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play. this happy news coming to you live from burlington north and south korea sec the danger for rests on that between the two rivals seno on voice coach talks of the border and announcing it print twenty seventh is the detroit the two leaders will meet it's the latest step in attempts to come pyongyang's nuclear ambitions also the program of prison drives in venezuela turns into a dextre the relatives of the dozens killed by a father trap the holding cells and demanding. and
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a suspected weapons trafficker want to buy german authorities is arrested in hungary he was allegedly selling guns to be used against refugees. costs when sports stars cry australia's banned cricket captain steve smith burst into tears as he accepts for responsibility for a board tampering scandal that has shaken the world of cricket. played have. played. out of a will welcome to you i'm. a summit between south korean present in and north korean leader kim jong un will take place on april the twenty seventh the announcement comes off to see negotiators from both sides have talks in the border village office on one john officials also discuss the agenda for the summit which was agreed to on any of this month it's the latest development in
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a recent escalation of tensions on the divided korean peninsula for more on this story just slip from reuters joins me from the south korean capital seoul so josh we now have a date for the summit between the two koreas for the twenty seven what more is the what about the talks between the envoys of the two koreas so the discussions today besides outlining the date as you mentioned also focused on setting the stage for a few smaller talks between now and then which will discuss security and other logistics for what will obviously be quite a major event we also understand that the summit between the two leaders although they didn't go into details about the agenda will address the big issues here which include. north korea's nuclear program as well as attempts to try
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to reduce tensions between the two koreas here i know that's likely to include possible discussions of potential joint projects economic cultural or other projects as well as possible cross border visits by koreans who have been separated across the border from their family so who are a range of issues up for discussion that china has welcomed this meeting to what extent is being one of the strings from the back with after its closest ally. well u.s. president don't trump has certainly pointed to beijing as a key player in the whole situation and it's undeniable that china does have an outsized influence on korea north korea being got only a long term partner but also sharing that northern border in recent years however the relations between the two countries have cooled somewhat and so that's another
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reason why this recent visit by north korea's leader kim jong un to beijing was so significant it's clear attempt by the two countries to try to put their relationship back on track right ahead of these summits both with moon as well as possible summit with donald trump you know if you're talking about donald trump how important is this north south korea summit in laying the ground zero one for the possible summit with donald trump which is said to roughen from a this trip this inner korean summit. is certainly somewhat overshadowed by all the hype over a possible meeting with trump but it will be very important not only for relations between the two koreas but also for setting the tone for what we might expect to come from any meeting between kim and trump so if a lot is riding on south korean president ability to try to win some kind of
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concessions or other possible signals from north korea that they are willing to actually make a deal with the united states and they feel josh is attempts at diplomacy going down in the region after killing young has been viewed as a hugely destabilizing force in the area. well everyone is certainly welcoming the prospect of diplomatic talks as opposed to the prospect of war which seemed impossible specially last year however there are some players like japan worried about being left out of this round of diplomacy and they've reached out to try to arrange talks with people for themselves. right josh smith in seoul south korea thank you very much for that assessment. that we now bring you up to feed some of the stories making news around the wasn't nobel peace laureate malala yousafzai has returned to her home country pakistan it's
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a first visit since she was shot in the head six years ago by the taliban for promoting education for girls malala went to britain for treatment and now lives in studies there a ceremony was held in the prime minister's office in pakistan to welcome her british prime minister to resign may is on a day long two of the u.k. to mock the one year ounce down to britain's departure from the european union may visited a textile factory in scotland she told people that the drugs it would provide the u.k. with opportunities she'd also make stops in england wales and northern ireland. british police now believe the former russian spies set against the palin's daughter junia were poisoned at their home detectives identified the highest concentration of the military grade agent on the front door of the house in the town of silence very the to remain in a critical condition in hospital u.s.
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president donald trump is nominated the white house doctor to the position of veterans affairs secretary rear admiral ronnie jackson gave trump his first medical as president in january jackson replaces david should king who resign from the post should consider bochur is the latest in a series of resignations from trump's cabinet. dozens of people have died in a fire that stepped across a jail in minnesota after a riot broke out both inmates and visitors among the dead reports say the fire started during an escape attempt they've been clashes outside the station between police and crowds demanding to know about the fate of their family members. half the work for this woman the wait is agony relatives have come to police station in desperation to find out of their loved ones are still alive but nobody
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will tell them. he came again i don't know if my son is alive or dead because they won't give me any information. you know not people are dead i came here because i haven't heard anything about my brother since seven in the morning they say a lot of people are dead people got burned people were injured but no one knows whether the hero in the hospital will really where they are we don't know anything i am not. angry and desperate the waiting crowds trying to break through police barrier. that driven away with tear gas. reports indicate a prison riot started after an armed inmate shot at a prison officer prisoners then set fire to much ases and the blaze swept through the holding cells of car of police headquarters and as well as chief prosecutor confirmed sixty eight people were killed. prison overcrowding is common in venezuela and human rights groups have long complained about poor conditions for
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now the compound is blocked off but relatives waiting outside for news of their loved ones won't be leaving anytime soon. he's. been a right wing extremist is accused of illegally selling weapons through a website that citizens who defend themselves against refugee prosecutors also believe the man ran websites spreading anti immigrant and semitic he was arrested in the capital with. an internet video meant to encourage weapon sales using german politicians as targets. from shrake or scourge of refugees is the name of the online seller it features racist tirades against refugees and sells pistols for use against them. in budapest the website's alleged operator was a wristed at the request of berlin prosecutors he could face years in jail in at
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least one hundred ninety three cases he allegedly delivered weapons and rubber bullets to germany. these weapons are extremely dangerous because they are capable of penetrating human muscle tissue as well as skin and bones these are not low power weapons. the authorities are concerned about more than weapons dealing suspected height speech on various websites is also playing a role in the investigation the man who went underground in hungary is marty your lunch he's refused to comment on the allegations against him from twenty fourteen he joined and he refugee demonstrations in eastern germany a year later he accosted journalists on camera at a demonstration for the far right alternative for germany. get on the streets true you journalists but stop reporting this crap. there's evidence that until
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twenty six dana was behind the pages of right wing groups like anonymous collective heat smear campaigns misinformation and conspiracy theories garnered up to two million likes on facebook it masqueraded as part of the usually left wing anonymous network german greens politician foca beck is a victim of anonymous collective smear campaigns he took legal action in twenty six jane. my motivation to file a complaint was simply the sixty death threats on this group's website that's not something you should tank lying down you have to show it the rule of law can strike back off. after facebook banned the citing twenty seventeen it's now posted on a russian server where it publishes a newsletter and a blog its contents are often anti semitic and glorify the third reich. is a vienna based group that educates on internet abuse it's been following going just
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case for years. it's the first step that something has been done someone's been arrested and finally legal proceedings can take place this website is a special case because it had a high reach the gap that it left won't be field so easily. but there is a constant flow of new pages and offerings after me glanton disappeared following a crackdown a similar page called patriot shop with a russian domain name popped up it's not. involved here to the fight against hate and online incitement is not getting easier. the french prime minister edwin phillipe and senior figures of the government have attended funerals for the four victims of last week's terrorist attack in southern france the ceremonies took place in ten in the quiet region which was assigned if the deadly supermarket
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hostage taking the bear is come to france paid homage to our not the policeman who swapped him south for a hostage. australia's discreet cricket stars have apologized to the public for my captain steve smith an icon in australia broke down in tears as the fallout of the cheating scandal takes its toll on smith is one of three players handed lengthy banzai australia's cricketing body often in turn an investigation into an illegal practice known as board tampering doing a match against south australia south africa. state smith headed harm in disgrace the former straley and captain's involvement in the ball tampering scandal resulted in one night twelve month suspension from international cricket it's a stray most talented cricketer expressed his remorse as he fronted media back. i'll do everything i can to make up for my mistake. and the damage it's caused.
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if any good this. if. this. you know hope i can be a force to change i'm sorry and i'm absolutely devastated. teammate cameron ben croft copped a nine month ban for his role the young rookie scraped the ball with sandpaper to affect its movements in the yeah in an attempt to gain an advantage for his ball was. it's more actions of cannibal for here and. i don't think. that i reflect on values was growing up today and. it's something they're really shined on former vice captain david warner also been for a year is yet to speak publicly astray a coach darren lehmann has kept his job after an investigation found he was not
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involved botts he faces a battle to re build the team's reputation in the eyes of a cricket loving nation. that's it for me on the thirty nine but do save indeed have been used and monica is here and she has this is headlines coming up for you shortly don't go away. earth the home for saving googling two years tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global ideas the series of global three thousand on t.w. and on mine.


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