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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2018 8:00am-9:00am CEST

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this is d. w. news live from berlin after days of speculation china confirms a landmark meeting with north korea on his first foreign trip since assuming power north korean leader kim jong un met china's president xi jinping in beijing we will go live to our correspondent to hear more about this historic visit and. also coming up the needle joins twenty five other nations in a standoff with the kremlin the military alliance picks out seven russian diplomats in response to the souls very nerve agents attack and russia prepares for
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a national day of mourning after sunday's fatal fire at a mall in siberia dozens died in the blaze most of them children locals demand answers to the tragedy. plus germany have suffered a blow in their world cup preparations for years after famously defeating brazil seventy one you walk the low side live to a friendly defeat against their south american opponent. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program russia is holding a national day of mourning for dozens of people killed in a shopping mall fire in siberia over the weekend most of the sixty four people who died were children but families of the victims believed that that number could be much higher anger is spreading across the country many believing authorities are
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trying to cover up a lax safety standards that may have prevented the blaze. thousands of kilometers apart but hugh knighted in grief people in moscow mourn the dozens of five victims in siberia as camera of this tragedy has gripped russia and caused anger many believe officials are hiding the true extent of what happened on sunday . what is known is that multiple safety violations happened when the blazing gulfs the mall people trying to escape it found many a marriage and blocked the fire alarm didn't sound in the public address system wasn't switched on the reports too that children were left locked inside cinemas as staff fled. little did you know i was talking to my daughter on the fine
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i told her lie down on the floor and breathe breathe and don't die. i was crying to my daughter she said dad i love you i'm suffocating and i'm losing consciousness . decision. furious distraught locals suspect a cover up anon believing what they're being told they think they could be more victims than what officials say and may distributing their own list of those who seem most of them children are. going to well i think authorities are hiding the real number of did and there's a lot of false information about how many people there were at the shopping center how the fire started and who is responsible for the start which. has investigators combed through the rubble the government has promised that those responsible will be harshly punished. it's declared wednesday
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a day of national mourning a time when all of russia joins cameras in grieving big dead children. saluted heartbreak in their well now we had to china where it has been officially confirmed north korean leader kim jong un has met with chinese president xi jinping in beijing his first foreign visit since he assumed power back in two thousand and eleven now kim reportedly told she that he was committed to denuclearization and resolving conflict on the border this meeting is seen as a crucial preparatory step in the lead up to two landmark summits in may both between north korea and the u.s. and between the two koreas themselves for more let's bring in our correspondent bolin juror who is standing by with the very latest for us from beijing so let's hear what more do we know about what these two leaders discussed.
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we don't know really a lot of specific detail as we have seen lengthy statements praising the relationship and the common history and the chief ment's of each other there was no mention of beijing having made any promises to ease sanctions nor any specific steps to achieving this denuclearization i think probably there is the most important thing is the signal that goes out to the world by coming to beijing kim jong un has reinforced beijing's position in these talks beijing is now part of the process again and it is still opinion is most important ally that was the signal going out strongest ninety and if we are to look a bit closer into that say no i mean what role could it be that china would want to play in those talks between the united states and south korea with north korea
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coming up a bit later well it seems that it will not be directly at the table the more important is for beijing it is to show that no decision can be made without beijing beijing is still the most important economic partner of pyongyang on sanctions against being young will work or not work according to beijing's will and not anybody else's mathias you're there you're based in beijing you're based in china what do you think that all of this says about china's global ambitions. china wants to be seen as a global act of china is. enhanced thing it's global role now this north korea this korean conflict is one of the key points which china has been an important player over the center over the last few decades and it's certainly not
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going to to to step aside on this two important matter this matter is one of the key conflicts that china wants to be involved in correspondent details fall into and joining us from beijing where it has been confirmed to north korean leader kim jong un has met with chinese president xi jinping a very historic meeting and visit there in dave mathias thank you so much for your reporting. but meantime nato has joined a wave of western countries expelling russian diplomats after a poison attack on an x. fi in the u.k. earlier this month the military alliance has announced that it would send home seven russian officials and reject accreditation request to three more so far twenty seven countries including britain the united states germany and many other e.u. member states have moved to expel more than one hundred russian diplomats now asco
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has slammed the actions and vowed to retaliate out of. the nato secretary general said russia had it coming this is a clear message to russia that there are costs and consequences for its own looks up the ball and dangerous path and of behavior the crisis started on british soil of accusations that moscow was behind the poisoning of a russian double agent and sold three earlier this month. the british foreign secretary calls expulsions a turning point and what will seem in these huge diplomatic expulsion is a desire to correct that and to say right russia enough is enough. russia denies having anything to do with the poisoning but insists the u.s. is caressing other states to join in to lead. the way this is over that country tells one or two diplomats to leave as well whispering apologies into our ears. we
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know that this is the result of colossal pressure colossal blackmail which is now unfortunately the main tool of washington on the international arena through the letters of the world. and on the streets of moscow people also express believe the country is being victimized. even more so i think the russians have annoyed everyone because they're secretive and don't share everything of course it's not possible to know who carried out the poisoning. i mean no serious book would i'm concerned that europe is treating russia so badly. but i think that russia's a self-assured country and they're not too worried about what other countries think . the with most. russia's relations with the west are clearly on ice and i thought maybe a long time coming so let's get more on those relations we're
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joined now by constantine front agard an independent analyst in the russian capital welcome to you thank you for being with us as we've just seen the activities of the russian mission to nato they were already restricted during view korean crisis how strong a signal does yesterday's announcement send do you think. well that is a pretty strong that i think if you put it in the context of expulsions by two dozen other countries then it's even stronger i think that it's a fairly small mission maybe russian embassy is a much bigger and so you essentially taking out one of stuff of course that that's quite serious and i think that and the same time it won't have too much practical implications too many practical implications because basically relations between russia and nato today are paralyzed that is not much to talk about but symbolically it's an important step and of course i'm certain that it also is as such is
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a blow to russian intelligence gathering comfort billets is ok and in the meantime we've also seen a bit of a war of words i think you can call it ranging we have the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov saying that the united states used quote blackmail to force its allies to expel russian diplomats what do you think we are to make of that claim any what does it say about the state of relations between washington and moscow. well it's the old song in the kremlin everything happens only because washington wants or doesn't want it to happen so no surprises here really of course it is this tandem propaganda line from the kremlin that's. washington is manipulating its allies because otherwise they would love to have wonderful relations with russia this is also a propaganda line that is designed to. targets essentially the russian already and switch das believes that this whole story is
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a huge set up by the united states to humiliate russia which has become so great and important that it has to be a base going to cut down to size by the americans but at the same time i have to say i think that this conspiracy of thinking is also quite relevant. prevalent sorry in the in the top echelons of the russian foreign ministry the kremlin it is frankly like a besieged fortress in which president putin these the comments and everyone else is just a soldier a garrison soldier that has to fight back against the west so as i said what mr lovell said that was probably actually the only thing he could say in the russian context and in fact to continue with that comparison i mean some of those soldiers as you call them are of course the russian diplomats they're now talking about what they are charming a new cold war what do you make of that i mean how dangerous are these tensions
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between the west and moscow can we talk about a new cold war. i don't think we can talk about the new cold war because firstly the cold war was a confrontation of two ideologies and secondly because i do think that the their relative so those strengths of the two but disciplined saw this time not really comparable the west is much stronger but i think that what we can talk about about the conflict between the putin regime and the rest of the world and what we've seen in the last couple of days is a huge diplomatic snub symbolic as well as practical to the kremlin to the russian regime but at the same time what we do know about mr putin's foreign policy and security policy he will continue with his confrontational line will probably use what they like to call here a symmetrical response rights to
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a western actions and i think that we will see more of this conflict not less constantine for an egg or an independent analyst in the russian capital moscow thank you thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world the lawyers of carlist pushed him on say the former cattle ammeter has vowed never to surrender in the fight for independence from spain he passed on the message after visiting pushed him on had a jail in northern germany pushed him on has been held there since being arrested on a european warrant while traveling through the country. today is the final day for voting in egypt's presidential election incumbent leader general abdel fattah el-sisi is expected to secure an easy victory due in large part to the absence of any real competition critics have labeled the election a sham. and we on ours parliament has elected a new president when meant after voting got under way this morning the sixty six
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year old pictured here in the yellow jacket walking behind sung suchi have the backing of the ruling party of the de facto leader which has an overwhelming majority of representatives. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program we find out why germany's world cup soccer preparations hit a bump in their friendly with a revenge hungry brazil. and mand of a get that revenge and i came right find out we're heading to greece there now are no revenge there in fact more funds for greece are of the euro zone's a bailout fund has approved a six point seven billion euros loan installment that's after the greek government in active painful reforms finally meeting the conditions to unlock those funds and a first tranche of five point seven billion euros is due to be paid today the rest could follow it may now athens has received financial aid from eurozone countries
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and the international monetary fund since two thousand and ten the third rescue package amounts to eighty six billion euros and it runs until august twenty eight hundred or a few more months greece's total debt is around three hundred twenty billion euros and that's about one hundred seventy six percent of its economic output but the economy is growing for the first time in ten years unemployment is down to twenty point two nine percent still many greeks only work part time and they don't much so that means that despite hopes of an upward trend the reality for ordinary people may not be improving but it appears that reforms are taking hold. for an analysis of the situation right now we cross over to auntie curaçao who joins us now in athens good to see you and see so it looks like you're absence has done is homework unlocking more aid do you think that greece is finally on the mend.
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well the simple answer is yes and no the numbers are looking better on the paper as you say growth is seemingly resuming the unemployment is seemingly. coming coming down but still there are a lot more reforms that have to happen and in the real economy in the pocket of every greek that reform that progress is yet to be found the creditors are still a little apprehensive and want to be certain that greece stick to its reforms which it has completed which it has been pursuing and this release of eight is a vote of confidence that greece's are right that it is pretty reforms that it is holding are and this one billion euros in aid to keep it on track exactly let's
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talk a bit about this reforms which are very very painful they include tax changes the tax policy of privatization of state holdings how did all of that affect every day people in greece. well it is literally brought them down to their knees they're one in three businesses have gone bust more than a million greeks are still in the unemployment line. you know they are suffering quite a deal and they have been burdened with back to back taxes which they are not hearing about this far is yes the government is saying that it will make a break from its austerity but it's not hearing. you know talk about them their salaries improving or these taxes being written so so agreed to still suffering quite quite
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a lot they've seen twenty five percent of their earnings at least lost in the name of austerity so just briefly and how does this impact their their view of europe what's the mood like right now. well they are very greeks are very hoped to get to europe they believe in fact that their future is anchored. to the west of course their feelings for him are not as strong as they used to be but they know that their future lies within the european union and he carries there in athens thank you so much for this so we heard greece regain to market access last year and while some e.u. officials are confident that the country is on track to exit to the bailout program this summer problems remain greece's financial crisis has wiped out a quarter of the economy and it led to persistently high unemployment but there are
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also some success stories and he is one. until the crisis manufacturing was booming in this industrial area north of the greek city of the seventy k. now almost half the factories of had to shut down one of the few survivors is a family run company pyramus for sixty years they've been building stainless steel sinks the late company founder alexandros bucket c.l.'s invested in modern technology and focused his business on export the company has nine subsidiaries across europe and he k.-et is an important client and that's how pyramus navigated safely through the crisis nikolaus bucket c.l.s. is proud. we produce between six and seven thousand six for a day and over the last ten years we're best if someone to reach the fourteen million euros so that we remain they'd like to do the same old
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politics from a few simultaneously investing in the company and paying back loans was a tricky balancing act but the company didn't have to fire any workers the company's assets to windows but in the end pyramus even profited from the crisis acquiring assets from companies that failed we bought some of the machinery. some walking paths which gave us an advantage in terms of the cost of starting a new investment as we did with granite sinks pyramus makes their granite sinks and kitchen fittings in a new factory the company offers over forty five hundred products most of them are exported to germany eastern europe the usa and the far east the greek market might be weak but pyramus is staying put in greece. this is my father back in one hundred fifteen days office working so he was very proud of having
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this company built here and greece and because greece does not have for. and. for it to grow their manufacturing process is expensive most of the raw materials come from germany but even that won't make back and say let's move away some workers have been here for over twenty years and many young new workers even joined in the midst of the crisis. demanded it's a company where i feel sure i'm going to get paid my salary i mean for every hour i work i definitely want to work here and then ultimately i got the job. the c.e.o. still has big plans like a factory in the united states for instance but he's still hoping for a revival of the greek economy tourism at least is booming and that could mean the hotels need new syncs.
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sports news now with the very own yannick speight who joins us here in the studio and we're talking about germany's twenty two match unbeaten run which has been ended by brazil a team that you often live side defeated seven one in the world cup semifinals almost four years ago so i mean for brazil this was really payback time painful for germany right yeah one hundred percent i think as you mentioned the last time these two sides met germany dominated so this is a bit of a blow for germany it was a friendly but not great preparation for the world cup coming up in russia and that's a little bit more about the preparation about the match we have a piece now to show our viewers so you can get a bit of a view about what happened. i memories of the seventy one world cup freshening were in everyone's minds before the long awaited rematch brazil out for revenge started aggressively. but it was germany had the better the chances. of mario gomez unable to hit the target on the half hour mark. but
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brazil struck the willie uncensored from the right to feel just loose with a free header i poor marking and that would go keeping the reserve stuff a heavy trap. was played a little for club side police argument this season. multiple substitution from both sides in the second half stifled the game action was at a premium. germany improved in defense but it was too late to avoid a woman defeat. plenty of lessons learned for the two heavyweights ahead of june's world cup in russia. ok so a one nil defeat they're not quite the seven one that we saw the last time around on the opposite side but brazil must really be pleased with this year one hundred percent i think this really was a deserved win for them and it gives them a mentum heading into the world cup i mean brazil is such a proud football nation and that big loss against germany was quite humiliating for
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them and so this was a way for them to show that they're back you know and i think they really showed that they're a strong force in this world cup they were very prescient with heavy challenges but they're also solid defensively and in attack they really broke through germany's defense with ease at times and this was all without stuff or with neymar as well he's out injured with a foot injury so he has to come back as well and so the signs are good for brazil i think i think they're one of the favorites and i think they can go all the way and some of germany's big stars they were kept on the bench as well so it wasn't his name are who was out for the game but you know if you're you walk a little if you're the german coach right now you're looking back at this game and what is the cause it. that you're taking away sort of inform your strategy for the future yeah i mean based on this game there weren't too many positives if i'm honest but i guess it's good to lose now rather than when it matters in the tournament and as he said look did leave a lot of his players on the bench and he was using this as a chance to look at some of the fringe players and so i think he'll have a better idea of who he needs to take to the world cup kevin trapp the goalkeeper
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didn't really do enough to warrant a place he was at fault for the goal mario gomez as well he was a bit stranded up front by himself but again he didn't warrant a place i don't think this world cup was sandra wagner's came off the bench and i thought he was quite impressive and i think he would be the choice to take over mario gomez. but that said i think love will recognize that he does need something else and i think that's marco royce i think he needs that x. factor in that experience in the squad for them to take the next step but the players were very self-critical at the end of the match and i think that bodes well and we have a sound bite here from you. or it's a virus i think we were poor today and we didn't play well and that's why we lost but i don't think it's a big worry with the world cup coming up short and it's a good wake up call for. so strong words from yulia draxler there but you know moving on. talk us through some of the other results from last night
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because there wasn't only this game no not just germany those huge match between spain and argentina and spain thrashed argentina six one now was the result probably wasn't surprising the school on definitely was and i think this plane saw it as showing that they are getting back to the front in best. after a disappointing will cup last time out and as well russia hosts for this is world cup loss to france three one so it's not looking very great for the hosts and they could be looking in the early exit unfortunately ok a lot of action to follow there yulian tracks there from our sports desk walking us through all of the action on the big games and what it could mean for that big competition the world cup thank you. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program there is only one that no one former nazi collaborator still living in the united states and g.w. investigates why germany has stopped trying to make him answer for his alleged
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crimes plus germany's nazi past is also a problem for its armed forces the bundestag we look at new regulations that come into effect today aims to root out far right sympathies in the military. all that more in just a few minutes a c.n.n. . luxury sports journalist since when. two icons show up to watch. the mystery c.l.'s the third generation males sit down and also contain. the housing a set with its distinctive small towns. such . as. live.
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landmark catholic architecture. and one of the world's cultural treasures. a never ending construction site. for tourists a good cologne cathedral joined us as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. cologne cathedral starting march twenty ninth long t w. one hundred million tons of sound. understanding and for him it's kind of. mission to. consequences. moment in america to frequency.
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once they start. no more stopping. just starting to pull something on t.w. . welcome back you're with g.w. news i'm sarah kelly and pearl and our top stories north korean leader kim jong un has reportedly pledged to denuclearize after an historic meeting with china's president xi jinping in beijing china has confirmed the secret visit took place after days of speculation it was kim's first foreign visit since he assumed power back in twenty eleven. and russia is observing a national day of mourning for dozens of people killed in a shopping mall fire in siberia over the weekend most of the sixty four people who
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died were children thousands have turned out for the protest of mandating a probe into last safety standards. facebook chief mark a sucker burgas reportedly agreed to testify before congress before the us congress a committee within that that body but it's not yet known when such a hearing would take place earlier zuckerberg refused an invitation to appear before a british parliamentary inquiry lawmakers on both sides of the atlantic want to question him about how millions of users details got into the hands of a firm hired to influence voters. our next focus is building carey he is the public face of world's biggest social network but mark zuckerberg isn't feeling sociable when it comes to taking questions especially not from european politicians as inquiries mount about how facebook muses the data of its two billion users he told
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vest british parliamentary committee he would not be giving evidence we believe given the serious nature of the allegations that have been made around the access and use of facebook user data that is appropriate the mark zuckerberg she should give evidence to the committee. one man who did want to talk was the pink haired whistleblower at the heart of this data scandal he said it was the race for the white house that made him go public coridon chung kind of makes it clicking your head that this actually has a much wider impact so i don't think that. military mission operations is conducive for any democratic process whether it's a us presidential or a local council or its political campaigns have changed christopher wiley what does a data engineer for london based cambridge and a letter the farm post of its ability to run alexion on the cheap mark in twenty fourteen they paid for millions of facebook profiles and are accused of using them
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to build psychological programs to micro target voters right moment is more important than ever this is where cambridge analytical in our revolution and help them swing votes in elections around the world including donald trump they deny using the data to break down voters. the company's co-founder disputes that claim when it is categorically untrue categorically untrue that it came in general that it has never used facebook data. it is one silicon valley billionaire who could surely shine a light on this and many other questions. to some other news now and there is only one known former nazi collaborator still living in the united states he was tracked down and stripped of his citizenship fifteen years ago but he can't be deported until another country agrees to take him now u.s.
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authorities are hoping to deport him to germany and put him on trial for his participation in the holocaust but germany won't take him. to his neighbors he's just the old man next door he doesn't come out much jackie foley used to be a nazi prison guard he wants to live out his life in peace. i just feel like he has some resentment towards himself and some regret bellowing because he's so old and it's been happened so long ago but i also do feel like he should be prosecuted for what he's done he's very down to earth he's unlike many. unlike the image that many people have painted. rabbis of friedman head of a nearby jewish school says polly's old age should not absolve him of his past friedman and the students of organized protests in front of polly's house twice a year for fifteen years calling for his deportation both my parents and in-laws
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are holocaust survivors lost two hundred plus family members in the holocaust and the fact that a nazi murderer continues to live here in close proximity to a jewish neighborhood is outrageous. the protests of course the attention of the trumpet ministration which has promised to do what it can to have fully deported in fact a federal court already made the first move in two thousand and three it stripped poly of his u.s. citizenship after hearing that he had worked to traffic miki a nazi training and internment camp in poland. it was there that polly allegedly oversaw the forced labor of prisoners and prevented them from escaping six thousand jews were executed trav nikky near the end of the second world war but records show that polly was not there at the time this missing link makes pollies deportation case different from other nazis that germany has agreed to take from the us yes
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rommel heads the official german legal team pursuing x. nazis he cannot speculate on why the german government were to accept an extradition but he says the case is more complicated than it seems. that's the. current belief that what would be actionable in germany would be. accessory to murder for him. in our assessment the available evidence is not strong enough to bring charges if. the child nicky camp went through very different phases jury in which the men who worked there had very different functions simply guarding buildings or prisoners is not incriminating if no link to the killing of people can be shown if. the visa then. eli rosenbaum has prosecuted nazis in the u.s. for over twenty years police is the last active case rosenbaum thinks germany has
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a moral obligation to help we need to send a message to the would be participants in human rights crimes of the future if they dear do so that they will continue to be pursued their lives will never be calm they will always have to worry about law enforcement authorities. even into old age. we tried to talk with polly but he didn't come to the door nor answer our calls given his age if the u.s. and germany fail to agree on polly's case soon time may close the case for them. and for more now on this search for justice we are joined in the studio by zuzana job on from the amsterdam school of heritage memory and material culture thank you so much for joining us this morning. we have heard there that he is apparently the last living nazi collaborator or alleged nazi living collaborator in the united
8:38 am
states how significant do you see this case as. well exactly the fact that he's the last living not a collaborator even in the united states makes this case so symbolically politically and also for many affectively churched he was deprived of his citizenship already in the united states already in two thousand and three he's the partition or there was a ship in two thousand and four and for fifteen years now he is suspend that in a legal limbo and u.s. authorities have exhausted all legal means at their disposal to the brink and the justice and for many years also there is a lot of political pressure coming from jewish organizations coming from a politicians coming from. from lawmakers to resolve the case because this is indeed erased with time in the last ten years in the last since two thousand and
8:39 am
five at least ten. offenders are collaborators in the united states without being prosecuted so tell us because i mean there are a lot of legal technicalities here of course i'm so perhaps you can just break it down into simple language for us because you know the german the german authorities if they say that there's not enough evidence to bring him to trial in germany but as you're mentioning the u.s. authorities also exhausted all legal means why can't he just be tried in the united states. it's a it's. relates closely to the specifics of the of the u.s. legal system for there are a lot does not allow the government to prosecute criminals who perpetrate crimes but the threat that brought that's why all of the means that the u.s. government can really results to in this case is to deprive the citizen of citizenship do not realisation of a citizen and suing deportation order but the prosecution can only happen in this
8:40 am
particular case in the countries that have some relation to the train that was perpetrator or which were related from which the perpetrator comes so in this case it's not only germany but also ukraine and poland that were repeatedly asked to accept him and german authorities say that there is not enough evidence but that there is also an issue and you was also repeatedly brought up into the bates coming back and forth between the u.s. government and germany pertaining to the legal grounds on which he could be persecuted in the last years greased further nazi collaborators probe the perpetrators were brought to germany four of them stood trial one of them was the famous case of john demjanjuk. but. we are speaking about germany but there is also let's say a lack of political will coming from poland because poland also be an arc through
8:41 am
interest case and also repeatedly refuses to accept him and to put him on trial in the country and what this may be striking and very interesting his thoughts in the last few fifty that he is also poland has not asked for a sick sick sick extra for addiction of any of the nazi perpetrators are being operators who committed crimes against the juice. not ethnic polish jewish citizens but for instance since two thousand and seventeen actively seeks extradition extradition of a also ukrainian no us citizen who. committed crimes in forty four against non jewish poles so it does seem as if more can indeed be done and we thank you so much for joining us this morning to tell us a little bit more about it this is on a job on from the amsterdam school for heritage memory and material culture we
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appreciate it. germany's nazi past is also a problem for its armed forces the blondest there last year scandals and several barracks made the headlines soldiers had held parties singing notorious nazi chants and nazi memorabilia was also found hidden in the officers mess german defense minister ursula funder line took a hard stance and vowed to break with key military traditions and those new regulations they come into effect today. it was a scandal that last year rocked the german armed forces to soldiers were allegedly planning to assassinate senior politicians and then direct the blame to asylum seekers among the possible targets were former german president you are him i'm now foreign minister high command officials also found their mark memorabilia and all this brought to the fore a much wider problem the extent of far right sentiments in the military and their
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glorification by some soldiers of germany's nazi past as a result german defense minister announced comprehensive reforms i didn't but i must have a broader reform process within the bundeswehr itself which we have to work on together from a create a generalized consultant to minister minister among the changes renaming army barracks honoring world war two soldiers and rigorously focusing on the subject of traditions in the military and this is where the important german word targets your last comes in it essentially refers to the guidelines on how the borders of ai should deal with its military history which traditions it should and it shouldn't keep these guidelines were first presented in the one nine hundred sixty s. then updated in one thousand nine hundred two and they're being updated once again by the ministry of defense fund and will be presenting the new guidelines or try to last in the city of hanover a tsunami facility which will receive a new name but it is unclear to what extent the opposition will approve those changes. so far all position politicians have been rather critical of the way the
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problems are being resolved they spoken of unforgivable mistakes of serious alarm signals that are being ignored and they have also highlighted what they believe are problems in the investigation the big question now is whether these measures will be enough to deal with the deep problems in the german military. and for more let's bring in now thomas be gold he's a journalist and an expert on germany's military so what exactly are these regulations about walk us through it well it's well the easy it's about it's more a guideline not a regulation it's to give the troops and idea what constitutes a tradition for the german armed forces and what doesn't and i think the main part is what does and you've been talking about germany's trouble post before and here
8:45 am
and germany unlike other european countries or democracies doesn't have an unbroken military history for the last hundred two hundred years tell us have been highly criticized these matters haven't they i mean there are some people who they say that they're too weak others say that they're exaggerated still others say that they are just a p.r. tool for a politician what's right what's wrong that's really difficult around for of course well every minister will use things like this as a p.r. tool that's that's a given and i think we we shouldn't take into account that this is the case on the other hand it's rather difficult to give a real. clearer guidelines what soldiers can see for the traditional and what they count. the german troops and german soldiers at the problem have a problem that military military acts of valor mostly
8:46 am
or happened mostly during world war two. but the army the nazi army of world war two is nothing nothing you want to be proud of so you have to differentiate as a guideline say one word tasks of the drum an army which was involved in crimes of the now three and what has been an act of valor by individual soldiers which can't be can be regarded as part of the tradition how big is the problem of what i mean that's all symbolism of course that we're talking about now but but you know the inherent views the problem of right wing extremism how big of a problem is that in the bundestag i think it's not. or maybe even smaller than the german society as such. there were figures yet you never know really how many right wing soldiers really are there are very extremist networks i wouldn't think it's
8:47 am
a larger problem than in society on the other hand we have a very fine line of soldiers who had heard too well to military endeavors from the past and come thinkers is something which is worth a very traditional and they're going a step too far and maybe that's a problem not a criminal extremist behavior you just said tradition there i want to talk about the german word for the new regulations it's called out to sea owns a loss in german it doesn't exist in any other language it is not translatable is this is a very specific german problem what you say definitely so as i mentioned german military has a history. or it has to cope with history unlike other western democracies like the british the french the dutch spanish the us going back for hundreds of years and germany's military history has to be regarded differently what do you think
8:48 am
the german military needs to do about this correct. i think they have to give very young troops another option they have to give them examples of military valor which are not based in world war two they have to find different examples and that's the challenge for them thomas bagel journalist an expert on germany's military we thank you so much for joining us to tell us a little bit more about these new regulations which as you mentioned will be signed today by the german defense minister we appreciate the welcome. while now that the so-called islamic state has been forced out of iraq the country has to be rebuilt it will take years some say decades and a lot of money twenty four billion euros was raised at the last donor conference and kuwait these funds are desperately needed to reconstruct once vibrant
8:49 am
neighborhoods bombed nearly to oblivion daniel hessler has this report. when only rides his bike through western wall it's a trip through a dark and painful past the wasteland reminds of thirty six year old of the worst trauma he has ever experienced living under i is rule. centuries old buildings palaces churches and the world famous own nori mosque now line ruins. with his camera the university lecturer wants to document the destruction and rebirth of his hometown at first i couldn't recognize that this is by the way the action part of mosul is the busiest ever and now it's a ghost town it's a risky place it's hazardous and it's empty the soul of the case is no longer i only is rediscovering his city by bike following three years of war
8:50 am
and terror. every bit of fresh paint he sees gives them hope. and color is indeed coming back to most of all the black flags of ins the murder is propaganda on the bridges and walls are all history now street artists are covering it up with declarations of love to their city in spite of everything that has happened. how did that help but it i love my city it has great charisma and we're now giving back to it what it has given to us we went to school here to university i'm out of the city needs us. now to be out of all these times of positive messages are what only wants to send down to the world with his photographs the era of hate and fear is over for once and for all muscles lives again national rolls used to attract young people to join them i trust people
8:51 am
to kill. to purge the city of the minority. to impose their point of view their dark point of view so it is very important to to complain that the complaining that done iraq with the beautiful colors. but the wounds of the past are still far from being healed only also feels a deep sense of mistrust wondering who may have sympathized or collaborated with ins he makes a statement on social media with his photos and his blog he believes that it's better than its image so it's not isis mosul has always been living in a corner way. i have a christian kurds to the kurdish students i have is a good student and nobody thought to put a finger on the head of them what happened was something exceptional was something
8:52 am
was something brutal and it was something that happened by the tiniest portion of. of muslims of iraqis. photos from their dark era ali took them secretly and in doing so he risked his life the university abandoned most apartments reclosed also lost his job as a lecture his father who had always shaved was forced by a as to grow a beard. alman us a square essential meeting place for festivals and ceremonies stood under the i.a.s. flag for three years now that flag is gone what's left behind is rubble and graffiti which reads our symbols are martyrs or without blood we would not be free
8:53 am
. nearby ally the remains of the assyrian gate once the symbol of the city i as militias blew up the three thousand year old landmark i feel depressed heartbroken i used to take photos for that and the right. thanks god i could take photos for that. now it's gone but hopefully so have a beautiful memory. the book for own café it's a place that breathes freedom a year ago the building was still burned down to now schoolchildren students and artists meet here to do all the things that have been forbidden for years to read to play music to smoke to have fun a few of these pictures also graced the walls he's a regular customer and a friend of the owner if i had some by invested all his savings into the cafe during the i asked period he read countless books in secret since then he's
8:54 am
convinced that every change begins with literature. this blaze will success if the young people decided to. and our minds. to do. there are some indications that they might succeed music can once again be heard in the streets of mosul for three years ha come and mohammed hid their instruments from i as religious police now they play music once again for themselves and for others scenes like this give only hope for a better future for his beloved long suffering city. a quick reminder now of the top stories they were following here or we're following rather for you here at the top you north korean leader kim jong un has reportedly
8:55 am
pledged to deed nuclear denuclearize actor and historic meeting with china's president xi jinping in beijing china has confirmed the visit took place after days of speculation it was kim's first foreign visit since he assumed power in twenty seven. and russia is observing a national day of mourning for dozens of people killed in a shopping mall fire in siberia over the weekend most of the sixty four people who died were children thousands have turned out for protests demanding a probe into lax safety standards. and you can always get the debian news on the go just download our hour from google player from the apple store it will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us news relevant photos and videos and you can watch this program on life stream. back in a few minutes with more news i'm sarah kelly. the
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is news live from berlin after days of speculation china confirms a landmark meeting with north korea on his first foreign trip since assuming power north korean leader kim jong un met china's president xi jinping in beijing we will go live to our correspondent there to hear more about this historic visit and. also coming up.


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