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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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this is the. president. suspected of being. former russian spy. and fifteen. respond in.
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the catalog. of. brazil. equal. since one thousand nine hundred eighty. the support that she had for britain's prime minister says this is the largest expulsion of russian diplomats in history the united states sixteen european union members and several other nations are kicking out more than one hundred russian diplomats over the poisoning of a former russian spy on british soil russia continuing to deny. any
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involvement. at the russian embassy in berlin there's little sign off what's going on inside but behind the close curtains for diplomats are clearing their desks berlin says it's responding not just to the attack on former russian double agent sergey screen pahl in the u.k. but also to the cyber attack on the german government's computer network it wasn't an easy decision for us to expel the russian diplomats but the facts and evidence point to russia. investigators believe that x. intelligence officer said paul and his daughter you leo were poisoned with novae chalk a soviet era nerve agent the two were found unconscious on a park bench in the southern english city of cells per year on march fourth they remain critically ill in hospital at an e.u. summit in brussels last week all twenty eight member states condemns the attack the expulsion of russian diplomats by many e.u. countries is a coordinated action they say all the evidence points to russia. back in
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london the british prime minister welcome the joint move and this is the largest collective expulsion of russian intelligence offices in history. i have found great solidarity from our friends and partners in the e.u. north america and nato and beyond over the past three weeks as we have confronted the aftermath of the soulsby incident but moscow continues to insist it's in a sense it has to respond in kind and warned western governments that the expulsion of russian diplomats was a mistake. all right there's a lot to unpack and so night in this story to do that so i'm joined by our political analyst simon young he is here in berlin and our correspondent claire richards and she is on the story for us tonight in washington good evening to both of you simon let me start with you it has been a day of expulsions germany got the ball rolling if you will today i mean what have government officials here said about the. you have read this is intended.
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as a demonstration of solidarity with the united kingdom and also of the fact they say that attacks against germany's allies and partners cannot go unanswered but at the same time in the foreign ministry here has stressed that they remain open for dialogue with moscow and they've also said that they linked to this action today of expelling four diplomats with a cyber attack against government computer systems here in germany which they also blame on russia or the russian state in particular so it's a wide ranging response that is broadly in line with what the government in london has been asking for and clearly let's talk about the government in washington sixty diplomats there have been told to pack their bags you've got
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a consulate in seattle that's being closed and yet there hasn't been a single tweet from president trump about this what has the white house said that's right brown we haven't heard this announced from trump himself but the white house has said it's blaming russia for what it calls a brazen attack on british soil a spokesman said today that the u.s. wants a cooperative relationship with russia but moscow has made that impossible so now the u.s. is hoping to send a strong and unified message together with its nato allies they going around poisoning people is not acceptable. i think it probably should be acceptable in most countries and so i mean let me ask you all of this that we're seeing right now it seems to have come to a head at the e.u. summit which we saw when asked week are we now seeing a a unified response to russian aggression. well it is broadly unified of course not all countries are sending diplomats home but they are all saying the
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they do believe that russia is behind this attack and that a response is needed in this is of course a demonstration of solidarity for the u.k. while it still remains a member of the european union one can speculate whether the response might have been a bit different. breaks it. a new council president donald tusk has said that you know this may not be the end of the action these explosions there may be more explosions to come in the coming weeks and the action might even be stepped up in the form of economic sanctions against russia as well. claire we know that you as president donald trump's closeness or his affinity for mr putin it has concerned alwi is i mean tweet or no tweets does this move today does it signal a significant shift with him and does it put him in line with nato allies
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sure well there's expunging this expulsion is the toughest action the trump administration has taken against russia and it's a major turn from what we've seen as you mentioned in fact just last week you saw from calling him your perch and to congratulate him on his election victory despite widespread claims of fraud and not only that but in this call there was no mention of the placing so it's important to remember that the u.s. has sent suspected russian spies home before obama did it and late twenty sixteen when he sent thirty five russians back to russia in response to meddling in the u.s. elections but this is certainly the biggest expulsion we've seen since the mid eighty's when president reagan expelled almost the same number as we're seeing today right our clear riches in washington and our sun myung here in berlin to both of you you thank. here are some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world russian investigators looking into one of the country's deadliest fires in decades say emergency exits were blocked at the shopping center engulfed by the
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blaze at least sixty four people were killed in the inferno in the siberian city of . investigators also believe a security guard had turned all the mall's fire along. sierra leone's election commission has rescheduled the country's presidential runoff for saturday this after the country's top court ruled that the vote which was originally due to take place tomorrow could go ahead as planned the ruling party had filed a suit to block the runoff after alleging fraud by the opposition in the first round so south africa's former president jacob zuma has been ordered to appear in court next month on for watching charges prosecutors allege that he accepted bribes in the one nine hundred ninety s. weapons deal mr zuma resigned last month after losing the support of his party the a.n.c. zuma his lawyers say they will challenge the case against it if found guilty he
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could be sentenced to prison. the white house says president donald trump a strongly denies having an affair with adult film actress stormy daniels this a day after she said that she had been threatened and told to keep quiet about an alleged sexual encounter with a truck she received a one hundred thirty thousand dollars payment just days before the presidential election was a night spain's most wanted fugitive is back in jail as he waits to hear whether a german court will allow him to be extradited cattle on separatist leader carlist bridge to mom was detained on sunday while traveling through germany to get to belgium where he's been in self-imposed exile he's wanted by spanish authorities over his role in catalonia unauthorized independence. pushed the most attention has ignited anger in catalonia supporters of the former leader
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brought traffic to a standstill near the region's border with the rest of spain. despite the protests madrid isn't backing down in pursuit of its most wanted man. but. are citizen many times. those people currently on trial and those in prison i'm not being punished for their ideas. but for not obeying the law. mission. in barcelona catalan lawmakers staged a partial strike to protest the arrest of pro independence leaders chanting for freedom. on the streets there are mixed feelings about who's to most attention. the they were forced to go in they think if europe which it claims to be. should be free and
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which the president of kut lonia. if not we will be witnessing the decline of europe as an international community. and. i understand his supporters are angry. but i also understand the spanish government the laws he has to serve time in prison he did something that was illegal. no one is above the law that they gave no not you but it to my freedom or extradition his detention in germany has put berlin in a delicate position and prosecutors say not to expect an immediate decision. this is kind of. this is not a question of hours but something that needs to be examined very thoroughly and accurately a decision should. be expected before. the german regional court will now have to decide whether the charges against jews do not bear legal weight in germany.
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officials have met with the turkish president to discuss a deal to stem migration into europe garia hosted the gathering which included turkish president. won as well as the european council president. and european commission president john clogg younger you see them standing together a day or two years ago turkey agreed to take back refugees who had set out for you countries from turkey in exchange for billions of euros to how's them or the meeting came amid rising tensions between on her and several e.u. members. said that the meeting ended with no sign of progress we have come on the interest of specificially it comes to civil aviation of the region but then comes to co-create solutions. we didn't achieve and the thanks of concrete come to less today but they still hope that. to be both of those in the
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future. are sports now germany's world cup preparations they crank up a notch on tuesday with a hotly anticipated friendly against brazil here in berlin a win for the hosts would mean a record equalling twenty three in a row without defeat but the coach you walk in love he says that the performance is more important than the result. the prospect of a record equalling result hasn't persuaded to play it safe in stark contrast to the . clash against spain germany a string of second tier players in the capital. against brazil. unbeaten twenty three games. will start with several key players among them.
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but. desperate to start the game. something very special for me as a child i dreamt of playing in the olympic stadium against brazil. even though it's just a friendly match it still means a lot to me because it's here in my hometown i'm delighted to be playing the game. despite their experimental germany will be confident they could make history against the brazilian. painful memories of the. still fresh in their minds.
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