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news live from berlin after days of speculation china confirms a landmark meeting with north korea on his first foreign trip since assuming power north korean leader kim jong un met china's president xi jinping in beijing we will go live to our correspondent there to hear more about this historic visit and. also coming up russia prepares for
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a national day of mourning after sunday's fatal fire at a moment in siberia dozens died in the blaze most of them children and locals demand answers to the tragedy and catalonia is leading voice for independence a bounce to never surrender promise pushed him on his in a german jail awaiting a decision on his extradition and separatist protests break out across the capital and region we'll go live to barcelona plus germany have suffered a blow in their world cup preparations four years after famously defeating brazil seventy one you walk in low side claim to a friendly defeat against their south american opponent. i'm sara kelly welcome to the program china has officially confirms that north korean leader kim jong un has met with chinese president. paying in beijing his
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first foreign visit since he assumed power back in twenty eleven can reportedly told shave that he was committed to denuclearization and resolving conflicts on the border the meeting is seen as a crucial preparatory step in the lead up to two landmark summits in may both between north korea and the u.s. and it's been the two koreas and correspondent material interests following all the latest developments for us from beijing where he joins us now so entails just first and foremost walk us through what exactly was discussed here between the two leaders. well it was of course all about the nuclear crisis and the upcoming meeting between kim and the u.s. president donald trump it was very important for beijing to hold this meeting to to have him here in beijing before he would meet donald trump because a north korean leader meeting the enemy the american anime before meeting his most
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important ally in beijing would have been a major snipe at china so china wanted to make clear with this that it is still in the game around this or on this nuclear crisis and for north korea of course it is also important to to show that there is a major power behind and given that i mean can we read into this i mean what do we make of what role china might want to play in these summits coming up in may. well it wants to play a major role be previously it has been hosting talks at the six party talks for example a few years ago now it will probably not be at the table at the trump at the trump kim meeting but it wants to at least make clear that in the that nothing will go against its will that it is there in the background and people have to talk to
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beijing meantime another interesting comments that has been reported coming out of this meeting apparently kim jong un said that he was committed to denuclearization and resolving conflicts on the border why would he come out and short china that because those are his bargaining chips aren't they you know i don't think he has given away any bargaining chips he said he would be ready to denuclearize if the u.s. and south korea would make would create an atmosphere of peace he did he wasn't clear eyed wasn't communicated clearly what was his demands but that's not has been said by north korean leaders before and it was usually that included that the u.s. withdraw their troops from the korean peninsula and that they. that their whole nuclear installations in the asia pacific. would be would be moved
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away and that is of course something that the u.s. will never agree to mathias will enter with the latest from beijing thank you. well meantime russia is holding a national day of mourning for dozens of people killed in a shopping mall fire in siberia over the weekend most of the sixty four people who died were children but families of the victims believe that that number could be much higher and anger is spreading across the country many believing authorities are trying to cover up a lax safety standards that may have contributed to the high death toll. thousands of kilometers apart but he knighted in grief people in moscow mourn the dozens of five victims in siberia skimmer of this tragedy has gripped russia and caused anger many believe officials are hiding the true extent of what happened on
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sunday. what is known is that multiple safety violations happened when the blazing gulfs the mall people trying to escape it found many a marriage and blocked the fire alarm didn't sound in the public address system wasn't switched on reports to that children were left locked inside cinemas as staff fled. i did you know i was talking to my daughter on the fine i told her lie down on the floor and breathe breathe and don't die. yet i was crying to my daughter she said dad i love you i'm suffocating and i'm losing consciousness. is a vision. furious distraught local suspect a cover up and non-believing more being told they think they could be more victims than what officials say and they're distributing their own list of those missing
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most of them children. well i think authorities are hiding the real number of did and there's a lot of false information about how many people there were at the shopping center how the fire started and who is responsible for the start which. has investigators combed through the rubble the government has promised that those responsible will be harshly punished. it's declared wednesday a day of national mourning a time when all of russia joins cameras in grieving big dead children. if they can. get a quick check now some other stories that have been making news around the world on mars parliament has elected a new president who is meant after voting got underway this warning the sixty six year old pictured here in the yellow jacket walking behind on the song suchi had
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the backing of the ruling party of the defacto later which has an overwhelming majority of representatives france will hold a national memorial ceremony in honor of the heroic policeman who was killed by a jihadist attacker last week he offered himself in exchange for a female hostage during a deadly supermarket siege in trav president among us will lead the ceremony and today is the final day of voting in egypt's presidential election incumbent leader general abdel fattah el-sisi is expected to secure an easy victory due in large part to the absence of any real competition critics have labeled the election a sham israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been discharged from a jerusalem hospital after suffering a short illness he was rushed there with a high fever an official report states that the hospital tests show that netanyahu had been suffering from
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a mild viral infection in his upper airways. well now to monica jones and we're talking money here money for greece is money for greece more money sara indeed the eurozone bailout fund has approved a six point seven billion euro loan installment and that after the greek government acted painful reforms finally meeting the conditions to unlock those funds a first tranche of five point seven billion euros is due to be paid today the rest could follow in may athens has received financial aid from eurozone countries and the international monetary fund since two thousand and ten and the third rescue package amounts to eighty six billion euros it runs until august twenty eighth in greece's debt the total debt is around three hundred twenty billion euros and that's about one hundred seventy six percent of its economic output but the economy is growing for the first time in ten years for unemployment is down to twenty point
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nine percent still many greeks only work part time and they don't earn much that means that despite hopes of an upward trend the reality for ordinary people may not be improving but it appears that reforms taking hold so is greece finally on the mend that's what i asked andy carroll in athens. well the simple answer is yes and no the numbers are looking better on the paper as you say growth is seemingly resuming the unemployment is seemingly. coming coming down but still there are a lot more reforms that have to happen and in the real economy in the pocket of every greek that reform that progress is yet to be found the creditors are still a little apprehensive and want to be certain that greece sticks to its reforms
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which it has completed which it has been pursuing and this release of eight is a vote of confidence that greece's are right that it is pretty reforms that it is holding are and this one billion euros in aid to keep it on track exactly let's talk a bit about this reforms which are very very painful they include a tax changes of the tax policy privatization of state holdings how did all that affect every day people in greece. well it is literally brought them down to their knees they're one in three businesses have gone bust more than a million greeks are still in the unemployment line. you know they're they're suffering quite a deal and they have been burdened with back to back taxes which they are not
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hearing about this far is yes the government is saying that it will make a break from its austerity but it's not hearing. you know talk about them their salaries improving or these taxes being written so so agreed to still suffering quite quite a lot they've seen twenty five percent of their earnings at least lost in the name of austerity so just briefly and how does this impact their their view of europe what's the mood like right now. well they are very greeks are very. few to europe they believe in fact that their future is anchored to the west of course their feelings. are not as strong as they used to be but they know that their future lies within the european union and he carried there in athens thank you so much for this for greece we gained
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market access last year and while some officials are confident that the country is on track to exit to the bailout program the summer problems remain greece's financial crisis has wiped out a quarter of the economy and it led to persistently high unemployment but there are also some success stories and yes one. until the crisis manufacturing was booming in this industrial area north of the greek city of the seventy k. now almost half the factories of had to shut down one of the few survivors is a family run company pyramus for sixty years they've been building stainless steel sinks the late company founder alexandros bucket c.l.'s invested in modern technology and focused his business on export the company has nine subsidiaries across europe and dk it is an important client and that's how pyramus navigated safely through the crisis nicholas bucket save us is proud. we've
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produced between six and seven thousand six for a day and over the last ten years with this the sum with the reach of no fourteen million euros so that we remain committed by to do the same robotics and automation simultaneously investing in the company and paying back loans was a tricky balancing act but the company didn't have to fire any workers the company's assets to windows but in the end pyramus even profited from the crisis acquiring assets from companies that failed we have bought some of the machinery. and some walking but it's which gave us an advantage in terms off the cost of starting a new investment as we did with granite sinks pyramus makes their granite sinks and kitchen fittings in a new factory the company offers over forty five hundred products most of them are
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exported to germany eastern europe the usa and the far east the greek market might be weak but pyramus is staying put in greece. this is my father back in one nine hundred fifty nine and his office working so he was very proud of having this company built here and greece mainly because greece does not have. international barcroft for it to grow their manufacturing process is expensive most of the raw materials come from germany but even that won't make bucket say let's move away some workers have been here for over twenty years and many young new workers even joined in the midst of the crisis. you name it it's a company where i feel sure i'm going to get paid my salary i mean for every hour i work i definitely want to work here and then ultimately i got the job. the c.e.o. still has big plans like
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a factory in the united states for instance but he's still hoping for a revival of the greek economy tourism at least is booming and that could mean the hotels need new syncs from the greek debt crisis to the catalan separatist crisis in germany is now caught up right in the middle of it all so absolutely and here in germany has one separatist leader carlos pushed him on has said that he will never surrender in the fight for independence from spain is lawyer passed on the message after visiting his clients at a jail in northern germany pushed him on has been held there since being arrested on a european warrant while traveling through the country it could take weeks for german courts to rule on whether the former cattle and leader should be extradited to spain to face rebellion charges meanwhile across the whole of the capital and region separatist blocked roads and motorways to protect against his to protest rather against his detention. and reporting live now from barcelona we have.
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his very own public was standing by for us and you know pablo as we've heard and seen there are tensions really mounting between pro independence supporters and spain's authorities with several clashes taking place yesterday just walk us through the mood this morning. well overall the mood here is actually rather calm and we did see some protests across the region of catalonia the road block into roads blocked into barcelona and causing a little bit of chaos we'll say in the morning rush hour and also evening and we also did see one of the main motorways that connects spain into france being blocked by protesters and then on tuesday evening there were a protest outside the main train station in barcelona by several hundred protesters calling for the release of the month from prison in germany and also from the other leaders of the catalan separatist movement who are actually in prison here in spain
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being released but overall it's rather calm but at the same time there is quite a feeling of will say underlying tension i spoke to a lot of people on the streets of barcelona yesterday and they were saying that they're very concerned about what the future holds because once again we're into on preset end to territory and we'll just have to wait and see exactly what decision comes from at the german courts and then as a result of our i'm sure we'll be seeing protests on the streets of count alone again and i say i'm sure because at the end of the day this is becoming something that's almost a daily occurrence here for people in this part of northeastern spain and i is there not just on the streets of barcelona as well because there's apparently this extraordinary meeting of the catalan parliament scheduled for later today what can we expect from that. well i'm actually just starting out so i had the cattle on parliament and deputies are arriving because atomic clocks are going to be beginning this debate which is suppose we could call it a symbolic debate because what they will be discussing is am how they can
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facilitate or permit. them on the other two candidates who were put forward to become the premier of this regional parliament and could actually be permitted once again to be put forward as the possible candidates because let's not forget that all three candidates are now actually behind bars so we're in this sort of strange situation where. there are things that have never it's never happened spain or in any of the regional parliaments and we don't really know what to expect and there's also one other big issue today which is a report has gone to be released. which was the first investigation into what happened back on october first and how the police acted on october first of october first of course being the day of this when authorised referendum which took place here in catalonia in which we saw some rather all the images which subsequently led
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to the situation that we find ourselves in there probably just present before we go we have the separatist leader across the pond full carlos pushed want to accuse me still under german custody awaiting this you know ruling on the action issue and several other key figures also arrested where does all of this leave the independence movement. once again i said the million dollar question also when i was spoken about catalonia once again on president territory there is still a very strong sentiment here and if there is no decision made on who will become the next premier of this part of northeastern spain catalonians will be going to the polls again most likely in the summertime. probably fully early as with the latest from barcelona thank you. as their four year war with yemen or. shiite rebels rages on saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have made a massive donation to u.n.
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aid efforts in yemen saudi crown prince bin sonne handed over the nine hundred and thirty million dollars on during a meeting with un general secretary antonio good ten ish the united nations has warned the arab world's poorest country faces the world's worst humanitarian crisis and close to half a million children in yemen have dropped out of schools and twenty fifty one saudi arabia and its allies intervened in the fight. it's the weakest who suffer most these children are in a hospital in yemen's capital saana many of them a mill nourished this is just one consequence of yemen's three year long war. unicef says some one point eight million children in yemen amelle nourished four hundred thousand of them fighting for their lives. the war has also turned many schools to rubble some learn under canvas in improvised classrooms but more than two million yemeni children are getting no education at all and most
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teachers are no longer paid the war has only worsened the country's education crisis. is awful no it doesn't just affect the children in their individual development but the whole country the millions of children who can't go to school now will grow up illiterate and an educated that will contribute to poverty being passed on to the next generation for the poverty and oppression. and in a land where destruction and hunger rule more and more of these children are being recruited as soldiers the u.n. says it needs more than two billion euros this year alone to help yemen next week at the international donor conference in geneva they'll know we're fed some can be delivered. sports news now and again expect from desk is with us here in the studio to take us through last night's big soccer action man what an action it was because germany's
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twenty two match unbeaten run has been ended by brazil a team that you are on the side defeated seven one in the world cup semifinals almost four years ago and yanick this is really disappointing for germany but brazil was out for blood weren't they yeah they were i mean as you mention the last time these two sides met germany absolutely dominated so brazil deathly want to get one back on them it was disappointing performance from germany but it is a friendly and they'll have a lot to learn about from this game so let's take a look then at the action. memories of the seventy one world cup fresh ink were in everyone's minds before the long awaited rematch brazil out for revenge started aggressively. but it was germany at the back so the chances. of mario gomez unable to hit a target on the half hour mark. brazil struck the open with a good sense of from the right to feel just loose with
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a free header. poor marking and the good goalkeeping from reserve stop a kid trap. was playing a little flip side how do you start your man this season. multiple substitutions from both sides in the second half stifled the game so much action was at a premium. germany improved in defense but it was too late to avoid a war no defeat. plenty of lessons learned for the two heavyweights ahead of june's world cup in russia. ok so it's not quite as good as the seven one by which i germany reapers of the last time around but brazil must be happy with this yeah absolutely i think it was a really deserved win for brazil they were the better team throughout the ninety minutes and it really gives them immense from now pushing on to the world cup and also banishes a bit of those demons from the previous woke up where they did get that humility humiliating school on against germany us on one last brazil are proud football
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nations they want to show the world that they're back and they were great defensively they're also very fluent in attack that cause germany a lot of problems broke through their lawns quite easily and this was without stuff or with i might as well use that with injuries so it's looking quite good for brazil i think they are deathly one of the favorites for the tournament and i think i can go all the way ok meantime germany of course i guess we can call them the incumbent or how do you say that it's pretty and in fact you can set me straight if you're the coach you walk in love and you're looking at this game what are the lessons. now for the world cup yeah i think there's plenty to look at there weren't too many positives out there and said as much he said the only positive now is the reaction we have to remember this was a friendly match and it was a chance for love to look at some of those fringe players that on starters so shall we say. not too many of them impressed i think that kevin trap the goalkeeper won't get a place at the in the world cup squad he wasn't good enough especially for the goal
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mario gomez as well although he's been a store somewhat of a favorite in recent times he didn't do enough for me to warrant a place but his reply his substitute center of ag now he actually did really impressed me when he came on i think he should go to brazil but love needs to look at what he needs to reinvigorate this team and i think the answer is marco royce he's been at injured five months but i think bringing him back into the fold could be great for germany that said jones players were very self reflective after the game and i think they are able to take some positives as is no doubt of this negative as we can say from a quote from you in track so we have lots of hours so i think we were poor today and we didn't play well and that's why we lost but i don't think it's a big worry with the world cup coming up short and it's a good wake up call for. ok so some reflective words there as he mentioned but this wasn't the only game that was played last night so what else was
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happening on the pitch yeah there was a big match between spain and argentina spain thresh argentina six one the result wasn't so much of a surprise but the school wonderfully was and i think the spain is showing the form that saw them win three in a row and you know they could be another favorite for the world cup as well this time round and host russia lost to france three one that's not a loss for russia and it's not looking great for the home nation in this tournament unfortunately ok so you can expect from stress putting it all into perspective for us thank you so much. thank you you're watching t.v. news will have more coming up at the top of the hour and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information around the clock that's on our web site today view dot com you can also follow us on social media i'm there as well i'm sorry kelly season. cut.
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