'll be interesting to see where those talks go it will doubtless break in the forthcoming thanks barbara faisal invited bokhari thank you so egypt's now or three days of voting in that country's presidential election house have begun since he's facing no real competition there is little doubt that abdul fattah el-sisi when i sat and is only challenger is one of his supporters the biggest concern of egyptian authorities is that enough voters turn out for the votes to be credible.
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his victory may be assured but abdel fattah el-sisi needs the numbers to consolidate his authority with nearly sixty million eligible voters the former general is hoping his supporters will march to the polling stations and there's plenty of praise for the incumbent. hopefully everyone will vote for president el-sisi or he believes achieve great success for example he's building a new administrative capital. there is one rival candidate mousavi who stuff he's not a household name and perhaps surprisingly he himself admits that he admires al sisi . proud of it that an ass and the people will decide who the best candidate is the voters who go to the polls with to us for the soon we'll know the reason is that they were my father and i know how difficult even. many in the opposition believe muso is only in the race to create the appearance of democracy. at first there were
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more candidates but some were imprisoned after they announced their candidacy others with drew from the race often under great pressure. in. the government's worry that if there were real candidates there would have to be debates about real issues. but of them in. egyptian media is similarly one sided there's even a hotline where citizens can report journalists who criticise the government. l.c.c. promised a heavy hand against terrorists earlier this month there was another bomb attack in alexandria on the same night peninsula the egyptian army is busy fighting a jihadist insurgency. supporters point to his focus on economic stability the all important tourism sector has been recovering under his rule this one who do it
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without sisi has fashioned the presidential election as a referendum on his leadership he's hoping for a high turnout to legitimize his rule. well let's take a closer look at present economic record with daniel went. on for as we heard it's all around that magic word stability because egypt has grown so fast on down sisi and economists expect growth to accelerate further but that's not the whole story the country is struggling with the double whammy of austerity and rising prices not that it bothers the supporters. the times may be turbulent but businessmen on cairo's streets seem to be content with their president. going after actually but you bring me his replacement. if you can what would his replacement do what does he present what will he present our president sisi can do it all.
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we want someone who we will be stable with. for. the support for el-sisi is obvious but have the egyptian people really done better during his administration unemployment has gone down slightly but it's still high at almost twelve percent and egypt's deficit has widened now at over one hundred percent of g.d.p. . alone from the international monetary fund should help the economy twelve billion dollars six billion of which have already been distributed but the country needs to set a strict austerity plan in motion the government has to float the currency on international markets cancel energy subsidies and introduce a sales tax of fourteen percent. that's cause prices to rise and the egyptian pound has lost value inflation has increased under el-sisi last year up a daunting twenty five percent. it's hard times for businesses.
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and yet they still support the president's plans. of course i will vote for president sisi vote for him for the stability of the country. we're living in stability. we have to keep living and stability. on the month it with. its unsure whether all egyptians see it that way after all a third of the population still lives below the poverty line. the mafia style killing of investigative judge. analyst yan could see that has drawn attention to rampant corruption in his country of slovakia transparency international brands it the thirty fifth most corrupt country in the wold it's even scaring off foreign investment now jump in slovakia and chamber of commerce is shedding light on the criminal on the well this plant in slovakia is owned by german mattress cover
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manufacturer bought it and horst the company has been hit hard by corruption fraud and theft it has lost an estimated twelve million euros as a result the previous management used expensive parts and apparently sold them to competitors the company owner has lodged a complaint with a silver police that was four years ago but here it is because. nothing has happened to date nothing there's been no charge nothing that i did the first case was completely suspended and i have absolutely no faith in the justice system here it doesn't exist. is this case symptomatic of a wider problem in slovakia the germans were back in chamber of commerce has been trying to answer that question figures on corruption are hard to come by many affected companies are afraid to report the cases that's despite many
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anti-corruption laws in slovakia. along with members we have noticed a lack of implementation it's the practice that's the crucial problems and we hope that procedural practice improves so that the lows can be implemented correctly or even if you haven't heard. that something that businessman girt herman horse will not wait for he has already fired half of his stuff in slovakia he plans to shut down operations here. indeed you would not advise anyone to invest in this country as long as it doesn't have a functioning justice system hoody. while the german manufacturer bought it and the worst may be leaving slovakia many foreign investors are staying they hope the current corruption crisis will change things for the better. right hailing from selling it south east asian business to its bigger regional rival grap that marks
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the u.s. companies second retreat from an asian market it will get a twenty seven point five percent stake in rap in exchange in companies throughout asia have relied heavily on discounts notions and the highly competitive market that's driving down profit margins and increasing pressure to consolidation. more business later i'll ask a startup mentor whether the users are to blame for facebook's data scandal still it's always the uses it's always this is day w still to come after facebook and cambridge because the scandal indian prime minister there under modis op is at the center of a new controversy on social media and is a growing awful story for us. more of the day's top business international news i'm stronger than you will have your business in just the.
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islamists gaining ground in bosnia and herzegovina. radical in causing tension among the various ethnic groups. social workers are doing their best to achieve reconciliation. as the struggle for peaceful coexistence is already being lost. radicalization in. tomorrow changes in thirty minutes on d w. birth. home to moods of species. a home worth saving and. those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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world. ideas that protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. the result of people you cannot put their kapoor's they create interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental protection by. using all channels available to inspire people to take action and we're determined to build something here for the next generation global ideas feed wireman series of global three thousand on t.w. and online when i was young and dreamed about changing the world. but i was a woman in egypt some things turned out differently forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. so i now while i also doubt we read balance i use the written word to stand up for women's rights. now while the answer dawi the free
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voice of egypt starting april eighth on d w. this is day doubly newswire from the brother of the top story at this hour three weeks after a stock broker or market double agents their desperate rush that is facing an international backlash the brits are not used to the involvement of the u.s. i'm sixteen now european countries say they will expel dozens of russian diplomats russia says it will respond in kind. so i was russia cold. it's off guard by the talk about it with the highest adamites who is a specialist in russian and your professor is also what nonresident fellow at the university of kills institute for security policy welcome to d w let's start with the point about russia which russia expecting vis scale of coordinated response oh yes there's no doubt about it and also it said that it would respond in kind and so that's the usual procedure fish usually what you'll get is that the tit for tat
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fixed exchange between countries but. the idea of the e.u. i think this is the first time the e.u. has responded as a bloc o.b.d. it's only half of them. where has that come from well the e.u. has responded as a bloc or just there with a strong statement but it's. shown it's only a sixteen of the a twenty eight you member countries that have taken a similar decision namely the expulsion but. the e.u. comprises the twenty eight countries as twenty is not exactly a response that is the unanimous and what's holding the others back well not so for different reasons. the the primaries not i think is that they feel they are sensible reason is that they claim that there is no proof of the nerve gas attack but underlying i think there are reasons that they don't or wanted to see further
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deterioration of relations with russia and of course economic interests are very important and even when you look into individual european countries then you will see that there are differences of points of view for instance in germany the various political parties for instance the like in the the the alternative of the ocean but also the left the but even within these are democratic party there are. different viewpoints as to whether or not this was a wise deputy cannot fit with something like one hundred diplomats are around the world being expelled from various countries while sort of the fact is that likely to have russia's intelligence capability in the first world a you're right to much that if focused on the on the terminology that those are not really one of the diplomats those are for the most part those and intelligence operators and so well
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maybe in the us this is a given number of operatives that have been a chunk out six really. quite a number or maybe their operations would be curtailed somewhat but i don't think it's going to have any effect at all on the operations in europe and russia stop before us in the u.s.'s today's action is destroying what little remains of the u.s. russia relations let's just take a listen. would see would me a sitting on their stuff i mean it what the united states of america is doing today they're destroying what little remained of us russian ties in europe. nobody. i would add that all the responsibility for ruining russian american relations is on the united states of america nazi uniform i mean so we seem to have drifted into a new cold war well as far as the rhetoric goes yes but there is
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not the kind of military political confrontation that we saw during the cold war thus far and the reactions that have been at the symbolic level where it really actually would it would hurt russia would be for instance if those countries that have expelled about expelled diplomats if they were to say all right we're not going to send a new team a two year work up that would be a blow to russian procedure even more even more important if there were to be economic sanctions but even the british have not gone as far as they have just been stuck to the expulsion of diplomats and then maybe there would be doing something with their guard to the order of ours who have lost the property in london and elsewhere in england but as i said the really hard kind of
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responses they have not come back so it's all symbolic of a statue a sea however supplies that hamas adamites thank you so much for thank you peter. to see now the country's top course is that the west african nations presidential bunnell can go ahead the vote was originally scheduled to take place tomorrow but was delayed the ruling party played to the opposition i think caged in during the first round. opposition forces cheered the judges and. gave them confidence and not only. to suffer under increased joins us from sierra leone's capital freetown well. will the second round take place tomorrow as. well it is not even as we're speaking it's been a very hectic day for democracy in sierra leone indeed use mentioned the court case of the high court at noon when people were waiting for
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a decision it was delayed for two hours and then finally the judge decided yes the elections can go ahead he specially opposition supporters afterwards went on the streets to celebrate it because they were really pushing for it they really wanted the elections to take place to morrow but later on the national electoral commission approached the supreme court and asked them to do the elections on saturday to postpone it because they said the time to tomorrow is too limited we will not be able to hold appropriate elections until tomorrow and this decision by the supreme court is still pending i talked to a couple of people here many of them are saying well it's good to do it that way at least they will have enough time and then they will do it in the right way but there's others also have been complaining that normal life can continue like this here schools have been closed ever since this election drama started they will be closed the entire week and possibly also into next week until the results will be announced and tell us about the front runner. well there's two major candidates the major opposition candidate is julius b.
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or he has been in the first round of the election slightly ahead of the. of the candidate of the governing party and a lot of people here believe that he has the best chances to win this election right now because all the other opposition parties are not allowed to run anymore and it is quite likely that they will rather would for buell the opposition candidate then for the governing party has been a heavy critic of the current administration especially when it comes to the economic situation in the country there's been double digit inflation rates here and he says the government has not handled that in an appropriate way and also has a very heavy critics on the issue of corruption in the country we talked to him exclusively earlier and this is what he set. go to say that it is actually. to our development national food even our national missing to do this character of this country we have the necessary laws what was what is lacking in these.
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the political will to support them to give them the freedom the desire to do freedom do to be able to prosecute that is what is lucky and that is what i am going to provide. so heavy criticism against the government i also talked to that there can you get some work and he actually told me well it's not such a big deal the issue of corruption they're trying their best but as a matter of fact they haven't and that many cases for example in two thousand and fourteen there was the able outbreak here the auditor general of the country complained that more than ten million u.s. dollars were not accounted for and up to now no action has been taken but as i said come our says they're walking on it and she doesn't see a big problem in that i do in creation in sierra leone thank you. now south africa is cracking down on corruption and the chinese leading a broader winter can tell us president all change in south africa at the moment phil now the shine in the spotlight on german software giant s a p the country's anti corruption agency is investigating
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a sixty million dollars government contract as a p allegedly used u.b.s. practices to win a deal with the department of water and sanitation but this isn't the first time s.a.p.'s been under the microscope the company has already admitted misconduct in separate instances involving friends of ousted president jacob zuma several investigations involving s.a.t. and other companies of move forward since new president cyril ramaphosa took office the us federal trade commission is investigating facebook the consumer watchdog is trying to determine whether the company's privacy practices caused substantial injury to uses facebook stock plunged to further depths on the news following last week's decline the social media company has been under pressure following a series of privacy scandals. hash tag delete facebook has a new supporter ilan musk the billionaire tech maverick has now deleted the pages of his company's tesla and space x.
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but that's by no means the biggest blow for facebook big advertisers are jumping ship like firefox creator mozilla speaker manufacturers so knows the privacy scandal is expanding rapidly politicians the world over are raring to take action against data breaches. in the future are going to monitor companies like facebook much more closely and as well as punish data protection violations quickly severely and seriously. on friday these images of a police raid on cambridge analytical went around the world the company reportedly misused the data of fifty million facebook users to target election ads to influence the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential vote the federal trade commission's probe raises the threat of billions of dollars in penalties for facebook. entrepreneur and sort of mental cutty smith joins us now from washington. facebook has done nothing wrong here i
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mean what did we think facebook was doing with our danger of not sharing it with third parties to talk at us. i am pretty sure that most people were not thinking. that they're actually actively sharing their data they were intrigued to play funny games or two polls on facebook and really engaged there's also peer pressure so you at facebook you can always see that many of your friends have already participated so it's really easy to forget that you're actually actively sharing your data at all times when you upload things or when you click on things that facebook right and i was that in the s.c.c. findings from facebook apparently who was quite a bit to them each of us facebook users was worth twenty dollars to the company last year now the storm clouds of regulation a gathering what could they do to please the likes of the f.t.c. and the e.u.
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. i think they have to address this. with a very serious tone and they have to focus all of their attention on this right now . i think they have really underestimated this huge backlash that we're having right now now that people are starting to understand and they're actually going into their privacy settings and they're shocked how many contacts and how much data was actually shared facebook really really has to apologize really find the right tone is aimed at the problem is for them. as a small amount of users start to drift away people can't find their friends on facebook anymore than the house of cards collapses the very network effect the build them up could see them end up like my space what are the risks of that right now facebook. at this point i don't see a huge risk of that because facebook has been so entrenched in our daily lives that
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everything that we do that probably the users that will leave facebook they will probably miss it more than the users that still stay with facebook will actually miss those who have left because you will not be able to walk into other websites you will not be able to maybe remember your friend's birthday as he will not be able to. organize events or be be invited to an event like a baby shower or a birthday party so actually there are many other tools than just the pure sharing that facebook has offered to make everyone's life easier so i expect the headache to be first for the people who are leaving now what looks like facebook good friends of their own right now thank you very much for the. and facebook's not the only one in hot water over data privacy daniel thank you yes india's prime minister
8:44 pm
narendra modi his official act is now coming under scrutiny the accusation is that he's facing his up shed uses personal data without consent hooting to a security researcher the op's been sending the data to a third party in the united states the news has caused uproar in india well. as a columnist for the hospital following that story welcome call tell us more about this and what happened to use this data if this is the official lap of prime minister modi you see it there right behind you still it's meant to bring him of course closer to his constituents they can interact with him a but apparently this app has also been vacuuming up user data without their permission and we can actually take a look at modi's app here you see it there it's described as a way to keep up with government news listen to the prime minister's radio address receive messages directly from modi himself and we actually downloaded the app and we happened to take a look at its privacy policy here it is hiding in the f.a.q.
8:45 pm
section it explicitly states that the data you provide on the app is strictly private it's housed safely and not passed on to anyone else problem is fill according to research by a self described french security researcher that ain't true he says here in this tweet that data is being shipped off to a third party company he writes when you create a profile in the official app all your device information and personal data that means your e-mail your photos your gender your name they are sent without your consent to a third party domain and this research the trail leads actually to an american analytics company called clever tap so the question now is how much data was collected by modi's app it turns out it could be a lot because on android platforms alone this app was downloaded somewhere between five million and ten million times that's a lot of people using this app. so you get sent to america. it's an analytics firm we don't know what it's being used for then that's probably why why people are
8:46 pm
really scared about this we haven't heard a response from prime minister modi yet although his party the b j p they have confirmed that as being sense to a third party only for analytical purposes in fact they're taking to twitter and social media defending the app and here's what the b j p has been saying they say that this app ensure is that a user can get the best experience by showing content and his language and his interest so a person who looks up agriculture related info will get agriculture related content easily since the scandal broke over the weekend there's been a quiet update now posted on the prime minister's website take a look now the privacy policy has been changed we saw before to say that certain information may be process by a third party services a very vague their fill of includes your name your email your phone number and other information so has there been any physical fuller's there has this is really starting to become a bigger and bigger scandal there are a couple of the leading parties fighting over this and you know since the cambridge
8:47 pm
analytical scandal we've been talking about how data can be used for political purposes this could be even a little bit scarier if you think about it allegedly a politician in power collecting data about his constituents and about voters so the head of the opposition party in india has been taking to twitter to voice those concerns he's the head of the i n c and he writes modi is misusing his prime minister position to build personal database with data on millions of indians via his app if the prime minister wanted to use technology to communicate with india no problem but use the official app for it this data belongs to india not to modi so perhaps a facebook style scandal now brewing in indian politics as well is this kind of a new thing a politician surreptitiously stealing data from from his constituents thank you called. sport and germany's national football team continues its preparations for the world cup after friday's draw with spain you know you love
8:48 pm
statement now gearing up to face another tournament favorite brazil the south american giants trained in. the head of a tuesday's friendly result the most successful nation in the world in world cup history having won the half or bowls the biggest prize five times that's one more than germany but they will be without their superstar name after this match the paris forward is out because of injury. let's hear a leader linda. deutsch brought up in the german charts since the ninety's seventy's public multimedia i spoke with him about.
8:49 pm
how to help set for michael jackson is here to tell us royal welcome carol so we took my piece of very old music. i'm really cool with the wind and experience because you know when you look interactively kind of goes through his entire career from his beginnings as a as an elevator boy to the national icon rocker because it's done so many things i mean he's a writer he's an artist and he's still very much going strong at seventy one much like the rolling stones who inspired him all those years ago another well known outside the german speaking world that we know of course not and that is due to the fact that back in the early seventy's he made this decision to sing in german which of course was revolutionary at the time and he's of course revered here in this country because he really paved the way for all of the acts that came afterwards the entire noya darts avello would never have happened had going to he really made it cool to sing in german which means of course that his music and his and his very
8:50 pm
special stick are less accessible for people outside who don't understand the language but for those who don't know him very well let's have a listen to how he describes himself as mysterious looking to give you some shit good who can be criminally good he's a street kid you silly little kid you know there's a place in the movie does you good things you need to sing i needed and sunita is painting in the lead as movies and all the engine. most popular guy germany you know with it on trade not counting good it's got a great behind you know the repo of a very sensitive issue. as you can see a very healthy sense of self that is very very very modest absolutely you know it always likes to take the mickey out of himself and he's got his hat and his cigar very much worth listening to his music before we talk a little more about that let's have a look at his very own panic city. wherever he goes he likes to put on
8:51 pm
a special show and this one is on hamburg's famous red light district boulevard fifty. this street is now home to this very own theme park his panic city was one goes for the sun happy so happy we tinkered with it for a year we only had a vision of the panic city how it would turn out we did know now we know it's old high tech that's the special thing a lot of three d. many virtual demented elements none to date. that's not your average museum or multimedia to often then come back from life there says provincial childhood and you can spend time in the recording studio with the two hundred gram and get insights into his political activism and see his gold color toppy the stars the secret police even had a file on him. some of the guests at the opening mcclintock the small but they all adore little. sing us a great singer songwriter a super drama and
8:52 pm
a hero the guy is a hero i'm proud to live in the same city is. going on especially if i. had to asked odo was the first singer to make the german language popular in rock music today everyone does it but we owe it all to. that school to show who it is panic city is a new monument to the seventy one year old rocker. and hamburg his adopted home can look forward to a new side in the middle off those. going visit yes that will be your excuse for the right one wherever you are with the group i want to see a public city that's what i that's why you guys when i was doing about why public city well you know that dates back to his early band as for stand in one hundred seventy three the what he called the panic orchestra and when they started the idea
8:53 pm
was literally to. to sort of scare the whole hip industry as he called it. into a panic literally to put them on edge because there was no german rock or hip hop back in the one nine hundred seventy s. and and he used this idea of panic almost as the polar opposite to his his own incredible coolness and it became a kind of a leitmotif through his whole career that just said you know we're going to pull this off and we're going to we're going to make this german thing the real and he has been true to that through his through all of these years he's totally unapologetic in terms of his rock star persona you know he drinks too much he smokes too much at that gravelly voice notorious ladies' man he lives in a hotel in hamburg has done for over twenty years but he's also film never shied away from being intensely political which is really interesting because he's always been very much an activist out with his finger on the political culture you can see him here with me behind and i think there's a shop with him a schmidt he protested against right wing extremism very energetically the and free
8:54 pm
movement between east and west germany at the time was a big thing for him so he was one of the first musicians from the west to actually play in communist east germany back his most famous song of the congo to the tune of chattanooga choo-choo by the way was this very direct and teasing appeal to the eastern leader eric honaker to actually let him play in his country and the song became so successful most in the charts for weeks that that he finally got his wish granted and he played there in october of one thousand nine hundred three and famously gave erich honecker his leather jacket and then later on as we saw in that photograph actually a guitar with tottenham stuck k'naan inscribed on it that means guitars instead of guns so always very strong political statements and he was never afraid to to make them. so that was probably old all in his stasi fido most definitely and there's also a musical actually based very much on his on his experiences. on
8:55 pm
a love affair that he had with a girl in east germany so a very romantic kind of thing but against this very harsh reality of cold war cold war east west relations it just doesn't you know you don't still going out more the websites absolutely yeah i v w dot com flash culture kind of helps it thank you it was a pleasure wolf. just time for a quick reminder of our top story this hour three weeks after the attack on the former. russia faces an international backlash over its alleged involvement the united states i'm sixteen european countries are expanding dozens of russian diplomats from russia says it will respond in kind. of sexual updates of. the websites gets t w dot com. to try. to.
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get through. to. the.
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islamists gaining ground in bosnia and herzegovina. radical islam so causing tension among the various ethnic groups. social workers are doing their best to achieve the. sinister. has to struggle for a peaceful coexistence hold maybe the last radicalisation in boston. in fifteen minutes on d. w. . the fast pace of life in the digital world such a shift as the lowdown on the web it shows a new developments useful information and anything else worth knowing. presents the easiest finds. looks over the shoulders of makers and users.
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should in forty five minutes believe. landmark catholic architecture. one of the world's cultural treasures. a never ending construction site. magnet for tourists. cologne cathedral join us as we explore the history of this imposing also for ship. cologne cathedral starting march twenty ninth from g.w. . one hundred million tons of sand to. devastate the food industry.
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is deadly consequences. dust storms. come closer. growing in america today and frequency. once they start there's no stopping gump. the storm starting to pull something on g.w. .
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this tuesday. from. the atlantic on president it's all the already for britain's as country russian diplomats are suspected of being spock three weeks after the poisoning of a former russian spy in. the united states and fifteen european union members are telling russian diplomats to leave russia will respond. also coming in german judge decides whether to extradite cattle. back to spain.


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