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but everyone has the right. to everyone has the right to say. this is the deputy is coming to you live from berlin france on has a fallen hero. a national save money is on the way to bid farewell to our nobel tom the policeman died after offering themselves as a hostage during an extremist attack in a quiet southwest and french town last week we'll go live to paris where the ceremony is. also coming up. china gives north korea's kim jong un
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a lavish welcome on a secretive trip to beijing the reclusive leader reportedly tells president xi he's committed to do nuclearized mission. and a day of national mourning in russia for the victims of a deadly mall fire in siberia funerals are underway for some of the sixty four people killed in the blaze most of them children. pain the price the cheating widespread reports in australia say the country's cricket captain steve smith has been banned for twelve months following a scandal that has shocked the sport of cricket. player. plays. i don't welcome i'm on the thought she might be begin in france when a ceremony is underway to honor the policeman who gave his life to save hostages school in
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a terrorist attack we bring you these live pictures there french president i'm honored mccraw is leading the memorial describing belcher as a huge role. if the nation left and colonel are not dealt with killed on friday after the exchange himself but the hostage be had by a man who claimed to have links with still court islamic state the slain officer will be awarded the legion of honor plus to mislay for his courage his bravery and to sacrifice who would. that now join our correspondent. who is watching that so many in this news that tell us about the ceremonies going on there right now as we speak. well this is obviously a day to honor a normal time he's seen as a hero by many people here in france there was a minute of silence how this morning in all police offices police stations across the country and not only police officers were attending this minute of silence but
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also civil people as well normal people actually going there and and paying that tribute to tom then at ten o'clock approximately he was taken his coffin was taken from the point you know i am paris to the lead a place where france pays its highs tributes to war heroes and two days he said that the country considers with the highest respect really now there was another minute of silence being held at the lead and now. the french president is holding a speech he's expected to honor the memory of another time but also to talk about how he wants to fight against terrorism here in the country infection after he was killed a president mccrone described the policeman as describing his exceptional calm in a moment of great tension and kids and the coordination is paying homage to this hero tell us more about him. he was forty five years years old he was known for his courage the reason to be someone who would put himself out of that
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fight till the end and never give up he was sent in two thousand and five to iraq as a parachutist and then he kept when he came back i was working at the emmys at the security team there for a while and then sent to the south of france to be part of the antiterrorism group that and actually on friday these people were at the supermarket only twenty minutes after the attack had gone in so they were extremely efficient now his family has come out and talked to the media and his mother was saying you know when i heard that as on down was injured during this operation it was absolutely evident to me that it was my son it was really much like his character that he is he was always very courage of courage and i would have expected him to go in there and give his life in place of someone else in fact is wife also spoke out and said for him being a policeman was
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a lot protecting people tell us what does this day of mourning mean for france. for france this is an occasion to come together and to be strong together to show some kind of unity in the face of terrorism that's actually what people have been saying at the different ceremonies so when the coffin was actually taken from the pointy are to the on by lead there are people lining the streets and they were talking to the media they were saying you know it was really important for us to be here today he is some he's a real hero for our country and today harrison has a name and a face. and this is the focus is very much on remembering the carol at this moment but where is the invest investigation into the hostage taker they're doing a lockdown police are investigating his friends. and absolutely their trail still trying to find out what exactly happened why actually the attack a committed that horrible attack but they have taken into custody his partner his
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eighteen year old girlfriend he apparently was radicalized and now an investigation has been opened it gainst her and it might have been that she has collaborated affectively we've the attack on friday and even in the run up to that on the other hand there is a seventeen year old very good friend apparently of the attackers and he was released again because the police actually said that there was no indication he was in any way linked to terrorism leading to radicalization he was known for his petty crimes for nothing else though and also what we've heard is that apparently the attacker in the run up to the attack was actually summoned to police he was supposed to show up and the police was was actually going to they were going to drop charges and drop actually his survey ins for radicalization and the runaround talk but he's honest for the moment the focus is all on less than colonel nobel the french president is paying tribute to him and honoring his sacrifice and saving a people pleaser louis in paris thank you very much for that.
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turning now to north korea where leader kim jong un has made a secretive trip to china a visit that could signal an opening to nuclear disarmament kim meeting with president xi jinping in beijing was kept under wraps until after he left but kim reportedly told she was committed to denuclearize ation and resulting conflict on the border we'll ask our correspondent in seoul bought the implications of the secret summit but first this report. heavy security for an unnamed visitor making their way through beijing. then pomp and ceremony as the mysterious individual is confirmed as no other the north korean leader kim jong un it's a historic moment as kim's first diplomatic trip outside of the rogue nation since he took power in two thousand and eleven rumors had been circulating for days that
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the mysterious armored train crossing the yellow river from pyongyang had came on board but it was only confirmed after kim and his wife were safely back home according to china's state news agency she pressed kim on north korea to give up its nuclear weapons came apparently replies quote the issue of denuclearization of the korean peninsula can be resolved of south korea and the united states respond to our efforts with good will create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progressive and synchronous measures for the realisation of peace. but many are skeptical about whether or not kim jong un would really scale down the program after the north korean government has worked so hard to celebrate its development. a little yet i don't think he will officially declared the nuclearization because he has been emphasizing the importance of nuclear weapons a lot he has particularly been stressing that the nuclear program makes the country strong and that the country can defeat the united states with it he can't totally
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change that stance all at once. but others think kim could use disarmament to his advantage. kim jong un would seek to propagate the idea that he persuaded the u.s. and the international community to essentially surrender by having carefully mustered nuclear weapons so. that china visit comes ahead of a historic some s. between north and south korea show jewels for april that meeting is expected to further focus on denuclearization. joining me now is our correspondent jason strother who's been closely following events from seoul south korea welcome jason first of all why was this visit kept so secret. you have to remember the north korean regime is paranoid the movements of its leaders whether it be kim jong un or
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his late father kim jong il are essentially a state secret and giving and taking the consideration that these leaders rarely leave the safe confines of north korea there would be concern that an assassination attempt could possibly be launched against them if their whereabouts outside of the country were known so the secretive nature of the regime you know has all to do with deep insecurity really and is the one who would china in a potentially historic summit with the u.s. and south korea we have to remember china you know as always been said to be as close as lips and teeth with north korea had fought on the side of the north during the korean war and beijing has long tried to be a broker in north korea's denuclearization and for many years now china has not
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been so happy with the kim family's nuclear ambitions they have chastised john young for its missile and nuclear test it's also signed on to very tough united nations security council sanctions i think china does not want to be left on the sidelines if kim is to meet with president moon or president trump for that matter jason the infill thought thank you very much for that and that as this thank you. funerals are being held in russia for the dozens of people killed in a shopping mall fire in siberia over the weekend forty one children well amongst more than sixty people who died in a colorado now russia is observing a national day of mourning today with memorial staking across the country but the grief is mixed with anger many believe authorities are trying to cover it up lax safety standards that may have contributed to the high death toll.
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the size of the coffins show the scale of this tragedy most of the victims of the file were children these parents lost their daughter and son ten year old masha and eight year old cost died alongside their grandmother. which even those used to dealing with death find it hard to comprehend. we're all suffering from grief and there are no words that can express the pain we all feel. the tragedy has touched the entire country but it's also provoked anger people trying to escape found many emergency exits blocked. children were also reportedly left locked inside a cinema while stuff like that. little did you know i was talking to my daughter on the fine i told her lying down on the floor and brains breathe and don't die.
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yet i was crying to my daughter she said dad i love you i'm suffocating i'm losing consciousness. is a vision. was was was was serious local suspect a cover up i believe it's far worse than that being told you because the store's going to well i think authorities are hiding the real number of did and there's a lot of false information about how many people they where the shopping center how the fire started and who is responsible those are started shit as investigators combed through the rubble the government has promised those that folks will be harshly punished. monica joins me now from business news and there is more money for greece monica yes fresh funds their return much needed of course the eurozone bailout fund has approved a six point seven billion euro loan and stallman's that's after the greek
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government and acted painful reforms finally meeting the conditions to unlock those funds a first tranche of five point seven billion euros is due to be paid today the rest could follow in may athens us received financial aid from euro zone countries and the international monetary fund since two thousand and ten now the third rescue package amounts to eighty six billion euros and it runs until august twenty eighth seen greece's total debt is around three hundred twenty billion euros and that's about one hundred seventy six percent of its economic output but the economy is growing for the very first time in ten years and unemployment is down to twenty point nine percent still many greeks only work part time and they don't match and that means that despite hopes of an upward trend the reality for ordinary people may not to be improving but it appears that reforms are taking hold.
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well saudi arabia also reforms itself so to speak together with softbank group they're joining forces to create a two hundred billion dollars solar power development both sides signed a preliminary agreement for a series of solar parks in the kingdom by twenty five thirty with a generation capacity of two hundred geek out watts now that's a hundred times bigger than the next biggest solar project softbank c o m i must say your son said ample sunshine as well as engineers and workers in the country make the foray into solar in that region lucrative crown prince mohammed bin solomon has thrown his support behind the project which should. create one hundred thousand jobs and it would also reduce saudi arabia's dependence on oil for its electricity. take
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a look at the stock market and these are difficult times for the usually successful tech market a string of scandals are weighing on investors appetite for tech stocks and we hear more now from man of the frankfurt stock exchange daniel corp daniel just my memory what exactly is behind this tech rout. well lots of scandals and after all those scandals big companies such as twitter facebook or snapchat there are fearing that they could face regulations from the authorities here in the u.s. or in europe because of that cheers of those companies went down last night on wall street with the immediate effect that also today's trading day it's not really getting some speed after already asian markets were struggling the blue chip in the exact is having a really hard time today as well it's been mostly down with about a one hundred and forty point investors were hoping for an easter rally to happen but that does not seem to be the case investors also feel that mark sucker brook is
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missing a big chance he announced yesterday that despite the big data scandal involving a company in the u.k. you won't personally testify on the u.k. parliament next week so lots of bad headlines right now for facebook here but certainly german consumers seem unfazed by all what's going on that's what the latest data tells us. yeah exactly it seems that germans still a lot of shopping and that's why we are getting very positive numbers from the german consumer confidence index it's actually to ten point eight points in march with the expectations that it could go even more up in april investors here were really wondering if the political turmoil we have to remember or the coalition that first didn't happen if that could have hurt the numbers but this doesn't seem to be the case they love shopping i also got new shoes yesterday i think it has to do
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with the bad weather you need to have a little bit of fun to play it all down hill in frankfurt thank you so much. well now to a country that's been dumped the senior citizen of the world falling birth rates and higher life expectancy have resulted in a rapidly aging population in japan this coupled with labor shortages in the care sector have prompted one nursing home to recruit unusual assistance. you know maybe. it's exercise time much in tony nursing home in tokyo today's instructor after a humanoid robot brought in as part of a program to address labor shortages in the care sector. for some residents interacting with the robots is liberation. i can communicate with them
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and i don't need to be too careful about the things that i say. are. the other hand if they were human beings i'd have to think first about what kind of people they are. the less. those looking for more of a warm and fuzzy feeling can take care of pets robot dogs. i don't know that they're going on there when i patch of these robots for the first time when they moved around like real living animals. cues. the nursing home has introduced a total of twenty robots and receiving funding from tokyo's metropolitan government back in twenty thirteen as well as offering residents company they also relieve workers of physical tasks such forms of assistance are likely to become more commonplace as japanese society ages. equal over sixty five now kind for
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well over a quarter of the population and with the birth rate remaining stubbornly low the number is only set to rise. with a shortage of human care workers robots could soon become a regular nursing home fixture even if they're not everyone's choice of companion for their twilight years. i wonder when robots will enter politics yet the new president is still the. we human they human and elected thank you very much money man must bonded with his elected a staunch ally of diffract to lead a young son suchi as the country's new president when a man into pictured here in the yellow jacket of walking behind suchi sept up many two thirds of the votes and bottom line dominated by suits he's national league for democracy the appointment is unlikely to affect a delicate balance of power in the country where the me has retained
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a launch political villain now for more i'm joined by journalist david going to bomb in young gun on him in my defense about this new president on some foods he viewed as the country's de facto leader how much authority would he did he have. really the big question i mean aung san suu kyi is definitely still the leader of the civilian side of the government here but she's faced a lot of criticism for not delegating enough authority op if you can to her cabinet in this case people hoping that she also delegate a lot to the new president a lot of people feel there's been a lot of slow decision making going on because so much stuff information has to flow through the state counsel's office and it creates a bottleneck before decisions are actually made so the question now is going to be is she going to delegate some authority to this new president who is you know he is a politician he was a speaker of the lower house of parliament he's got he's got a lot stronger person i'm a former president and job so that's really the open question will she go to get
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more authority to him maybe not a politically sensitive areas been the less sensitive areas so that more decisions can mean a when it comes to the economy and social services such as health care and education where this country really has not seen improvement and we're talking about a sensitive and controversial issue there till he got crisis man was on the into an intense international pressure over its dealing off of this would he have any influence in changing government policy that. well that's really when it comes to the civilian side of government those decisions really do come down to our son suchi who is essentially the de facto head of state keep in mind the way this concept this country's constitution is structured the civilian government has no control over this country's security forces the commander in chief the military is in charge of the ministries of defense all affairs and border affairs so when it comes to rakhine the military is clearly calling the shots no one is accusing aung
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san suu kyi of committing direct crimes there but a lot of people in ash many have been disappointed that she has not taken a stand against the military she has shown no signs that that will change so i guess change is not going to remain a change dave going to bomb and young i have to say thank you very much to say this go to mainstream what you are saying thank you very much for that assessment reasonable at the same time offering aid saudi arabia and the u.a.e. have made a massive donation to u.n. aid efforts in yemen saudi crown prince been said man handed over nine hundred thirty million dollars a sum that's a sum during a meeting with the u.n. secretary general until the ten ish the united nations is mourning the arab ones poorest country faces the once was humanitarian crisis and close to half a million children in yemen have dropped out of school since two thousand and fifteen when saudi arabia and its allies intervened in the fighting. it's
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the weakest who suffer most these children are in a hospital in yemen's capital saana many of them a mill nourished this is just one consequence of yemen's three year long war. unicef says some one point eight million children in yemen amelle nourished four hundred thousand of them fighting for their lives. the war has also turned many schools to rubble some learn under canvas in improvised classrooms but more than two million yemeni children are getting no education at all and most teachers are no longer paid the war has only worsened the country's education crisis. thicknesser law is awful it doesn't just affect the children in their individual development but the whole country the millions of children who can't go to school now will grow up illiterate and an educated that will contribute to poverty being passed on to the next generation for the poor for the other portions
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. and in a land where destruction and hunger rule more and more of these children are being recruited as soldiers the u.n. says it needs more than two billion euros this year alone to help yemen next week at the international donor conference in geneva they'll know with that some can be delivered. now from a news from the world of sport an australian cricket captain steve smith and his deputy david warner have both been banned for twelve months by their own federation for a cheating scandal which has rocked the sport the unprecedented bans come off to smith admitted to hatching a plan to illegally change the condition of the board in a game against south africa sparking a huge outcry in australia cameron bancroft's a young a young player made it to the it was made to do the deed and he's received a nine month ban. to talk about this scandal mark medicine the sports desk
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joins me now marc discount is really shocked the world of cricket is and fans was why it has indeed i mean we've not really seen anything like this in encrypt it before i must say these statements have just come out from cricket australia just before i came on air it's all now official and the reason why it's so hot in australia is the strain in sports people they held on such a pedestal higher than politicians. believe that shame has been brought on the national sport on the nation in this way i mean low level cheating has gone in cricket for quite a long time i mean basically players try and sharing a ball to make it move away from the batsman to make it more batsman more harder for the batsman to hit it and you can do that using saliva having eaten sweets or putting your hand for your having. exactly and if people are caught doing that they normally get their match be taken away the reason why these bands are so massive is that it was all premeditated cameron bancroft went on with a strip of yellow tape covered in gravel tried on the ball and he's kept it knew about it even worse his captain told him to do it and got
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a rookie player to do it basically to do his dirty work for him so that's why these bans are so hefty and in fact you said he would steal. the whole thing was captured in camera on camera when steve smith ever played cricket do you think in a statement said not only is it a twelve month ban but he cannot be considered for a leadership position for twelve months after that but he's too good a player not to play for australia again he scores hundreds of phone you basically wound their test series against england the ashes recently single handedly i think we'll see him again david warner i don't think we'll ever see him play for australia again he's got baggage and yet they want to away from the dressing room and of course the ripples off this scandal are going to be continued to be fed from that right now mark thank you very much for me is up to date for the latest on that story you're watching a d.-w. news i have more news coming up for you in half an hour.
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life style you're a. good. thing the album gone out of. the publicly and many more in one thousand nine hundred they were founding figures of the balls movement fine art and architecture almost became a pioneer. has much more to offer. first month germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that
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matters t.w. made for mines wouldn't have been fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the words of one piers that's come out. the humans talk on t w they use the female superheroes on a mission smart women smart talks smart station a legend please and by no means missed out on it we're increasingly dangerous to tell you made for months. everyone welcome to the show here's what we've got coming up for you today. mix and match what to wear this spring and summer.
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