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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2018 3:15pm-3:31pm CEST

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god has business news coming up for you shorting to. earth a home worth saving google images tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global i do you mean by the new series of global three thousand on t w and online. g w true diversity.
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where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top program to go in there you don't need show you can you tell us about our innovations magazine for each of the classroom and every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com for science and research for any shot. at. a country that relies on oil imports offer a country whose economy depends on oil export the answer is power to pounce electronics group is lining up to build the world's biggest so to apologize right in saudi arabia. also on the show japan's aging society has led to
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a shortage of human cab workers it's time full. of friends to fill the nursing gap . welcome to d w business i'm gad alpha's in the valley the euro zone's bailout fund has approved a six point seven billion euro loan installment after the greek government had an active painful. reforms it finally met needs the conditions to unlock those funds a first tranche of five point seven billion euros is due to be paid today the rest could follow in may athens has received financial aid from eurozone countries and the i.m.f. since twenty ten that's a closer look at it the payment is part of the so-called third rescue package that amounts to eighty six billion euros overall and runs until august twenty eighth in greece's total debt is around three hundred twenty billion euros that's about one hundred seventy six percent of its economic output but the economy is growing for the first time in ten years unemployment is down but still at twenty point nine
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percent and many greeks only work part time and don't earn much overall that means that despite hopes of an upward trend the reality for ordinary people may not be improving but it appears that reforms are taking hold. top stories saudi arabia and japanese electronics giant softbank group are joining forces to create a two hundred billion dollars solar power development both sides signed a preliminary agreement for a series of solar parks in the desert kingdom by twenty thirty it will have a capacity of two hundred gigawatts to give you an idea of the scale that's a hundred times more than the next biggest solar project in the world softbank your sunset ample sunshine as well as engineers and workers in the country make the for a into solar lucrative. prince mohamed bin salman has thrown his support behind the project which is expected to create one hundred thousand jobs is also ended
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reducing saudi arabia's dependence on oil for its own electricity production. to talk about this let's drag in our financial correspondent linda hong from singapore. saudi arabia surely is rich enough to finance a deal like this on its own why i take on board a partner and why softbank. well that's right departure it is actually in cooperation with the kingdom's young and powerful crown prince mohammed bin salma he and he's already a partner in the us often vision fund that was set up in twenty sixteen now soft bank's chief executive says that he found synergy with between the two because saudi arabia's vision twenty so a teen reform plan also aims to reduce the country's dependence on oil and that is actually a good match for the fans long term vision for innovation and banks masayoshi son is also a strong advocate of kean and the decency to twenty eleven fukushima nuclear disaster
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and yes actually taken on a couple of clean energy projects so there's a lot of innovation that saudi arabia could tap on from softbank namely in the battery and other forms of clean energy such as battery storage which is pretty important in the clean energy industry. lit up what does it mean if a major player in the in these electronics industry likes might makes a large bet on solo well so they is actually diversify it's got lots of investments in yahoo yahoo to grab to into many other types of from technology and clean energy is actually an innovation that is so out of coming up actually he's also pushing for and is a structure called the asian super grid and all these electricity and clean energy power is due to the world's commitment to clean energy due to as a way to mitigate climate and climate emissions in the paris agreement and that is
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why is this one form of lucrative and upcoming technology that the wool wants to take note of. the home in singapore thank you very much. first it was then tesla within a week two people have been killed by self driving cars now the u.s. national transportation safety board or n.t.s.b. is investigating tesla over the accident involving one of the company's cause the n.t.s.b. usually responds to plane crashes and larger transportation disasters since the investigation was made public shares in tesla have dropped over seven point eight seven point four percent rather over to your turn other comics have already announced that they're discontinuing their tests of self driving vehicles on public roads for the time. to raise the questions are thomas vehicles a blessing or a curse those incidents were not the first accident accident of that kind still
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those developments haven't stopped google's autonomous cognitive development company way mo from accelerating ahead towards its own autonomy as systems. gets a big deal for the car industry and the tech sector way more in jaguar want to develop the first electric self driving luxury vehicle c.e.o. john craft stressed that his company's cars have traveled more than five million miles on public roads so we do have that level of confidence that we're what we're putting on the road is safe technology and it's only going to get better i think a really important point to keep in mind with the drivers that we're building is the. car shares all of that knowledge that may not be enough to put the minds of travelers technology critics at ease but one thing is clear the race to launch autonomy to be a kohl's is speeding up. and that leads us nicely into
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a market up the down the in frankfurt tech stocks are getting a bit of a beating today is that all about the increasing flak that facebook is getting over data protection. gad regulations that's the topic here at the moment tech companies such as twitter's snapchat and mostly facebook are fearing that because of the latest scandals that could face more regulations from the government and that's not just in the u.s. but also here in europe it seems that facebook is now in trouble because of their mass and we are learning that users at the district court in california have filed a complaint again because of privacy protection issues we're also getting worse today from the men here in charge of data security issues in germany your highness casper he was at the meeting at the german justice ministry with facebook officials a few days ago and stated that he doesn't think with the latest scandal too much is going to change talk about data that some fresh data out of the german economy
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today consumers spending tell us more yes exactly the germans they love spending their life shopping and that's what the institute here in germany is reporting as well their numbers look indeed very promising the group main consumer climate index stood at ten point eight for march with expectations that it could reach ten point nine for april investors here were wondering if the political turmoil we have seen here lately in germany could have negative results but that doesn't seem to be the case. in frankfurt bass thank you very much. is currently the world's number three smartphone maker but with consumers in spending mode for example in germany as we've just heard it hopes to make up the way on its competitors some sun and apple its new flagship phone p twenty is supposed to do the trick the phones high performance camera will be the main
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selling point the premium version is equipped with a triple camera and sensors that offer high image definition of phones priced between six hundred forty nine and eight hundred and ninety nine euros on the european market. not a country that's been dubbed the senior citizen of the world in japan falling birth rates and higher life expectancy have resulted in a rapidly aging population this coupled with labor shortages in the care sector have prompted one nursing home to recruit some unusual assistance. you think. it's exercise time much and told me nursing home in tokyo today's instructor after a humanoid robot brought in as part of a program to address labor shortages in the care sector. for some residents interacting with the robots is liberation. i can communicate with them
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and i don't need to be too careful about the things that i say. are. the other hand if they were human beings i'd have to think first about what kind of people they are. those looking for more of a warm and fuzzy feeling can take care of pets robot dogs. that they're going on there when i petted these robots for the first time when they moved around like real living animals. to their cues. the nursing home has introduced a total of twenty robots since receiving funding from tokyo's metropolitan government back in twenty thirteen as well as offering residents company they also relieve workers of physical tasks such forms of assistance are likely to become
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more commonplace as japanese society ages. people over sixty five now are kind for well over a quarter of the population and with the birth rate remaining stubbornly low the number is only set to rise. with a shortage of human care workers robots could soon become a regular nursing home fixture even if they're not everyone's choice of companion for their twilight years. human companions. next news for. this hour i'll have an update for you in a round about forty five minutes before you go here's a look at world markets right now thanks for watching club.
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