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this is news coming to you live from berlin rivals north and south korea set the date for a rare summit senior envoys meet at the border and choose april twenty seventh as the date the two leaders will meet its latest in a global push to curb north the north's nuclear ambitions also in the show prison riots in venezuela turns into a death trap relatives of dozens killed by a fire that swept through the cells of the state police station are demanding answers. and with breaks of exactly one year away we meet
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a labor leader who believes u.k. workers will pay the price once the new regulations become a thing of the past. also on the program will marvel at a london artist's extraordinary talent complex panoramas drawn entirely from memory stephen will sure is a man with the world at his fingertips. hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us a summit between south korean president in a north korean leader kim jong un will take place on april twenty seventh the announcement comes after senior negotiators from both sides held talks in the border village of punjab penguin jom the officials also discussed the agenda for the summit which was agreed to earlier this month is the latest development in
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a recent deescalation of tensions between the rival nations. wonders correspondent josh smith is following the story from seoul show us what the envoys of north and south korea actually discussed in this preliminary meeting as you mentioned they nailed down the first concrete timeframe for holding this summit at the end of april they also agreed to some working level meetings between now and then to work out things like security and other logistics for what will obviously be quite a major meeting between the two leaders they did not release any more details on exactly what the agenda items will be however they did say that the big issues of denuclearizing north korea as well as improving into korean relations will be on the table now this meeting between north and south korean officials palos china's
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confirmation that it hosted a visit earlier this week by north korean leader kim jong un what role is china playing in north korea's diplomatic offensive. china has obviously had a long and close history with north korea but in recent years that relationship has suffered a bit especially as china signed on to some of the international sanctions that have been increasingly pressuring north korea over its nuclear weapons program however with this visit by came to beijing it does appear that north korea is trying to repair some of that relationship which highlights the importance that it puts on its relationship with china especially as it heads into the summit so with moon and with possibly u.s. president donald trump later on now kim jong un has traveled to beijing to meet the chinese leader he's scheduled to meet the south korean leader next month and the
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u.s. president says he's looking forward to meeting him soon to what is north korea aiming for with these meetings. well all of this diplomatic flurry really started when kim jong un gave his new year's speech earlier this year said that he would be sending a delegation to the winter olympics here in south korea and was open to improving relations not only with south korea but potentially with the united states since then we've seen them reach out to international leaders around the world what he has said he is interested in is international recognition for north korea as a responsible nuclear power the united states on the other hand has said that it will settle for nothing short of north korea completely giving up its nuclear weapons so whether all sides can find some kind of compromise within the summit so means to be seen josh we're also hearing that japan is considering
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a summit with north korea can you tell us anything about that. japan has a lot of worries about what's been going on japan has quite poor relations with north korea next it states japan is often singled out for threats from north korea and as this flurry of some planning has gone on they've been increasingly worried that they could be left behind and possibly some of their security concerns be left by the wayside so they've been reaching out to pyongyang and trying to arrange their own meetings to make sure that their interests are represented. thank you that was drawn from with their reuters correspondent in seoul south korea now dozens of people have died in a fire that swept through a venezuelan jail after a riot broke out both inmates and visitors are among the dead it's been reported
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that the fire started during an escape attempt clashes have erupted outside the station now between police and crowds demanding to know if their loved ones survived. the thoughts of this woman the wait is agony relatives have come to come about by a police station in desperation to find out if their loved ones are still alive but nobody will tell them. he can't get i don't know if my son is alive or dead because they won't give me any information he. you know not people that i can hear because i haven't heard anything about my brother since seven in the morning they say a lot of people are dead people and people were injured but no one knows whether the hero in the hospital will really where they are we don't know anything i'm not . angry and desperate the waiting crowds trying to break through police. had driven away with tear gas. reports indicate
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a prison riot started often armed inmates shot at a prison officer prisoners then set fire to much says and the blaze swept through the holding cells of corrupt police headquarters and is the way this chief prosecutor confirmed sixty eight people were killed. prison they've a crowding is common in venezuela and human rights groups have known complained about conditions for now the compound is blocked off but relatives waiting outside for news of the enough ones won't be leaving anytime soon. and let's take a look at some other stories making news around the world today nobel peace laureate malala the use of say has returned to her home country of pakistan it's her first visit since she was shot in the face six years ago by the taliban for promoting education for girls a lot and now lives in studies in britain she is expected to stay in pakistan for
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four days. no more twitter for julian assange ecuador's government says it's cutting off a saunders internet access from its london embassy there with the leaks founder has been holed up in the building since two thousand and twelve if there's extradition to the us of a leave the premises a court or said the decision was taken to prevent the australian from interfering in other countries affairs. and preliminary results show president abdel fattah el-sisi is leading egypt's presidential election according to a stated newspaper voting took place over three days with turnout appearing to be rather low the vote is set to hand a bill. sisi a landslide win for a second term as president breaks it is just twelve months away that's when great britain is center of the u.k. rather is set to formally give up its membership in the european union to mark the occasion british prime minister theresa may has kicked off
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a day long tour of the u.k. e.u. leaders have approved guidelines on future relations with britain and on post rights a transition period it's just the latest milestone on a long and winding road. for. forty four years off the joining the european union britain's ambassador to the e.u. deliver us the breck that notification left in brussels the u.k. has formally triggers an optical fifty to leave the european club. so it is. six pages. there notification from fragments that there is some triggering article fifty. britain sex it is now officially set for march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen or. we. think by. june two thousand and
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seventeen a snap election backfires for theresa may new government is fresh on. this government will guide the country through the crucial brecht steps towards let's begin in just ten a day progress has been made on the bill citizen rights and the irish border we want to find a solution without rebuilding any kind of border but the u.k. offers no solutions and only draws red lines david davis is told the u.k. will not be allowed to cherry pick the u.k. it wants to take back control wants to adopt its own stand outs and regulations. but it also wants to have some dogs recognized automatically indeed there she simply impossible. the british prime minister answers with
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a charm offensive in a high profile speech she promises that the u.k. will honor its financial commitments in full. the success of the e.u. is profoundly in our national interest and that of the wider world. while they are waiting for the u.k. the e.u. acts in november two thousand and seventeen the e.u. agencies based in london are relocated to the continent but to do so voting. we selected. to be the new seat of the european mid seems agency and paris to be the new seat of the european banking ations october two thousand and seventeen and there is still not been. progress the european parliament votes against proceeding to the second face the breakthrough comes only in december went to reason may agree to a back stop solution for northern ireland the e.u. paves the way for face to sufficient progress of those. terms
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of utils march two thousand and eighteen granted the transition phase but on europe the final goodbye is pushed back by almost two years the deal was struck today should give us confidence that a good deal for the united kingdom and the european union is closer than ever before. but the clock is ticking and key issues are yet to be agreed. for some analysis now on break so let's bring in john wirth citizen with the u.k. passport a blogger who writes on the e.u. and the u.k. and is based in berlin but moves a lot around europe understand because see john tree summations on a one day tour of the u.k. here just one year exactly before bragg's is supposed to finally happened what is so why is she doing this to her she's trying to reassure people that breaks it is going to be in their interests and she's going to all of the four countries of the
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u.k. she's starting in scotland then going to northern ireland northern england in south wales to try to reassure everyone in those places that bright city is going to do something good for them that's what she's at least trying to set out to do today and to show that the u.k. will stay together through the brics a process that's fault that's what. well it sounds like something a good thing to be doing given that what the country is is about to be headed into to break that she's trying to reassure the nation that's what leaders supposed to be doing why is she starting in scotland where she's going to a textile company in scotland the on going issue there about whether scotland the independence of scotland if she could return to the table. voted remain in the referendum and so they've been rumblings of discontent politically as well but is scotland being hurt by london during the breaks and goetia and so therefore she's going to try to reassure scots to a certain extent with that visit today however there are very real headaches and
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real issues there but just one visit console in the end it was scotland and northern ireland with the two constituent parts of the u.k. the votes that remain so theresa may got a lot of work to do that to reassure the populations in both of those places well breaks a negotiation between the u.k. and the you she would just use there to deal with to what degree do you think those issues have been addressed i think the main outstanding issues we still don't know how they're going to be sold britain's ongoing trade relationship with the european union after breaks in and the issue relating to the northern ireland border that's going to be a thing she's going to have to address in her visit in belfast today is going to be how are you going to make sure the trade between northern ireland and the republic of ireland is going to be able to continue in the same way as it does today across that border because there are no border controls and also the issue relating to peace in ireland where the european union was central to that issue so those two big issues britain's ongoing trade relationship and the northern ireland border issue we still even now one year into this brics
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a negotiation process we still are no closer to a solution to those two big issues and i fear we're going to be keeping on pushing that timetable forward which is going to be at the very last minute ultimately those issues are going to be solved if the top they said the tree survey is going to be trying to reassure brits that brags it is going to be a good thing what can she tell them to make them feel positive about this and to what degree are the positive benefits that were used the arguments that are used to sell bragg's it still valid the argument was that britain could kind of believe without any economic cost that was the argument made by the people who were in favor of brakes at the time of the referendum. we know from numerous economic studies that that is not the case britain is going to take an economic hit by leaving the european union particularly the so-called hala breaks at the two reason main has been favoring the regions to reason is visiting today interesting is some of the regions which are actually going to be economically hardest hit she's
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visiting new castle in the north east of england for example which is in the region which is going to take a predicted eight percent g.d.p. hit by leaving the european union so ultimately the people she meets maybe those people don't fear for their own jobs but their region is going to become significantly poorer if she manages to deliver on the breaks that she promises oh timidly one of the arguments of course in favor of breaks it was it would allow britain to control immigration and that sort of see perhaps one of the issues which some of the people she'll talk to may still want but how do you weigh those things up what individual people think they want versus the needs of the u.k. and the needs of the economy and still that kind of balance between those factors which we still no closer to solving that conundrum. that was john worth the blogger speaking to me a little earlier so how has the british economy been faring since the country decided to leave european union moloch is looking at some numbers force this and i can tell you terry when you look at those numbers well they're not in favor of
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britain leaving the e.u. when it comes to the economy breaks it has done more harm than good let's make a comparison here last year the euro zone's economy expanded more than two percent but in the united kingdom g.d.p. rose just one and a half percent and this year british economic growth is expected to slow even further now that we could economic outlook is also weighing on the pal and its value has plummeted fifteen percent since the breaks and referendum which was in june twenty sixth in a week a currency makes exports more competitive yes but imports more expensive and that has an impact on inflation which has risen more than is dead as a portion of income now totals around one hundred and fifty percent that's quite a lot and it's the second highest rate after canada of any advanced economy but so far london has made no move that would signal an exit from brics it so with one year to go how's the business world handling the prospect of britain leaving the
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e.u. over to daniel corp now our man at the front for the stock exchange daniel how well prepared are investors to business leaders here in europe. well monica i certainly feel that breaks the topic didn't really have a top priority here among investors during the last weeks later we were talking so much about possible interest rate hikes in the us and data security issues involving tech companies but yes you are right under article fifty that's the official name britain is scheduled to leave the you by the end of march two thousand and nineteen one year to go and so many question marks as those togs during the last year have been very very slow and not efficient at all how are future trade relationships going to work will bangs located in the u.k. need a special banking license to do business with the remaining european countries what is this all going to mean for the national budget here of germany for example it seems to be already clear that germany will have to pay more to the e.u.
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after breakfast and also the issue regarding a transition period has not been solved yet we are learning today that the trade minister off the u.k. lion fox stated that he would not support an extension through the near two year transition period he said lots of support by the british people would be needed and that an extension would not be popular so yeah lots of question marks here on the trading floor ok talking of support of the british people i mean and during the referendum in twenty sixteen something fifty two percent voted in favor of britain leaving the e.u. and i'm sure that they were and maybe still are convinced that there are plenty of benefits attached to this so is there an upside to bracks it. well access experts are really divided about this issue and yes there are some that are saying that we're making too much fuss about this brics that issue that the u.k. is a very strong country and that they will be also being strong after breakfast but yes the majority also here off investors on the trading floor feel that directed at
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least in the first years would have a very negative impact on the british economy and that those for some of the g.d.p. figures could even get worse in iraq not a rosy outlook there in france that thank you so much and more worries for german business leaders now they had high hopes that the tanishq relations between germany and russia would improve in twenty eighteen instead things could to deteriorate further as berlin is expelling four diplomats to russia the german government is joining other european states and washington in a concerted response to a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy in england which britain blames on moscow german industry fears that this new diplomatic crisis could crush business ties with russia. it's been hard to come by any positive news about german russian trade relations these days that's because of the reciprocal sanctions in effect. germany's recent
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decision to go ahead with building north stream into a gas pipeline that will transport natural gas to the e.u. one day is welcome news. the other good news is that trade between germany and russia picked up last year. it declined significantly in twenty fifteen falling almost twenty four percent following russia's annexation of crimea the year before bilateral trade hit rock bottom and twenty sixteen before starting to rise again in twenty seventeen. but once again relations between russia and the west are turning sour new e.u. sanctions could be on the horizon in response to the attack on former russian spy sergey scree prague. in a bid to hold environmental damage thai authorities have ordered to the temporary closure of one of the country's most famous beaches my of bay which is best known from her leonardo dicaprio movie the bitch has been visited by millions but now the
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beach will close for four months a year. tourism is a major factor in the thai economy the sector was responsible for over twelve percent of the country's gross domestic product last year. most tourists head to thailand's beaches so the decision to close my beach for four months will leave many visitors disappointed thai environmental already saying the move is essential . if asked if it is too late to save. there is no but if we don't do something today it will be too late and it happened thailand has restricted tourist sites before to protect its environment for example in twenty eleven dozens of diving sites were closed to protect coral reefs but with the number of foreign visitors expected to grow the government has a tricky job it needs to find the right balance between protecting the environment and drawing tourists. for being in france these days can be quite emotional france
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is grappling with two very traumatic events to strike tough times there indeed monaco in paris crowds took to the streets in tribute to an eighty five year old holocaust survivor who was killed in what's believed to have been an anti-semitic attack but some attending politicians came in for some rough treatment french far right leader marine le pen was among those booed in joss oldish she joined the march her party the national front has been accused of having anti semites in its ranks demonstration was held for mary and all who was stabbed to death in her paris apartment which was then set ablaze. and also in france the slain hero of last week's terrorist attack in the country's south is to be buried later today placement on old tom was fatally wounded by islamist militant after changing places with a hostage french president to manuel mccall in the lead a solemn ceremony for boat and harris on wednesday the forty four year old
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policeman was hailed as a symbol of french resistance and posthumously awarded france's highest order. now how good is your visual memory for example if you looked at a photo of the manhattan skyline for a few seconds could you remember the detail well you're about to meet a man who can not only that but he can also paint an accurate picture of what he's seen the photographic memory i and art of steven wilcher. extraordinary drawings of buildings and cityscapes from around the wild. otters stephen roach and is able to recreate from memory in incredible detail.
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the. love doing the work and the number rises concern. hard work and not my job. but the result is startlingly close to reality. but. i think potent stuff and stuff in. the concentration. really to memorize. my mind. as a child stephen will she was news and age three it was done with autism by the age of five he started to draw more and through his art was able to communicate with the outside world she went on to win numerous awards and study at city and guilds of london art school. his work is constantly evolving. i think i might get better
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doing a drawing for like it to. do it. doing the best and i'll never stop. is critically acclaimed as taking him around. like new york is not best. place and. many times i think. the dubai. singapore hong kong and i've been to. stephen smith stop his last time she lays an obvious easy to add to his extraordinary many. ordinary talent just reminder the top story we're following for you here today on d w news high level officials from the north and south korea set on april twenty
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seventh for a landmark summit tweener two leaders denuclearization is expected to be a key point of discussion in those talks. don't forget you can always get the w. news on the go just download from google player from the apple store that will give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push the patients for the breaking news also used to send us photos and videos. to news wrap we have more for you at the top of next hour thanks for watching. and.
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entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful so far the political fallout from catalonia is independent feed shows no sign of being contained my guess this week here in brussels is sprains foreign minister alfonso das case how has seen the government failed to prevent the country's worst was arguably its most predictable comment. crisis in decades. is. a forgotten treasure trove that has been gathering dust and its terror museum folds for nearly forty years one of the world's largest and most valuable collections of contemporary art. what secrets does it hold. hidden treasure iran's legendary modern art collection.
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in forty five minutes on the totally. where i come from we have to fight for a free press and was born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist i have worked all over the streets of many cantrips and they have problems are always the same fourteen source an inequality a lack of the freedom of the press and corruption who can afford to stay silent when it comes to the fans of the humans and see them wired to fools who have decided to put their trust in us. my name is johnny carson and weren't i d w.
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so far the political fallout from catalonia is independence bid shows no sign of being contained on the country all sides digging in for a protracted battle my guess this week here in brussels is spain's foreign minister alfonso das this how has his government failed to prevent the country's worst and arguably its most predictable political crisis in decades.


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