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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2018 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin rivals north and south korea set the date for an upcoming summit both sides meet for high level talks in the demilitarized zone no two leaders are set to meet in april amid a global push to end a nuclear standoff with the north also on the show only a few weeks into its term chancellor angela merkel's government is off to
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a shaky start exploring the tensions within her cabinet. plus a suspected weapons trafficker wanted by german authorities arrested in hungary he's allegedly selling guns to be used against migrants. and with breaks in exactly one year away fears for workers futures are growing we'll meet a labor leader who believes u.k. workers will pay the price once e.u. regulations become a thing of the past. and complex those drawn entirely from memory will marvel at a london artist's extraordinary time. hello i'm terry march and good to have you with us. a summit between south korean
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president moon j n and north korean leader kim jong un will take place on april twenty seventh the announcement comes after senior negotiators from both sides held talks in the border village of. the officials also discussed the agenda for the summit which was agreed to earlier this month it's the latest development in a recent escalation of tensions between the rival nations. well for more now let's cross over to reuters correspondent john smith he's standing by for us in seoul hi josh show what are the envoys of north and south korea actually discussing at their meetings is it just protocol and logistics or all those substantive issues on their agenda. well as you mentioned the big news out of it is the exact date of when kim jong un and south korea's president moon will meet regardless of what they actually decide to discuss
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at that meeting it's a historic summit between the two leaders the first between the two leaders of south and north korea in the years and will be the first time that a leader from north korea actually steps in to south korea so while much remains to be worked out by both sides over exactly what will be on the agenda what proposals might come up during that just the symbolism of it. makes this a very historic moment now there's a flurry of diplomatic activity coming out of north korea at the moment this latest development between the north and south korea this comes just after china confirms that it hosted a visit earlier this week by north korean leader kim jong il and what role is china playing in north korea's diplomatic offensive. well china's relationship with north korea has been said to have deteriorated in
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recent years and they have increased some of their sanctions in force me on north korea at the behest of u.s. president donald trump however many observers see this visit by came to beijing as a way to strengthen his hand a head of these summits both with moon and potentially with trump later this year this is seen as possibly a way to get china to soften some of its stance towards north korea we knew some of their old friendship and potentially give north korea. more leverage in these upcoming talks for years north korea seem to enjoy isolated status suddenly it's on this big offensive we've got meetings with china got one with south korea coming up now help us present down from said just hours ago that he's looking forward to meeting kim jong what is north korea aiming for with this unprecedented series of meetings. well as outlined by kim he's asked
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for basically international recognition of his country as a nuclear power. as well as softening of the international sanctions that the u.n. united states and other international countries have imposed on north korea because of that nuclear weapons program and the united states has in the past said that it would only talking with if it committed to giving up the nuclear weapons in syria kim says that he is willing to discuss that which is something that has led to some of these flurry of control summits now how committed he is to tackling reality however remains to be seen. ok thank you so much joy that was so reuters correspondent joe smith there talking to us from seoul south korea. nobel peace laureate malala yousafzai has returned to her home country of pakistan
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it's her first visit since she was shot in the face six years ago by the taliban for promoting education for girls a lot and now lives and studies in britain she's expected to stay in pakistan for four days. authorities in venezuela say at least sixty eight people are dead after a riot inside prison cells at a police station there were also clashes outside the station between police and crowds demanding to know if their loved ones were still alive or rights group says it believes the riot began after an armed inmate shot an officer in the leg. and polls have closed and counting is underway in egypt's presidential election butting took place over three days with turnout appearing to be rather low to the boat is set to hand president sisi a landslide win for a second term. now he's been on the run from police for years
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a thirty four year old german right wing extremist is accused of illegally selling weapons through a website that urge citizens to defend themselves against migrants prosecutors also believe the man ran website spreading anti migrant and anti semitic hate he was arrested in budapest early yesterday. and internet video meant to encourage wait in silence using german politicians as targets. shrake coolest good to refute g.'s is the name of the online cilla he features rice's tirades against refugees in sales piece tools for use against them. in budapest the website's alleged operator was a wristed at the request of berlin prosecutors he could face years in jail in at least one hundred ninety three cases he allegedly delivered weapons and rubber bullets to germany. and. these weapons are extremely dangerous because they are
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capable of penetrating human muscle tissue as well as skin and bones these are not low power weapons five the authorities are concerned about more than weapons dealing suspected height speech on various websites is also playing a role in the investigation the men who went underground in hungary is mario he's refused to comment on the allegations against him from twenty fourteen he joined and he refugee demonstrations in eastern germany a year later he accosted journalists on camera at a demonstration for the far right alternative for germany. oh the god carmel get on the streets true you journalists but stop reporting this crap. is evidence that until twenty six jane lynch was behind the pages of right wing groups like anonymous collective it smear campaigns misinformation and conspiracy theories garnered up to two million likes on facebook it masqueraded as part of the usually
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left wing anonymous network german greens politician foca beck is a victim of anonymous collective smear campaigns he took legal action in twenty six jane. my motivation to file a complaint was simply the sixty death threats on this group's website that's not something you should take lying down you have to show it the rule of law can strike back hoft is after facebook banned the signing twenty seventeen it's now posted on a russian server where it publishes a newsletter and a blog its contents are often anti semitic and glorify the third reich. is a vienna based group that educates on internet abuse it's been following going just case for years and. it's a first step that something has been done someone's been arrested and finally legal
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proceedings can take place this website is a special case because it had a high reach the gap that it left won't be filled so easily. but there is a constant flow of new pages and offerings after me glanton she disappeared following a crackdown a similar page called patriot shop with a russian domain name popped up it's not noir news mario and she's involved here to the fight against hate and online incitement is not getting easier. well in paris crowds took to the streets in tribute to an eighty five year old holocaust survivor who was killed in what's believed to have been an anti semitic attack but some attending politicians came in for rough treatment french far right leader marine le pen was among those who long those boudin joss although she joined the march her party the national front has been accused of having anti semites in
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its ranks the demonstration was held for maria canola who was stabbed to death in her paris apartment which was then set ablaze. for staying in france the slain hero of last week's terrorist attack in the country's south is to be buried later today policeman on know about tom was fatally wounded by an islamist militant after changing places with the hostage french president manuel mccall led a solemn ceremony for betty in paris on wednesday the forty four year old policeman was hailed as a symbol of french resistance and posthumously awarded france's highest honor. well here in germany it's now three two weeks into chancellor i can america's latest term of office and it seems her own cabinet is becoming a bit of a problem some of her ministers from her own conservative bloc of openly questioned merkel's past positions and alienated her coalition partners the center left social democrats take
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a look at the new german leadership's rocky start. politics can be confusing. especially at the government's first press conference two weeks ago. new interior minister horst say hall fire started the ball rolling with this friday and slip. i'm with my future ministry with my homeland i have the homelands museum i mean homelands ministry. which i established in bavaria this is all people at the beginning were always smirking at that making fun of it. but not so many laughter it's a hope as first political moves in the role including bringing up and all that we mark that split public opinion. in an interview hole for said that islam does not belong to germany chancellor angela merkel contradicted him it was a veritable slugfest within their own ranks still chancellor merkel has all the
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reason in the world to laugh she's back as head of government after six months of being in limbo everything could have been so smooth were not for the adversarial exchanges. yet spawn the loudest critic of markel in the c.d.u. is now even part of the cabinet he's also a bit too loud for many of his colleagues in the party a lot of members are upset with him because of his controversial remarks regarding abortions and welfare benefits and internally germany's handling of foreign affairs is also a hot topic in germany got involved to regarding the alleged nerve agent attack on former russian double agent sergei script hall and his daughter expelled for russian diplomats from berlin causing increased tension between russia and germany the former president of catalonia karla's pushed them on was taken into custody in germany and so now it is suddenly a player in spain's dispute over catalonia as attempted independence germany is
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also affected by facebook's alleged data harvesting it wants answers justice minister catalina barley is now taking on the internet giant. and then there's the threat by u.s. president donald trump to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum that's put new economy minister pater altmire in crisis mode in his first few weeks in office. germany's new government seems to be stumbling out of the starting blocks in many ways it has itself to blame for some of the problems but not for others however what is clear is that it's not going to be an easy time for medical and her ministers. for more on the first steps and missteps of germany's new government let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady good morning kate very interesting stuff there chancellor merkel's new cabinet has only been in place for two weeks and already there's a lot to talk about you can't really call it
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a smooth start let's begin by talking about the interior minister horst z. who he's an arch conservative from the very a up until recently was state premier of the very very well known figure we saw in our report that he's no stranger to controversy now he's also raised eyebrows with a picture of of his of his senior staff well let's take a look at that if we can get to pull that up for our viewers we got eight deputies in this picture let's hope we can get that picture rolling for you do we have it there it is. that he's there with say hope in the middle and the group is entirely male it's a bit smaller than your screen maybe but believe me every one of those is a man not a single woman in sight how's that gone down can't. we it's important to point out first of all as well that that fight's who is actually since being removed from the interior ministry website kind of to if it can't be seen then it's not that but of course the team now for the interior ministry is completely made up of men and it
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was same very much as a backward step particularly after there was so much effort when the new cabinet was being built to make sure that there were more women holding ministerial positions are now of course seven included in that team of cabinet of sixteen ministers and there were very tongue in cheek reactions as well particularly on social media some people commenting for example clearly women belong to germany as much as if i am now i have to point out that that is a very specific reference to a comment made by say hoffa just a couple of weeks ago when he reignited this debate over islams role in germany and germany and he said that islam is not pots of money and so this would really seen as a backward step. quite a backward step here he really got a lot of flack from that i heard one comment he was actually told to resign or point to point a woman to his senior staff or resign and socially his ministry said they would put
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that photo back up as soon as all of those people were confirmed. now moving on to another interesting figure in the cabinet jaensch bonn the new health care minister he's been a bit of a thorn in the side for a chance of michael at times he's ruffled feathers already in his new position with his comments on abortion and welfare recipients are cabinet members like bon and horst say who are going to put a more conservative stamp on this government under chancellor it is likely that at least trying to attempt to put a more conservative stamp as you call it on this on the parties as well as well as the government because like the social democrats all of the three parties involved in this coalition has said that they're going to work on redefining that pacis profiles as well but it isn't really a surprise that young has already been ruffling some feathers that was expected and it really was seen as a compromise by him being given the health minister position as
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a compromise from merkel to satisfy the more conservative weighing of her pa and then on top of that you have jose wolf in the c.s.u. as well of course there's the election him buy in in september as well why they will be hoping to gain back votes that they lost in september just quickly kate in terms of foreign policy chancellor merkel's already facing a lot of big challenges what you see is the crucial challenges coming up for her i think and travel to immediately after the cabinet was formed really reflects where germany's priorities are now when it comes to foreign policy which included paris straight away and that concerns that reforms e.u. reforms but also i always say the big story this week as well is russia and that is already causing divisions within the coalition regarding this response over the script that plays a thing in the u.k. a lot going on there are political correspondent kate brady thanks so much.
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cycle it now well since coming up we've got steven will sure can control detail panoramas entirely from memory after only a brief glimpse of the cityscape we take a look at this artist's extraordinary ability. ok it already mentioned relations with russia that's also on the but business agenda of course a lot of the has more yep it's causing quite a headache terry german business leaders have high hopes that the tonnage relations between germany and russia would improve in twenty eighteen instead things could deteriorate further than is expanding for diplomats the german government is joining other european states and washington and a concerted response to a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy in england which britain blames on moscow german industry fear as this new diplomatic crisis could crush business ties with russia. it's been
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hard to come by any positive news about german russian trade relations these days that's because of the reciprocal sanctions in effect. germany's recent decision to go ahead with building north stream to a gas pipeline that will transport natural gas to the e.u. one day is welcome news. the other good news is that trade between germany and russia picked up last year. it declined significantly in twenty fifteen falling almost twenty four percent following russia's annexation of crimea the year before by lateral trade hit rock bottom in twenty sixteen before starting to rise again in twenty seventeen. but once again relations between russia and the west are turning sour new e.u. sanctions could be on the horizon in response to the attack on former russian spy sergey scree prada the german committee on eastern european economic relations is concerned. its chairman both gambusia said it is important
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not to enter into a spiral of escalation this would only produce losers also on the economic side. german businesses are hoping for a diplomatic resolution in this group all case otherwise the already tainted relations between russia and the west could get even worse. for more on the future of german russian business relations i'm joined by did yuri rush a toll in moscow. so we just heard german business leaders are worried about the latest diplomatic crisis and its impact on business relations what are their russian counterparts saying well of course money to russian companies are also subject to sanctions and to the latest diplomatic crisis some can no longer procure spare parts from abroad we're talking here about the knowledge the aircraft industry in mechanical engineering and sell on other companies have funding
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problems by the way it is also affected german companies loans are hard to come by when it comes to doing business with russia and as for russian british diplomatic tensions particularly i don't believe actions taken so far by the u.k. government will have a direct impact on their own russian businessmen basted acting in london for example i don't believe even that sanctions will reach putin and his associates the main impact will be that russians face more barriers to visiting the u.k. negatively impacting tourism and to the opportunity for russian people to experience the best of culture so what impact then does this have on ordinary russians i mean they've lived with western sanctions for for quite some time now how does that impact their daily lives. well it's the other way around thanks to russian propaganda and the state run media and when he got the narrative of a circle of enemies which is becoming ever closer to russia is very widespread the
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heart of the best punished russia has been more stable putin's position seems to be at least for the broad population according to the not or nothing can unite as more than the heart rate trait of a common enemy s for shops grocery stores and they are still doing well the problem here in russia for people is not the lack of goods but the rising prices now. you know have having a common enemy that image also helped put in to be reelected now him being reelected means some kind of stability for russia at least politically but what's it mean for the economy well of course a stable government is always good and putin is comfortable with elections should have a cold effect on the economy in the democracy that would apply but russia is not a real democracy putin through popularity will show as soon as the ruble falls or
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the stores run out of food those who understand how economics works know that isolation doesn't lead anywhere and russia is already totally isolated at least from the western world which is where money is actually available. there in moscow thank you so much for this. i care in germany dima and to b.m.w. are teaming up the two german car makers saying they merge their offerings in cars sharing right hailing apps and systems for charging electric cars with their car to go and to drive now brands under one roof the old guard of the automotive industry hope to take on a new breed of tech savvy competitors. diam learned b.m.w. are fierce competitors and they're going to remain so but when it comes to their car sharing divisions the two have become collaborators dialers card to go and
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b.m.w.'s drive now are set to merge creating a combined member base of four million drivers they rent the cars by the minute picking them up and dropping them off flexibly within city limits the joint fleet will have around twenty thousand cars in them in thirty cities across europe and north america and one city in china car to go has been operating in eight countries while b.m.w.'s drive now has been available in nine for members nothing will change for now down the road however the two car makers say the aim is to expand mobility services an electric transport working closely with the urban authorities it's also a way of staving off competition for mobility mavericks like. all right terry how does your memory maybe not as good as yours and certainly not as good as the man we're about to meet in this report he looks at the photo and can see amazing things if you look at a photo of the met if you looked at the photo of the manhattan skyline think about this just for a few seconds you think you could really remember all the detail well this guy can
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you're about to meet a man who not only can do that but he can also paint an accurate picture of what he's seen the photographic memory on and art of steven will show. for. extraordinary drawings of buildings and cityscapes from around the world. artists stephen roach is able to recreate from memory incredible day trial for. the love teens working on the number rises concern. me are hard work and love my job. the result is startlingly close to reality.
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but. i think potent stuff and stuff it means. concentration. memorized by my mind. as a child stephen bullshit was news to age three he was diagnosed with autism by the age of five he started to draw and through his art was able to communicate with the outside world will cheer went on to a numerous awards and study at city and guilds of london art school. his work is constantly evolving. i think it might get better during our joy felt like. doing the best in our lives stop. his critically acclaimed art has taken him around the world. like new york has not best. placed in.
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many times. by. singapore hong kong and. stevens next stop is los angeles another city to add to his extraordinary memory. destroying they're going to have a big special on and greg said which is just one year away coming up just like. whatever the cows don't eat ends up in the poconos. then you're known as a pioneer when it comes to making paper. and it's wrong material of choice fizz has . the pros much faster than would. be cheaper and more environmentally friendly.
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and the supply chain is very short. tomorrow today in sixty minutes called d w. climate change. waist length pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire other. people when it comes to be employment magazines. long d.w. . birth. home to those of species. a home worth saving code those are big changes and most start with small steps global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the
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world. by ideas the protect the climate boost green energy solutions and reforestation. it was out of people you cannot protect the forest. interactive content teaching the next generation about environmental to touch it. seems and all channels available to inspire people to take action and we determined to build something here for the next generation a long long tedious feeling barmen series of global three thousand on t.w. and on line. welcome back or d. w. news i'm terry martin our top story high level officials from north and south korea have held talks to prepare for an april summit between their leaders two sides met in the demilitarized zone denuclearization is expected to be a key point of discussion in the upcoming sometimes. breaks it is
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just twelve months away to mark the occasion british prime minister theresa may will kick off a day long tour of the u.k. e.u. leaders have approved guidelines on future relations with britain and on a post brags that transition period it's just the latest milestone on a long and winding road. it's forty four years after joining the european union britain's ambassador to the e.u. delivers the breck that notification letter in brussels to the u.k. formally triggers article fifty two leave the european club. so. six pages. their notification. that there is a triggering article fifteen. britain's next it is now officially set for march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen. the.
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june two thousand and seventeen snap election backfires for theresa may. government is fragile. this government will guide the country through the crucial steps towards let's begin in just ten days. they begin with a huge compromise britain's press secretary david davis agrees that trade talks will have to wait until sufficient progress has been made on the. citizen rights and the irish border we want to find a solution without. any kind of border but the u.k. offers no solutions and only draws red lines david davis has told the u.k. will not be allowed to cherry pick the u.k. it wants to take back control wants to adoptive own stand outs and regulation.
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but it also wants to have each town dogs recognized automatically indeed this is simply impossible. for the british prime minister with a charm offensive in a high profile speech he probably. that the u.k. will honor its financial commitments in full. for success of the e.u. it's profoundly in national interest of the wider world. while they are waiting for the u.k. the e.u. acts in november two thousand and seventeen that you agencies based in london are relocated to the continent. selected. to be the new seat of the european agency and paris to be the new seat of the european banking gages october two thousand and seventeen and there is still not been sufficient progress the european parliament votes against proceeding to the second face the
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breakthrough comes only in december went to reason may agree to a backstop solution for northern ireland the e.u. paves the way for face to sufficient cloak i suppose not being made on the street terms of the usual march two thousand and eighteen the u.k. is granted the transition phase but on europe the final goodbye is pushed back by almost two years the deal was struck today should give us confidence that a good deal for the united kingdom and the european union is closer than ever before. but the clock is ticking and key issues are yet to be agreed. so there's an introduction to the to the brakes it seem we're going to be talking about a lot in the next half hour we've got john worth an e.u. citizen with a u.k. passport and a blogger who writes a lot about the u.k. and the e.u.
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will come back to you in just a moment john stay with us but first we're going to go over to the u.k. where our correspondent big mass is standing by for us to get a good morning to you with just one year to go what's the mood in the u.k. regarding breaks. well i think the mood is something generally of resignation if you look at the opinion polls it's still sort of fifty fifty of people wanting to go and leave the e.u. and others who want to who want to stay i mean it has shifted slightly there is a slight majority for people to remain but it's only a slight shift so those people who feel for the e.u. most of them i would say have resigned to it and have thinking well you know it's doesn't really look at this point in time like like something could change and then there are others obviously brics who are still quite passionate are they really
8:36 am
want to go there looking forward and they really cannot wait so the mood of course depends on which side of the divide your own but i think the general sense is that this is something that will happen even though people do know that it probably is going to hurt him in every cannot mix an area with every possible deal or no deal is going to harm the u.k. economy people know that but still the sense is it is actually going to happen ok well technically it's supposed to happen one in exactly one year from now brigs a die hard they might see it as the sun coming out in a year but what about those opposed to it that they have the feeling that they're about to fall off a cliff. yes for sure i mean there are people and they have come out. just fairly recently actually and much bigger numbers they are passionate about the u.n.
8:37 am
they really feel this passion only after breck's it for example one one passed nice. so-called e.u. supergirl she's one of the leading figures in the anti breaks and movement said i did not campaign before the referendum but now i know that the e.u. represents the values that i really really treasure and she's at the forefront of the fight against rex's and people are campaigning they are campaigning and universities are trying to ignite young people's attention they want young people to stand up because young people are those who haven't voted for breaks in the majority they want to become active to mobilize others noted to try and create a momentum against breaks in and there are a lot of people thousands of them but at the moment it does doesn't look like it is enough even those m.p.'s in the house of parliament that are pro remain that never really wanted bricks and they can see most of them at the moment how it can be
8:38 am
averted ok there are people on both sides of this debate you mentioned that the u.k. is very much split over breaks it still but there are people on both sides who are saying well we should just have a rerun of the referendum to decide this matter once and for all any chance of that still happening. well those who are fighting for a second referendum mostly on the remain side because people who advocate direct i mean they can really only loose it's mainly mainers who are fighting for it and as i said mendham is and the liberal democrats are the only party and that would have to go through parliament a second referendum would have to be something that parliaments decides that this is going to happen so the liberal democrats the tiny party actually the only ones who really have that as as a program the conservatives and labor are not really advocating as the majority for a second referendum so the movement is
8:39 am
a very long shot there could be for example no the nala and if the talks fail if northern ireland if that question can't be solved then it's an area where second referendum might come into play but at the moment doesn't look like it ok thank you so much did have a correspondent in london well here in the studio we've got john worth for with us he's a citizen with the u.k. passport he's a blogger who writes a lot about this like to pick up on a couple of issues the biggest mentioned john but first let's just open up the discussion by talking about these huge issues that were part of the brags that negotiations still pardon and still ongoing to what degree some of these big issues been resolved all of the main issues from twelve months ago when this the exit process started even the time the referendum all of those big issues remain still on the table what is britain's relationship with the european union after breaks it
8:40 am
going to look like we still don't know how is the northern ireland border issue going to be solved we still don't know. what is britain's future economic relationships with the european countries going to look like again no hope so ultimately what seems to be happening at the moment is the british are trying to kind of push forward the issues rather than solving them they're trying to buy themselves time if you lie. and that was a little bit what what big it was saying there it feels that that is if they're talking about advancing in the negotiations but not much is actually happening at the moment and they've even negotiated this two year transition period now which seems to give everybody a little more breathing space but it still left these big issues unresolved mention northern ireland the seems to be maybe the biggest obstacle of all what are the prospects of a dressing i don't think there is a serious way of managing to address that problem and the british government is definitely not taking the the irish board issue adequately seriously the e.u. sorry it knows it's very hard to solve and essentially said at the end of the day
8:41 am
they have the so-called backstop which basically says keep northern ireland in the european union single market in order to avoid a hardboard the british government keeps on talking about innovative and creative solutions for the border issue but they don't know what those mean they don't know how to do them and they definitely don't know how to do them by march two thousand and nineteen or even as you say with this two year an extension period until the end of twenty twenty something like that so the northern ireland border is the big big issue in the brics and gauche ations what we simply do not know how to solve it and the british government is also i must say not paying antiquity attention to that to that issue at the moment now you mentioned that there's still are some big unresolved issues but as big it mentioned the people in britain are still very much split over brags that there's an roughly half the people are still really looking forward to this thing when it was announced there were there were positive benefits that were held up said you know there's going to be going to be great things coming with bragg's it are those still can they still be expected. i would like to
8:42 am
quibble to a certain extent with your question that i don't know whether anyone in the general population was simple optimistic about the opportunities of rights it. was a referendum that was complete that was fourteen or of a negative way so the extent to which it is positive passions on either side i'm i debate that somewhat but nevertheless. the economic situation has worsened for the u.k. to a certain extent but again if you ask people who are in favor breaks it with your own economic situation being negatively impacted by bricks if they say no we still don't think so we still think that we individually are going to be ok see some benefit from this i mean is it purely just an emotional identity thing or do they there were a couple of reasons the think the first thing that they still believe will ultimately happen is control of immigration despite the fact that the areas that voted for brakes which are some of the areas that have the lowest levels of immigration is obviously a contradiction that there's also this this effort that was kind of the people giving the elites a good kick and that that sentiment remains to this day we want to bear in mind
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though is that there is a distinction between what the political system is talking about what people like us are talking about on shows like this and whether or not she breaches the general population because at the moment the news is full of bricks it but the positions are so concrete it feels like nothing is changing and so therefore trying to persuade people to switch sides is very very difficult in the british political debate john thank you so much for talking with. you u.k. passport holder but if you e.u. citizen you destroy a longer. john worth blogger do check him out online thanks for talking with us this morning. well here at the news we're closely following the twists and turns on the road to brag that our reporters lourdes show sick bigot must bend to get what matters are traveling around europe and the u.k. trying to understand the full impact of the upcoming divorce when britain and the e.u.
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they've filed some excellent reports on the uncertainty the challenges the hopes and aspirations of those affected you find our special coverage in our series road rags at all on our website that's at. dot com. well the british economy is obviously a big subject here not to mention the e.u. economy how has the british colony been fairing since the country decided to leave the european union say look at the numbers last year the euro zone's economy expanded more than two percent but the growth rates in the united kingdom when their g.d.p. rose just one and a half percent and this year the british column is expected to grow even slower now that weaker economic outlook is also weighing on the pound its value has plummeted fifteen percent since the braggs referendum of june two thousand and sixteen a weaker currency course makes exports more competitive but imports have become
8:45 am
more expensive and that has an impact on inflation which has risen more than three percent its highest point in five years that economic climate has led to increased boring average household debt that is debt as a portion of income now totals around one hundred fifty percent pretty high that's the second highest rate indeed after canada of any advanced economy. well the overall economic situation is not the only worry in a break that u.k. trade unions in britain fear a significant decline in employment rights once standards are no longer valid our correspondents visited it concerned union leader. was a way was. for the worst case scenario is that britain mans up as a kind of single poor on the edge if you are competing on the basis of the very few
8:46 am
nation. towns reach pranks. and francis so grazy and the general secretary of the t.t.c. which is the umbrella organization folk trade unions in the u.k. . for me bracks it represents a real risk to workers jobs their livelihoods and their rights at work let's be brave let's think big and let's talk about. the prime minister restrict key on bread lines she's got lots of she's ruled out staying in the customs union and in the single markets which would protect shops my argument is that working people across europe have an interest in defending a level playing field on workers' rights what we don't want to see is firms using british workers to undercut german or french workers and end up in
8:47 am
a race to the bottom. i met masoud barzani a today and his message was very clear that if the prime minister of britain sticks to her red lines of coming out of the single market and customs union then or we're left with is the option of the free trade deal and that. poses real threats toward his rights their livelihoods and their jobs some of the heart of bricks it is him pleading in the conservative plan to see blacks as an opportunity to slash and burn. rights and standards that trade unionists have fought for over for generations and that our job is to stop them you know these rights that we can bind together scenes across europe to quit like tennessee rights equal pay for who could
8:48 am
be equal value these are rights that really matter. i think we have to make compromises you know but it's also because when i look at the alternatives whose rules would i rather play by i would rather play by the rules of the single market in the customs union in perfect though it may be the be told by president trump what should happen twice stated to start. well for more perspective on this whole discussion about bragg's it in its impact on the labor market and labor laws let's bring in horst mordant he's head of international affairs at germany's biggest trade union. how justified are the worries of your british colleagues. i can say that i agree with francis o'grady's remarks that to
8:49 am
a level playing field for workers is necessary i would say the fears and concerns of british workers. more than justify it we might face serious attacks on workers' rights in the u.k. and as a consequence also in other parts of the e.u. you say other parts of the you might also face difficulties why would that be why would the e.u. who suddenly workers in the e.u. suddenly find themselves subjected to a more difficult circumstances what consequences can employees in the e.u. expect from rights. well first of all i think it's sad to say that hardly anyone in europe is going to gain from brakes it may be competitors outside of europe do but for economic actors in the e.u. brics it will be cyril some exercise for workers and the corporate sector like
8:50 am
let's just take the car industry which is important for the u.k. but also for germany more than every second. from the u.k. is exported to the e.u. and the u.k. is the second biggest importer of german cars for instance ok so maybe the car industry there have something specific but i'm just trying to wrap my mind around this idea that workers in continental europe could be badly impacted by regs at leaving from a labor labor union point of view i mean some analysts say that with london the biggest anti regulation force in the e.u. leaving the rest of europe could take a more robust regulatory approach to business and labor policy don't you accept that argument. well it could be an opportunity there is an urgent need for a mall social e.u. and that is the need of the hour and a parent li. the e.u.
8:51 am
commission seems to have realized this if you look at the state of the union address of his own clothes in september two thousand and fifteen nine months before the brics it referendum he spoke of a fair and more just e.u. that would be necessary to shape the future of the e.u. in november last year political leaders adopted the european pillar of social rights it toolbox which contains a set of policies regarded to equal opportunities for access to labor markets and social policies so we would have loved as german labor unions to work on this to spell it out together with our british friends and colleagues will it be easier with out the british government sitting on the table difficult to say we do
8:52 am
have a number of member states that have a similar look towards the e.u. compared to the u.k. government that looked at the e.u. rather as a common market ok so then given that this is a pretty significant step and unions are already struggling in some cases how are trade unions preparing for brakes it. well we do have established corporation structures in europe there are more than two thousand two hundred european works councils with approximately fifteen thousand members many of them british origin or from companies set up in the u.k. there are consultation in information mechanisms which facilitate cooperation and
8:53 am
quite a number of these european works councils have members from non e.u. states like switzerland this is done on a voluntary basis and we will work hot with companies that they continue to do so host one the head of international affairs at the world's biggest trade in germany's biggest trading at least i-g. mittal thank you so much for talking with us thank you. sports australian cricket coach darren lehmann has apologized to the country's fans as the cheating scandal engulfing the game continues three players have been handed lengthy bans by their own country's governing body among them is steve smith a true modern icon of the game in australia in a sport that considers itself the very essence of fair play and country were top athletes become national heroes the scandal threatens to ruin careers and destroy reputations. steve smith heading home in disgrace the former a australia cricket
8:54 am
captain has been suspended from playing in or for australia for a year the same goes for vice captain david warner and that worries downton they're both players with due to play in the lucrative indian premier league this season now they may struggle to play any more cricket at home in twenty eight. we have. these two players can play. the scandal began during australia's match against south africa when batsman cameron bancroft was caught scraping the ball with sandpaper that can affect the way the ball moves in the air and could have given australia's bowlers an advantage. confessed that leading figures in the team were behind the plan. chief admitted the saga has reputation. but clearly this is. a huge amount of damage to the. hall and certainly.
8:55 am
the fans confidence and faith in cricket. and the players face more outright even the country's prime minister had strong words from. his cheating is is. look we all know he's a terrible describes. australia. for one hundred forty years but now the site needs to rebuild its reputation from scratch. and just forgo a reminder of the top story we're following for you here today on d w news envoy north have set a date of april twenty seventh for a summit between the two leaders denuclearization is expected to be key points of discussion. you can always get on the go with. the latest news from the world as well as push notifications.
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those storms starting april seventh on t w. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin rivals north and south korea has set the date for a rare summit. senior envoys meet at the border and choose april twenty seventh as the date their two leaders will meet this latest in the global push to curb the north's nuclear ambitions also on the show suspected weapons trafficker wanted by german authorities as.


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