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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2018 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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this. country. suspected of being spock three weeks after the poisoning of a former russian spy. the united states and fifteen european union members. will respond. back. in the cattle on capitol.
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hill. equal and unbeaten record that has stood since one thousand nine hundred eighty. good to have you with us tonight the support that she had hoped for britain's prime minister. says it is the largest expulsion of russian diplomats in history the united states fifteen european union members and several other nations are kicking more than one hundred russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former russian spy on british soil russian tonight continuing to deny any involved. at the russian embassy in berlin there's little sign off what's going on
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inside but behind the close curtains for diplomats are clearing their desks berlin says it's responding not just to the attack on former russian double agent sergey st paul in the u.k. but also to the cyber attack on the german government's computer network. it wasn't an easy decision for us to expel the russian diplomats but the facts and evidence point to russia. investigators believe that x. intelligence officer said pollin his daughter yulia were poisoned with novae chalk a soviet era nerve agent the two were found unconscious on a park bank in the southern english city of saulsbury on march fourth they remain critically ill in hospital at an e.u. summit in brussels last week all twenty eight member states come damn the attack the expulsion of russian diplomats by many e.u. countries is a coordinated action they say all the evidence points to russia. back in
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london the british prime minister welcome the joint move and this is the largest collective expulsion of russian intelligence offices in history. i have found great solidarity from our friends and partners in the e.u. north america and nato and beyond over the past three weeks as we have confronted the aftermath of the soulsby incident but moscow continues to insist it's in a sense it has to respond in kind and warn western governments that the expulsion of russian diplomats was a mistake. so how is russia wisely to respond i'm joined here in the studio by one as i don't mind he is a specialist in russian and european affairs and a nonresident fellow at the university of kills institute for security policy mr adelman is good to have you on the show britain's prime minister says that this is the biggest expulsion of purge of russian agents that the world has ever seen is it going to hurt russia well not really very much because what really what hurt them
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that would be a neuro and of economic sanctions but not at all in the pipeline system so what we've been seeing that right there are there are several layers of sanctions that have already been slapped against russia and there is fergie in the country is it. up to a point. that is true those the economic sanctions which were from a god that after the annexation off of the crimea and the military intervention by russia and eastern europe in the is a new crime story these of course do hurt but what has been now been taken this is not to go into military machine it's over because in the russians the we're also hearing that there's going to be more tit for tat reactions to this with . with putin it seems like now being against the world to see it to see care not not against the world because he has fairly good directions but china directions with turkey have been mended he is cooperating or turkey and iran in syria
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so you can't remake the point to that they're totally isolated is a really a question of having a ready to ratchet up of the relations with. the european union and with united states in this too do you think he was caught off guard by these explosions today because we've never seen one at this level against russia before well i don't think he expected something to happen but when you look at it to repeat the point when you look at of course these are sixty so-called diplomats of course the. intelligence operatives that made curtail a bit to their operations in the united states but those are for people who are being chucked out of germany and the one person that's the checked out out of denmark and the joint symbolic well as israel again but what what actually is there
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is in fact as though in some consequence which is not to be neglected it is actually by raising the level of tension between russia and the west meaning europe and united states this will discourage people from investing in russia so the indirect. yeah exactly and he could be should it shooting himself in the foot and by pursuing this policy. russia's top diplomat in the u.s. today saying that what we're seeing today is a major blow to us russian relations just take a listen to part of what he unsaid. it would she would me a city new english that i me to care what the united states of america is doing today that destroying what little remained of us russian ties machine you know. i would add that all the responsibility for ruining russian american relations is
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on the united states of america and i say you know the father i'm a dick i mean there's lots of extremes there right destroying relations all the blame is on the u.s. can we talk about this really now being the new cole who well in rhetoric yes it is true but what is actually a note is an interesting is that the responsibility for the a serious deterioration of relations between russia and the united states but also we know russia and europe is clearly put two states into the west in general this isn't. a correct portrayal of what has happened because one has to go back to two thousand and twelve to the beginning of the third term by putting us president who has fled clear that day he launched a vicious anti western a campaign with the nationalist underpinnings this is really the basis lies for the
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deterioration of relations and not what you claim but obviously we will be hard pressed if we ever get him to admit that mr han is out of might we appreciate you coming on the seven sharing their insights thank you. but i'd spain's most wanted fugitive is back in jail as he waits to hear whether in german court will allow him to be extradited how long separatist leader carlos pushed him off was detained on sunday while traveling through germany to belgium where he's been in self-imposed exile he's wanted by spanish authorities over his role in catalonia as unauthorized independence. pushed the most attention has ignited anger in catalonia supporters of the former leader brought traffic to a standstill near the region's border with the rest of spain. despite the protests madrid isn't backing down in pursuit of its most wanted man.
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but it. includes a look at the name. sit at many times. those people currently on trial and those in prison i'm not being punished for their ideas. but for not obeying the law. mission. in barcelona catalan lawmakers staged a partial strike to protest the arrest of pro independence leaders chanting for freedom. on the streets there are mixed feelings about push to most attention. the they would up by is for stuff going they think if europe which it claims to be. should be free and the president of kut lonia. if not we will be witnessing the decline of europe as an international community. and. i understand his
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supporters are angry. but i also understand the spanish government the laws he has to serve time in prison he did something that was illegal. no one is above the law that they gave no not you but my freedom or extradition his detention in germany has put berlin in a delicate position and prosecutors say not to expect an immediate decision. this is kind of. this is not a question of balance but something that needs to be examined very thoroughly and accurately a decision should not be expected before. the german regional court will now have to decide whether the charges against whose jamaat bear legal weight in germany. there is some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a white house spokesman says president strongly denies having an affair with adult
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film actress stormy daniels it comes a day after she gave a t.v. interview in which she said she was threatened. keep silence about an alleged sexual encounter with drug she received a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment days before the u.s. presidential election. russian investigators looking into one of the country's deadliest fires in decades say emergency exits were blocked at the shopping center engulfed by the blaze at least sixty four people were killed in the inferno in the siberian city of k.-mart oval investigators also believe a security guard had turned off the malls fire alone. media reports say that north korean leader kim jong un has made an unannounced visit to china if confirmed it would be kim's first known trip abroad since taking power in two thousand and eleven china is the north's main ally and has been involved in global efforts to pressure pyongyang over its nuclear program. for the u.s.
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federal trade commission is investigating facebook's the consumer watchdog is trying to determine whether the company's privacy practices cause substantial injury to its users facebook stock plunged to further depths on the news following last week's decline the social media company has been under pressure following a series of privacy schemes. hash tag delete facebook has a new supporter ilan musk the billionaire tech maverick has now deleted the pages of his company's tesla and space x. but that's by no means the biggest blow for facebook big advertisers are jumping ship like firefox creator mozilla and speaker manufacturers so knows the privacy scandal is expanding rapidly politicians the world over are raring to take action against data breaches. in the future going to monitor companies like facebook much more closely as well as punish data protection violations quickly severely and
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seriously. on friday these images of a police raid on cambridge analytical went around the world the company reportedly misused the data of fifty million facebook users to target election ads to influence the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential vote the federal trade commission's probe raises the threat of billions of dollars in penalties for facebook. or germany's world cup operations craig up a notch on tuesday with a hotly anticipated friendly against brazil right here in berlin a win for the holmes would mean a record equalling twenty three games in a row without defeat but could you walk a move he says the performance is more important than the result. the prospect of a record equalling victory. to play it safe. in stark contrast to the full strength squad he chose for friday's clash against spain
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to germany coach will test a string of second tier players in the capital if successful against brazil the world champions what matched their unbeaten run of twenty three games. in one thousand nine hundred eighty germany will start without several key players among them mark on greater stake and. one stalwart was desperate to start the game. it's something very special for me as a child i dreamt of playing in the olympic stadium against brazil. even though it's just a friendly match it still means a lot to me because it's here in my hometown i'm delighted to be playing the game. despite their experimental line up germany will be confident they can make history against brazil side who are missing superstar forward neymar and it's painful
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memories of the two sides last meeting still fresh in their minds. i'll be back at the top of the hour with. the day. we make up week what does it. by. the services. they want to shape the continent's future. and join them stars as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for.


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