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you know what i've only said that i thought going on what they're doing fine to. say. this is the w newsline from nato joins in the mass expulsion of russian diplomats secretary general jim spellman but russia is attached military alliance speak to us about this follows expulsions of more than one hundred russian diplomats from twenty four countries also on the program as long as former separatist leader says he will never surrender in the fight for independence a college opposed to most lawyer says his client has full trust magellan's legal system itself and being extradited to suspend. resume gets a chance to run screen full members against germany two teams face off in fallon
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tonight in a world cup warm up the first full strength encounter since twenty fourteen when germany destroyed presume the biggest footballing obsessive old time. i'm phil gramm welcome to the program nato has announced that he's sending home seven russian diplomats and denying accreditation to three more and responds to the poisoning of a former double agent in britain attack which much of which london blames on moscow the move comes after twenty four countries including the united states and many you members said they would expel russian diplomats in solidarity with britain relations between the nato alliance and moscow were already strained russia's annexation of crimea and involvement in ukraine and syria is nato secretary general against bolton back. this sounds
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a clear message to russia that there are costs and consequences for its own acceptable and dangers of behavior and it follows rosales a lack of constructive response to a cup and insult spirit all are actually reflect a serious security concerns expressed by all allies on our part of the coordinated international effort to respond to russia will spay havior they don't need correspondent teri schultz is at nato headquarters in brussels welcome terry let's start with more of what the u.n. stoltenberg had to say yes secretary general stoltenberg announced that nato has decided to expel seven diplomats out of the russian mission and block accreditation procedures for three more in addition it will force russia to reduce by a third the size of its mission here that's the second time that nato has forced
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russia to downsize the first time was after crimea was annexed in two thousand and fourteen so that means that a maximum twenty diplomats will be able to staff the russian mission after today and what impact is this likely to have on relations between nato and russia. it remains to be seen what moscow will say about this it is planned that there would be a nato russia council coming up in the near future discussions were underway as to the agenda and the date and i suppose it's very possible russia will say that it doesn't want to speak to nato now if it's going to take what it will consider of a very hostile acts like this but secretary general stoltenberg was very careful to say that he hoped that dialogue would continue he pointed out that nato considers it important to keep a dual track approach that is to take stringent measures against russia for its aggressive behavior while in the same time leaving open the path to two to talk but
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there was another message in stolzenberg stilton berg's words and that is that he mentioned specifically intelligence work done by russia so this is certainly a message that won't be lost on the russians that stoltenberg said specifically reducing the mission was done to reduce the ability of russia to do intelligence work in nato countries so this is certainly a very strong message perhaps even stronger than it appears just from from the bare words and i would expect that the kremlin will have something to say about it so let's pick up about point terry most of these diplomatic expose them to the presumption is that these diplomats are actually intelligence officers which does beg the question why is nato accredited russian spies and what's the stated purpose that. i don't think you'd have any diplomat probably saying that they are crediting spies because that would be then shirking shirking their duties it's the belgian government who is responsible for actually issuing the accreditations but nato has to offer them a place and so cutting the number of russian diplomats of evony strife will
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certainly in stoltenberg words reduce their capability to do that i think that russia will respond very harshly but it's it's it's capabilities of having any sort of tit for tat action are limited when it comes to nato because nato doesn't have a big. mission in moscow it's got one military liaison officer at the moment and a nato information officer whose post remains vacant at the moment the rest are local staff i'm told so if moscow expects to have have any sort of dramatic expulsion activity it won't be against nato it will more likely be against these governments that have taken their own actions teri schultz of nato headquarters in brussels thank you so how is this nato action likely to be viewed in the kremlin consulted fun i got just an analyst in the russian capital welcome constantly if moscow is likely to react to this latest move from nato. well
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i think that traditionally moscow reacts in a reciprocal way so we can expect expulsions and we can expect the closure of. of one of the remaining three u.s. consulates in in russia but as terry correctly said with regard to nato will be quite difficult to reciprocate because the both naif information office and nato military liaison mission are running on especially skeleton staff so reciprocation a bit difficult but definitely i think moscow is a flabbergasted by that it is highly irritated by by these measures and of course there is the reason reason for that because frankly in recent memory neither saddam hussein nor the kim family in north korea would meted out such diplomatic humiliation and also awful of course it shows and it lays bare the fact that russia has absolutely no allies another single country supported it in its standoff with the west and actually it is now a standoff not only with the u.k. not only with u.k.
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allies but it is a standoff with the global west so in a sense to me it looks like a diplomatic catastrophe but at the same time it doesn't mean that the kremlin will change will change its policy line any time soon so from what you're saying that it is you seem to be saying that russia did not expect to push back on this scale. yes absolutely and i'm sure about it of course i'm not private to the discussions in the kremlin but i don't think that when this scandal with with the poisoning of the ex double agent in seoul is very started to develop anyone here expected that it will become a global diplomatic crisis that is already i think written into a most international relations textbooks for universities. i think that the level of solidarity of britain's allies of the e.u.
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of actually nato allies to now was completely took moscow completely by surprise and if you look at what's happened in the last twenty four hours even those who are considered to be moscow's friends quote unquote like the there are when the prime minister of hungary decided to side with the you can't expel a russian diplomat probably not very willingly but still that shows you where the priorities of the much trumpeted moscow friends in the e.u. lie in reality so this i repeat his quotes of humiliation i think it's actually quite it is awesome for russian foreign policy so given that how is all this being reported inside russia indeed is it being reported. it is although i think that's quite logically it's been overshadowed by the horrible. fire in siberia where dozens of people including children died but
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it is reported and it is reported by state television which is massively overrepresented as you know here in russia in a very traditional conspiracy theory vein it's not snape two it's not the e.u. that are taking these decisions the nature of the e.u. are just like case of the united states that decided to punish russia because russia has become too strong and too great fool of the us to stomach this is essentially what's being fed to the russian population over the over the years by the state run media and this is what quite a lot of people believe they believe it's an unjust punishment for a crime that's basically has not been investigated to the us i don't think that many russians understand the whole political context of what happened and most of them wouldn't remember the history behind kind of the russian office cations starting from the litvinenko murder going through the georgian war crimea. and so
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on and so forth so rife suppose that's most russians would basically would basically swallow this propaganda line because the scene i guess in moscow thank you. here in germany the lawyer for detained cats on the separatists lead a callous push to months as he would never surrender in the fight for independence from spain how many islands are vast spoke to the press after visiting his client in jail in northern germany first of all has been how this infighting arrested over in europe he had arrest a warrant while travelling through the country could take weeks for german courts to rule on whether the former catalan leader should be extradited to spain to face rebellion charges if convicted he faces twenty five years behind bars. so let's take a closer look at the legal aspects of this case christiane thomas shock is a professor of law at the humboldt university in berlin welcome to day doubly so in simple terms that it is actually
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a simple as we want him you've got him can we have him back place no no it's not as he just sat because the matter is now in the hands of the judiciary the german tribunals not have to decide on whether he can be extradited and judges are totally independent they don't not do not obey any orders of our government so they're really independent and act according to all the relevant rules european new rules and german rules and so what will decide whether or not a cultist push among a set back to spain well i i have grave doubts as to whether he might be sent back to spain actually die did because. according to the european decision the european arrest warrant decision the offenses you know must be recognized as punishable under the law of both stites so
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he says charter sedition rebellion and misappropriation of public for sedition solution is a. offense against the spanish law in germany we have also some kind of. hole for hans addition but it's situation against the german legal order that's totally different and on the other hand we have a long tradition in the sense that no extradition on grounds of political offenses this is a highly political offense and i am not sure that. he might be extradited on grounds of the charges everybody has that same state care sedition and rebellion misappropriation of public funds just sounds like stealing well that sounds like stealing but misappropriation of public funds because the organizer elections that also that has a political note that might be seen as
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a foaming a hole a compact hold together with the rebellion and this all will have to be weighed was it touches so you think it's unlikely that you'll be extradited. you might be answered i did on just on grounds of misappropriation of public funds but then spain is in a very difficult situation because down in spades the scope of the charges is limited to baltic german judges because this is the way it works if you actually died on that particular charge that is the charge that you must face under your being presidency and no other charge maybe vote against him ok so if he let's say that they extradition is successful and it is a misappropriation of public funds available what's he looking at when he gets back to spain. well then i think that will be a mine of fans that will not be too serious and for spain of calls of the main point is sedition and rebellion that is
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a charge brawled against him and if only it comes to mis operational misuse of public funds that is not really the heart of the matter ok very briefly united nations human rights committee accepted a cultist push most complaint that spade has violated his political rights isn't likely to have any impact i don't think so oh i don't think so and i'm i'm not very satisfied with that decision as you might be many if it has been taken i know nothing about it but it seems strange to me all right well it's tough to send them a stiff e-mail thank you very much for joining us professor professor christian tosha thank you back here there are some of the other stories making news around the world facebook boss mark zuckerberg has turned down a request to appear in front of the parliamentary committee will make us want to question him about how millions of users details got in the hands of a londoner by political consultants a cambridge analytical you are going to say she has been accused of harvesting facebook data and using it to influence the u. twenty sixteen u.s.
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election. in france two people have been charged with murder of an elderly french jewish holocaust survivor eighty five year old marianne that cannot was stabbed repeatedly and then set alight in her apartment last week and you just saw says the crime is being treated as anti semitic. tensions of several broken today after cross of a expelled a senior politician promises to friend the move saying the official into the country illegally the political party representing kosovo minority has responded by saying it would withdraw from the government the e.u. is calling for calm and dialogue and has dispatched its top diplomats to the region . people in russia are expressing their anger over the fire as a shopping mall in siberia west sixty four people died forty one of them children president vladimir putin visited the scene and blamed the high death toll homes he called criminal negligence. this fire has done more than scorch
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what was once the chemical shopping center. it stirred intense anger here over alleged negligence corruption and lax fire safety standards many people here also don't believe the death count officials are giving they think there could be more victims. might these two are minor i guess we could identify my children were killed because they suffocated about five of them which the other children that were brought had only half of a head was that they were here without hands and legs. it was. when the blaze and gulf the mall the fire alarm didn't sound like an icy investigators say it hadn't been operational for two weeks. as people try to flee they found many emergency exits blocked there are reports children were left locked inside cinemas a stuff led investigators also say the public address system had not been switched on. a lot of children died because of irresponsibility of the management and i
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could not imagine that this is cato the tragedy would be this speak up and most of all i am shocked that they are hiding the truth from us so much with the. two days after the tragedy and amid criticism for its slow response the russian government announced a day of national mourning president putin visited kemah rob and asked the protesters to trust in a transparent investigation. with one hundred investigators are working on this case they'll inspect the whole chain starting with those who gave commissions and finishing with those who must have been in charge of the security forces. but many still searching for loved ones are mistrustful of the government's promises volunteers across the city are distributing their own lists of those missing scores of names have been added most of them children. or some significant changes are at germany's biggest. right is looks like it's
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client in the rain at georgia bankers the lender seems to be searching to replace its c.e.o. john cried the british newspaper the times says his chief executive is about to be can do to the then his miserable financial results is profit warning in january dashed all hopes that germany's largest financial institution was on the mend after years of crisis. he took over in twenty fifteen tasked with turning the bank's fortunes around. now of reports in britain's times newspaper suggests john cry in the days a deutsche bank could be numbered analysts don't appear too surprised. just because good whooshed is rumored that mr klein is on his way out and trying to bank having tonight it so one could say there's no smoke without fire use of oil among the many challenges kai and successor will face reversing three consecutive years of losses
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some of which can be attributed to the billions of dollars it's had to pay out as a result of scandals related to mortgage fraud and price manipulation and then there's the mammoth task of restoring the bank's battered image in this area critics say there's a lot left to be desired. in the decision to quit drupal bonus payouts last year despite making a loss did little to allay concerns. of the firing line. is headquartered what are you hearing is it true get when you take a look at the share price of georgia bank at the end of the trading day they're shippers went up actually to one point one four percent that means something when you compare this with the losses of this year from the beginning of two thousand and eighteen until now the share price off the lender went down by twenty seven per cent even though all those rumors have not been called firm we are getting more and more details investors here on my and fear that is just
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a matter of time until mr cry and will be without a job they don't even care so much who will be the new c.e.o. they want the bank back in the winning zone we are hearing that power lies and he's the chairman of the supervisory board has been in touch with different possible successors one of his favorites the current goldman sachs vice chairman richard north but it seems that not is not interested. john prine took the helm of the bank roughly three years ago did he ever have a real chance to consolidate george's business. well dodger bank has had lots of problems lately at three years of losses many pending losses a share price that you know went down by so many percent is all of this fault of john cryan will certainly and not when he came into office he promised to reform the lender and he did the thing is that he is not the shiny see or compared to some of his a previous hester's he was hired to reform the bank to catch jobs to make difficult
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decisions if successful or not somebody who was hired for big reforms is never really popular certainly who ever might take over if those rumors are really true his or her agenda will be full from day one while the do seo will have come his or her work out thank you very much down in front for the use bailout fund has just approved a six point seven billion euro loan installment after the greek government has an active painful reforms finally meeting the conditions to unlock those funds for greece the reforms included changes in tax policy privatizations of state holdings as well as tackling bad debt the european stability mechanism is due to pay the first five point seven billion euros on wednesday remaining billion could be released in may if greece manages to make progress in reducing a risk. first phase an expensive lawsuit in yet another country more than
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fifty thousand british car owners are taking legal action following the emissions could become the largest group action in british legal history three day hearing now in the way of london's high court will determine whether the claims can be managed collectively in the u.s. the ws already agreed to pay up to twenty five billion dollars to settle claims from owners the world's biggest comic the manipulated the software in iraq eleven million cars worldwide. meanwhile impending diesel bans in german cities could shift the problem of air pollution to eastern european countries german diesel owners increasingly seek to sell their vehicles rather than send them off to the junkyard. smog in poland it's not just the cold heating that sends large amounts of microscopic pollution particles into the atmosphere many cars in eastern europe to diesels in germany on the other hand there are strict emission
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limits it's possible that soon only new diesels will be allowed in german cities and many car owners selling their older diesels now to secondhand dealers they aren't willing to let cars that still hold a significant resale value get scrapped they are selling them through partners in eastern europe the number of exported used diesels climbed from around one hundred ninety seven thousand in two thousand and sixteen to two hundred thirty three thousand in twenty seventeen that's an eighteen percent rise in exports to eastern europe group significantly the export of sixteen thousand older diesels to ukraine and twenty seven thousand was more than double the tally for the previous year sales to albania kossovo remain in the czech republic and poland also rose while western european countries are going to be introducing even stricter emission levels in the coming years most countries to the east won't be changing their rules environmental groups are now bringing the along. we
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have no pollution tax for cars which makes romania heaven for old and polluting cars authorities do not encourage all support healthy alternatives and the government does not actually fight air pollution. and so more and more older diesels are ending up in for example the romanian capital book arrest that these are air pollution problem is being profitably shifted beyond germany's borders. opec the organization of petroleum exporting countries hopes to agree a long term strategy on oil output control with russia and other non opec members saudi arabia's from prince mohammed bin solomon said they are working to shift the existing year to year. agreements to a ten to twenty year deal last year opec convinced other old prison companies to agree temporary output cuts after an oil gloss sent crude prices russia.
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that's over me is back to fill for some sports or sank you very much yes we'll talk about football let's talk a special scoreline as well seven one that's the school line seared into the consciousness of every brazilian football fan but painful memories of that home thrashing at germany's hands in the twenty fourteen world cup semifinals may fade tonight if brazil can beat to your human loves side in a friendly in balad let's just remind you of how hot that seven one thumb paying big brazil. hello july eighth two thousand and fourteen i was. a nation week. i. dream of a whole new world title. imagine if i'm actually happy that we have this game because i don't want to take the ghost of the seven one defeat to the world cup.
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they keep it. it's. replacing coach louis philippe scolari with carlos don't go after the debacle didn't change things for the next which in two thousand and sixteen did following the appointment of brazil have won fourteen games out of eighteen losing just once with joy and passion. he knows what he's doing she notes why brazil won their qualifying group convincingly and have developed as a team. that's why i think he can give this team this clear identity. someone shot for me. the trauma of two thousand and fourteen is a mortal lies about the beach. but so too are the hopes of the street artists a world cup win in russia will go some way to raising that seven months goal line from the brazilian collective memory. it's time to recap our top stories at this hour here nato bases to send home seventh russian diplomats in
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response to the poisoning of a former double agent in britain a military alliance this joins twenty four countries in taking diplomatic action against moscow. i'm catalonia so form a separatist leader has said he will never surrender and the fight for independence . spoke to the press after visiting him to jail and germany by his awaiting a court decision on whether to extradite him to stay. him to face charges of. up to that stuff mostly out of the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web site that's. going to. move.
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on. him. he came out of retirement to. coach. seems to make you know the most this morning just because the book does hold the band together the be the first level again the best.
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