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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2018 1:15pm-1:31pm CEST

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which is the sport the unprecedented bans come off the smith admitted to hatching a plan to illegally change the condition of the board in a game against south africa sparking a huge outcry cameron bancroft's the young maid to do the deed has received a nine month ban. coming up ahead we take a look at seniors in japanese nursing homes welcoming a new generation of cagny of us robots that even have the robot dog. monica would have the story for you shortly. to. learn german with. any time any place.
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with or with jo jo and her friends. colleagues is going to give. mr spitzer some sort of security because a war all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free. form stop paying off greece receives more funds to help the country servicing its debts but does that mean the economy is on the mend we speak to our correspondent in athens also on the show japan's aging society has led to a shortage of human care workers it's time for. and her friends feel the nesting.
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welcome to d.w. business so fresh farms for greece the euro zone's a bailout fund has approved a six point seven billion euro loan installment that's after the greek government enacted painful reforms finally meeting the conditions to unlock those funds a first tranche of five point seven billion euros is due to be paid today the rest could follow in may athens has received financial aid from eurozone countries and the international monetary fund since two thousand and ten now the third rescue package amounts to eighty six billion euros and it runs until august twenty eighth seen greece's total debt is around three hundred twenty billion euros that's about one hundred and seventy six percent of its economic output but the economy is growing for the first time in ten years unemployment is down to twenty point nine percent still many greeks only work part time and they don't earn much and that
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means that despite hopes of an upward trend the reality for ordinary people may not be improving but it appears that reforms are taking hold so is greece finally on the mend that's what i asked andy carroll in essence. well the simple answer is yes and no the numbers are looking better on paper as you say growth is seemingly resuming the unemployment is seemingly. coming coming down but still there are a lot more reforms that have to happen and in the real economy in the pocket of every greek that reform that progress is yet to be found the creditors are still a little apprehensive and want to be certain that greece sticks to its reforms which it has completed which it has been pursuing and this release of eight
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is a vote of confidence that greece's are right that it is pretty reforms that it is holding are in this one billion euros in aid to keep it on track exactly let's talk a bit about this reforms which are very very painful they include a tax changes the tax policy privatization of state holdings how did all that affect every day people in greece. well it is literally brought them down to their knees they're one in three businesses have gone bust more than a million greeks are still in the unemployment line. you know they are suffering quite a deal and they have been burdened with back to back taxes which they are not hearing about as far as yes the government is saying that it will make a break from its austerity but it's not hearing. you know talk
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about them their salaries are improving or these taxes being written so to agree to still suffering quite quite a lot they've seen twenty five percent of their earnings at least lost in the name of austerity so just briefly and how does this impact their their view of europe what's the mood like right now. well they are very greeks are very. few to europe they believe in fact that their future is anchored to the west of course their feelings. are not as strong as they used to be but they know that their future lies within the european union and he carries there in athens thank you so much for this while some officials are confident greece is on track to exit the bailout program the summer problems remain
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greece's financial crisis wiped out a quarter of the economy and lead to persistently high unemployment but there are also some success stories and here's one. until the crisis manufacturing was booming in this industrial area north of the greek city of the seventy k. now almost half the factories of had to shut down one of the few survivors is a family run company pyramus for sixty years they've been building stainless steel sinks the late company founder alexandros pockets a less invested in modern technology and focused his business on export the company has nine subsidiaries across europe and he k.-et is an important client that's how pyramus navigated safely through the crisis nikolaus bucket c.l.s. is proud. we produce between six and seven thousand six for a day and over the last ten years we're vested somewhere in the region know fourteen million euros so that we remain hopeful they'd like to do the
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same old politics from a few simultaneously investing in the company and paying back loans was a tricky balancing act but the company didn't have to fire any workers the company's assets to windows but in the end pyramus even profited from the crisis acquiring assets from companies that failed we bought some of the machinery. some walking but it's which gave us an advantage in terms of the cost of starting a new investment as we did with granite sings pyramus makes their granite sinks and kitchen fittings in a new factory the company offers over forty five hundred products most of them are exported to germany eastern europe the usa and the far east the greek market might be weak but pyramus is staying put in greece. as in my father back in one thousand fifteen days office working so he was very proud of having
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this company built here and greece mainly because greece does not have. international backing for it to grow their manufacturing process is expensive most of the raw materials come from germany but even that won't make buckets say let's move away some workers have been here for over twenty years and many young new workers even joined in the midst of the crisis. it may mean that it's a company where i feel sure i'm going to get paid my salary i mean for every hour i work i definitely want to work here and then ultimately i got the job. the c.e.o. still has big plans like a factory in the united states for instance but he's still hoping for a revival of the greek economy tourism at least is booming and that could mean the hotels need new syncs. autonomous vehicle safety has been called into
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question after the distress and was wrong over by all of us driving this car last week still that incident didn't stop google's autonomous cars of element company wanelo from making a major announcement. it's a big deal for the car industry and the tech sector way more than jaguar want to develop the first electric self driving luxury vehicle c.e.o. john kraft six stressed that his company's cars have traveled more than five million miles on public roads so we do have that level of confidence that we're what we're putting on the road is safe technology and it's only going to get better and i think a really important point to keep in mind with the drivers that we're building is that each car shares all of that knowledge that that may not be enough to put the minds of driverless technology critics at ease but one thing is clear the race to launch autonomy to be a kohl's is beating up. saudi arabia and softbank group by joining forces to create
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a two hundred billion dollars solar power development with a generation capacity of two hundred gigawatts that's a hundred times bigger than the next biggest a solar project now softbank c o musée your song the sit on china as well as engineers and workers in the country make the foray into so one of their lucrative crown prince mohammed bin sound on the house thrown his support behind the project which should create one hundred thousand jobs. and onto a country that's been dumped the senior citizen of the world forming birth rates and higher life expectancy have resulted in a rapidly aging population in japan this coupled with labor shortages in the care sector of prompted one nursing home to recruit unusual assistance. you don't think. it's exercise time much and told me nursing home in tokyo
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today's instructor after a humanoid robot brought in as part of a program to address labor shortages in the care sector. for some residents interacting with the robots is liberation. i can communicate with them and i don't need to be too careful about the things that i say. are. the other hand if they were human beings i'd have to think first about what kind of people they are. the less. those looking for more of a warm and fuzzy feeling can take care of pet robot dogs. i don't know if they're going down there when i petted these robots for the first time when they moved around like real living animals and i think they're choose. the
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nursing home has introduced a total of twenty robots and receiving funding from tokyo's metropolitan government back in twenty thirteen as well as offering residents company they also relieve workers of physical tasks such forms of assistance are likely to become more commonplace as japanese society ages. people over sixty five now accounted for well over a quarter of the population and with the birth rate remaining stubbornly low the number is only set to rise. with a shortage of human care workers robots could soon become a regular nursing home fixture even if they're not everyone's choice of companion for their twilight years. that's your business update here and to w thanks for watching. such a. move to. the
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