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you know. this is live from berlin tonight france honoring a fallen hero president leads tributes to the police officer killed in last week's terrorist attack he died after offering himself in exchange for a hostage also coming up pomp and pageantry for kim jong un it began as a secret meeting but we now know that china gave north korea's leader a lavish welcome kim reportedly you sure and china's president xi that he is committed to denuclearization and
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a national day of mourning in russia funerals have been going on for some of these sixty four victims of that deadly fire in this shopping mall many of the dead were children. golf it's good to have you with us friend says been paying homage to the policeman killed in last week's terror attack lieutenant colonel our new top died of his wounds after offering himself in exchange for a female hostage there were ceremonies across the nation president emanuel led the tributes in the capital paris. the nation honors its hero. french president emmanuel mccaughan awards the legion of honor to are not built from its france's highest honor but it can only be laid on the coffin of the
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police officer who has given his own life for that of a stranger. for the first set of this year we stood up against islamist aggression against hatred. and against the madness of killing he by for bravery of a single man he reminded us all of the very heart of our nation the french spirit of resistance beltran was one of the first officers to respond to the deadly hostage siege in tray of the special forces officer died of his injuries a day later initiating a further outpouring of praise for the forty four year old sacrifice as events unfolded at this supermarket biltong traded places with a female hostage who is being used as a human shield by the attacker it wasn't just his act of self-sacrifice that helped end the siege beltran cleverly left his mobile phone on so that police officers could hear what was happening inside then after hearing gunshots reinforcements
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went in shooting the twenty six year old islamist attacker and ending the four hour ordeal. there tom died for his country and his memory will live on in france today his nation saluted its hero. and gave him a most distinguished sendoff. also in paris a memorial march was held for an eighty five year old holocaust survivor who was murdered in her home in this it thousands marched through the french capital in memory of marine snow and to protest against a wave of anti-semitic attacks against france or across france rather firefighters discovered gentles a partially burned body after being called to a fire in her apartment in the east of paris she had been stabbed several times police have arrested a neighbor and another suspect lisa lewis attended the memorial march today and she
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captured the mood in paris for. thousands have gathered today to pay tribute to me they can all and eighty five year old jewish lady who last friday was stabbed and burnt in what authorities are now calling an anti semitic murder just people here have been telling me that they feel increasingly threatened in france the country earlier today pay tribute to i don't know but a policeman who last friday during a terror attack on a supermarket exchanged his own live against the last hostages this is a day of mourning for france but also a day when many people feel that they have to stand united in the face of danger because giving in is just not an option. lisa lu is there reporting from paris here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world british police investigating the poisoning of sergei and yulia script all say they
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believe the former russian double agent and his daughter first came into contact with the nerve agent at their front door britain has blamed russia which denies any involvement london and its allies have expelled a large number of diplomats in retaliation for the attack following a senate vote the irish government has announced may twenty fifth as the date for a referendum that could liberalize the country's abortion laws abortion is illegal under current legislation unless there is a serious risk to the life of the mother women convicted of having an unlawful of abortion face up to fourteen years in prison. polls have closed and counting is underway in egypt's presidential election voting took place over three days with turnout appearing to be rather a load of the vote is said to hand the president a abdel fattah el-sisi a landslide win for a second term. well after days of rumors it has been confirmed that north korea's
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leader kim jong un did visit china this week his meeting with the chinese president xi jinping was kept under wraps until after he left yesterday and the hope is that this is the prelude to talks on nuclear disarmament today a u.s. president on trial tweeted that he'd received a message from president xi saying that the meeting had gone well and that north korea's leader was looking forward to meeting him mr trump went on to say that until then u.s. sanctions would remain in place and that pressure must be maintained at all cost well here's more on kim jong un's first foreign trip since he took. heavy security for an unnamed visitor making their way through beijing. then pomp and ceremony as a mysterious individual is confirmed as none other the north korean leader kim jong un it's a historic moment as kim's first diplomatic trip outside the rogue nation since he
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took power in twenty eleven. rumors had been circulating for days that the mysterious armored train crossing the yellow river from pyongyang had kim on board but it was only confirmed after kim and his wife were safely back home. according to china's state news agency she pressed kim on north korea giving up nuclear weapons kim apparently replied quote the issue of denuclearization of the korean peninsula can be resolved if south korea and the united states respond to our efforts with good will create an atmosphere of peace and stability while taking progress even synchronous measures for the realisation of peace but many are skeptical about whether or not kim jong un would really scale down the program after the north korean government has worked so hard to celebrate its development. a little look i don't think he will officially declared the nuclear is asian because he has been emphasizing the importance of nuclear weapons
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a lot he has particularly been stressing that the nuclear program makes the country strong and that the country can defeat the united states with it he can't totally change that stance all at once. but others think kim could use disarmament to his advantage. kim jong un would seek to propagate the idea that he persuaded the u.s. and the international community to essentially surrender by having carefully mustered nuclear weapons so. the china visit comes ahead of a historic summit between north and south korea for april that meeting is expected to further focus on denuclearization. well i'm joined now by our correspondent in washington clare richardson good evening to you claire so we know that kim jong un spent four days in china that is a long time plenty of time for talks and we also understand that the u.s.
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president's double trouble he was informed about this meeting by the chinese president do we know exactly what the chinese president told mr trump about those talks. hi branch well trump says she told him that the meeting went well with him and the official reports we've seen coming out of both north korea and china seem to bear that out they downplayed any tensions to emphasize a good working relationship between the two countries now remember china has traditionally been a major ally for north korea but its more recent support for u.n. sanctions on pyongyang has really put a strain on their ties so the point of this meeting for china at least seems to be largely an effort to save face to try and present itself as a relevant player in any north korean talks after south korea and the u.s. have been the ones making headlines but this meeting with china also is likely to boost north korea as a leverage in any possible the meeting with the trump having beijing on their side
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will buy them some wiggle room in terms of having a partner that could for example help soften trade restrictions you know the that's a very good point especially that you make about the charges president when we look at the u.s. president you know he was known for calling the north korean leader the rocket man and today he tweeted that he believes that the north korean leader will do what is right for all of humanity that's quite a it's quite a change in his perception of the north korean leader i mean were do you think that's coming from. that certainly is quite a turn from the kind of language we saw earlier on in terms of presidency and now he really wants to be seen as the president who finally got north korea to give up its nuclear weapons and so we've seen a complete scaling back of that language we've seen trump say that it is his tough policies toward north korea that are what have finally brought it to the table what
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he calls his maximum pressure policy but it seems like there's a likelihood that the north is going to give up its nuclear program in talks of trump is pretty unrealistic the north sees its nuclear program in many ways as essential to its very survival and the u.s. would have to make potentially enormous concessions to even move forward with clear eyes ation which of course would not fit in with trump's narrative that he's going to be the one to bring kim jong un into line yeah you know you're judging on the concessions there that have to come from the united states and also from north korea you know that requires a lot of homework do we know how the u.s. president is preparing for these talks with the north korean leader. he seems to prepared for it by shaking up the united states top officials who are in charge of foreign policy to bring in people who are more ideologically aligned with president from for example we've just seen john bolton
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a super war hawk an advocate of military strikes on north korea named national security advisor that's going to send a very alarming message not just to the world but to north korea especially and they'll also be watching what he does in other areas of foreign policy like when it comes to the iran deal they're going to be waiting to see whether the u.s. is good for its word when it comes to negotiating long term international agreements our correspondent in washington clear richardson on the story for us tonight clear thank you very much. well funerals have taken place in siberia for victims of the weekend shopping mall fire rush observed a day of mourning but the heartache was mixed with anger many people believe the authorities are trying to cover up lax safety standards standards that they believe resulted in so many lives lost. the size of the coffin showed the scale of this tragedy most of the victims of the fire with children these parents lost that daughter and son ten year old masha and
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eight year old cost jett died alongside their grandmother. even those used to dealing with death find it hard to comprehend. we're all suffering from grief there are no words to express the pain we feel. the personal tragedies have touched the entire country. but they've all said provoked an outpouring of anger people here are desperate for justice they want to know whether all this could have been avoided. those trying to escape the mole found many emergency exits blocked. children were also reportedly left locked inside a cinema while stuff lads. the day my daughter was found among the first victims she trying to protect two children my granddaughter and her friend to do it
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she hugged them and they lay underneath her i do not understand why the staff did not open up the cinema. more simple the authorities need to take measures find the guilty and punish them accordingly. seen from about the damage to the morning's clear but what's not so clear are the circumstances behind the fire furious locals suspect a cover up so far five people responsible for fire safety have been detained including the most direct from oh my i'm a mother myself i perfectly understand what people who are now burying their children are experiencing i know what they're going through but i don't want to blame myself for this i just don't. the government has promised those that folks will be harshly punished but will relatives believe officials when they say justice has been done. and here's a reminder that top story we're following for you french president emanuel my call has led tributes to the police officer killed last week in
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a terror attack lieutenant colonel. died after he exchanged himself for a hostage. reminded the fringe of their spirit of resistance. you're up to date with the t.v. news we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news. where i come from we had to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers what official information as a journalist i have worked on the streets of many can trust and that wall will sow .


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