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this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin north and south korea set the date for a rare summit between the two rivals seen on boys who wish to have the border and announce an april twenty seventh is the date their two leaders will meet is the latest step in attempts to kill pyongyang's nuclear ambitions also on the show the british prime minister is still working out the knots in both of brigs expect to go into effect exactly one year from today we bring in views from both sides of the upcoming divorce. and homecoming of hope nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai
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returns to pakistan it's a first time back since she was shot on a school bus by militants. plus rent sports stars cry australia's banned cricket captain torino of should it be the state with. steve smith says he accepts the blame for a board tampering cheating scandal that has shaken the wilds of cricket. i don't welcome i'm to touch a summit between south korean president and north korean leader kim jong un will take place on april the twenty seventh the downswing comes off the senior negotiators from both sides have talks in the border village off one jom on the
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fissions also discuss the agenda for the summit which was agreed to earlier this month is the latest development in a recent deescalation of tensions on the divided korean peninsula. joining me now is aiden fosdike alta he's a korea expert from leeds university in the u.k. surprised by the fact that the two koreas a holding this summit. well i got i have a my surprise i mean the thing that was the new news today of course is to have the date but early on i was quite surprised i was like many people i was pessimistic i thought that kim jong un and then they introduced a tactical thaw in his new year's address the north korean leader of course for the olympics so once the olympics are over you get back to the same old threats which were fairly last year when you care missile testing but the south koreans have taken their opportunity they had a successful high level visit and it looks like we're having
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a summit and of course the even most surprising about what's best sutton prospect of months later all of a summit between the north korean leader and u.s. president trump something that's never happened before so we are way off i think in a new and more hopeful place tentatively but sooner or later it will have to sort of flesh this out yeah exactly so they're working extend terms came john on faber a klingon backing got him the attention he wants what made killing young agree to dialogue. and he got the world's attention and they're all the maligned way last year basically by a flurry of missile and nuclear tests mainly missile which showed that his capabilities north korea's capabilities are far greater than we actually thought from that position of strength he may feel he then does what may seem like a u. turn and declares he is ready for dialogue but as i say the key thing will be what actual content goes into that box dialogue is an empty box unless you have proposals forty nuclearize ation which are acceptable at least for discussing to
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all sides not a lot of issues the opera discussion but that came come one has just come back from beijing to what extent is china orchestrates in these developments from that. i don't think china will straighten anything and i think probably china's annoyance china was rather a look like expelled from the orchestra i think there's another smart move by kim jong un put it this way if he was already very anomalous given that china the historical relationship and that north crystal depends on china economically for nearly all of its trade so to have had a thirst for a meeting with south korea and then was trying to have gone to china that would have been genuinely radical so he restores a kind of normality but this quick trip from his father's playbook you know sheik written outside afterwards and so on but the content i don't know i mean i think he's got the chinese guessing as well as anybody else i must say kim jong un thought somebody who's a new fighters right now on the floor elitists he or his advisors are playing
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a pretty good hand of poker here if all sokoto from leeds university thank you very much for that analysis thank here british prime minister is that name is on a day long tour of the u.k. to mock the one here countdown to britain's departure from the european union may have visited a textiles factory in scotland she told people there that briggs it would provide the u.k. with opportunities means using the trip to stress a commitment to beggs it that unites the country she will also make a stop in wales and northern then. for more on the story i'm joined by b. act expunge story from the euro skeptic alternative for germany partition is autumn entry studios and with me in the studio is john was a blogger who writes on the e.u. and the u.k. a woman came to both of you let me start with you beatrix exactly one year ago you
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said you had been weeping with joy on learning about the british yes vote are you still as happen today. i was just making a comment on that i think it's a good idea to have the people make a decision and then follow that decision this is what's happening i think this is still a good democracy is always a good idea to have and this is what's all about it has been a democratic choice there has been a huge debate on breaks it or not no breaks it and then the people took the decision and i think that's always a good thing i think we should also you can get just a well you find your joy was about the fact that britain voted yes or that in fact the decision was made i think it was both i mean i think i fought for me personally and i think it is a good example now that we can see we still see it's a year ago u.k. is still existing it's not sunk in the in the in the ocean it's not a wall came over us this is always has been predicted we were declared that wall
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will come over europe when when when the u.k. would leave the european union we have seen that all this was not true as you were saying is still ongoing so i didn't you saw it what exactly is an old saying r.d.x. out of the actrix it big that is a good thing would you like germany to leave the european union as well. i would like to have the german people to make a decision on that and i would like to have reforms strong reforms real reforms on the european union this is what i what i would favor and if these reforms will not come and we are proceeding going towards the ever closer union which will then end up in the united states of europe i don't want to have germany be part of the united states of europe as a country ok so let me turn to you john did you wait for joy when you heard the banks that result no i didn't we joke about had to break the result no quite the contrary and i also as a british citizen i have the right to vote and i vote to remain in that referendum ok is that but now we heard what the after it's had to say she's calling for reforms and to seeing the rise of fall right here to skeptic parties not just in
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germany that the f.t. but in other countries as well why should people stay in the european union because it's actually it does a good job for all of us it's it gives us the freedom of movement to go and live in other european countries is good for our economies those are the reasons why since the brics referendum there's been an eighteen percent increase in support for the european union here in germany even so having seen what's happening in the u.k. support for the e.u. has risen in germany i quite the contrary of what bitch is functional she has just said he would let you know many people say that the way the european union functions is dysfunctional actually and therefore we have the rise of these five right euro skeptic but bear in mind that there are many difficulties that our national political systems face alternately is the rise of the identity of a dog handler penned in france is that actually something to do with the european union or is that something to do with the dysfunction within french or within german politics and look at the breaks it negotiations and compare them with the u.k. the either side is unified it's determined it's transparent it's well organized it's
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well resourced well the british side in the negotiations is disorganized not transparent doesn't involve its polman in the decision making so overall the european union as a result or through the brics negotiations we better understand what the european union can do now than we did at the time of the referendum so we had to flee heard from john lots of good reasons for people to stand within the european union how many people in britain at the moment are feeling very unsure and they are uncertain but greg said what do you say to that. well you have that the decision the decision making process is over there was a decision the decision was press it and now keep on going and i think what we should stop doing from from the european union side and germany is still part of that is stop trying to keep the u.k. and not this let's go for a very good free trade deal which is in in our interest and in the interests of the u.k. is and i'll both interests we should stop talking about politics about ideology about
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you know living seas and all this kind of stuff we should be interested to have a free trade deal because this is much our foreign in our interest we want to trade with you k. and this should not be damaged by any political ideology i was just trying to impose european law or anything else on the u.k. this is not in our interest and i think we should concentrate on that and do you agree with that john i mean is the is europe the european union trying to keep britain in no absolutely not basically the european union essentially accepts the british decision but wants to stick to the timetable all you want to make sure that britain will leave in an orderly fashion by march of twenty nineteen ites likely one year from today but the european union is taking the process seriously and diligently it's trying to look at the practical details the impact on the economy the issue of the northern ireland border it is taking those issues seriously and it except that the u.k. would leave some politicians are said ok if britain wants to change its mind it can but the european union itself has come to terms with breaks it and it is dealing
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with the details it gives what pictures from structures just said the politics on the brits you cite here the british are playing politics and then not talking about the details they do know on the british side how to keep the northern ireland border open how to make sure that b.m.w. for example can still make its many cars in the u.k. and easily exported to germany the e.u. knows those problems britain doesn't know how to solve them and the responsibility lies on the british shoulders because it is the british that are leaving not the e.u. that even the u.k. right again just agree with the. actually all the brinkmanship in the bickering i did logical brick a ring that is taking place is actually in the british side in coverage by far right parties like the f.t. were rich say that in fact that. britain should leave the e.u. it is a good thing it's doing so. well first thing i don't think that everyone who's criticizing the ever closer union of the european union is a far right party i mean you to put this into the middle of a sentence so i can make a comment about it but i will we hear you're a realistic parties i've just lost my my ear so i can hear and learn are. you back
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again so this is these up here or european realistic parties they're rising and all of europe and this has not been predicted by by anybody people do not want to have this ever closer union they don't want to have the united states of europe and this is what's all about all those euro skeptic parties rising in all of europe that's the first thing to say it's not right wing extremism it's just to be realistic about where people are people in poland as people and angry as bigger than people in and they some part of europe they don't want to have the united states if europe when we are going towards that we can we can see what mcallen macula coming out with we have heard the speech of this date for the state of the union of the younker last year so we know what this whole thing is moving towards and people do not want that that's the first thing the second thing is that the european union as always trying to embarrass you know exit fees on the on the british to leave and
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coming up with all kinds of preconditions for a deal and i think we should not come out with something like like this we should we should stop treating them like if they had to pay you know a punishing fee for leaving the european union it's their decision so we should we should not punish them is in our interests to come up with a good deal with a fair deal ok it's all in our interest right thank you very much for that john a final and brief word with you in response to what beatrice just said there is no exit three britain has committed to payments science of european union budget until the end of twenty twenty and that's exactly what the british are going to do the projects virtual ready plans the payments for british farmers there is no such thing as an extra fee would be. it's from stores that says it's simply not true and in the end in if the e.u. if the u.k. story is receiving money from the e.u. then it's only fair that during that period the u.k. will pay money in conquering the benefits of the e.u. we're not paying for it right john worth of blog blogger thank you very much as
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well as beatrix funk stars from the if tea party at a parliamentary studious thank you both very much for sharing your different perspectives on the issue of bragg's it turning now to pakistan where the nobel peace prize winner in milan a use of zine has returned to her country of origin it's her first visit to pakistan after being shot by the taliban the failed assassination attempt on the dance school girl in two thousand and twelve shocked the was milan i was targeted for promoting education for girls but she refused to be silenced and has become an international icon for women's education and human rights. the signs were there that this was no ordinary visit heavy security accompanied. dorival in islamabad the police convoy proof of the threat still faces from the taliban much about her visit has been kept secret but after a quick pit stop at this hotel the convoy was on its way again for an audience with
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the prime minister the schoolgirl turned posed to go for human rights proud to be back home with her family. whenever i travelled in a playing or a car in the cities of london and new york i was told just imagine you're in pakistan you're travelling to islamabad but you're in karate. but it was never true but now today i'm very happy. although. easy to understand. six years ago her activism nearly killed her taliban gunman boarded a bus asking who's. shot in the head because of a diary she'd been writing for the b.b.c. highlighting the misery for women under taliban rule but while others might have chosen to stop talking used the global attention to keep fighting for her causes. the un general assembly sharing its appreciation on her sixteenth birthday. to game
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is the day off every woman every warrior and every guy. who have raised their wife for their rights. she went on to set up her own funds the fund to promote girls education and in twenty fourteen a seventeen year old malala became the youngest ever recipient of the nobel peace prize the visit has attracted much attention in pakistan divides opinion to some she's on a mission to shame the country a mouthpiece of the west to others though she remains a national hero for standing up to the taliban. basically having years identified the highest concentration of the military grade nerve agent on the front of the house in the town of sorts vary the to remain in a critical condition in hospital. u.s.
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president dollar trump has dominated the white house doctor to the position of veterans affairs secretary rear admiral ronnie jackson give tromp his first medical as president in january jackson replaces david shook him who resigned from the post surely kins departure is the latest in a series of resignations from the trump cabinet. authorities in venezuela say at least sixty eight people died in a fire inside prison cells at a police station after a ride broke out it's been reported the fire started during an escape attempt there were clashes outside the police station between security personnel and crowds demanding to know if their loved ones are still alive. the french prime minister eduardo phillipe and a senior figures off the government have attended funerals for the four victims of last week's terrorist attack in southern france the ceremonies took place in ten in the quiet old region which was the site of the deadly supermarket hostage taking
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monica joins me now from business susan germany's efforts to reduce its debt monica and successfully so i'm rita germany has cut its dead load thanks to a strong economy and a decline in the dead sea drawn up bailing out banks during the financial crisis germany's national central bank that's the bundesbank announced the national debt fell to sixty four percent of g.d.p. at the end of twenty seventeen so germany is working its way closer to the sixty percent ceiling agreed upon by eurozone countries most of germany's dead load came from working off shaky financial assets it had acquired as the government bailed out financial institutions that had suffered crippling losses. have something to talk about with our man at the frankfurt stock exchange daniel call per that first of all me why is it so important to lower your debt.
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well first let's talk about the conditions there are great germany is getting more and more money with taxes and also with lower lower national debt is happening right now because of those interest rates at zero percent here in the eurozone but that's the thing germany needs to comply according to the so-called master reached agreement and this agreement clearly says that germany's debt related to the g.d.p. is still four percent too high but the country is certainly on the right track when you look back at twenty ten by that time the debt was still at a level of eighty one percent of g.d.p. so this is clearly an improvement but what is going to happen now this is mean that germany might have to pay something well the e.u. could in theory make germany pay a fine but we look at when you look back at the past this was mainly never the case and also compared to other countries in europe such as portugal and spain the debt percentage of g.d.p.
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there is always much higher ok so germany's debt load or its success in reducing it what's it telling us about the economy as a whole. well in general also despite some political turmoil we have seen here in germany the economy is very strong a record after record today we have also received the latest unemployment figures in march eighty eight thousand people were last less unemployed compared to the previous months this means that the total unemployment rate went down to five point five per cent that's the lowest actually in the month of march since the reunification interesting also the latest inflation data that we are getting today because of higher costs for nourishment and also holiday packages the inflation rate went up from one point four to one point seven percent still not where the e.c.b. would like to have it they would like to have it at two percent right there and let me just point out you are thai and the person trying for the no go perfect match thank you so much to. happy holidays. to show well
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german business leaders had high hopes that a the tightest relations between germany and russia would improve in twenty eighteen instead things could deteriorate further that's as bilin is expelling four diplomats to rush out the german government is of course joining other european states in a concert at response to a nerve agent attack on a former russian spy in england which britain blames on moscow german industry hell of a fee is that this new diplomatic crisis could crush business ties with russia. it's been hard to come by any positive news about german russian trade relations these days that's because of the reciprocal sanctions in effect. germany's recent decision to go ahead with building north stream to a gas pipeline that will transport natural gas to the e.u. one day is welcome news. the other good news is that trade between germany and russia picked up last year. it declined significantly in twenty
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fifteen falling almost twenty four percent following russia's annexation of crimea the year before bilateral trade hit rock bottom and twenty sixteen before starting to rise again in twenty seventeen. but once again relations between russia and the west are turning sour new e.u. sanctions could be on the horizon in response to the attack on former russian spy sergey sprit prada. fox locking has bought back almost three hundred and fifty thousand diesel cars from its customers in the united states but where to put them all well the comic a has leased a thirty seven storage facilities around the nation the lots include a shot at supper been detroit a football stadium and this some plagued desa degrade in california because a waiting to be fixed and resold but that takes time fox five may need even more
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parking lots as buybacks of initial teaching costs will continue in the united states through the end of next year. in a bid to to hold and bar mental damage ty authorities have ordered the temporary closure of one of the most famous beaches my abyei which is best known from the copiers movie the beach has been visited by millions but now the beach will close for four months a year. tourism is a major factor in the thai economy the sector was responsible for over twelve percent of the country's gross domestic product last year. most tourists head to titans beaches so the decision to close my a beach for four months will leave many visitors disappointed type environmental already saying the move is essential. if it is too late to save. there is no but if we don't do something today it will be too late. thailand has
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restricted tourist sites before to protect its environment for example in two thousand and eleven dozens of diving sites were closed to protect coral reefs but with the number of foreign visitors expected to grow the government has a tricky job it needs to find the right balance between protecting the environment and drawing tourists. cheating scandal has rocked the cricket world and that it's time for an apology now isn't it and the apology has come thank you very much monica australia's disgraced cricket stalls have apologized to the public former captain steve smith an icon in australia broke down in tears as a forward with the cheating scandal takes a toad smith is one of three players handed a lengthy ban by australia's cricketing body off an internal investigation into an illegal practice known as tampering. stay smith headed home in disgrace the former strain captain's involvement in the ball tampering scandal
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resulted in a twelve month suspension from international cricket as most talented cricketer expressed his remorse as he fronted media back. i'll do everything i can to make up for my mistake. and the damage it's caused. if any good can come of this. if they can be a lesson to others. you know i can be a force for change i'm sorry you know absolutely devastated. cameron bancroft copped a nine month ban for his role in the young rookie strike the ball was sent paper to affect its movements in the air in an attempt to gain an advantage for his ball as . it's more actions on the panel before. i don't.
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reflect on values what was going on today and. it's something they're really shined on. form of captain david warner been for a year is yet to speak publicly but he posted a short message on social media saying mistakes have been made which damage crickets i apologize for my part and take responsibility for its and destroy your coach darren lehmann announced his resignation despite an investigation absolving him of blame whoever takes over has a big job to restore straightly is reputation. funny to a japanese boss could board playing ball out that could sink even n.b.a. star stephen curry with its flawless shots during a rehearsal the live sized robot named q. shelia this perfect frito skills netting all its shots to perfection its opponents a professional basketball player missed several times practice makes perfect of
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course key learnt its skills at the two hundred thousand activists shows using artificial intelligence to hone its. here's a recap of the top story that they're funding feel high level officials from north and south korea have set on april twenty seventh for a landmark summit between the two needles those talks are expected to focus on a deep escalation of north korea's nuclear program. you're up to date i'll be back with you in half an hour.
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into the conflict zone confronting the powerful so far the political fallout from catalonia is independent big shows no sign of being contained my guess this week here in brussels is sprains foreign minister alfonso dusty's faucher says government failed to prevent the country's worst was arguably its most predictable political crisis in decades. to come on the c.w. . imagine flying over a city. and then having to draw the view from memory. down to the tiniest detail. that's what british orders stephen will sure. is famous for his gigantic urban panoramas.
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sixty minutes. your support t.v. . today extraordinary. the most traditional. any time. you talk.
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so far the political fallout from catalonia is independence bid shows no sign of being contained on the contrary all sides digging in for a protracted battle my guess this week here in brussels is spain's foreign minister alphonso. how has his government failed to prevent the country's worst and arguably its most predictable political crisis in decades.


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