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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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this is the only news lie from palin the night snow joins in the mass expulsions of russian diplomats the secretary general. says russians attached to the military alliance ought to be expelled after twenty four countries ordered more than one hundred russian diplomats to leave also on the program. separatist leader says he will never surrender. lawyer says his client will continue to fight extradition from germany just back.
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welcome to the program phil gayle nature has announced that he said russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of a former double agent in britain an attack which london blames on moscow it comes after twenty four countries including the united states and many e.u. members said they would expel russian diplomats in solidarity with britain relations between the nato alliance and moscow were already strained over russia's annexation of crimea and its involvement in ukraine and syria later secretary general told him but delivered this statement a short while ago says a brawled strong coordinated international response on us paul response nato is unified in taking further steps. this son's a clear message to russia that there are costs and consequences for it's unacceptable
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and dangers of behavior and it follows rosales a lack of constructive response to a cup and insult spirit all are actually reflect a serious security concerns expressed by all allies on our part of the coordinated international effort to respond to rochelle spay havior they are proportional on the line with already legal obligations. but they don't because voluntary scholz is at nato headquarters in brussels welcome terry let's start with more of what the un stoltenberg had to say yes secretary-general stoltenberg announced that nato has decided to expel seven diplomats out of the russian mission and block accreditation procedures for three more in addition it will force russia to reduce by a third the size of its mission here that's the second time that nato has forced russia to downsize the first time was after crimea was annexed in two thousand and
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fourteen so that means that a maximum twenty diplomats will be able to staff the russian mission after today and what impact is this likely to have on relations between nato and russia. it remains to be seen what moscow will say about this it is planned that there would be a nato russia council coming up in the near future discussions were underway as to the agenda and the date and i suppose it's very possible russia will say that it doesn't want to speak to nato now if it's going to take what it will consider of a very hostile acts like this but secretary general stoltenberg was very careful to say that he hoped that dialogue would continue he pointed out that nato considers it important to keep a dual track approach that is to take stringent measures against russia for its aggressive behavior while at the same time leaving open the path to two to talk but there was another message in stolzenberg as we're still timber his words and that
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is that he mentioned specifically intelligence work done by russia so this is certainly a message that won't be lost on the russians that stolzenberg said specifically reducing the mission was done to reduce the ability of russia to do intelligence work in nato countries so this is certainly a very strong message perhaps even stronger than it appears just from from the bare words and i would expect that the kremlin will have something to say about it so let's pick up on that point and terry most of these diplomatic expose them to the presumption is that these diplomats are actually intelligence officers which does beg the question why is nato accrediting russian spies and what's the stated purpose that. i don't think you'd have any diplomat probably saying that they're crediting spies because that would be then shirking shirking their duties it's the belgian government who is responsible for actually issuing the accreditations but nato has to offer them a place and so cutting the number of russian diplomats of evony strife will
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certainly in stolzenberg words reduce their capability to do that i think that russia will respond very harshly but it's it's it's capabilities of having any sort of tit for tat action are limited when it comes to nato because nato doesn't have a big. mission in moscow it's got one military liaison officer at the moment and a nato information officer whose post remains vacant at the moment the rest are local staff i'm told so if moscow expects to have have any sort of dramatic expulsion activity it won't be against nato it will more likely be against these governments that have taken their own actions teri schultz at nato headquarters in brussels thank you. just take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world facebook boss mark zuckerberg has turned down a request to appear in front of the british parliamentary committee lawmakers want to question him over how millions of users details got into the hands of the london based political consultants a cambridge analytical you're going to say she has been accused of harvesting
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facebook data and using it to influence a twenty sixteen u.s. election. in france two people have been charged with the murder of an elderly french jewish holocaust survivor eighty five year old to be real was stabbed repeatedly and then set alight in her apartment last week a judicial source says the crime is being treated as anti semitic. egyptians are voting on the second day of their country's three day presidential election incumbent. sisi is expected to win easily i think only challenger the little known numbers of mr mousavi other hopefuls were either forced out of the race or arrested . russian media say forty one children were killed in the massive fire at a shopping center in siberia if issue of the death toll now stands at sixty four russian president vladimir putin visited the scene today and declared a national day of mourning for wednesday he said criminal intelligence was to blame for the high death toll beg pardon criminal negligence was to blame for the high
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death toll they placed broadcast on the fourth floor of the complex in the coal mining city of chemical over on sunday. here in germany the lawyer for a detained to cotton on separatist leader caught his push to mow says he will never surrender and continue to fight extradition to space how many unknowns ok vs spoke to the press after visiting his client at the jail in northern germany has been held since being arrested on a european no warrant while travelling through the country it could take weeks for german courts to rule on whether the former catholic leader should be extradited to face rebellion charges if convicted he could face twenty five years behind bars. so let's take a closer look at the legal aspects of this case christiane tanishaa is a professor of law at the university in berlin welcome to the date of the so in simple terms than it is actually this isn't as simple as we want and you've got him
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can we have him back place no no it's not as he's a sad because the matter is now in the hands of the judiciary the german tribunals that have to decide on whether he can be extradited and zs judges are totally independent they don't not do not obey any orders of our government so they are really independent and act according to the relevant rules european new rules and german rules and so what will decide whether or not congress pushed among a set back to spain well i i have great doubt. the european arrest warrant decision the offenses you know must be recognized as punishable under the law of both stites so he's in charge for sedition rebellion and misappropriation of public for this edition sedition as an. offense against the spanish law in germany we have also some kind of hope for hans addition but it's
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sitting against the german legal order that's totally different and on the other hand we have a long tradition in the sense that no extradition on grounds of political offenses this is a highly political offense and i am not sure that. he might be extradited on grounds of the charges everybody has that seems to care sedition and rebellion misappropriation of public funds just sounds like stealing well that sounds like stealing but misappropriation of public money because they organized elections that also that has a political note. might be seen as a foaming a hole a compact hold together with a rebellion and this all will have to be weighed was a judge's so you're think it's unlikely that he'll be extradited. he might be answered i did on just on grounds of misappropriation of public funds but then
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spain is in a very difficult situation because down in spades the scope of the charges is limited to baltic german judges because this is the way it works if you actually died on a particular charge that is the charge that you must face under your being presidency and no as a judge maybe vote against him ok so if let's say that he extradition is successful and it is a misappropriation of public funds i think what's he looking out when he gets back to spain well then i think that will be a mine of fans that will not be too serious and for spain of calls as a main point is sedition and rebellion that is a charge brawled against him and if only it comes the misappropriation on misuse of public funds that is not really the heart of the matter ok very briefly united nations human rights committee accepted
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a cultist push most complaint that spain has violated his political rights isn't likely to have any impact i don't think so no i don't think so and i'm i'm not very satisfied with that decision as you might go any if it has been taking i know nothing about it but it seems strange to me right it's have to send a stiff e-mail thank you very much for joining us professor professor christian tosha thank you. north korea's leader kim jong un is rumored to have visited beijing but there's been no official confirmation from either side the train thought to be carrying him left the chinese capital earlier you had confirmed to visit would be kim's first since coming to power in twenty eleven and comes ahead of planned meetings with south korea on the united states. and the mysterious train departs a beijing station destination unknown but it bears a striking resemblance to the heavily armored train used by north korean president kim jong un's father and grandfather was the reclusive leader onboard or perhaps
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his trusted sister jon if it was indeed this would be his first known trip abroad since coming to power in two thousand and eleven china says it has no knowledge of the rumored visit. but when kim jong un's father kim jong il visited china in the past his trips were only confirmed by beijing after he had crossed back into north korea beijing support for pianka chain dates back to the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. when communist china came to the north eight since then beijing has provided crucial economic support to the isolated country. towns forward nearly seventy years later and kim jong un's priorities have changed on changes nuclear ambitions have alarmed its closest ally china even took the unprecedented step of imposing sanctions on the north in two thousand and seventeen the
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mysterious visit comes ahead of a historic summit between the north and south scheduled for april the meeting is expected to focus on denuclearization of the korean peninsula a meeting between kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump is expected sometime before may. look at some sports as a flurry of international football action tonight as countries finalize their world cup squad so i had to face summers tournament in russia the pick of the bunch is germany against brazil that's in the record saying the reigning world champions against the team they defeated seven warm in the twenty four team that world cup semifinal a win for the host would mean a record equalling twenty three games in a row without defeat. star thinkers across eastern europe of experience unique weather in the russian town of sochi locals and tourists were left when they were met with orange snowfields mountainous regions of russia ukraine and rumania
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were transformed into tangerine into a undressed because of so horan sandstorms in fact behave like landscapes were caused by sound pollen and dust particles mixing high in the at this combination that spread across north africa drifting across the mediterranean and landed here with us now which are all there's this phenomenon roughly every five years. as i look at our top stories at this hour a nato has announced that it is to send the russian diplomats in response to the poisoning of a foreign agent in britain the military alliance joins wolf in twenty countries internationally taking action against most folks. as it you up to date. out in the meantime of course there's always a website that's a double you don't call the other day.
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we make up about three quarters of the under which we all of december so hopeless and. they want to shape the continents future. part of it enjoying our youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa charges.


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