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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2018 8:00am-9:01am CEST

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this is t w news coming to you live from berlin and russia hits back at the west by ordering its own wave of diplomatic expulsions sixteen u.s. envoys are told to leave the country and the consulate in st petersburg has been shut down it was also demanding access through yulia sprigg paul who was poisoned in the u.k. together with her fall there a former russian double agent or russia's relations with the west on a downward spiral. also in the show to bet spiritual leader the dalai lama marks
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his sixtieth year in exile we report on the fierce loyalty he commands china's efforts to isolate him and prospects for the pitcher. and his family franchise in saudi arabia looking at the latest reforms announced by the conservative kingdom of the country's leaders now more in tune with the people. plus germany arms makers fueling the bloodshed in yemen loopholes allow subsidiaries of german defense contractors to directly supply munitions and entire weapons factories to the saudi led coalition. and is the people of sierra leone prepared to elect a new president d.w. quizzes the favorite candidate about corruption in the west african state.
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hello i'm terry marchant good to have you with us. russia has responded tit for tat in the ongoing dispute over the poisoning of a former russian spy the kremlin has announced it's expelling sixty american diplomats and shutting the u.s. consulate in st petersburg this comes after nations around the world kicked out russian officials in response to the poisoning of sergei screwball and his daughter in britain many western countries hold russia responsible moscow has denied the allegations. but hundreds of years since petersburg has held symbolic value for us russian ties it was here in seventy nine i see that the u.s. opened its first mission in russia but its diplomatic presence in the city will soon end moscow kicking out scores of western diplomats as a tit for tat retaliation for the poisoning of a former russian double i didn't in britain it means more than one hundred fifty diplomats from over two dozen countries will be out of russia.
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everything will also be reciprocal in terms of the number of people from the diplomatic missions who will be leaving russia. with people with the families and that is all for now. a reciprocal move it may be but it's one the u.s. says russia cannot justify because moscow's at fault russia is responsible for that horrific attack attack on a british citizen and his daughter once again they have broken the chemical weapons convention it was a banned substance that they have used no overt shock we take this matter very seriously former russian double agent. and his daughter yulia were found slumped on a park bench in the city of salzburg an early march poisoned person believes moscow tried to kill the pair creep out remains in a critical condition in hospital though yulia is conscious and talking according to
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doctors russia vehemently. denies any involvement in the case and it wants access to yulia. we are we are witnessing the engines of russian representatives accessing injured russian citizens that's what i see as congressional. the question now is whether the crisis will move beyond the tatham issues. or for more now let's bring in the near drugstore it shall he's in moscow for us mere drug what more can you tell us about these latest expulsions well we knew that these explosions are going to come so there were of no surprise for so for all journalists here in moscow the only question was why closing down the general consulate in st petersburg are not somewhere else even here we only could speculate when you look at the map you will see that there are that there are four
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u.s. consulate c. in russia one of the far east until it was struck one in the middle and you get to the book and somewhere in the middle of the country and to the west and the european part of russia so here in moscow and st petersburg terry you cannot kick out american diplomats from moscow you cannot close the embassy in moscow so it had to be some petersburg ok we're getting back those expulsions it's a reciprocal move matching expulsions of russian diplomats from the u.s. does this restore the diplomatic equilibrium or should we expect further punitive measures. i think russia is right now not interested in making a bad situation even worse the problem is not going to wait it's going to wait and see what london and what the washing and washing are going to do in the days to come us ambassador huntsman sat here in moscow that there was no justification for the expulsion and it shows that the crime and is not interested in
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a dialogue with the us about important matters but you may hear russian experts who will tell you the opposite and say no the whole diplomatic war was started by it by the west and we have nothing to do with it so the west is not really interested in having a dialogue with us to resume british prime minister she said that there will there may be further sanctions to come if this is going to happen if there are further sanctions against russia russia will retaliate and moscow is also demanding access to yulia script understand the young woman who was poisoned together with her father as she is reportedly conscious and talking why does the kremlin want to talk to her. well russia's acting like a bit like a victim of their attitude is we have nothing to do with this poisoning and as much
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as i know the daughter has a russian citizenship something very she was hurt serious she is seriously ill so a member of the russian embassy in london would like to talk to her son of the space to say no moscow is not a victim that they're just playing all of this game but they are not the victim so for that reason london just refuses anyone from the russian embassy in london to have any further information what. about the poisoning we had ron thanks so much mir drugstore it's there in moscow. u.s. president donald trump has said american forces should be coming out of syria quote very soon speaking to an us real workers in the state of ohio trump lamented what he said was washington's waste of trillions of dollars in middle eastern wars and the pentagon spokesperson said she was unaware of any new policy to withdraw u.s.
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forces. france's former president nicolas sarkozy is to stand trial on corruption charges he's accused of attempting to illegally influence an inquiry into alleged irregularities in a church in his two thousand and seven election campaign and the former president is already facing separate charges over suspected illegal finance. now tibet's spiritual leader of the dalai lama is marking the sixtieth year of his exile in india it was a march nine hundred fifty nine when he crossed into india from tibet the chinese army had entered to bat and taken over administration of the province the uprising that followed forced the dalai lama to seek refuge in the northern indian city of daraa. it has since become the seat of tibet's government in exile india is home to more than one hundred thousand tibetans but as the upon account discovered commemorations and shall have been muted allegedly because of pressure from beijing
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. high in the foothills of the human in india to putin's week but a glimpse of that of the dalai lama would is. simply. peace laureate has lived in the town. nearly six decades even since india granted him asylum. in one nine hundred fifty china invaded independent debate following the field and the chinese uprising in one thousand fifty nine that the line was forced to please balance. and cross the himalayas and foot. here right in india and set up a government in exile he's been advocating autonomy for tibet but china considers him a separatist threat to bet and its monasteries remain under the tight control of the chinese government possessing pictures of the line or his writings is illegal. in
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that i'm sure however the diaspora has transformed the area into a mini tibet the town draws visitors and followers of the lama from all over the world all but china remains unhappy and opposes countries that support the do it leader and the dalai lama's presence in india periodically aggravates border tensions and inflames diplomatic spats between the two ition giants the calm in this imagine town has been marred by political control in recent weeks the indian government has advice of officials to stay away from events commemorating the vellum as sixtieth year in exile in india to avoid angering china at a time of rising tensions as a result the tibetan exile government has canceled a high profile event for the lama in delhi which indian politicians were meant to attend officials insist the latest controversy is a mite a hiccup that won't affect india's welcoming attitude towards the tibetan community
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. if a dog the tibet causes a life it effect told myself flourishing i caught on it's thanks to india and a small. political decision which i call it a temporary face in political the bar mysie when not i'm due six decades of. rooted born in ties but on the streets of that this anger about what some see as china's bullying of the indian government if you listen to china once then they're going to tell you next time you can't do this do that janice china has become so powerful trading with the whole world they have a lot of economic clout as to britons that does scare us. in a makeshift studio duck along with the sprains dumps animated films into tibetan undercover gentlemen are refugees like him continuing chinese repression in tibet
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and the long years in exile have made questions of identity all the more important . to the he's at his old school in that i'm sure. arrived as an orphan from tibet at the age of seven. the children are treated to one of the films. they really get a chance to watch cartoons or to put a. big hit the what are your isn't just about preserving to put an identity. it's the very survival of the community. what i feel is like what will happen if there is no i don't know. if the dalai lama is normal so what we're going to happen to the tibetan excited. turnip of wrote the questions loom large as mick moderns family head to the temple and even for decades that the lama has been the best known galvanizing force behind the tibetan cause life without it seems unthinkable
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. for more let's bring in our correspondent ts berlinger in beijing mathias the dalai lama has been in exile for nearly sixty years now what are the chinese have to fear from him while the are fishlock is ation is always that he advocates tibetan independence that he wants to split the territory of the people's republic of china now the dial on my himself has renounced that formal independence a long time ago and is demanding autonomy still beijing is not ready to talk about this and this is in my opinion because the communist party's rule is one that needs to ensure that in the end it's always the communist party that decides no matter what freedoms there are in certain parts of society in the end the party needs to be in control and somebody like the dalai lama who is a moral authority to bet and who refuses to put himself under the control of the
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communist party is something they just cannot accept they cannot accept other sources of power than themselves ok so as you say china can't accept autonomy either for tibet how then does china go about asserting its control over tibet. it has been a back and forth between security measures and uprisings within tibet for the last decades. of the last few years to bet and the tibetan have the tibetan autonomous region and the tibetan inhabited areas in neighboring provinces have seen ramping up of security measures is specially in the religious places in the monasteries communist party cadres have taken over some of the bigger monist trees surveillance has been ramped up so they are trying to assert more control over religious
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activities in tibet. the current dalai lama is eighty two years old what sort of preparations are being made for the time after his goal one can guess that they will try to if the dot when the lama dies he will be reincarnated and they will try to influence this process to have. a child be incorporate the dalai lama that they can bring under their control now the dalai lama himself has sent that the new dalai lama might be born outside of china and this will be an interesting situation because then there will be two dalai lamas and the tibetans will have to choose between the two. just briefly it is regarding the people who are living in in tibet in that province are they becoming
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more comfortable with the status quo. it's very hard to say it's very hard to report from tibet reporters cannot enter the tibet an autonomous region and reporters are on the shops of aliens when they enter the t. betten inhabited regions in other provinces people fear to speak openly but what we see is that there is still some resistance to chinese rule we see self-immolation. it is still not under control i would say it is thank you very much for bring us up to date there on this important anniversary on material spoiling other in beijing. now here in germany as you may know this country currently hosts more than a million refugees and most of them asylum seekers mostly from the war ravaged countries of syria afghanistan and iraq now chancellor merkel's government wants to
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beef up incentives for some of them to return home a new plan has been table to offer refugees on the job training in their countries of origin. this has been one of germany's most controversial dilemma's how to deal with saddam seekers especially those who do not have the right to stay the government would ideally like many of them to return voluntarily to their own countries and a new initiative wants to make this option more attractive up to five hundred million euros per year could be used to finance jobs and training programs in countries like iraq nigeria or afghanistan for germany's development minister the goal is evident. by offering people training and employment we are creating new structures on the ground. the project aims to convince between twenty thousand and thirty thousand asylum seekers to return home obviously a key priority for ocular merkel. indeed in her first major speech of the new term
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stressed that germany would continue to take in refugees who have fled on political or humanitarian grounds but she also stressed that those who are not allowed to stay would have to leave preferably voluntarily but if not also by state deportations. germany has so far developed programs that offer refugees cash to go back home the country also participates in the reconstruction of war torn cities like mosul in iraq. and several german states have carried out group deportations to countries like afghanistan a difficult costly and controversial decision. human rights organizations and opposition politicians have criticised this focus. for long and we wrote a demand that the focus should lie on offering many people from iraq afghanistan syria or africa of possibility to get
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a residence permit here job an apprenticeship to save money and then go back. to work you comparatively few migrants have decided to leave voluntarily the question is whether this new initiative could convince many more. tell a sparrow they're reporting now moving on to egypt preliminary results from the presidential election there so show that abdel fattah el-sisi is cruising towards his expected landslide victory and a second term in power one report suggests that he's taken ninety two percent of the vote turnout was lower this time only around forty percent. and portland egyptian television an ounce to the landslide election victory that had been widely expected but voter turnout was poor at just forty percent despite extensive campaigning threats to find nonvoters and bribes at polling stations.
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to the participation rate has to be judged in accordance with the broader political environment of the country and we don't see that environment having been particularly open. l.c.c. faces enormous problems in his second term the job market is lagging behind the population explosion the economy is satellite and inflation is devouring people's wages here still supporters are very optimistic about the future. it will be brilliant the entire world financial institutions will attest to that our newly built capital city that other mega projects will be excellent and the must. see is expected to lift the presidential to term limit the x. gen will then have what will essentially be unlimited power. travelers got a good friday surprise but it really wasn't that close and well you know if you're
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planning on taking an easter holiday trip terry with air france well then be patient and open to alternatives because every fourth air france flight will be canceled today the reason civil trade unions plan to take strike action pilots to u.s. and other personnel demand a six percent pay increase and france is management is offering one percent the strike will affect the two largest airports in paris and those in other major french cities needy and whole flights will be hit the hardest but also every fifth long and short haul flight passengers can change their journey free of charge if possible. german automakers are among the most profitable in the world and b.m.w. takes the crowland according to a study by the y. b.m.w. use of profit debility stands at ten percent for every one hundred euro in revenue b.m.w. takes in a profit of ten euros dyna came in third among major automakers after losing its
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second place from last year's day to japan's suv suki folks are in place lower but came in strong in revenue and profit ranking as the world's second largest automaker right after toyota. today marks the two hundredth anniversary since the birth of. eyes now he's the man who founded a particular form of rural cooperatives at a time when german farmers were fighting poverty as well as exploitative loan sharks right guys and so cooperative banking model hasn't spread to many other industries and it still functions today. these two farmers a members of germany's oldest co-operative in one thousand nine hundred eight their forefathers banded together and started a cooperative they've built and operated a flour mill one farmer could not have done it alone. and the grain from our region the old mountains is very coarse it was difficult to sell to nearby dresden there
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was very little profit so they said we need our own mill so we can process the grain and then we can make the bread as well. as for. the mill and the bakery have ensured a thriving business for the farmers for many years now some seventeen businesses are now part of this successful cooperative. the idea of the cooperative goes back to free trish vilhelm hif isn't in the mid nineteenth century he promoted it as a way of becoming the poverty faced by farmers in his region best of. since then the idea has spread to other parts of the economy new industries like sustainable energy have also adopted the model most cooperative work on a majority moon bases this can have this a regardless of this take. a small when decisions have to be made to get everyone's opinion has equal weight.
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that applies to the world's largest cooperative gone in spain it has around seventy five thousand members eighty percent of whom a joint owner has as with any business cooperatives like mondragon can suffer in times of crisis but because all members have an equal say they usually avoid mess layoffs. still a private company it has to be profitable but the number one goal is always to support the members so there are always two sets of objectives to consider economic objectives and social ones. to co-ops it's not just about. the bottom line. and maybe that's why they often outlaws private companies that are generally profit driven. following two years of decline of the art market grew rapidly last year this year it looks even more appealing as investors seek shelter from recent volatility in capital markets now hong kong is embracing its newfound
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role as a global hub within the first hour of this week's bastille fair in hong kong a piece by dylan the crooning sold for thirty five million dollars and chinese artists on far behind. chinese bias probably wouldn't have had much interest in this painting by up and coming artist when dan in the past the dis year who worked communion is gathering a lot of attention. in the first few years so i felt that they are very excited and they are so poor hungry in collecting so they would be coming up to us and wanting to collect right away certain pieces if they felt they were that they love it but over the years i've seen more and more of our educated behavior china has become the world's second biggest up market after the u.s. in the past year chinese buyers have spent thirteen point two billion dollars on
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paintings sculptures and other rot that's up fourteen percent on the previous year . that's creating a windfall for some like eccentric on-call nationalist fro king kwok who is selling his hand painted calligraphy here. so it's our boss when i first started a lot of people just came to take photos now the i thinking of it as an investment and that's a good development. to have all. these it is also to have the opportunity to become an artwork themselves anyone can pose either as a consumer reduce to their purse. or is too interconnected forces keeping a book from falling this piece is kantian in gangs proving that you don't have to be a wealthy art buy to get your fifteen minutes of fame and. well it's not exactly classes but it's definitely famous and worth quite
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a lot terry it's worth something think of it as a beautiful work of art that money can buy. well until you know seconds to twenty eighteen world cup in russia coming up of course is kicking off in seventy six days and fans across the world are good. a sneak peek at the trophy the fifa world cup trophy world tour hit argentina in the run up to tournaments where it was reunited with some old friends that included nine hundred seventy eight golden boot winner mario campos and other acts players from the country's two world cup winning squads they said they hope only in a messy and co would bring the trophy back to argentina for a third time this summer. you're watching the news still to come times are changing in saudi arabia a country once billed as one of the world's most conservative but now its leadership wants to modernize his funny parts are talking to ordinary saudis about their country's future and. all that and much more coming up in
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just a couple of minutes stay with us. costs like he takes football personally. i do when. it's fast and he's headed for the talk english midfielder jaden central. sensation has impressed since joining he took the time out to talk to us about his meteoric rise living. sixteen.
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but i was a woman in egypt things turned out different. marriage genital mutilation humiliation . so i know well saddam we went down. the weekend where to stand up for women's rights. now one and saddam we the three boys of egypt starting. on d w. one hundred million tons of sand. devastating for any extra time. with the consequences. still. to come. crawling in magnitude and frequency.
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once they start there's no stopping them. just starting to pull something on t w. welcome back here with the news i'm terry march of our top stories russia has announced it will expel sixty american diplomats and shut down the u.s. consulate in st petersburg the move comes in response to the controversy over the poisoning of former russian spy sergei scruple and his daughter in prison. and tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama begins his sixtieth year in exile in india but ceremonies marking the anniversary have been restricted as china has put
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pressure on its neighbor. now for decades saudi arabia has been known as one of the world's most conservative countries now though things are slowly changing in the reason this all falling prices have hit the. well rich kingdom hard in response crown prince mohammed bin solomon has enacted the ambitious program of reforms known as vision twenty thirty aimed at transforming the kingdom's economy now these reforms include diversifying the economy and reducing its dependence on oil creating new jobs and making the country less reliant on foreign workers saudi arabia also wants to attract some more foreign investment it's also and acted social reforms to create a more liberal open and prosperous society at least that's the idea oppressive restrictions on women are slowly being relaxed a longstanding driving ban will finally be lifted later this year for example
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a reporter funny has been in saudi arabia looking at what this vision for the future really means for the country she joins us now from the city of jeddah. and she is hey fanny. i thought from the. get go ahead i just wanted to ask you you know you've been in saudi arabia for a couple weeks what's your impression of how the country is opening up. terry apart from the very obvious changes signs of changes that you just named like lifting the driving ban for example or what we experience here that regardless of gender male or female you can join a concert enjoying something as simple as enjoying music what i find most striking during our visit here are two weeks visits throughout the country is due willingness of people to keep a social change both on and off camera for example women young ladies talking about the fact that it actually means when the crown prince who talks about decent
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clothes says it mean they can take off their all by all means they can change the color of their bio vet is it possible to take all they had scarf other women are joining into the conversation saying no i want to keep my head scarf or other debates that circle around the fact of other shops should remain open during prayer times to make sure that customers are able to buy their goods that they want to regardless of the fact that they're they're muslims or not they believe it or not as our next report is going to show this question could be really summed up the one and that is how much change is possible largely depends on your age or on your personal belief how much change you're willing to accept but certainly also the willingness of a male guardian if you're female how much control that person is able or willing to give up let's have look at the report. it's a small but significant change many women these days they're a bias they can even in the saudi arabia's conservative capital or
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connected to one and vicious agenda you would see plenty of billboards like this one portraying a young and dynamic face prince mohammed bin some on you know he was three brand the image of the country as an open and modern kingdom but the question is will the population accept changes and wage and from top down. the majority of the population is young most of them are nothing more than religious extremists began to enforce restrictions on the country tame and soccer is accepted and these teenagers want me to join them but they are not yet willing to accept everything women can play soccer they tell me. but i have to wear a headscarf and his friend tells us. so because you know the culture in saudi
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arabia driving is only for men. not here in the desert it's not women have come here not far from riyadh to learn to drive but that change can not happen fast enough they are hungry to get behind the wheel in every respect. you want freedom for women and normal life it begins with driving but not to have to follow. in saudi arabia is divided over how much to change and how soon the country is at a crossroads i mean. she became known as the woman who resisted the driving ban in the ninety's is more change in the way she sounds. but however it isn't about the soccer isn't really about just women driving it is the impact it has in our core value and the change that comes with it and then those social structure
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change with with the structure of the power only. psychologist her patients tell her about all the sudden changes impact family. within this transition phase we're seeing the young adults are actually negotiating with their parents have a male or female if it was a female she's negotiating whether she wants to unveil her face. negotiating whether to take a particular job that has men and women working together or even traveling so there's a lot of negotiation within the family how much change becomes acceptable doesn't only differ between families but also between cities. that. is a multicultural city most music concerts take place here people are still has a tent. to move the music. change direction from the top down.
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and fanny is still with. saudi arabia we saw in your report there that change is happening at different paces at different parts of the country different parts of society how much is there a general can watch of a consensus for change is there in the country as a whole. about the need for there's so many shades i would really say in this there are still many shades terry in this country but it comes to embracing change you meet people who say change can not confound it enough in fact i've been speaking to women wearing to two spot they say they aren't able to wear the situation publicly and they're possibly not going to wait until that's possible but they're ready to emigrate a country then again i met people are sort of stuck in this in beach being in this process that the themself still know just how much change they are ready to embrace
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and once again i have met people who say no we don't want any change because what we think is correct is how the way the social makeup of this country is that has then the way the way it has been for the past decades and that is pushing for a very conservative make up of islam so you really see here there are so many different reactions to change that it's completely impossible to say how this change is going to actually end up what this country is going to look like in a few years or in a few decades from now when many of the changes that are in the pipeline affect women women stand to benefit quite a bit from those changes to so many women see them so on the verge fani of gaining freedoms and that are equal to those of men. so you when you talk to people talk to women about the changes the fact that they are encouraged to
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join the group force in jobs in and really embrace jobs that they are not possible to be embraced and to calm toward in the past years he would say yes this is a very important beginning to be on the verge of equality at the same time all these new freedoms all these new changes called the the conditions the conditional if conditional thought and that means it's so many changes here and so many freedoms that could be available to women really it really depends on how you mirror guardian react to this changes if your family doesn't want that you go and work if you family doesn't want that you travel alone for example which is still legal or not a lot for women then that change is not going to happen regardless what changes are pushed from top down so what's going to be the next challenge here apart from the freedom but the one important rule is going to be lifted and that is the guardianship rule the guardianship rule that basically is the male saying a male controlling what a woman is able to do and how much freedom eventually that woman is able to enjoy
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because that's the role of women in these reports what about foreign workers about twenty to thirty percent of the population of saudi arabia understand is made up of foreign workers can they expect to profit from the reform course that the country is going through now. exactly terry just points out around one third of the population is based on foreign workers from all kind of countries both low skilled and high school people and these people have to pay more money for the booking permits and their employer also has to pay a higher fee to keep them in their companies which all has to do with the fact that his entire vision twenty thirty is based on saudis first making sure that unemployment among native saudis is decreasing so there is a huge new element developing from this entire social change that is about to start to kick off and that is there's a new challenge and that is what is going to happen to those foreign workers some
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foreign workers they spoke to say that they are ready to actually to go and stay in the country illegally because they want to make sure that they earn money send that money back and help but they don't know if ticket afford legally to stay in the country so there's a new whole new range of problems that is possible to arise from this entire situation in the country tony thank you very much steve over his family poncho they're reporting from jeddah saudi arabia. staying in the region and the war in saudi in saudi arabia's neighbor yemen which the u.n. has called the worst humanitarian crisis in the world u.n. says the conflict is killed more than one hundred thousand people so far and displaced three million others the fighting is often described as a proxy war and many countries have become involved including saudi arabia well directly and indirectly there are lots of other countries too one of them is germany a german weapons maker has been supplying bombs to members of the military coalition
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fighting in yemen thanks to loopholes and export laws. south africa some fifty kilometers east of cape town a huge tightly guarded compound. the watch towers carry the blue logo of tongue germany's biggest defense corporation but here in south africa it is called the hine mittal deano munition or r.d.m. adi aim is mainly export to the company and they are one of the most successful companies into the africa. of billions of brands every year they employ over two thousand people and they all crying at normal rate the company doesn't just export bombs from here but also whole weapons factories thirty nine such facilities have been set up in countries including egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates they are all part of the military coalition
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fighting in yemen. which is currently facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis. is supplying arms to saudi arabia for this war despite strict german export regulations. this plant on the vacation island of sardinia manufactures these bombs. germany plays a role through the export of weapons especially into regions that are unstable where there is conflict where there is repression most obviously today the middle east and plays a role in ensuring that those conflicts are remarkably bloody profits flowing to the german companies coffers ryan mittal declined repeated interview requests it insists it follows the laws of the countries it operates in. the german government also refused to take a stance in the company's overseas subsidiaries for the green party that's an
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untenable position. it's. a plea cynical of these defense companies to complain about the. german regulations while they found ways to dodge the rules such as through overseas operations when i and then they continue to supply german weapons to crisis areas that's unacceptable we urgently need to close these loopholes. government researchers have recently said that german politicians can lawfully limit the overseas activities of german companies but it's unlikely that will pass in parliament. people in the west african nation of sierra leone are heading to the polls tomorrow in a closely watched presidential runoff the vote was pushed back after a court challenge over fraud allegations in the first round earlier this month sara leone's fragile return to democracy after a civil war was tested by a devastating a bold break in two thousand and fourteen with a close race predicted many people are hoping for
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a peaceful election outcome our west africa correspondent adrian krishna reports from the capital freetown. and yes you know for the past four weeks three children have become used to makeshift outdoor lessons like this one a series of elections run offs and delays have meant that many of freetown schools are currently closed. it was well it's very annoying. and. the tax goes for the second time to have paid our. fees on the at bill you wait for school one on how flutes so it's cause them. full yes time that we have full it did not. do with a used to fix. the national electoral commission announced voting would now have to wait until saturday the delay has
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taken its toll on businesses too in freetown many have shut up shop for the election despite all criticism off the electoral process and the delays in sierra leone the majority of registered voters is expected to go to the polls on saturday and the country can look forward to a neck and neck race the opposition candidate. came in slightly ahead in the first round of voting and his supporters remain optimistic. that we're. going through something because he's the right man this council has just got to look at the will of the real briefly took power during a military coup back in the one nine hundred ninety s. now as a democratically elected president he wants to kick start the economy as well as fight corruption there would be. strong want and i saw the laws of
8:47 am
corruption first. of the laws of this country to adopt to be different political we have to make sure that people are prosecutor irrespective of. the party of president ernest koroma has been at the helm for ten years as a second term in office comes to an end he has selected former foreign minister. as . his successor camara rejects any accusation of widespread corruption in the country even though the nation's auditor general announced millions of dollars had disappeared during the abel outbreak. only it is not so much about miss it is about impropriety record keeping and that is what happened i think all of this was. what it was not clear where the money is going i mean we're not talking about little amounts it's fourteen million it was a huge amount of money while i was killing people but more than one hundred. and therefore that's why most of. the jews it was difficult to get through because it's
8:48 am
not that it was stolen it is that it's helped to was the fight against it. meanwhile is hoping that the elections go peacefully and despite all her feelings of frustration she's determined to vote on saturday after all this is about her children's future. they did a dream krishna there reporting from freetown in sierra leone to kenya now where a comic strip has changed the lives of a generation shoe jatos which means heroes in the language shared by young kenyans was originally a comic strip but now it's become a multimedia company with a daily radio show and millions of facebook fans the characters are entertaining but they also educate their audience sure jazz or valuable helpers in the daily life of millions of young kenyans. kibera is the launch
8:49 am
a slum in kenya's capital nairobi to several years locals have learnt important life lesson instrument unlikely source a free comic book it just says issues relevant to people's everyday lives like widespread joblessness and i'm trying pregnant scenes especially among younger women. these are moot no one's. going to be you can. sexual reproduction of his mistress exposed to production and so on. top. of that offered since most will be. huge as means heroes in chiang slang and mixture of so he'll in english spoken by millions of young kenyans the creators say they want to entertain and inform their goal is to educate by providing tips and positive role models i would suffer
8:50 am
a callous splash on a person who clearly not being about. twenty may want to believe it might be fitted for election. eve i thought you would bring it why not to me. placing a big emphasis on community involvement in the shoot just team asks their readers to suggest topics for their stories the characters in the comic books also have a strong presence on social media. i think thinking every young people in kenya it's pretty efficient for them to be a social media they want to be informed they want to understand with the trends are they want to be a part of a group and that's where she just comes in to create that. partnership with their clients and just. opening for them because it's a simpler type and you. can also contact the editorial team via text messages this is an especially popular form of
8:51 am
communication in kenya for those who don't have internet access there's also the option of listening to a daily radio show that's broadcast as a more than the twenty stations. it's of the man behind she jazz and the multimedia well told story platform on it a bridge has lived in kenya for more than twenty years the idea for the project came in response to the violence. erupted in two thousand and seven following the country's contested presidential election he saw a younger generation that felt manipulated by politicians and overlooked by the mainstream media burnette wanted to help young people improve their prospects it was a very serious study on a big scale done by a leading academic institution in the us it was a very robust study and it said that young women aged nineteen or less who follow she jealous. or three times less likely to be married
8:52 am
at the age of nineteen than young women who do not function as we did was much more sort of mechanical problems so the outcome of us dealing with mechanical problems which in this case was how do you make some money how do you make a plan for the future how do you stay healthy the result was young people young women not getting married early. and it turns out that not being married at nineteen probably means you're in school or it means you've got a business it means you're making money it means your life is progressing if you don't have a child there's a bunch of good things that come with not being married. they now reach well over six million people this includes a growing audience in neighboring tanzania to the longer term goal is to increase their online presence across the african continent. what else can the internet do to create energy and possibilities for our millions of followers so we
8:53 am
have some ideas we're developing fast to say can we take the promise of the jazz effect and deliver it bigger faster better quicker cheaper on the internet that's that's that's what we're working on more and more people are getting online in kibera to do that for the moment the old fashioned comic book continues to inspire people to share their stories and embrace new ideas. tinseltown hollywood director steven spielberg has returned to saif i emerged with his latest film ready player one search in a virtual universe has been released in the u.s. just in time for easter and even includes a reference to the holiday billboard notes that while the movie seems futuristic it's very much about that here in the no.
8:54 am
said in the not too distant future ready player one follows a group of teenagers who spend their time in a virtual wonderland called the oasis a place that promises unlimited possibilities. things they can do. but when the creator of. the virtual universe becomes a real life better feeling if you're watching. a hidden object. first person. half a trillion dollars in total control. it's weighed the movies hero takes on the cyber crush samantha. to get together. sure.
8:55 am
with its focus on wii our technology and digital world spielberg's movie couldn't be more topical i think the implication is you have a choice you know and if someday the oasis exists in real life you have a choice to. spend all your time there or make connections in the real world with real people making real life contact and so in a way our story is a cautionary tale as well as a great adventure ready play one is a visual feast a roller coaster ride and a future scenario that doesn't seem farfetched at all. and you're watching t.v. news coming to you from berlin we'll be back in a couple minutes with more news but for now we leave you with these images of people in japan enjoying this year's cherry blossoms which if come to tokyo earlier than usual thanks to warmer weather ice watch.
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i'm. going. to.
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kick off my. feet take football personally. i do when. he's young he's fast and he's headed for the top. english midfielder jaden sanchez . sensationalism kristen's joining going to take a timeout to talk to those of us meteoric. living. thirty million dollars. playing music was.
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the once again a name sounds so cold. to this town. but the flame player. he played puts big dreams on the big screen play claim movie magazine funded. we make up over three quarters of conflicts the conduct that you claim we are the civil service and. they want to shrink the continents future to. be part of enjoying african youngsters as they share their stories their dreams and their challenges. to seventy seven percent of the platform for charges.
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against such. lists plenty of climate change is affecting us all. rising sea levels and. the like streets. east's. change the lists through entire community. the good news is our own choices in energy conservation. recycling. in transport can help the line find out what you can do today at regional the lines .
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below this is g.w. news live from russia hits back at the west by ordering its own over wave of diplomatic expulsions sixty u.s. envoys are told to leave the country and the consulate in st petersburg is being shut down while schools also demanding access to unia screwball who was poisoned in the u.k. together with her fall there a former russian double agent or russia's relations with the west on a downward spiral. also coming up german arms spankers fueling the bloodshed in yemen lou.


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