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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 29, 2018 3:00pm-3:16pm CEST

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this is the top the news coming to you live from berlin north and south korea have set the date for rest on this between the two two rivals see the on boys hold talks at the border and announce it for twenty seventh is the date their two leaders will meet is a little step in attempts to curb nuclear ambitions also coming up. a
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homecoming of hope nobel peace prize winner is of side returns to pakistan itself first time back since she was shot on a school bus python have been militants. and a prison dries in minutes and out turns into a death trap relatives of dozens killed by a fire that spread through the holding cells and demanding on says. plus one sports stars cry australia has banned cricket captain. i'm sorry and i'm acutely fish that is. steve smith says he accepts the blame for a board tampering cheating scandal that has shaken the wilds of cricket. player. i don't buck and i'm not good to have your company. asari of diplomacy sets the stage for rest some
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experts in the two koreas the rival nations on thursday have choose an april twenty seventh to bring the two leaders together for face to face talks the planned finalizes days after a nuclear armed north korea's kim jong un made his international debut with a surprise trip to china. it was a slightly awkward handshake at the start of the meeting but the leaders of the north and south korean delegations were determined to put on a united front. but there have been many historic events including the recent winter olympics made possible by our combined efforts strength and determination with this in mind i would like you to convey the north korean people's gratitude to south korean government officials and their people. all the progress we have achieved today's meeting and what will happen from now on they're all happening because of the decisions made by the leaders of north and south korea it's important that we have
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a sincere discussion in order to ensure the shuttle into korean summit is successful. now a date for that summit has been set on april twenty seventh north korea's leader kim jong un will come here to the so-called truce village of panmunjom on the border between the two koreas if the meeting goes ahead it will be only the third of its kind since the end of the korean war more than sixty years ago. the announcement came a day after it was confirmed km young un made a surprise visit to china where he met president xi jinping china's foreign ministry said kim pledged his commitment to denuclearization. tension ever north korea's nuclear weapons escalated last year after pyongyang tested several ballistic missiles sparking a war of words between community and u.s. president on a trump. but since the winter olympics in south korea when athletes
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from the north and the south much together at the opening ceremony relations between the one time furrows have thought. whether north korea's leader really is willing to make any concessions and limit his nuclear ambitions will be revealed at the end of april. joining me now is aiden foster carter he's a korea expert from leeds university in the u.k. it and how surprised are you by the fact of the two koreas a holding this summit. well i got i have to my surprise i mean the thing that was the new news today of course just to have the date but early on i was quite surprised i was like many people i was pessimistic i thought that kim jong un and then they introduced a tactical thaw in his new year's address to the north korean leader of course for the olympics so once the olympics are over you get back to the same old threats which were a failure last year and they need care missile testing but the south koreans have
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taken their opportunity they had a successful high level visits and it looks like we're having a summit and of course the even most surprising about less such a prospect a month later all of a summit between literals korean leader and u.s. president trump something that's never happened before so we are way off i think in a new and more hopeful place tentatively but sooner or later it will have to sort of flesh help us out yeah and second that they're working extend tears came john on faber i think a rattling gotten the attention he wants what need killing young agree to dialogue . i think you're right if you sense that sort of they may seem like opposite save iraq thing in dialogue but i think that one has led to the other. kim jong un suddenly got the world's attention in iran the maligned way last year basically by a flurry of missile and nuclear tests mainly missile which showed that his capabilities north korea's capabilities are far greater than we actually thought from that position of strength he may feel he then does what may seem like a u.
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turn and declares he is ready to dialogue but as i say the key thing will be what actual content goes into that box dialogue is an empty box unless you have proposals forty nuclearize ation which are acceptable at least for discussing to all sides. not a lot of issues out for discussion but that kim jong un has just come back from beijing to what extent is china or constraining these developments from that. i don't think china is on the straight in anything and i think probably china is annoyed china was rather a look like expelled from the orchestra i think there's another smart move by kim jong un put it this way if he was already very anomalous given that china the historical relationship in that north crystal depends on china economically for nearly all of its trade so to have had a thirst for a meeting with south korea and then was trying to have gone to china that would have been genuinely radical so he restores
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a kind of normality but this quick trip from his father's playbook you know sheik written outside afterwards and so on but the content i don't know i mean i think he's got the chinese guessing as much as anybody else i mean i guess they can go on first somebody who's a new fighters might know the thory latest he or his advisors up playing a pretty good hand of poker here if all sokoto from leeds university thank you very much for that analysis thank hear nobel peace prize minimal i'll use of his return to her country of origin pakistan it's a first visit after being shot by the taliban the failed assassination attempt on the van school in two thousand and twelve shocked the blood madonna was talking to for promoting education for girls but she's defused to be silenced and become an international icon for women's education and human rights. the signs were that this was no who would revisit heavy security accompanied by you sympathize dornan rival in his nom about the place convoy proof of the threat still faces from the taliban
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much about her visit has been kept secret but after a quick pit stop at this hotel the convoy was on its way again for an audience with the prime minister the schoolgirl time post to go for human rights proud to be back home with her family. whenever i traveled in a playing or a car inside the cities of london and new york i was told just imagine you're in pakistan you're travelling to islamabad but you're in karate. but it was never true but now today i'm very happy that i'll be. as emotion easy to understand. six years ago her activism nearly killed her taliban gunman boarded a bus asking who's. shot in the head because of a diary she'd been writing for the b.b.c. highlighting the misery for women under taliban rule but while others might have
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chosen to stop talking use the global attention to keep fighting for her causes. the un general assembly sharing its appreciation on her sixteenth birthday. is the day off every woman every war and every guy who have raised their wife for their rights. she went on to set up her own funds the fund to promote goals education and in twenty fourteen a seventeen year old malala became the youngest ever recipient of the nobel peace prize. the physicians are trying to much attention in pakistan. it's opinion she's on a mission to shame a country a mouthpiece of the west. she remains a national hero for standing up to the taliban. but now being
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some of the stories making news around the was british prime minister theresa may is on a deal on two of the u.k. to mark the year countdown to britain's departure from the european union visited a textiles factory in scotland she told people there that breaks it would provide the u.k. opportunities she'll also make stops in england wales and northern ireland british police don't believe that the former russian spy said again and his daughter yulia were poisoned at the home detectives identify the highest concentration of the military grade a nerve agent on the front door of the house in the town of swords vary the to remain in a critical condition in hospital normal twitter for julian assange ish ecuador's government says it's cutting off a soldier's internet access from its london embassy the wiki leaks founder has taken refuge in the building since two thousand and twelve he fears extradition to the u.s. if he leaves the premises ecuador said the decision was taken to prevent the
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australian from interfering in other countries affairs. dozens of people have died in a fire that's fact across a jail in venezuela after a ride broke out both inmates and visitors among the dead reports say the fire started tearing in escape a tent they've been clashes outside the station between police and crowds demanding to know about the fate of their family members. so this woman the wait is agony relatives have come to police station and desperation to find out if their loved ones are still alive but nobody will tell them. he got out and i don't know if my son is alive or dead because they won't give me any information. you know not people who tell i say anything because i haven't heard anything about my brother since seven in the morning they say a lot of people are dead people got burned people were injured but no one knows
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whether the hero in the hospital will really where they are we don't know anything i am not. angry and desperate the waiting crowds trying to break through a police barrier. that driven away with tear gas. reports indicate a prison riot started after an armed inmate shot at a prison officer prisoners then set fire to much says and the blaze swept through the holding cells of car about by police headquarters and swayed as chief prosecutor confirmed sixty eight people were killed. prisoners a crowding is common in venezuela and human rights groups have long complained about poor conditions for now the compound is blocked off but relatives waiting outside for news of their loved ones won't be leaving anytime soon.
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australia's disgraced cricket stars have apologized to the public former captain steve smith and i called in australia broke down in tears as a fallout over the cheating scandal takes a toll on smith as one of three players handed a lengthy ban by australia's cricketing body after an internal investigation into an illegal practice known as ball tampering. stay smith headed home in disgrace the former straightly and captain's involvement in the ball tampering scandal resulted in a twelve month suspension from international cricket australia is most talented cricketer expressed his remorse as he fronted media back on. i'll do everything i can to make up for my mistake. and the damage it's caused. if any good can come to this. if they can be a lesson to others. and i hope i can be
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a force for change i'm sorry an absolutely devastated. cameron bancroft copped a nine month ban for his role in the young rookie strike the ball was sandpiper to affect its movements in the air in an attempt to gain an advantage for his ball is . it's. something they're really. former vice captain david warner also had been for a year is yet to speak publicly but he posted a short message on social media saying mistakes have been made which damage cricket i apologize for my part and take responsibility for its and destroy your coach darren lehmann announced his resignation despite an investigation absolving him of blame whoever takes over has
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a big job to restore straightly is reputation. you're watching the news coming up ahead in one year's time or most of the out of britain leaves the e.u. intending to strike out on its own in an economy that prospect affecting the british economy yeah we'll have more for you after suki to have them back again have a standing by to be with you shortly with that story about greg's and its impact. they make a commitment. they find. and stronger.


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