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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 28, 2018 10:30pm-11:00pm CEST

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stuart there's no stopping them. to a storm story and people sit on d.w. . it is the number one killer number one you can see that we are. like a spy on a secret mission north korea's leader boarded an armored train cross the border into china and paid a visit to the man who was his paymaster and gatekeeper to the world china is charged he's president decided it was time for him to know i'm burned off in berlin this is the day.
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you know what you want to hear supreme leader kim jong un has made an unofficial visit to china. chilean in tears supreme leader said that he wants to meet president xi jinping and other chinese comrades more often but yeah so we're told one out friendship is a common treasure. but i need to repeat between china and the democratic people's republic of korea we have a tradition of paying high level visits just a thought what's important is not dialogue for dialogue sake but to achieve nuclear and missile dismantling in a completely verifiable and irreversible way by going to fifty i think improvements in the north korea china relationship will be helpful in solving the problem in the korean peninsula. also coming up tonight australia's
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ball tampering cricket crisis feeling let down their own monger. this cheating is is a disgrace look we all know that it is a terrible to surprise i mean this this has been shocking affront. to a strike. we begin the day with a clandestine rendezvous between a dictator and a president for life and the u.s. president watching from afar now he was treated like a top secret mission. his first trip abroad this week as north korea's leader hidden in an armored train headed for beijing that's where he paid a visit to chinese president xi jinping now the two leaders have never been especially fond of each other but they have lots in common now both facing military diplomatic and economic threats many missing some existential north korea's leader
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says that he's ready to talk with the u.s. about getting rid of his nuclear weapons program now this is unprecedented but he needs china to have his back and china needs. to preserve border stability and to ensure that u.s. influence doesn't creep further inland as for u.s. president donald trump he's no longer talking about rocket man's suicide mission instead he sees what could be the hope of humanity. heavy security for an unnamed visitor making their way through beijing. then pomp and ceremony as the mysterious individual is confirmed as know what they're at the north korean leader kim jong un it's a historic moment as cames first diplomatic trip outside of the rogue nation since
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he took power in two thousand and eleven. rumors had been circulating for days that the mysterious armored train crossing the yellow river from pyongyang had came onboard but it was only confirmed after kim and his wife were safely back home according to china's state news agency she pressed kim on north korea to give up its nuclear weapons came apparently replies quote the issue of denuclearization of the korean peninsula can be resolved if south korea and the united states respond to our efforts with good will create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progressive and synchronous measures for the realisation of peace but many are skeptical about whether or not kim jong un would really scale down the program after the north korean government has worked so hard to celebrate its development. a little yet i don't think he will officially declared the nuclearization because he has been emphasizing the importance of nuclear weapons a lot he has particularly been stressing that the nuclear program makes the country
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strong and that the country can defeat the united states with it he can't totally change that stance all at once. but others think kim could use disarmament to his advantage. kim jong un would seek to propagate the idea that he persuaded the u.s. and the international community to essentially surrender by having carefully mustered nuclear weapons so. the china business comes ahead of a historic some s. between north and south korea shuttles for april that meeting is expected to further focus on denuclearization. well we're joined now by our correspondent in washington clear richardson good evening to you clear so we know that kim jong un spent four days in china that is a long time plenty of time for toll and we also understand that the u.s.
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president's doubled troll that he was informed about this meeting by the chinese president do we know exactly what the chinese president told mr trump about those talks high branch well trump says she told him that the meeting went well with him and the official reports we've seen coming out of both north korea and china seem to bear that out they downplayed any tensions to emphasize a good working relationship between the two countries now remember china has traditionally been a major ally for north korea but its more recent support for u.n. sanctions on pyongyang has really put a strain on their ties so the point of this meeting for china at least seems to be largely an effort to save face to try and present itself as a relevant player in any north korean talks after south korea and the u.s. have been the ones making headlines but this meeting with china also is likely to boost north korea's leverage in any possible meeting with the trump having beijing
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on their side will buy them some wiggle room in terms of having a partner and that could for example help soften trade restrictions yeah the that's a very good point the inspection that you make about the chinese president when we look at the u.s. president you know he is known for calling the north korean leader the rocket man and today he tweeted that he believes that the north korean leader will do what is right for all of humanity that's quite a it's quite a change in his perception of the north korean leader i mean were do you think that's coming from. that certainly is quite a turn from the kind of language we saw earlier on in terms of presidency and now he really wants to be seen as the president who finally got north korea to give up its nuclear weapons and so we've seen a complete scaling back of that language we've seen trump say that it is his tough policies toward north korea that are what have finally brought it to the table what
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he calls his maximum pressure policy but it seems like there's a likelihood that the north is going to give up its nuclear program in talks with trump is pretty unrealistic the north sees its nuclear program in many ways as essential to its very survival and the u.s. would have to make potentially enormous concessions to even move forward with denuclearization which of course would not fit in with trump's narrative that he's going to be the one to bring conjunction into line. the concessions there that have to come from the united states and also from north korea. requires a lot of homework do we know how the u.s. president is preparing for these talks with the north korean leader. he seems to have prepared for it by shaking up the united states top officials who are in charge of foreign policy to bring in people who are more ideologically aligned with president from for example we've just seen john bolton
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a super war hawk an advocate of military strikes on north korea being named national security advisor that's going to send a very alarming message not just to the world but to north korea especially and they'll also be watching what he does in other areas of foreign policy like when it comes to the iran deal they're going to be waiting to see whether the u.s. is good for its word when it comes to negotiating long term international agreements. our correspondent in washington clear richardson on the story for us tonight clear thank you very much. well u.s. president trump may be blaming previous administrations for doing nothing about north korea's nuclear ambitions but trump is discovering what past presidents knew it is almost impossible to predict the actions of a dictator or even attempt to read his mind this problem is even more acute because trump still has not filled key diplomatic posts in asia including the south korean ambassador so how to know the known when you don't even have ears on the
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ground but we're going to try to answer that tonight i'm joined here at the big table by dick he heads the ireland academy for emotional intelligence he's made a name for himself here in europe by analyzing the body language and the facial expressions of heads of state such as german chancellor angela merkel and u.s. president donald trump it's good to have you on the day before but before we look at these two leaders i just want to ask you if you've seen them like everyone has who follows the news what impressions have their their body language in their expressions what impressions have the left with you and from a non non-mobile viewpoint they are less expressive say on showing so much signals but that's normal for those asian culture and small collectivistic son of a culture and it's normal for collectivistic cultures to sow more a to show less manuel the cygnets so when we want to analysis to analyze it
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we have to look for small signals about it in regards to these micro signals are a list see if we can find those what we're going to do is we're going to look at some of the footage that came out of beijing from this secret meeting so let's start here we've got the two leaders as they're walking in together what do you see here you see. you see here it clearly host you see this is a chinese president does use a lot of gestures and is talking and only has to rotate to see him and he we see in this scene this is the wife again and he's pointing to say what you have to do and so we see he is small and the chinese president is the dominant role what about here they don't look very comfortable that's normal falls asian culture less expressive they try to hide it's a motions. it's
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a poker face that they always have so it's a poker face but it's normal for this culture ok but it doesn't hide the fact that there is a power dynamic between these two leaders right i mean the chinese president is definitely calling the shots yes here and you can see that with things what about right here with him walking you can see him in the body language he's a little bit more relaxed a chinese president yes that's a great scene so you can see want to control each other or by grabbing each other not grabbing each other or it's a dominance signal to grip the other hand the other hand right and they both do that so they're both trying to mark their territory as it were. and that's normal for politicians it is normal for politicians but he is the host as you were saying so automatically has the upper hand with this power dynamic. what do we see
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here these are snapshots and this snapshot you see is appalled and makes. by the chinese president yes the had a little bit up its dominant signal and when we would see is the feet he is a little bit more ahead ok so the ok so he's always walking a little bit a little bit ahead and with that up to the dominant signal it's so we can clearly see he's the host and a more dominant role i mean you know it's difficult i mean you're looking at things that some people could say is common sense other people could say they would never see but it speaks to the fact of how difficult it has to be for intelligence services to look at leaders like kim jong un and try to understand what's going on in his mind yes i mean we just by based on the photographs that you see if you had to give a couple of words to describe the personality traits what would you say. yes
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we have to to split cultural expressions from the expressions and communal is. he's laughing. a lot of things you can see he's a little bit an entertainer. but only in his in group well i mean and dominant. yes we're going to bring in another image i want to talk about that lots of times people laughing being jovial you think that there's a cover up for being nervous here we see them at the dinner yes and here he is here he's laughing yet and very important here is he is he laughs with his eyes in. the ring muscle of science we don't can't control it. it's hard to control that muscle it's the muscle moves as we see there that means it's genuine yes genuine it's a sign of relaxation you can see it in the chinese presidents profile that his
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eyes thing too and so we can see they have a relaxing moments so if i see that then does that tell me that these two men trust each other. no i think so i don't think. we can see one moment of really. joy and happiness but in all the scenes you can see that. yeah they want that they try to hide their expressions right well they're being the politicians all the time and you know what you say does speak to the fact that it is incredibly difficult to see beyond the facade particularly with. a dictator like kim jong un. i like helping us to read the faces and perhaps the minds of the world's most indecipherable political leaders thank you very much thanks very much.
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it's not facial expressions and body language which reveal what we think or not only what we value when what we don't words in names are just as powerful they give meaning to places people and our memories and our history now this week germany's defense minister renamed a military barracks stripping it of a world war one general's name it was rededicated with the name of a german soldier who was killed in afghanistan and it reflects the country's efforts to come to terms with its militaristic past and to move for tradition plays an important role in the military by providing
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a degree of identity and that's no different for the german army. but how should the german modern military deal with its nazi past. that's such a tricky topic that the german army known as the bundeswehr has issued a formal decree on the subject. god my answers to how we need a common understanding of how ponced especially because challenges happened so quickly today we need to know where we come from in order to go into the future with certainty. last year soldiers at several barracks were caught with world war two german army memorabilia it sparked a discussion about how best to deal with the past. the decree makes it clear that nazi era memorabilia has no place in the modern buddhists there. and i have given this the i think and that's why it's valid to paste the more than
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sixty year old rich history of the bundeswehr in the center of all collective memory it will become a cent off reference for our tradition. i'm going. to demonstrate this modernization the named one of its barracks from a world war one german general to that of a fallen german soldier in afghanistan. all right here the big table with me is thomas the gold he is a journalist and an author an expert on germany's military it's good to have you here at the big table i want to ask you you know our viewers outside of germany watching this or maybe asking themselves is the defense minister trying to rewrite the military history of this country or is she trying to refinance that history i would think she's trying to refine it it's not about rewriting the problem is germany was its. military past has
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a broken history if you see our neighbors if you see even that doubt the friend of the u.k. . they always say all have a military history over the centuries they have to additions which have grown over the centuries in germany that doesn't work because we had some pretty heavy cuts in between what you know you're talking about what historians refer to as the result of a good the special way of german history does that apply to the military to the fact that the country lost to board movers does that it's not only about losing the war it's about what led to this war in the first place so the new regulations are guidelines i would call it make it pretty clear that when the military sees soldiers c'mon those generals from the second world war it's not only a bow and their military career although well bay did in the military but it's also
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that they have been a tool of a criminal regime of another regime and that you have to take into account when talking about vietnam to the insurgents or before we run out of time is this this these new guidelines do they allow soldiers to be proud of germany's military past i think so they do but you have to. differentiate you can take the view as a whole you have to look what those soldiers did and have been involved in what we see as a criminal activity today thomas v gold as always we appreciate your insights thanks for coming in you're welcome. for the cheating scandal engulfing australian cricket continues three players have now been handed a lengthy bans by their own country's governing body among them is steve smith
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a true modern icon of the game in australia in a sport that considers itself the very essence of fair play and the country where top athletes become national heroes this is scandal threatens to ruin careers and to destroy your reputation. steve smith heading home in disgrace the former australian cricket captain has been suspended from playing for australia for a year. the same goes for vice captain david warner and that worries. both players with you to play in the lucrative indian premier league this season now they may struggle to play any more top level cricket this year. we have. these two players going play. the scandal began during australia's match against south africa when bassman cameron bancroft was caught scraping the bowl with sandpaper that can affect the way the ball moves in the gap and could have given
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australia's ball is an advantage. smith later confessed that leading figures in the team were behind the plan a straight his cricket chief admitted the saga has hurt the team's reputation. but clearly this is caused a huge amount of damage to the big game of cricket as a whole and certainly is fighting cricket and that's the fans' confidence and faith in cricket back when the players face more outrage even the country's prime minister had strong words for the trio this cheating is is a disgrace look we all know that it is a terrible describes. australians have drawn and men's pride from a cricket team for one hundred forty years but now the site needs to rebuild its reputation from scratch. part i'm joined now by andre lesley he is an australian journalist and a former international cricketer for germany joins me from sydney now andre's good to see you we appreciate you getting up i know it's early in the morning there i
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have to ask you do you play cricket yourself how shocking is this scandal to you. well i think the actual act itself out on the field tampering with a cricket ball i put it in the same category as sledging the nasty comments that go back and forth in cricket or intimidating umpires it's shop practice no one in australia wants to call it cheating as such but it is outside the laws of the game and it's certainly outside the spirit of the game i think what makes this shocking to us here in australia is the back story a strain here is had a very feel tempted to or of south africa and that that's been ongoing for for various races and in the astroid in tame itself has a very strange back story when it comes to maintaining this spirit of the game dive regularly accused other sides of not doing good enough and not playing fair enough
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and then they go ahead and do the if said that's why it's such a big scandal the hundred how much hubris is at play here i mean you've got these players who are treated like almost like gods in australia and maybe they thought that they could get away with this do you think that played a part. i don't know whether they thought they could get away with it i think when every you play professional sport now that twenty odd cameras out there covering. your actions but maybe the idea that certainly the reaction here is being very very strong and overwhelmingly negative there's been probably no such strong reaction since the death of field hughes the national team player in twenty fourteen that was obviously a very different mood but that also united the strategy behind the concept of fairness on cricket fayad and watch it happen on the cricket field and what shouldn't there's no doubt that a starting cricket is it held on a pedestal the australian prime minister who has referred to
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strike in cricket as being more important than politicians i'm not sure about that but they certainly are shots to a very very hard stand it and he's starting to get side is our most important national saying this no doubt about that with all that ply it's no wonder that their reactions bateson negative we've got about twenty seconds on what you make of these bands do they do the do the punishment fit the crime if you will i think they probably go beyond the crime i think the i.c.c. international create councils made it clear that our won a match and some of the match they find is are not but these twelve months bans that we've seen handout and nine months bans that's a reaction to the local media up role and that's what his cricket australia thinks it has to do in order to to temper the fires here back in and reversely we appreciate your insights and we appreciate you getting up early in the morning to be with us thank you. well the day is nearly done but as always the conversation
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continues online you find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write to me go off t.v. don't forget to use the hash tag for the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow another day will see you then are. trying. to.
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enter the conflicts confronting the powerful so far the political fallout from catalonia is independence big shows no sawing the feeling can say my guest this week here in brussels explains foreign minister alfonso das faced how has his government failed to prevent the country's worst there's arguably the most predictable political crisis in decades. the few thirty minutes. of. something types
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aren't fires came from jurors or didn't make any and then i killed many civilians. come including my father one thing as i was a student because i wanted to build a life for myself. but sudden. fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears was coming up. on house talk on w. clone they do the still superhero funimation the chapters the smart women smart talks smart strange the legend is it by no means missed out on are increasingly dangerous times. made from. germany street by street. the most colorful.
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so this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight france honoring a fallen hero president in mind on leads tributes to the police officer killed in last week's terrorist attack he died after offering himself in exchange for a hostage also coming up pomp and pageantry and for kim jong un it began as a secret meeting but we now know that china gave north korea's leader a lavish welcome kim reportedly you sure and china's president xi that he is committed to.


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