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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 27, 2018 9:00pm-9:15pm CEST

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this is. from berlin tonight telling more russian diplomats to leave and nato joins the mass expulsion of russians suspected of being sponsored. the secretary general . says that sub and the russians attached to the military alliance will be expelled it follows the expulsions of more than one hundred russian diplomats from twenty seven countries also coming up hundreds of protesters take to side streets demanding answers about the shopping mall fire amid rumors of a cover up president vladimir putin blames what he calls quote criminal negligence
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. it's good to have you with us tonight there is more fallout from the nerve agent poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. london is accusing the russian government of masterminding the attack which has left sergei and yulia script all fighting for their lives now twenty seven countries including britain the us germany and many e.u. countries as you see right there have since said that they are expelling more than one hundred russian diplomats in response nato joined the mass expulsions today announcing that it was sending home seven russian diplomats and denying accreditation to three more. with nato joining the expulsions of russian diplomats
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the alliance's secretary general said moscow had it coming. sans a clear message to russia that there are costs and consequences for its unlike sept the ball and dangerous path on all behavior the u.k. welcomes the solidarity the crisis started on british soil with accusations that moscow was behind the poisoning of a russian double agent in salzburg earlier this month the british foreign secretary calls the expulsions a turning point and what you'll see in these huge diplomatic expulsion is a desire to correct that and to say right russia enough is enough russia denies having anything to do with the poisoning and insists the u.s. is coercing other states to join its lead. for the work of the diplomat this or that country tells one or two diplomats to leave well whispering apologies and to our ears we know that this is the result of colossal pressure colossal blackmail
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which is now unfortunately the main tool of washington on the international arena in. washington on this level. and on the streets of moscow people also expressed belief their country is being victimized and made it possible to me americans are against us and they're trying to crush us so that our country won't develop and won't become even stronger. apparently we don't have enough influence like the other countries like the united states or the developed european countries. and as . russia's relations with the west are clearly on ice and a thaw may be a long time coming or moscow has threatened a further round of tit for tat retaliation although he has yet to announce anything earlier we asked analyst constantine for an exit in moscow help russia is likely to react to nato. well i think that traditionally moscow reacts in
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a reciprocal way so we can expect expulsions and we can expect the closure of. one of the remaining three u.s. consulates in in russia but as terry correctly said the rebel to nato will be quite difficult to reciprocate because the both naif information office and nato military liaison mission are running on the specially skeleton staff so reciprocation a bit difficult but definitely i think moscow is the flabbergasted by that it is highly irritated by by these measures and of course there is the reason reason for that because frankly in recent memory neither say nor the kim family in north korea would meted out such diplomatic humiliation and also awful of course it shows and it lays bare the fact that russia has absolutely no allies another single country supported it in its standoff with the west and actually it is now
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a standoff not only with the u.k. not only with u.k. allies but it is a standoff with the global west so in a sense to me it looks like a diplomatic catastrophe bought at the same time it doesn't mean that the kremlin will change will change its policy line any time soon. constantine here in moscow or here in germany the lawyer for detained cattle on separatist leader carlist wisdom all says he will never surrender in the fight for independence from spain the attorney spoke to the president for visiting his client at a prison in northern germany which tomorrow has been held there since being arrested on a european warrant travelling through the country it could take weeks for german chords to rule on whether the former catalog leader should be extradited to spain to face rebellion charges if convicted he could face twenty five years behind bars . in russia anger is mounting over the shopping center fire in siberia that killed
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sixty four people forty one of them were children president vladimir putin has blamed the fire on what he calls criminal negligence opposition leader alexina of all the has urged mourners to turn out at a vigil for the victims that's been set up in central moscow wins day has been declared a day of national mourning many in russia are calling for an independent probe into the blaze and they accuse authorities of trying to hide the extent of the disaster . this fire has done more than scorch what was once the chemical shopping center. it stirred intense anger here over alleged negligence corruption and lax fire safety standards many people here also don't believe the death count officials are giving they think there could be more victims. these two are mine i guess we could identify my children with them because they suffocated by five of the most other children that were brought had only half of
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a head they were here without hands and legs. when the blaze and gulf the mall the fire alarm didn't sound like an investigator say it hadn't been operational for two weeks. as people try to flee they found many emergency exits blocked there are reports children were left locked inside. investigators also say the public address system had not been switched on. a lot of children died because of irresponsibility of the management and i could not imagine that the scale of the tragedy would be this speak up and most of all i'm shocked that they are hiding the truth from us so much with the. two days after the tragedy and amid criticism for its slow response the russian government announced a day of national mourning president putin visited. the protesters to trust in a transparent investigation. it's one hundred investigators are working on this
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case they'll inspect the whole chain starting with those who gave commissions and finishing with those who must have been in charge of the security forces. but many still searching for loved ones are mistrustful of the government's promises volunteers across the city are distributing their own lists of those missing scores of names have been added most of them children. here is over the other stories now that are making headlines around the world in the u.s. former supreme court justice john paul stevens has called for the repeal of the second amendment to the country's constitution that amendment protects gun rights writing in the new york times stevens also applauded the school children leading the fight for tougher gun laws america has only repealed one constitutional amendment in more than two hundred years of existence. in a phone call with u.s. president german chancellor angela merkel has called for dialogue between the
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european union and the united states over trade the white house says the two leaders also discussed what washington described as china is illegal accusation of intellectual property well some are calling it the bus ride out of hell thousands of syrians have been leaving eastern ghouta the rebel held territory just outside of damascus it's been destroyed by weeks of government force bombard observers say more than sixteen hundred civilians have been killed now evacuation deals have allowed buses loaded with rebel fighters and civilians to head north. leaving their homes behind for more uncertainty as people desperate for change are on the move in syria. but what lies ahead for these families said to be from eastern guta is anything but clear. these are some of the buses said to be carrying people out of the destroyed damascus suburb and north to rebel held
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territories around it live province. the regime has displaced us following tool chest shelling siege and starvation. for seven years we've lived through conditions that no one knows except cold. my family has been sitting inside a basement for two months with no water no food where living in impossible life we left by a miracle and thank god for everything. the number of evacuees differs considerably between sources but syrian state media aid organizations and rebel groups report several hundred of his sick hungry and war torn residents have been bussed north and then you know the convoy arrived today from rural damascus from. there were twenty two people in critical condition and they were sent to specialist hospitals
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. so we classified the passengers women and children in one tent wounded elsewhere and those with nutritional needs in another we have three mobile clinics. was where these people will land next and how they will survive elsewhere remains a mystery. the month long government bombardment of good let the once thriving community a wasteland the daily pauses and fighting are allowing the exodus of thousands. but with an estimated population of around four hundred thousand there's no sign the severity of the humanitarian crisis there will improve. the united nations is warning that the future of an entire generation of children is in doubt unicef says they close to half a million children in yemen have dropped out of schools since twenty fifteen that's when saudi arabia and its allies intervened in the civil war there.
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it's the weakest who suffer the most these children are in a hospital in yemen's capital saana many of them a male nourished this is just one consequence of yemen's three year long war. unicef says some one point eight million children in yemen amelle nourished four hundred thousand of them fighting for their lives. the war has also turned many schools to rubble some learn under canvas in improvised classrooms but more than two million yemeni children are getting no education at all and most teachers are no longer paid the war has only worsened the country's education crisis. and i think no ceremonies are followed it doesn't just affect the children in their individual development but the whole country the millions of children who can't go to school now will grow up illiterate and an educated that will contribute to poverty being passed on to the next generation to the poverty and oppression.
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and in a land where destruction and hunger rule more and more of these children are being recruited as soldiers the u.n. says it needs more than two billion euros this year alone to help yemen next week at the international donor conference in geneva they'll know if that some can be delivered. or did he take the train across the border to china rumors are flying that north korea's leader kim jong un visited china on a train used by his father now if true it would be cam's first foreign trip since coming to power in two thousand and eleven and it would come ahead of planned meetings with south korea and the united states. and the mysterious train departs of beijing station destination unknown but it bears a striking resemblance to the heavily armored train used by north korean president kim jong un's father and grandfather was the reclusive leader onboard or perhaps
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his trusted sister john if it was indeed this would be his first known trip abroad since coming to power in two thousand and eleven china says it has no knowledge of the rumored visit. but when kim jong un's father kim jong il visited china in the past his trips were only confirmed by beijing after he had crossed back into north korea beijing support for pianka and dates back to the korean war in the one nine hundred fifty s. when communist china came to the north eight since then beijing has provided crucial economic support to the isolated country. fast forward nearly seventy years later and kim jong un's priorities have changed on chains nuclear ambitions have alarmed its closest ally china even took the unprecedented step of imposing sanctions on the north in two thousand and seventeen and the mysterious visit comes ahead of a historic summit between the north and south scheduled for april the meeting is
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expected to focus on denuclearization of the korean peninsula a meeting between kim jong un and u.s. president donald trump is expected sometime before may. be back at the top of the hour with more world news for world body of the day i can see you that. make your smart t.v. smart with. what you want what you want to. up to date. extraordinary. you decide. to find out more at the w. dot com score.


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