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this is d.w. new music from berlin tonight russia hits back in the diplomatic war over the poisoned ex spot russia's foreign minister says that his country is expelling is sixty u.s. diplomats and closing america's consulate in st petersburg we'll bring you reaction from washington and moscow also coming up tears of joy for malala yousafzai as
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she returns to pakistan the nobel peace prize winner says it's a dream to come back for the first time since she was shot by the tele body back in two thousand and twelve and the story of an absolutely devastated this. is her kids australian cricket captain steve smith exegesis of the blame for a ball tampering scandal that has shaken the world of cricket. it's good to have you with us tonight the long awaited strike back from russia moscow says that it is expelling sixty u.s. diplomats and closing the u.s. consulate in st petersburg the move is a tit for tat response to washington's decision to expel russian. diplomats and it
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all follows the poisoning of a former russian spy sergei scruple and his daughter on british soil the authorities in the u.k. say this cripples were poisoned at their home using a nerve agent called nova joke that moscow was behind the attack the criminal and has strongly rejected any involved. i want to go now to europe our moscow bureau chief good evening to you yuri so why did moscow choose the consulate in st petersburg to close her and well because brooke it is a second capital of russia the u.s. consulate there is big and into the fact that it now has to close is obviously of great symbolic importance bigger than the consulate and because brooke is only the consulate in moscow but if you close the consulate in moscow then you'll really cut any diplomatic relation between the u.s. and russia and you'll reach the real and of all. and the u.s.
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we know was not the only country to expel russian diplomats so what can washington's allies now expect. well according to a sergei lavrov russian foreign minister it will be a batch of countermeasures russia is going to take first and told diplomats from all countries that expelled the russian diplomats who will also be expelled from russia but mr lavrov said that russia will not only provide a cycle to mirror response to west steps but even more than vent that means the kremlin actually will continue fighting the best result through his old of its own rules and the diplomatic by court will not stop it so what measures could come next the b.b.c. bureau in moscow may also be shoot down our d.w.b. ruhi in moscow could be declared for an adjutant we don't want to hope for that but theoretically that's even possible after all they know that the germany has
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expelled for russian diplomats as well theoretically it would also be possible to glow through the good institute the german cultural institution which has several branches in russia or the institute hansei the french culture institution. there are so many options right now for the russians and at the heart of this of course are the these allegations of a chemical weapons attack on british soil that was conducted or at least known developed by the kremlin what is the kremlin doing to shed light on this the very end there prove that britain is wrong. well russia wants to see effects. that as long as there are no facts on the table that clearly show the russian guilt nobody should be accused russian but so far russia hasn't provided any evidence that it wasn't involved usually the presumption of innocence applies in these cases however many speak about that the guilty presumption too
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many things indicate that russia might be involved is crippled spies and the russian newspaper video must he has recently even published a whole list of cases in which russian spies were killed abroad by russia this list begins in nineteen twenty seven is that it's an implication if you get to go london was just one of many other cases in history but once again brant from the beginning moscow understood the whole thing as a diplomatic declaration of war towards russia russia insists that the u.k. has no evidence that is indeed the dilemma that london is in all right our moscow bureau chief you're a shadow on the story for us tonight from there you're in thank you very much we want to take the story now to the u.s. capital washington d.c. our corresponding clear richardson is there working that angle of the story for us good evening to you clay or so was the u.s. government expecting what happened today brant it's hard to imagine that they would
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not expect some sort of retaliation as soon as the white house announced that it was expelling russian diplomats we heard from the russian foreign minister that there would be some kind of retaliation what's interesting here is that this is exactly tit for tat we're seeing sixty diplomats expelled in exchange for the sixty that the u.s. kicked off they've also been given a week to pack their bags and get out of the country and it makes sense that we're seeing a tough response from russia because this was the toughest action we've seen from the trump administration to date when it comes to taking a tough stance on russia. and that was our correspondent clear richardson reporting from washington here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world health officials in the u.k. say sergey screwballs daughter is responding well to treatment yulia scribal lead her father sergei they are in the hospital in the english city of solsbury where they were found unconscious earlier this month after being poisoned with a nerve agent that poisoning sparked the current route between britain and russia
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france's former president nicolas sarkozy is to stand trial on corruption charges he's accused of attempting to illegally influence an inquiry into alleged irregularities in his two thousand and seven election campaign the former president is already facing separate charges relating to millions of euros in funding he's alleged to have accepted from the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi. north and south korea will hold their first summit in more than a decade on april twenty seventh south korean officials made the announcement after high level talks with north korea their agenda will focus on d. nuclearization and improving relations between the two countries on the peninsula or to pakistan now the nobel peace prize winner malala yousafzai has returned home on her first visit since being shot there by the tele bug in two thousand and
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twelve malo was a schoolgirl at the time the attempted assassination shocked the world because it was designed to punish malala for promoting education for girls well since then malala has become an international icon for women's education and human rights. tears of sadness and moments of joy upon a long awaited return. speaking in order to malala yousafzai says she has dreamed of coming home to pakistan and walking the streets in peace. this was no ordinary visit heavy security accompanied mulattoes dawn arrival in islamabad the police convoy proof of the threat malala still faces from the taliban much of a visit has been kept secret it included an audience with the prime minister the
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schoolgirl turned poster girl for human rights proud to be back home with her family. whenever i traveled in a plane or a car inside the cities of london and new york i was told just imagine you're in pakistan that you're travelling to islamabad that you're in karate. but it was never true but now today i'm very happy that all who. malala is emotion these easy to understand. six years ago her activism nearly killed her taliban gunman boarded a bus asking who's malala shot in the head because of a diary should been writing for the b.b.c. highlighting the misery for women under taliban rule but while others might have chosen to stop talking malala used the global attention to keep fighting for her causes. the u.n. general assembly showing its appreciation on her sixteenth birthday. is the day
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off every woman every warrior and every god. who have raised their wife. she went on to set up her own fund the malala fund to promote girls' education. and in two thousand and fourteen a seventeen year old malala became the youngest ever recipient of the nobel peace prize. the visit has attracted much attention in pakistan where malala divides opinion to some she's on a mission to shame the country a mouthpiece of the west to others though she remains a national hero for standing up to the taliban for joining us now is from our asia desk good to have you on this show you have covered this story extensively what is the real purpose of her visit back to pakistan six
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years after being the target of the taliban. i think always wanted to be back in pakistan and she was deciding to go back to her home country and find issues back. old already briefly she is on a four day visit to pakistan and under heavy security so the thing is that you always wanted to be in pakistan and she is now back. but the thing is that she has come to baka started applying to. box on it is at a crossroads focused on is facing. a fight between pro-democracy forces and democracy full says and the see that that form of promise in the lottery was deposed on the pressure of the army and now he is trying to assert his civilian authority and him a lot. although she was absent from pakistan kind of contributed to this
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a struggle for democracy in pakistan and i think that she has conveyed the message to the that but just on is a country where people could go and people could be safe although it's like she's not going to sit a moment she's not safe there there right i mean she was she can't for example she can't go back to her hometown because of the situation with the taliban right now so is pakistan really is it really a place that will be able to call her home in the future. i think malala has become a symbol of cottage when she left papias non and she was shot by the taliban the militants she was an individual she belonged to the lot willy such a beautiful place and i'm sure that she she wants to go there as well but now when she has come back she has become an archaeologist and the ideology is that pakistan
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should be brought gris of focus on to be secular pakistan should be should have a decision of toward the end the military should go back to the barracks because the military calls the shots in pakistan and malala have to strengthen the narrative and by coming back she has she has the strength and does not or do pakistan should be durant by the secular progressive forces and i think i agree that she is not safe in pakistan she has lots of tricks from islamists and obvious you should go back to the u.k. where she studies should list but pakistan needs people like malala and a vest must side with malala jest must not cite with the military generals and usually the rest of us have germany and all the countries kind of negotiated with the military people all of his going to when you remember that tamil let's we're going to talk with you
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a little bit later on in the day we'll have more time to talk about this charge from our asia desk thank you very much we appreciate your insights. well britain's prime minister is on a whistle stop tour of the u.k. because today marks a year until bracks it means that's right until britain leaves the european union to resume a is visiting england scotland wales and northern ireland to drum up support for her government's breaks it strategy she says that britain will benefit from leaving the e.u. she's pledged to maintain the country's integrity. the overall economic situation is not the only worry in a post briggs u.k. trade unions in britain fear a significant decline in employment rights once e.u. standards are no longer the wall i will correspondents visited a concerned union leader.
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well the worst case scenario is that man's out as a kind of single pool on the edge of. competing on the basis of evacuation. pranks. and from the same grazing and the general secretary of the team say which is the brand of organize ation trade if they come. from a brick set represents a real risk to workers jobs their livelihoods and their rights let's be brave let's think big i let's look at. the prime minister responded key on great lines she's got lots of she has ruled out staying in the customs union and it is the single markets which would protect my argument is that working people across europe have an interest in defending a level playing field. don't want to see is forms using british
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workers to undercut german or french. and then dropping of race to the bottom. i met mrs barney a today and his message is very clear that if the prime minister of britain sticks to her red lines of coming out of the single market and customs union then all we're left with is the option of a free trade deal and that poses real threats to poor kids rights their livelihoods and their jobs some of the out of bricks it is including in the conservative party see blacks as an opportunity to slash in the rights and standards that trade unionists have fought for over generations and our job is to
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stop them you know these rights that we combine together scenes across europe to win like maternity rights equal pay for working people value things of rights that really matter. i think we have to make compromises you know but also because when i look at the alternatives whose rules would i rather play by i would rather play by the rules of the single market in the customs union in perfect though it may be the be told by president trump what should happen twice daily to strike. so it does remind you there so much at stake with what happened so year from today british business is or watching these bricks it talks are they day that's right brant there will be a transition period to soften the blow but in one year forty one hours forty one minutes forty seconds britain will be out investors are confused by breck's at economists confounded by it business leaders frustrated they point to u.k.
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data which is less than perfect last year the euro zone's economy expanded by more than two. but in the united kingdom g.d.p. rose by just about one and a half percent this year british economic growth is expected to slow from that figure now because of the week of forecast investors have switched to cash out of the pound sterling its value dropping fifteen percent since the brics that referendum now that's making imports more expensive pushing up consumer prices at three percent that's the highest point in five years brits have had to borrow to maintain their lifestyle expectations u.k. households debt amounts to one hundred and fifty percent of their income and that's the second highest rate among advanced economies after canada but there's more to the british economy than the n.t. breck's it doomsayers predict apparently c.m.c. market senior economist michael hewson told us earlier to look on the bright side
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of bricks. contrary to the predictions of doom and gloom the work came out the sole purpose of referendum economic growth actually hasn't been that bad and let's not forget here that the u.k. economy has expanded for twenty consecutive quarters it's been expanding since two thousand and twelve the economic recovery here is much more mature than say for example the economic recovery in europe so i think we are slightly ahead of you in the economic cycle which would i think reinforce the reasons i think why the european economy is probably growing at a faster right but certainly i think there are there are obviously negatives inflation you mentioned it is slightly higher it has pressed down on consumer spending but overall the unemployment rate is at a twenty five year low and wages doing finally starts to be appear to be picking up so there are silver linings. michael hughes non-blacks in there now it's time for
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us to head over the pond quarter has the word on the street wall street that is the end since the end of the first quarter ahead of the easter break what will investors be reflecting on over the holidays. we had some wild weeks behind we had a strong finish into an otherwise shaky month so for the week wall street trades to the upside but for the month and for the quarter we are down and with the nine quarter rarely comes to an end nine consecutive quarters the dow jones industrial average saw increases that was the longest really of its kind since one thousand nine hundred ninety seven but now for the first quarter actually blue chips lost a good two percent and we had all those trade talks we had a correction in technology shares and now the big question will be how are corporate earnings doing so we will hear that with the earnings reports in the next couple of weeks specially from to knowledge of companies that it will. depend on
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earnings season if we can get back in a really mode or if there might be more pain to come for investors right now led to pick up on tech there anderson shares started the session down almost two percent after donald trump criticised the firm on twitter but just a couple of hours before the close they swung back into positive territory what's going on. well basically like a lot of the technology shares got hammered quite a bit in the past couple of days there was a bit of a recovery to the end of the month but other than that it has been under quite some pressure this week and especially now on thursday a donald trump tweeted that he's not happy it was amazon when it comes to the way how they're paid texas but also that amazon is killing thousands of retailers here in the united states and nobody really knows of any action will follow up but there
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is some regulatory of pressure on amazon and by the way on some other technology companies as well so a little for a little bit of recovery for amazon towards the end of the session but overall donald trump and jeff bezos the richest person on the planet by the way so the head of amazon they probably won't become close friends anytime soon have a great easter break thank you very much for that. folks maughan has bought back almost three hundred fifty thousand diesel cars fitted with emissions cheating software from its customers in the u.s. but what to do with them all the comma has leased up thirty seven storage facilities around the nation the lots include a shuttered suburban detroit football stadium and this sun bleached desert to graveyard in california the cars are waiting to be fakes and resold but that takes time. and may need even more parking lot says buybacks of the mission's cheating
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cars will continue in the us through to the end of next year. and it's only business now going to back over to you very much dana we're going to egypt now early results from the election there show that the big surprise president. i'll c.c. cruising towards the expected slide victory in the second term in office one report suggests that he has taken ninety two percent of the vote however the turnout is just over forty percent and that puts a lower than when he was elected four years ago. to unthaw and gyptian television an ounce to the landslide election victory that had been widely expected. but voter turnout was poor at just forty percent despite extensive campaigning threats to find nonvoters and bribes at polling stations. the participation rate has to be judged in accordance with the broader political environment of the country and we don't see that environment having been
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particularly open. l.c.c. faces enormous problems in his second term the job market is lagging behind the population explosion the economy is not alone and inflation is devouring people's wages here still supporters are very optimistic about the future. it will be brilliant the entire world financial institutions will attest to that newly built capital city that other mega projects will be excellent and the must. see is expected to lift the presidential to term limit the x. gen will then have what will essentially be unlimited power. australia's disgraced cricket stars have made public apologies former captain steve smith and icon in australia broke down in tears he's one of three players given links the
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band's by cricket australia following an internal investigation into an illegal practice which is known as ball tampering. just a smith headed home in disgrace the former straightly and captain's involvement in the ball tampering scandal resulted in a twelve month suspension from international cricket as straightly is most talented cricketer expressed his remorse as he fronted media back. i'll do everything i can to make up for my mistake. and the damage it's caused. if any good can come to this. if they can be a lesson to others. i can be a force to change i'm sorry and i'm absolutely devastated. cameron bancroft copped a nine month ban for his role in the young rookie strike the ball was sandpiper to
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affect its movement in the air in an attempt to gain an advantage for his ball is i it's more than a before. that i reflect on value today and. it's something they're really shined on. film and for us captain david warner also had been for a year is yet to speak publicly but see posted a short message on social media saying mistakes have been made which damage crickets i apologize to mark potts and take responsibility for rights. and a strangely a coach darren lehmann announced his resignation despite an investigation absolving him of blame whoever takes. has a big job to a still straightly is reputation. no shame in our next just destination the london zoo where zookeepers have marked the coming easter holidays in a rather special way by giving lemurs easter treats if you look right they are
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paper maché eggs filled with snacks and says that the easter theme devitt encourages the animals to use skills that they would need in the wild what finding food among foliage the eggs spearmint appears to have been a success and the treats went down stream really well i avoided that ton by a hair. here's a reminder the top story we're following for you as they laugh in the studio russia has hit back at the diplomatic world over the former spot former foreign minister sergei lavrov as the spelling sixty u.s. diplomats after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day. why
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do elephants need. is a plastic bottle turned into a paving stone why do algae make it clear. good idea kill work where there are people developing smart solutions everywhere. let's inspire
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each other the environment magazine eco africa sixty minutes on d w. european stocks took the browsing performance of the book. the boys concert every weekend cut in concert. the big. news. one hundred million tons of sand oblivious to everything in its place with deadly consequences subpar storm suburbia magnitude and
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frequency. once they start there's no stopping them. just starting april seventh on t w. the taliban almost took her life simply because she dared to go to school well six years later malala yousafzai is living proof of what terrorists cannot kill tonight this young woman and nobel peace laureate is back in pakistan a homecoming that is one in name only i'm bring golf in berlin.


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