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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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this is news coming to you live from berlin bridles north and south korea set the date for a rare summit senior envoys meet at the border and choose april twenty seventh as the date their two leaders will get together it's the latest in a global push to curb the north's nuclear ambitions also on the show the prison riot in venezuela turns into a death trap relatives of the dozens killed by fire that swept through the holding cells are demanding answers. also on the program we marvel at
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a london artist's extraordinary talent complex kind of around a strong entirely from memory stephen will sure is a man with the world at his fingertips. hello i'm terry martin thanks for joining us a summit between south korean president in a north korean leader kim jong un will take place on april twenty seventh the ultimate comes after senior negotiators from both sides held talks in the border village of panmunjom the officials also discussed the agenda for the summit which was agreed to earlier this month it's the latest development in a recent deescalation of tensions between the rival nation. what is correspondent josh smith is following the story from seoul what did the envoys of north and south korea actually discuss in this preliminary meeting as you
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mentioned they nailed down the first concrete timeframe for holding this summit at the end of april they also agreed to some working level meetings between now and then to work out things like security and other logistics for what will obviously be quite a major meeting between the two leaders they did not release any more details on exactly what the agenda items will be however they did say that the big issues of denuclearizing north korea as well as improving into korean relations will be on the table now this meeting between north and south korean officials palos china's confirmation that it hosted a visit earlier this week by north korean leader kim jong un what role is china playing in north korea's diplomatic offensive. china has
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obviously had a long and close history with north korea in recent years that relationship has suffered a bit especially as china signed on to some of the international sanctions that have been increasingly pressuring north korea over its nuclear weapons program however with this visit by came to beijing it does appear that north korea is trying to repair some of that relationship which highlights the importance that it puts on its relationship with china especially as it heads into the summit so with moon and with possibly u.s. president donald trump later on now kim jong un has traveled to beijing to meet the chinese leader he's scheduled to meet the south korean leader next month and the u.s. president says he's looking forward to meeting him soon to what is north korea aiming for with these meetings. well all of this diplomatic flurry really started when kim jong un gave his new year's speech earlier this year said
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that he would be sending a delegation to the winter olympics here in south korea and was open to improving relations not only with south korea but potentially with the united states since then we've seen them reach out to international leaders around the world what he has said he is interested in is international recognition for north korea as a responsible nuclear power the united states on the other hand has said that it will settle for nothing short of north korea completely giving up its nuclear weapons so whether all sides can find some kind of compromise within the summit so it means to be seen josh we're also hearing that japan is considering a summit with north korea can you tell us anything about that. japan has a lot of worries about what's been going on japan has quite poor relations with north
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korea next to the states japan is often singled out for threats from north korea and as this flurry of some planning has gone on they've being increasingly worried that they could be left behind and possibly some of their security concerns be left by the wayside so they've been reaching out to pyongyang and trying to arrange their own meetings to make sure that their interests are represented. thank you that was drawn from with their reuters correspondent in seoul south korea now let's take a look at some other stories making headlines today nobel peace laureate malala yousafzai has returned to her home country of pakistan it's her first visit since she was shot in the face six years ago by the taliban for promoting education for girls a lot and now lives in studies in britain she's expected to stay in pakistan for four days. state media in egypt are reporting that
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a bill assisi has been reelected president with more than ninety percent of the vote voting took place over three days with turnout appearing to be rather low. c.c. was expected to secure a landslide win for a second term he's only his only challenger was one of his own supporters. and u.s. president donald trump has nominated the white house doctor to the position of veteran affairs secretary rear admiral ronnie jackson gave trump his first medical as president in january jackson replaces david couldn't who resigned from the post shoguns departure is the latest in a series of departures from trump kept it nasa has announced the launch of a new spacecraft to search for world's circling stars beyond our solar system the tests probe is set to blast off from florida's kennedy space center and spend two
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years scanning more than two hundred thousand stars scientists hope to enlarge the catalog of planets believed capable of supporting life. dozens of people have died in a fire that swept through a venice walen jail after a riot broke out there both inmates and visitors are among the dead it's been reported that the fire started during an escape attempt clashes have erupted outside the station between police and crowds demanding to know if their family members survived. half hour or so this woman the wait is agony relatives have come to police station in desperation to find out if their loved ones are still alive but nobody will tell them. he got that i don't know if my son is alive or dead because they won't give me any information he. you
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know not people that they had i think anyway because i haven't heard anything about my brother since seven in the morning they say a lot of people are dead people and people were injured but no one knows whether the hero in the hospital will really where they are we don't know anything that. angry and desperate the waiting crowds trying to break through police firing at. driven away with tear gas. reports indicate a prison riot started often armed inmates shot at a prison officer prisoners then set fire to much as is and the blaze swept through the holding cells of carra by by police headquarters and swayed as chief prosecutor confirmed sixty eight people were killed. prison they've a crowding is common in venezuela and human rights groups have known complained about poor conditions for now the compound is blocked off but relatives waiting outside for news of the enough ones won't be leaving anytime soon. in
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paris crowds took to the streets in tribute to an eighty five year old holocaust survivor who was killed in what's believed to have been an anti-semitic attack but some attending politicians came in first rough treatment french far right leader marine le pen was among those mood and jostled as she joined the march her party the national front has been accused of having anti semites in its ranks the demonstration was held for miriam knoll who was stabbed to death in her paris apartment which was then set ablaze. and staying in france the slain hero of last week's terrorist attack in the country's south is to be buried later today policemen are no doubt tom was fatally wounded in an islamist militant islam as militant after changing places with the hostage french president manuel michel and led a solemn ceremony for about twelve in paris on wednesday the forty four year old policeman
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was hailed as a symbol of french resistance and possum asli awarded france's highest honor. now how good is your memory for example if you looked at a photo of the manhattan skyline for a few seconds could you remember all the detail well you're about to meet a man who can not only that but he can also paint an accurate picture of what he's seen the photographic memory and art of steven wilcher. extraordinary drawings of buildings in cities from around the world. are to stephen roach in is able to recreate from memory in incredible detail.
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about. starting work on the memory of concern. me are hard work and love my job. the result is startlingly close to reality. but. i think it is important stuff and stuff it means is concentrated and. realized and memorized by my mind. as a child stephen wilshere was news and aged three he was diagnosed with autism by the age of five he started to draw more and through his art was able to communicate with the outside world will cheer went on to win numerous awards and study at city and guilds of london art school. his work is constantly evolving. i think i might get better doing
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a drawing for like. best now live a stop. is critically acclaimed art has taken him around the world. like new york is not best. place. to buy. singapore hong kong and i've been to. tokyo. stephen smith stop. another city to add to his extraordinary memory. of bit of sport for him lisa sporting scandalous trillian cricket coach darren lehmann has apologised to the country's fans as the cheating scandal engulfing the game continues three players have been handed a lengthy bans by their own country's governing body among them is steve smith
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a true modern icon of the game in australia in a sport that considers itself the very essence of fair play and a country where top athletes become national heroes scandal threatens to ruin careers and destroy reputations. steve smith heading home in disgrace the former australian cricket captain has been suspended from playing in or for australia for a year the same goes for vice captain david warner and their worries down ten they're both players with to play in the lucrative indian premier league this season now they may struggle to play any more cricket at all in twenty eight. we have. these two players can play. the scandal began during australia's match against south africa when batsman cameron bancroft was caught scraping the ball with sandpaper that can affect the way the ball moves in the air and could have given australia's bowlers an advantage. smith later
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confessed that leading figures in the team were behind the plan australia's cricket chief admitted the saga has hurt the team's reputation. but clearly this is caused a huge amount of damage to the game of cricket as a whole and certainly in cricket and that's the fans confidence and faith in cricket back home the players face more outrage even the country's prime minister had strong words for the trio this cheating is is a disgrace look we all know that it is a terrible describes. australians have drawn immense pride from that cricket team for one hundred forty years but now the side needs to rebuild its reputation from scratch. and finally a japanese basketball playing robot that could sink even n.b.a. star stephen curry with its flawless shots during the rehearsal the lifesize robot named chu showed off its perfect free through skills netting all that shots to
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perfection its opponent a professional basketball player missed several times practice makes perfect course to learn skills after two hundred thousand practice throws using artificial intelligence to own its four. so you news now thanks for watching. we make up oh but we want to open up the to. the civil service i. mean want to shape the continent's future. part of it and join them stairs because they share their stories their dreams and their challenges the seventy seven percent platform for africa in charge.


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