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player. to play. this is coming to you live from berlin france ana a fallen hero a police officer slain in a terrorist attack last week and hailed as the symbol of france's bit of resistance he died after offering him something exchange for another hostage we go live to paris also on the program. another nation in mourning russia feeling rooms on the way for victims of a deadly mall fire in siberia sixty four people were killed in the blaze most of them children. and china gives north korea's kim jong un a lavish welcome on
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a secretive trip to beijing the reclusive leader reportedly tells president xi he's committed to did nuclearization. plus paying the price for cheating australia's cricket captain steve smith has been banned for twelve months following a scandal that has shocked the sport we get the latest from sydney. plague. welcome to you. we begin in france where a ceremony has been held to honor the policeman who gave his life to save hostages caught up in a terrorist attack left in colonel are no better than was killed on friday after he exchanged himself for a woman being held by the attacker french president in london mccraw is leading the memorial he described the slain officer as
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a symbol of the french spirit of resistance he has more. sick you know what i'm often now we need to show him that his sacrifice was not in vain. don't look before he will forever be in the hearts of the french people so i mean why are we need to show him that his memory lives on his example moves on . i will make sure of it schieffer usually joining me now is the day of the correspondent lisa lewis she's in paris and following the memorial there you said we just heard a bit of what the french president had to say tell us more about his eulogy and his main message while it was a very solemn speech freely he was paying tribute obviously to this hero of france he called him one of france's children he compared onil that to traditional historical heroes during the first and second world wars in tucson doc
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and the like and he said that he had the courage to stand up to the president called craziness actually islamised craziness and he said to he actually addressed a message to those who could be actually seduced by islamic radicals and he said there is an alternative to that and time has shown us that it's ready to stand up for a nation that is something to fight for and of course is just not the president but the whole nation is paying tribute to left and colonel are numbered from here is more about the man and what he symbolized. he gave his own life for that of a stranger and now his nation is honoring him ten a colonel i know about tram is hailed a hero by friends. as one of the first officers to respond to the deadly hostage siege in trade as events unfolded at this supermarket he traded places with the
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female hostage who is being used as a human shield by the attacker and it wasn't just his act of self-sacrifice that helped and the four were siege cleverly managed to leave his mobile phone on so that police could hear what was happening inside then after hearing gunshots reinforcements went in shooting the twenty six year old islamist attacker and ending the ordeal three people were killed in the rampage police officer died of his injuries a day later initiating an outpouring of further praise for the forty four year old sacrifice the trams background prepared him well for the events of march twenty third he joined france's elite police special forces in two thousand and three and served in iraq in two thousand and five just three months prior he organized a training session for just such an attack he's a con but. mother said that he was always they keen to serve the country since he was a child and is more about what people think about this french hero as he's being laid
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to rest. well people who intend at the ceremony today actually said that the they were really impressed by him that they thought of him as a great hero that harrison had a face and name today and indeed his mother was speaking to french media saying that she wouldn't have expected anything else when she had that run police of his and was injured and had into exchange himself for the last remaining hostage it was absolutely clear to him to her that it was her son because she knew how courage is he could be the frances seen several major terrorist attacks since two thousand and fifteen one does this day off a national mourning mean for the country. this is an occasion for all the friends to come together and stand together again in the face of terrorism obviously it's very difficult to go through all these different attacks over the past few years
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and the government has implemented several anti terror laws but the french still feel that the terror threat is very high here that new terror attacks are likely and could actually happen in the coming months again and this is an occasion for them to come together as a nation and say we're standing up to them and we're going to be strong even in the future. as a correspondent these are loose in fast talking to me just a short while ago tell me not to russian families are burying their loved ones who died in a shopping mall or fire in siberia over the weekend forty one children were among the more than sixty people who died in cannot oval correspondent mikhail a common dusky tells us about one family's story. locals in camera will have been shattered by what happened in the shopping center last weekend it's here at the city's central cemetery where the first funeral ceremonies have been held this is where those three generations of bar and the family relate to rest grandmother
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marina mother natalee and five year old only gonna die together in the far on sunday the victims are hard broken and they brought flowers and toys to mark the loss of their loved ones their one thing that family wants to know is how these people really died really don't believe void they're being told by officials and want their world to know about their pain. and that grief is the infant across russia today with memorials held in seven cities on what's being declared a national day of mourning but the heartache is mixed with anger many believe authorities are trying to cover it up for lack safety standards that may have contributed to the high death toll. the size of the coffins show the scale of this tragedy most of the victims of the fire which children these parents lost their daughter and son ten year old masha and eight year old cost died alongside their grandmother. which even those used to
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dealing with death find it hard to comprehend. we're all suffering from grief and there are no words that can express the pain we all feel. the tragedy has touched the entire country but it's also provoked anger people trying to escape found many emergency exits blocked. with glass children were also reportedly left locked inside a cinema while stuff like that. i did you know i was talking to my daughter on the fine i told her lie down on the floor and brains breathe and don't die. yet i was crying to my daughter she said dad i love you i'm suffocating i'm losing consciousness. vision. was. serious local suspect
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a cover up they believe it's far worse than they're being told the stores i think authorities are hiding the real number of did and there's a lot of false information about how many people there were at the shopping center how the fire started and who is responsible. as investigators combed through the rubble the government has promised those that folks will be harshly punished. let me now bring you up to date with some of the stories making news around the want the lawyer of karla's pushing one says the former leader has vowed never to surrender in the fight for independence from spain he passed on the message off to visiting at a jail in northern germany would you want has been held since being arrested on a european arrest warrant while travelling through the country when it is the president after
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a vote in parliament this morning the sixty six year old pictured here in the yellow jacket walking behind she had the backing of the ruling party of the de facto leader which has an overwhelming majority of representatives. north korean leader kim jong un has made a secretive trip to china a visit that could signal an opening to nuclear disarmament meeting with president xi jinping in beijing was kept under wraps until after he left but kim reportedly told she he was committed to denuclearize ition and resolving the conflict on the border. heavy security for an unnamed visitor making their way through beijing. pomp and ceremony as the mysterious individual is confirmed as no other than north korean leader kim jong un it's a historic moment as cames first diplomatic trip outside of the rogue nation since
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he took power in two thousand and eleven rumors had been circulating for days that the mysterious armored train crossing the river from pyongyang had came on board but it was only confirmed after kim and his wife were safely back home. according to china's state news agency she pressed kim on north korea to give up its nuclear weapons came apparently replies quote the issue of denuclearization of the korean peninsula can be resolved of south korea and the united states respond to our efforts with good will create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progressive and synchronous measures for the realisation of peace but many are skeptical about whether or not kim jong un would really scale down the program after the north korean government has worked so hard to celebrate its development. a little yet i don't think he will officially declared the nuclearization because he has been emphasizing the importance of nuclear weapons a lot he has particularly been stressing that the nuclear program makes the country
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strong and that the country can defeat the united states with it he can't totally change that stance all at once. but others think kim could use disarmament to his advantage. kim jong un would seek to propagate the idea that he persuaded the u.s. and the international community to essentially surrender by having carefully mustard nuclear weapons so. the china visit comes ahead of a historic some s. between north and south korea shuttles for april that meeting is expected to further focus on denuclearization. now monica is here time to talk to her as the things looking up for crisis ridden greece that's right first of all the raw fresh funds available for the country the euro zone's bailout fund has approved
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a six point seven billion euro loan installment that's after the greek government in acted painful reforms finally meeting the conditions to unlock those phones a first tranche of five point seven billion euros is due to be paid today of the rest could follow in may athens has received financial aid from eurozone countries and the international monetary fund since two thousand and ten the third rescue package amounts to eighty six billion euros and it runs until august two thousand and eighteen greece's total debt is around three hundred twenty billion euros that's about one hundred and seventy six percent of its economic output but the economy is growing for the first time in ten years unemployment is down to twenty point nine percent still many greeks only work part time and they don't earn much and that means that despite hopes of an upward trend the reality for ordinary people may not be improving but it appears that reforms are taking hold.
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now that saudi arabia and softbank group are joining forces to create a two hundred billion dollars solar power development both sides signed a preliminary agreement for a series of solar parks in the can by twenty thirty with a generating capacity of two hundred gigawatts now that's a hundred times bigger than the next biggest solar project softbank c o musée your son said ample sunshine as well as engineers and workers in the country make the foray into solar their lucrative crown prince mohammed bin salmond as thrown his support behind the project which should create one hundred thousand jobs and it should also reduce a saudi arabia's to. pennants on oil for its electricity. tech stocks have taken a beating lately the scandal surrounding baseball cropp is they didn't go down well
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with investors for more let's cross over to our man at the frankfurt stock exchange daniel daniel is there anything else behind to the slum tell tell us. what if there is something what those companies like facebook or twitter they don't like at all regulation and those are in the discussion after all those scandals mostly regarding to facebook were revealed and also we are getting word that some users now have fired a complaint at a district court in california because again of privacy protection issues related to the facebook mass and because of those fears that authorities here in europe or in the u.s. might want to have more control the share price went down also this is affecting the trading day here in europe as well after wall street closed with the red numbers we have seen a similar situation also this morning and also the good old dax let me actually have a look yeah we're down with zero point four two percent right now so this is real here we're not in front of a green wall here something like
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a book by the way announced first consequences here after the data leaks scandal it's just a little bit sad that they're just realizing this now. yes there is somewhat surprising out by the way that curve from where i'm standing is going slightly upward so that makes you hopeful and it also makes jim consumers maybe hopeful because they seem to be in a pretty good mood. yes exactly we have received the latest numbers from the g. of k. institute's here in germany about the consumer confidence here for the country and those numbers look actually very promising germans love shopping i told you got new shoes yesterday and the main consumer index stood at ten point eight for march with expectations that for april it could reach ten point nine points where it's raining here in berlin what else can you do but shopping in frankfurt thank you so much. all right now to a country that's been dumped the senior citizens of the world falling birth rates
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and higher life expectancy has resulted in a rapidly aging population in japan and this coupled with the labor shortages in the caste sector have prompted one nursing home to recruit unusual assistance. you know maybe. it's exercise time machin told me nursing home in tokyo for today's instructor after a humanoid robot brought in as part of a program to address labor shortages in the care sector. for some residents interacting with the robots is liberation. i can communicate with them and i don't need to be too careful about the things that i say. oh. the other hand if they were human beings i'd have to think first about what kind of people they are. the less.
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those looking for more of a warm and fuzzy feeling can take care of pets robot dogs. i don't know if they're going down there when i patch of these robots for the first time but when they moved around like real living animals i think their cues are going to. the nursing home has introduced a total of twenty robots and receiving funding from tokyo's metropolitan government back in twenty thirteen as well as offering residents company they also relieve workers of physical tasks such forms of assistance are likely to become more commonplace of japanese society ages. people over sixty five now account for well over a quarter of the population. with the birth rate remaining stubbornly low the number is only set to rise. with a shortage of human care workers robots could soon become
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a regular nursing home fixture even if they're not in everyone's choice of companion for their twilight years. all over to a very human and how to hold tradition in the german military that's right monica and i did the german. defense minister or the fonda line has renamed a military barracks as part of a new approach to was germany's military history the barracks which was named after a world war one veteran is now dedicated to a soldier killed in afghanistan at a ceremony in the city of hanover funded line also signed a new code of conduct for preserving military tradition among other things the code stipulates that german soldiers should concentrate on the military's post world war two history when celebrating minute treat tradition the changes to finances in the new codes come into effect today and we have more on that in the next report tradition plays an important role in the military by providing
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a degree of identity and that's no different for the german army. but how should the german modern military deal with its nazi past that's such a tricky topic that the german army known as the bundeswehr has issued a formal decree on the subject. god of violence as to how we need a common understanding of how ponced is specially because challenges happened so quickly today. we need to know where we come from in order to go into the future with certainty so. last year soldiers at several barracks were caught with world war two german army memorabilia it sparked a discussion about how best to deal with the past. the decree makes it clear that nazi era memorabilia has no place in the modern buddhists there.
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and i have is this i think that's why it's valid to place the more than sixty year old rich history of the bundeswehr in the center of all collective memory it will become essential for reference for our tradition. it's a history we can be proud of i'm going. to demonstrate this modernization the bundeswehr renamed one of its barracks from a world war one german general to that of a fallen german soldier in afghanistan. joining me now is a political correspondent kate brady hike first of all give us a little context to this story because this renewal of traditional constitutes tradition in the german bundestag the german military it's really been a long time coming but there have been a couple of catalysts over the past couple of years after those scandals when there were discoveries of some nazi memorabilia and some barracks reports of nazi songs being sung at posties and then you also had the case of the soldier franco who
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allegedly planned to assassinate two prominent german politicians and then plan to blame that on refugees of course the this idea of tradition in the military has been renewed before but not since one thousand nine hundred two and of course germany is now a united country and the german military is also deployed as the whole thing seems to be based on something called the tradition. is a vague german concept what is the essence of it exactly so it doesn't really translate into any other language and it doesn't really exist they are it the idea behind it is guidelines for what constitutes tradition for troops or rather more importantly what doesn't and so this is a very specific problem of course germany doesn't have one hasn't had a continuous military history of the last couple of centuries like for example in spain or the u.k. or france and so there's no of the e.u. country or democracy that really and obviously the ira but these pirates were
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previously named after oppression general and so it's they refocus on the bundestag as history in the last sixty is rather than from pretty well good beauty from a political disc thank you very much. cheating scandal which has shocked the cricketing but the australian cricket captain steve smith and his deputy david warner have both been banned for twelve months by their own federation these unprecedented bans come off the smith admitted to hatch a plan to change the condition of the ball in a game against south africa a practice known as ball tampering which is illegal it sparked a huge outcry in australia and the rest of the cricketing the young player who actually carried out the act cameron bancroft's has received a nine month ban joining me now from sydney is that andre leslie he's an australian journalist and a former international cricketer for germany welcome as
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a cricketer and australian l. said just how shocking is this cheating scandal well i have to say as a cricket ball tampering sledging intimidating umpires this sort of sharp practice is pretty commonplace in actual fact but of course they are breaches of the law and they're not in the spirit of the game which is very important to the tradition of cricket so it is a situation where you expect people to be reprimanded and they have been by the international cricket council but i think what's at issue here the scandal is the lead up there's been a very human nature to it for the a strivings here against south africa it's gone from bad to worse which crowd misbehavior slating the one instance one player having to be restrained from starting a fight so that's all in the background leading up to this controversy on the ball tampering and under in fact this incident was also captured on camera with porter
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is huge in australia cricket as there are demi gods how does australia as a nation reacted to this completely blatant cheating. you know i'm a very strongly overwhelmingly negative playoff i haven't seen a strong reaction like this since the phil hughes tragedy in twenty fourteen you may remember where the australian player was killed in a cricket match that was a very different mood in the country but i can united the cricketing public behind an issue and in this instance we've had it very much in the other direction absolute scandal very very angry striking public who really do put their stars on a pedestal and it's often joked that the job of captain administrating cricket team is the second most important job in the country behind being prime minister and i don't think that's an exaggeration it truly is an important thing in this country and sports really reveal it and that's why people are so up in arms and does this
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chasing incident now mean that cricket australia with the real cradle day and had into the couch as the landing the game there and the pressure to be fair on the pic i think as that well i think it does i think that a strike here is settled very close to the weekend on the laws of cricket and its behavior on the create field for some time now that's my view but it's also the view of some pretty high ranking a strain explain as his side of the culture in that same really does need to change it will be interesting to say whether they see very significant bands do actually shocked that plays into realising this but i think the discussion has been opened and i think there's a chance that we could see a major shift in the way australians and the strain in creating play they create right under nothing else trade in general and cricket to him said thank you very much for that update from sydney. here's a recap the top story the following feel french president monitored more incentive
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is for a police officer. to attack. nor was killed off exchange instead for not the hostage to be posthumously awarded the legion of honor. i have more news. that. such a. move. to move. the to.
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