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this is due wu is coming to you live from berlin pomp and pageantry for kim jong bowden china gives north korea's leader a lavish welcome on a secret trip to beijing kim is said to have assured president xi jinping she's committed to denuclearize asian we'll get reaction from washington also coming up france honors the fallen hero a police officer slain in the terrorist attack last week is hailed as a symbol of france a spirit of resistance. and another nation in mourning russia fiddlers get on to
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grieve for the victims of the deadly fire at a shopping mall in siberia sixty four people died in the blaze many of them children. that's in the next sixty minutes mian monkey factor you don't some sushi gets in and i asked the new president with my engine seen here walking behind suchi in a ghetto check it was voted in by a big majority of lawmakers put it will the to be able to challenge the powerful army. and the price of changing australia's cricket captain steve smith is banned for tread months in a scandal that has shocked the sport we have the latest from sydney. played. a warm welcome to you i'm. north korean leader kim jong un has made a secret trip to china a visit that could signal a. opening to nuclear disarmament kim's meeting with president xi jinping in
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beijing was kept under wraps until after he left u.s. president dollar trond reacted treatment he received a message last night from the chinese president according to trump she said the meeting went well and that kim is looking forward to meeting him in the meantime he says u.s. sanctions will stay in place and pressure must be maintained at all cost he has more on kim jong un's first foreign trip since he came to power. heavy security for an unnamed visitor making their way through beijing. then pomp and ceremony as the mysterious individual is confirmed as no other the north korean leader kim jong un it's a historic moment as kim's first diplomatic trip outside of the rogue nation since he took power in two thousand and eleven rumors had been circulating for days that
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the mysterious armored train crossing the river from pyongyang had came on board but it was only confirmed after kim and his wife were safely back home according to china's state news agency she pressed kim on north korea to give up its nuclear weapons kim apparently replies quote the issue of denuclearization of the korean peninsula can be resolved of south korea and the united states respond to our efforts with good will create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progressive and synchronous measures for the realisation of peace. but many are skeptical about whether or not kim jong un would really scale down the program after the north korean government has worked so hard to celebrate its development. a little yet i don't think he will officially declared the nuclearization because he has been emphasizing the importance of nuclear weapons a lot he has particularly been stressing that the nuclear program makes the country strong and that the country can defeat the united states with it he can't totally
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change that stance all at once. but others think kim could use disarmament to his advantage. kim jong un would seek to propagate the idea that he persuaded the u.s. and the international community to essentially surrender by having carefully mustered nuclear weapons so. the china visit comes ahead of a historic some s. between north and south korea show jewels for april that meeting is expected to further focus on denuclearization. our correspondent claire richardson is in washington care kim jong il was in china for four days that's a lot of time for talks after he left donald trump tweeted that the chinese head of state if she didn't bring had reached out to him what did our trump say that she had told him. well trump has said the news he received from she was at the meeting
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with him had gone well and indeed the official reports we saw coming out of both north korea and china after the meeting emphasized the country's good working relationships together and now this is being seen as an effort to downplay tensions between the two china's traditionally of course been a north korea's strongest ally but in the past several months kind of support for u.n. sanctions on north korea has put a strain on their ties so the point of this meeting for china at least seems to be largely an effort to save face to try and present itself as a relevant player in any north korea talks especially after south korea and the u.s. have been the ones making headlines on the north korea question and would the strong expect to come out of his meeting with pyongyang. if that meeting does take place well trump would love to be the president who finally succeeds in getting north korea to agree to stop its nuclear program and to show that his policy of what he
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calls maximum pressure is working but that seems pretty unrealistic given the fact that the north has repeatedly said that it would do no such thing it believes its nuclear program is in many ways fundamentals of its very existence so the question becomes what points could they compromise on certainly there are a few things north korea might want to see up for discussion like the u.s. south korean joint military drills which are always a major point of tension can richardson in washington thank you. to not to france for a state funeral has been held for the policeman who gave his life to save a hostage in last week's terrorist attack left in the north was killed after he exchanged himself for a woman being held by the attacker president in modern mccool who led the tributes described the officer as a symbol of the french spirit of resistance. sick you know what but now we need to show him that his sacrifice was not in vain.
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before he will forever be in the hearts of the french people. i mean why are we need to show him that his memory lives on his example moves on. i will make sure of it schieffer usually joining me now is the day of the correspondent lisa lewis she's in paris and following the memorial there you said we just heard a bit of what the french president had to say tell us more about his eulogy and his main message while it was a very solemn speech freely he was paying tribute obviously to this hero of france he called him one of france's children he compared. to traditional historical heroes during the first and second world wars in tucson doc and the like and he said that he had the courage to stand up to what the president called craziness actually islamised craziness and he said to he actually addressed
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a message to those who could be actually seduced by islamic radicals and he said there is an alternative to that and time has shown us that it's rare to stand up for our nation that is something to fight for and of course is just not the president of the whole nation is thinks a bit too left and colonel are noble from here's more about the man and what he symbolized. he gave his own life for that of a stranger and now his nation is honoring him ten a colonel on our bartram is hailed a hero by friends. as one of the first officers to respond to the deadly hostage siege in treb as events unfolded at this supermarket he traded places with a female hostage who is being used as a human shield by the attacker. and it wasn't just his act of self-sacrifice that helped end the four hour seeds cleverly managed to leave his mobile phone on so
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that police could hear what was happening inside that after hearing gunshots reinforcements went in shooting the twenty six year old islamist attacker and ending the ordeal three people were killed in the rampage police officer died of his injuries a day later initiating an outpouring of further praise for the forty four year old sacrifice the trams background prepared him well for the events of march twenty third he joined france's elite police special forces in two thousand and three and serve in iraq in two thousand and five just three months prior he organized a training session for just such an attack. his account but. mother said that he was always they keen to serve the country since he was a child that is more about what people are saying about this french hero as he's being laid to rest more people who intend that the ceremony today actually said that the they were really impressed by him that they thought of him as
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a great hero that harrison had a face and name today and indeed his mother was speaking to french media saying that she wouldn't have expected anything else when she had that run police officer was injured and had exchanged himself for the last remaining hostage it was absolutely clear to him to her that it was her son because she knew how courageous he could be that france is seen in several major terrorist attacks since two thousand and fifteen what does this day off the national mourning mean for the country. this is an occasion for all the friends to come together and stand together again in the face of terrorism obviously it's very difficult to go through all these different attacks over the past few years and the government has implemented several anti terror laws but the french still feel that the terror threat is very high here that new terror attacks are likely and could actually happen in the coming months again and this is an occasion for them to come together
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as a nation and say we're standing up to them and we're going to be strong even in the future. that was. in bass talking to me a short while ago. this morning in russia where families of varying the victims of the shopping more fire in siberia of the weekend forty one children were among the more than sixty people who died in chemical oval our correspondent mikhail a common dusky has a story of one family locals in camera will have been shattered by what happened in the shopping center last week and it's here at the suit is central cemetery where the first funeral ceremonies have been held this is where those three generations old bar and the family relate to rest grandmother marina mother natalee and five year old leon a died together in the far on sunday the victims are heartbroken they brought flowers and the toys to market a loss of their loved ones who know about their pain. and that was the day of the.
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scam that grief talked about is being felt across russia today with memorials held in several cities in what's been declared a national day of mourning but the heartache is mixed with anger many believe authorities are trying to cover up lax safety standards that may have contributed to the high death. the size of the coffin showed the scale of this tragedy most of the victims of the fire with children these parents lost their daughter and son ten year old masha and eight year old cost she had died alongside their grandmother. which even those used to dealing with death find it hard to comprehend. we're all suffering from grief and there are no words that can express the pain we all feel the personal tragedies have touched the entire country. but they've also provoked an
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outpouring of anger people here are desperate for justice they want to know whether all this could have been avoided. those trying to escape the mall found many emergency exits blocked. children were also reportedly left locked inside a cinema while star fled. i was talking to my daughter on the fine i told her lie down on the floor and bree breathe and don't die. i was crying to my daughter she said dad i love you i'm suffocating i'm losing consciousness. seen from about the damage the more it's clear but what's not so clear are the circumstances behind the fire furious locals suspect a cover up so far five people responsible for fire safety have been detained
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including the more direct. i love mother myself i perfectly understand what people who are now burying their children are experiencing i know what they're going through but i don't want to blame myself for this i just don't. the government has promised those that folks will be harshly punished but will relatives believe officials when they say justice has been done. listen and take a look at some of the stories making news around the world the lawyer of karla's fuji one says the film has vowed never to surrender in the fight for independence from spain he passed on the message off to visit imprisonment in northern germany would you want has been held this since being arrested on a european warrant while travelling through the country. saudi arabia's crown prince is met with the u.n. secretary general antonio good ted is in new york to discuss the ongoing war in
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yemen the kingdom has entered its fourth year of conflicts between the lead military coalition and who rebels during in large part to the absence of any real opposition critics have labeled the election a sham. he watching these i mean he is coming up ahead doesn't seem like something is missing from this photo a photo of the leadership team of germany's new interior ministry well many germans seem to think so and sounding off online a social media editor. has the story. and starting a new tradition the job an army renamed the military barracks as part of a new approach towards germany's shrinking military history we find out what's wrong with the old tradition. but for us to get her joins me and the dangerous posed by self driving cars. first it was then tesla last week within
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a week two people have been killed by thomas vehicles now the u.s. national transportation safety board all n.t.s.b. has opened to the investigation into tesla over the accident involving one of the cars the n.t.s.b. usually responds to plane crashes and larger transportation disasters since the investigation was made public on wednesday says and have dropped over seven point four percent. of the comic has already announced that they're discontinuing their tests of self driving cars on public roads for the time being. thomas vehicles a blessing or a curse those incidents were not the first accidents off that still those developments haven't stopped google's autonomous cart of a development company weibo from accelerating ahead towards its own autonomy systems. it's a big deal for the car industry and the tech sector way more in jaguar want to develop the first electric self driving luxury vehicle c.e.o.
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john craft stressed that his company's cars have traveled more than five million miles on public roads so we do have that level of confidence that we're what we're putting on the road is safe technology and it's only going to get better i think a really important point to keep in mind with the drivers that we're building is that each car shares all of that knowledge that may not be enough to put the minds of travelers technology critics at ease but one thing is clear the race to launch autonomy vehicles is speeding up. and that leads us nicely into a market up the down the in frankfurt tech stocks are going to get bit of a beating today is that all about the increasing flak that facebook is getting over data protection. gad regulations there thirty's up here at the moment tech companies such as twitter's snapchat and mostly facebook are fearing that because
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of the latest scandals they could face more regulations from the government and that's not just in the u.s. but also here in europe it seems that facebook is now in trouble because of their mass and we are learning their users at the district court in california have filed a complaint again because of privacy protection issues we are also getting worse today from the man here in charge of data security issues in germany you have his kasbah he was at the meeting at the german justice ministry with facebook officials a few days ago and stated that he doesn't think with the latest scandal too much is going to change talk about data that some first days out of the german economy today consumer spending tell us more yes exactly the germans they love spending their life shopping and that's what the institute here in germany is reporting as well their numbers look indeed very promising the group main consumer climate index stood at ten point eight for march with expectations that it could
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reach ten point nine for april investors here were wondering if the political turmoil we have seen here lately in germany could have negative results but that doesn't seem to be the case. in frankfurt bass thank you very much. the euro zone's bailout fund has approved a six point seven billion euro loan installment after the greek government hadn't acted painful reforms it finally meets the conditions to unlock those funds a first tranche of five point seven billion euros is due to be paid today the rest could follow in may athens has received financial aid from euro zone countries and the i.m.f. since twenty ten let's have a closer look the payment is part of the so-called third rescue package that amounts to eighty six billion euros overall and runs until august twenty eighth in greece's total debt is around three hundred and twenty billion euros that's about one hundred seventy six percent of its economic output but the economy is growing
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for the first time in ten years an implant climate is down but still at twenty eight point nine percent many greeks only work part time or don't earn much that means that despite hopes of an upward trend the reality for ordinary people may not be improving but it appears that reforms are taking hold. in saudi arabia is building the biggest solar power plant in the world one hundred times bigger than anything in existence right now that and more business news a little later in the show i've. germans have been sounding off on line about the stuffing of the country's new ministry of interior and homeland defense that's because all nine of the top posts have gone to men which was revealed in a photo posted online have until it's gone viral but many people criticizing the female to include any women d.w. social media and it took on the last month has been tracking that discussion
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welcome because it means a full tilt has sparked all of this criticism yeah and this is the photo and this is part of a press release announcing the ministry's new leadership team we can take a closer look now at that picture there we see germany's new interior minister that would be horse does a whole for he's in the middle he's surrounded by the ministries other leaders ok so what's missing here right maybe a woman it's all men and this has been out there for a few days now but it began circulating on social media recently one of the first people to react to this picture was han annoy mon she's a green party politician and she says the cabinet is quote not my idea of home playing there on the ministry of course the ministers name many other women do agree with this and this is one woman in homburg and she responds and here i thought that women made up at least half of my home country if it weren't so sad you have to laugh about it we've seen lots of similar reactions online and read
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from both men and women this photo is really making the rounds at least in germany and actually as a human being i would say it's so old fashioned not to have any women in your ministry has it been this really active those who do this photo and all the kind of discussion on it but we haven't seen a direct response from the minister yet but we do know that they are paying attention and here's why we know if you went back to the ministries website and looked at the press release again that photo disappeared after the controversy broke out it was replaced with this very gender neutral picture of a ministry building that made some people curious of form. or s.p.d. politician in fact was wondering about this on twitter he asked the ministry directly hey how are things looking why was the photo changed while the ministry actually responded yesterday they rotate thanks for your patience we had to replace the picture temporarily because it needs to be edited it's going to be put up soon the same former politician wrote so what needs to be edited and the ministry's
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response was well surely you can just be patient for a bit longer well some people were patient but others rather than waits decided to take matters into their own hands on reason and here were some suggested as this is our favorite it looks now like it's maybe a bit more gender balance or maybe just kind of one of those rock bands from the eighty's a lot of the original photo is down for well over a day although we just checked it is now back up on line although it's not clear what exactly was edited ok so that was an attempt at humor by the interior ministry but what does the picture look like in other parts of jimmy's federal government which is the fed a new government to get what it's not so funny people have actually been tweeting photos today pointing out that the picture is actually rather similar in a lot of different cabinets and across germany different ministries there are also one hundred percent mail at the top and here are just some of those photos that are going around pointing that out for example the federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure has five men in its top five posts and things look the same
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over at the ministry for economic affairs and energy when it comes to chancellor merkel's own cabinet though things are different there are fifteen cabinet jobs six went to women and one to men ok so some progress the still a long way to go on from a social media desk thank you very much. and germany's defense minister has renamed a military barracks this part of a new approach to germany's somewhat tricky ministry history the barracks which were named after world war one veteran and now dedicated to a soldier killed in afghanistan a new code of conduct stipulates that in german showed a soldier's should concentrate on post world war two history when celebrating military tradition. tradition plays an important role in the military by providing a degree of identity and that's no different for the german army. but how should
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the german modern military deal with its nazi past. that's such a tricky topic that the german army known as the bundeswehr has issued a formal decree on the subject. god of violence as to how we need a common understanding of how ponced is specially because challenges happen so quickly today. we need to know where we come from in order to go into the future with certainty. last year soldiers at several barracks were caught with world war two german army memorabilia it sparked a discussion about how best to deal with the past. the decree makes it clear that nazi era memorabilia has no place in the modern bundeswehr. and i have given this i think and that's why it's valid to place the more than sixty year old rich history of the bundeswehr in the center of all collective
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memory it will become a cent off refrains for all tradition. it's a history we can be proud of. to demonstrate this modernization the bundeswehr renamed one of its barracks from a world war one german general to that of a fallen german soldier in afghanistan. here watching the news coming up ahead me in my hands on some sushi has got an ally and the new president when my into the senior walking behind sushi to get a jacket he was voted in by a big majority of gore makers the builder to be able to challenge the powerful army . the still quite islamic state has been forced out of iraq but what's left behind in is a wasteland we look at the monumental task ahead for those trying to read. and seen years in a japanese nursing home or welcome a new generation of caregivers robots they even have through boston jaunts to patch
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do despair is gearing up. to use life and death out there. with every soldier responsible for the next. german troops deployed in the world. the federal government says this could happen. but not germany's all until she's up to the toughest. challenges of the job not. d.w. . hijacking the news. more are going wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them. and one. in countries like russia china churchy people are told if that's enough and if your journalists fear and you try to get me on that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed news well.
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my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being free or for balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i were you know. when i was young my dreamed about changing the world. but i was a woman in egypt some things turned out differently forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. so i know what else and ali rebels are using the written word to stand up for women's rights. no one else about three fourths of egypt starting late on g.w. . you're watching t.v.
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news coming to you live from but i'm under attack she my pleasure to have your company the top stories china has given no. korea's media lab welcome on a secret trip to beijing came he said to be sure that he committed to denuclearize the action he said to be looking forward to meeting with president on. french press has been leading a memorial service for a police officer killed last week in a terrorist attack left in. killed after he exchanged himself for another. and in russia funerals are being held for dozens of victims who died in the shopping mall fire russia's observing and national mourning for the sixty four people who died most of them. turning out to me in their parliament has elected a staunch ally of defacto leader aung san suu kyi as the country's new president when into pictured here in the yellow jacket walking behind suchi swept up nearly
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two thirds of the votes in a parliament dominated by suit national league for democracy the appointment is unlikely to affect a delicate balance of power in a country where the army has retained a launch political drone now for more i'm joined by journalist david greene a bomb in the young gun. defense about this new president on some foods he viewed as the country's de facto leader how much authority would he really have. you know what's really the big question i mean aung san suu kyi is definitely still the leader of the civilian side of the government here but she's faced a lot of criticism for not delegating enough authority opic into a cabinet in this case people hoping that she also delegate a lot to the new president a lot of people feel there's going to lot of slow decision making going on because so much stuff information has to flow through the state counsel's office and it
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creates a bottleneck before decisions are actually made so the question now is going to be is she going to delegate some authority to this new president who is you know he is a politician he was a speaker of the lower house of parliament he's got he's got a lot stronger person i mean the former president ten jaw so that's really open question will she delegate more authority to him maybe not a politically sensitive areas been the less sensitive areas so that more decisions can mean a when it comes to the economy and social services such as health care and education where this country really has not seen improvement and we're talking about a sensitive and controversial issue there till he got crisis near masand into an intense international pressure over its dealing off of this would have any influence in changing government policy that well that's really when it comes to the civilian side of government those decisions really do come down to our son sushi who is essentially the de facto head of state keep in mind the way this concert this country's constitution is structured the civilian government has no
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control over this country's security forces the commander in chief the military is in charge of the ministries of defense home affairs and border affairs so when it comes to rakhine the military's clearly calling the shots no one is accusing aung san suu kyi of committing direct crimes there but a lot of people in ash many have been disappointed that she has not taken a stand against the military she has shown no signs that that will change so there's nothing to believe so far that would change. that dave going to mom in jungen younger than me and mom not the so-called islamic state has been forced out of iraq the country has to be rebuilt it will take years some say decades and a lot of money twenty four billion euros was raised at the last in a conference in kuwait these funds are desperately needed to reconstruct once vibrant neighborhoods bombed nearly to oblivion danny has this report.
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when ali writes is by three westernmost so it's a trip through a dark and painful past the wasteland reminds the thirty six year old of the worst trauma he's ever experienced living under i ask rule. centuries old buildings palaces churches and the world famous. now lie in ruins here with his camera the university lecturer wants to talk human the destruction and rebirth of his hometown. i couldn't recognise that this is by the way. is the busiest ever and now it's a ghost town. has it. and it's empty the soul of the place is. is rediscovering his following three years of war and terror every bit of fresh paint he sees gives him hope and
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color is indeed coming back to. the black flags of the murderous propaganda on the bridges and walls are all history now street artists are covering it up with declarations of love to their city in spite of everything that has happened here. yeah the help i did help what did i love my city it was great charisma and we're now giving back to it what it has given to us we went to school here to university i'm out of the city needs us. now look at the what these types of positive messages a word ali wants to send out to the world with his photographs here of hate and fear is over for once and for all most lives again. that he murals use to attract young people to join them i track people to kill.
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her this city of the minority. to impose their point of view of their dark point of view so it is very important to to complain that the complaining that done iraq with the beautiful colors. but the winds of the past are still far from being healed ali also feels a deep sense of mistrust wondering who may have sympathized who collaborated with i asked he makes a statement on social media with his photos and his blog he believes that mosul is better than its image so it's not isis mosul has always been living in a corner way. i have a christian kurd student could be students i have is it a student and nobody thought to put their finger on the head of them what happened was something exceptional was something was something brutal and it was something
4:37 pm
that happened by the tiniest portion of. of muslims of iraqis. photos from that dark era he took them secretly and in so doing he risked his life the university abandoned most apartments were closed also lost his job as a lecturer. his father who is shaved was forced by i.a.s. to appear. alman as a square essential missing place for festivals and ceremonies stood under the i.r.s. flag for three years now that flag is gone what's left behind is rubble and graffiti which reads our symbols our martyrs all without blood we would not be free . nearby lie the remains of the assyrian gates
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once the symbol of the city iris militias blew up the three thousand zero down mt. i think the press heartbroken i used to take photos for that and arises. thank god i could take photos for that's. now it's gone but the police say have a beautiful memory. the book form cafe it's a place the briefs freedom a year ago the building was still burns out now school children students and artists meet here to do all the things that had been forbidden for years to reach to play music to smoke to have fun a few of our least pictures also graced the walls he's a regular customer and a friend of the owner for had cyber invested all his savings into the cafe during the i asked period he read countless books in secret since then he's convinced that every change begins with literature.
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this blaze will success if the young people decided to change our minds to change. to delete the black from our from our memories. there are some indications they might succeed music can once again be heard in the streets of mosul for three years hack ham and mohammed hit their instruments from i.a.s. religious police now they can play music once again for themselves and for others scenes like this give ali hope for a better future for his beloved long suffering city. now to a cheating scandal which has shocked the cricketing the astray. in cricket captain steve smith and his deputy david warner have both been banned for twelve months by
4:40 pm
their own federation these unprecedented bans come off the smith admitted to hatching a plan to change the condition of the board in a game against south africa a practice known as board tampering which is illegal it sparked a huge outcry in australia and the rest of the cricketing by the young player who actually carried out the act cameron bancroft's has received a nine month than. me now from sydney is three he's an australian journalist and a former international cricketer for germany welcome as the cricketer and australian all said just how shocking is this cheating scandal. what to say as a cricket ball tampering slangy intimidating umpires this sort of sharp practice is pretty commonplace in actual fact that of course they are breaches of the law and ignoring the spirit of the game which is very important to the tradition of cricket
4:41 pm
so it is a situation where you expect people to be reprimanded and they have been by the international cricket council but i think what's at issue here the scandal is the lead up there's been a very human nature to it for the a strains here against south africa it's gone from bad to worse we've crowd misbehavior slaves the one instance one player having to be restrained from starting a fight so that's all in the background leading up to this controversy on the ball tampering and it in fact this incident was also captured on camera for to is huge in australia cricket does there are demi gods how does australia as a nation reacted to this completely blatant cheating. you know a very strongly overwhelmingly negative playoff i haven't seen a strong reaction like these since the phil hughes tragedy in twenty four tane you may remember where the australian playa was killed in a cricket match that was
4:42 pm
a very different mood in the country but i gain united the cricketing public behind an issue and in this instance we've had it very much in the other direction absolute scandal very very angry striking public who really do put their stars on a pedestal and it's often joked that the job of captain to me is trying to create a team is the second most important job in the country behind being prime minister and i don't think that's an exaggeration it truly is an important thing in this country and sports really reveal it and that's why people are so up in arms and does this chasing incident now mean that cricket australia with the real cradle day and hot into the culture surrounding the game there and the pressure to be fair on the pic i think as that well i think it does i think that a strike here is settled very close to the weaned on the laws of cricket and it's by your own the creative field for some time now that's my view but it's also the view of some pretty high ranking
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a strain takes players who say that the culture in that same really does need to change it will be interesting to say whether they see very significant bands do actually shocked that plays into realising this but i think the discussion has been opened and i think there's a chance that we could see a major shift in the way australians and the straining creating play they create right under nothing else trade in genesis and cricket to him seth thank you very much for that update from sydney. footballer nine gemini's twenty two match unbeaten match run has been ended by brazil he all can live side defeated the south american seven one in the world cup semifinals almost four years ago but failed to fire in this friendly rematch brazil outplayed germany in both defense and attack gabriele his sources scoring the games only go to see victory play to move warm up matches in june before defending their world cup title in russia.
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you're watching. a spectacular go let me also watching you know new still to come stephen which is a very to draw detail panoramas entirely from memory just off of brief off the biggest solar power station in the vase and care hot has a story that's right exist to give you an idea of the sheer stale of the thing is going to be a hundred times bigger than anything else generating tricity from sunshine in the world today saudi arabia and japanese electronics giant softbank group joining forces to create the two hundred billion dollar development both sides sun the preliminary preliminary rather agreement for a series of solar parts in the desert kingdom by twenty thirty the capacity of two hundred gigawatts softbank c.e.o. muscle your song said sunshine as well as engine isn't what is in the country
4:45 pm
making for a into so lucrative from prince mohammed bin sama has thrown his support behind the project which should create one hundred thousand jobs it is also aimed at reducing saudi arabia's dependence on oil for its own electricity production. you talk about this let's drag in our financial correspondent linda hong from singapore. in a saudi arabia surely is rich enough to finance a deal like this on its own why a take on board a partner and why south bank. well that's right departure it does it actually in cooperation with the kingdom's young and powerful crown prince mohammed bin salma he and he's already a partner in the softening vision fund that was set up in twenty sixteen now soft bank's chief executive says that he finds synergy with between the two because saudi arabia's vision twenty seven thousand reform plan also aims to reduce the country's dependence on oil and that is actually
4:46 pm
a good match for the fans long term vision for innovation and banks masayoshi son is also a strong advocate of kean and the decency to twenty eleven fukushima nuclear disaster and yes actually taken on a couple of clean energy projects so there's a lot of innovation that saudi arabia could tap on from soft thing namely in the battery and other forms of clean energy such as battery storage which is pretty important in the clean energy industry. you know what does it mean if a major player in the in the industry like mike makes a large bet on solo well so face actually diversify it's got lots of investments in yahoo yahoo to grab to into many other types of from technology and clean energy is actually an innovation that is so out of coming up actually he's also pushing for and the structure called the asian super grid and all these electricity and clean energy power is due to the world's commitment to clean energy
4:47 pm
due to as a way to mitigate climate and climate have an emissions. in the paris agreement and that is why is this one form of lucrative and upcoming technology that the wool wants to take a note of. in singapore thank you very much. country has been dubbed the senior citizen of the world in japan falling birth rates and higher life expectancy have result of rapidly aging population this coupled with labor shortages in the caste sector have prompted one nursing home to recruit some on the usual assistance . he thinks. it's exercise time much and told me nursing home in tokyo today's instructor after a humanoid robot brought in as part of a program to address labor shortages in the care sector. for some residents
4:48 pm
interacting with the robots is liberation. i can communicate with them and i don't need to be too careful about the things that i say. are. the other hand if they were human beings i'd have to think first about what kind of people they are. those looking for more of a warm and fuzzy feeling can take care of pet robot dogs. i don't know if they're going to when i patch of these robots for the first time they moved around like real living animals. their cues. the nursing home has introduced a total of twenty robots and receiving funding from tokyo's metropolitan government back in twenty thirteen as well as offering residents company they also relieve workers of physical tasks such forms of assistance are likely to become more
4:49 pm
commonplace as japanese society ages. people over sixty five now kind for well over a quarter of the population and with the birth rate remaining stubbornly low the number is only set to rise. with a shortage of human care workers robots could soon become a regular nursing home fixture even if they're not everyone's choice of companion for their twilight years. british artist stephen wilshire has an unusual talent for drawing detail reproductions of architecture and cities but his work becomes all the more impressive when you learn he needs just one brief gaze as an investor to do it today we're putting a spotlight on this incredible talent and carroll him from the desk is here to tell
4:50 pm
us more welcome gallon of this sounds incredible he can kind of draw an entire landscape with just one glance right he only needs a few minutes to actually have a look at it and then he can get right to work and finish the drawing to scale with meticulous detail and sometimes just in a matter of hours he works in pencil and pen and he's particularly fascinated by high rise buildings and how they can affect or change a skyline so let's first have a quick look at his works. extraordinary drawings of buildings and cityscapes from around the world. artists stephen roach is able to recreate from memory in incredible detail.
4:51 pm
the. work and memorizes concern. me your hard work my job. the result is startlingly close to reality. but. i think of course in stuff stuff it. concentrates. memorize. my mind. as a child stephen book she was news and. aged three he was diagnosed with autism by the age of five he started to draw and through his art was able to communicate with the outside world she went on to win numerous awards and study it sitting in guilds of london art school. his work is constantly evolving. i think i'm
4:52 pm
doing a drawing for like. doing the best and i'll never stop. his critically acclaimed art has taken him around the world. like new york is not best. place. to buy. stephen smith is los angeles. city to add to his extraordinary memory. absolutely so how does he manage to get a bird's eye view of some of these. well the easiest way for him to do that is actually to take
4:53 pm
a quick tour by helicopter which he very frequently when he visits all of these cities and i can show you some footage of him flying. and this would generally be about a twenty minute fly by you have to remember this allows him to get a sense of the major landmarks texture and he likes the constancy. of buildings but the contrast of chaos and order in the city so that he gets back on the ground and he can produce this huge panorama. that can take him several days and quite often it's a public event and thousands of people will show up and so he's done this kind of thing is kind of images for frankfurt. this is the goal here behind us. as we had no reports he was diagnosed as autistic as a child and often people in this condition i can credibly gifted in other ways that's interesting because i think films like rain man for instance have perhaps perpetuated that idea but actually the really gifted ones are i think quite rare
4:54 pm
steven is very clearly an artist in his own right and he's he's not very fond of those kinds of labels so the autism probably is playing a role certainly in terms of how precocious he was with his art and in terms of how he used it as a form of his own language as he describes it in those who are very close to him say that it also allows this. unfiltered view of his subject that he's able to have but meanwhile he does have a ph d. . in trawling and in print making and he's not just the guy who does these these incredibly quick cityscape drawings he's in fact he's got his very own gallery in central london it's been around for about ten years and. more than ten years in fact he sold his very first painting m r when he was seven years old and they have been in very high demand literally ever since and they do cost an incredible amount amount of money up to two hundred thousand euros you could shell out for an
4:55 pm
original stephen wiltshire so he's also published the books of his artwork seems it's his work worldwide and he's also been named a member of the british empire for his services to art so i think it's his status as x. is certainly confirmed fabulous style and thank you so much cunningham shit from this for bringing up the story that they did for me that she was going to scout ahead. and do remember you can find much more on benghazi debbie dot com and if you stay with us pregame we'll have the headlines for you in a few minutes bye bye
4:56 pm
. the booster is nearing. its life and death out there with every soldier responsible for the next. german troops deploying the whole go and the federal
4:57 pm
government says this could happen the but you have a nice calm cool things up to the top. yeah. and i think one day this war will be considered cruel and unjust war. and certainly all citizens of ukraine every man woman and child. no one wants russia here which is the. global news that matters. d.w. made for mines. landmark catholic architecture. and one of the world's cultural treasures. a never ending construction such
4:58 pm
a magnet for tourists. visit cologne cathedral joined us as we explore the history of this imposing house of worship. cologne cathedral starting march twenty ninth on t w. one hundred million tons of sand. devastating fish experience. with deadly consequences. the storms. come. closer. to magnitude and frequency. once they start there's no stopping the government.
4:59 pm
does storm starting in april seventh on d w. this is news life from. kim jong un china gives north korea's leader a lavish welcome at the start of his secret trip to beijing just a kid is said to have assured the chinese president xi that he is committed to
5:00 pm
denuclearize nation we'll bring you reaction from washington also on the program. france almost a full in hero the police officer killed in last week's terrorist attack is hailed as a symbol of france's spirit of resistance. in russia funerals for the victims of last week's deadly shopping mouth.


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