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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CEST

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hello this is g.w. news live from russia hits back in the west by ordering its own wave of diplomatic expulsions sixty u.s. envoys were told to leave the country and the consulate in st petersburg is being shut down while schools also demanding access to u.v. a script paul was poisoned in the u.k. together with her fall there are former russian double agents or russia's relations with the west on a downward spiral. also coming up german arms makers fueling the bloodshed in yemen loopholes allow subsidiaries of german defense contractors to directly supply
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munitions and entire weapons factories to the saudi led coalition. in saudi arabia looking out the latest reforms announced by the conservative kingdom of the country's leaders more in tune with people. on the secrets to life long loan for couples talk about what kept their romance going for over five decades and a new german documentary that's just had its premiere on the big screen. hello i'm terry marchin good to have you with us. russia has responded to it for tact in the ongoing dispute over the poisoning of a former russian spy the kremlin has announced it's expelling sixty american diplomats and shutting the u.s.
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consulate in st petersburg this comes after nations around the world kicked out russian officials in response to the poisoning of sergei scrip all and his daughter in britain many western countries hold russia responsible moscow has denied the allegations. for hundreds of years since petersburg has held symbolic value for us russian ties it was here in seventeen a she that the u.s. opened its first mission in russia but its diplomatic presence in the city will soon end moscow kicking out scores of western diplomats as a tit for tat retaliation over the poisoning of a former russian double edged in britain it means more than one hundred fifty diplomats from over two dozen countries will be out of russia. everything will also be reciprocal in terms of the number of people from the diplomatic missions who will be leaving russia. with people with these and that is
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all for now. a reciprocal move it may be but it's one the u.s. says russia cannot justified because moscow is at fault russia is responsible for that horrific attack attack on the british citizen and his daughter once again they have broken the chemical weapons convention it was a banned substance that they have used no overt shock we take this matter very seriously former russian double eigen surrogates create polonaise daughter yulia were found slumped on a park bench in the city of souls brienne early march poisoned person believes moscow tried to kill the pair screen power remains in a critical condition in hospital though yulia is conscious and talking according to doctors russian vehemently denies any involvement in the case and it wants access to your. we are witnessing the hindrance of russian representatives accessing injured russian citizens from what i see is congressional. the question now is
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whether the crisis will move beyond teeth for tat measures. more let's bring in our moscow correspondent meir drugs. drugs tell us more about these latest expulsions. we knew that these explosions are going to come the only question was why closing down closing down the general consulate in st petersburg and not one of the other general consulates in russia when you look at the map here will see that there are four u.s. consulates here in russia one in the far east in light of our stock one in you get that in books in the middle of the country and two in the european part of russia he and moscow and in st petersburg you can't close down the embassy here in moscow so it had to be simply doesn't work so this is a reciprocal move me
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a drug matching expulsion of russian diplomats by the u.s. does this restore the the diplomatic equilibrium now or can we expect further punitive measures well the fifo well karp starts in two and a half months i don't think that russia is really interested right now in making a bad situation worse the kremlin is looking to it's going to wait and see what london and washington are going to do u.s. ambassador huntsman sad that there was no justification for the expulsion and it shows that the kremlin is not really interested in a dialogue with the u.s. you may hear and russia experts who will disagree with that and basically could say we only counter action taken by the west british prime minister may made it clear just a couple of days ago that there could be further actions against russia if this is
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the case terry you can be very sure russia will retaliate now moscow is demanding access to yulia script paul the daughter of the double agent there both of them poisoned insults very in the u.k. . yulia is apparently conscious and talking again why does the kremlin want to talk to her. well russia is acting like a victim their attitude is we have nothing to do with their poisoning or scrape on his door to us the daughter has the russian citizenship and she's being hurt seriously so a representative off the embassy in london would like to talk to her he's basically saying you know it's my duty my duty to talk to her and london say no moscow is not a victim they actually did it in full there for that reason they refused to give moscow any further information on access to the daughter iraq thank you so much for
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bringing us up day to me a drugstore it's there in moscow now to eat yemen where the war there has killed more than one hundred thousand people in this place three million others so far the fighting is often described as a proxy war in many countries have become involved both directly and indirectly one of them is germany a german weapons maker has been supplying bombs to members of the saudi led coalition fighting yemen thanks to loopholes and export walls. south africa some fifty kilometers east of cape town a huge tightly guarded compound. the watchtower's carry the blue logo of i'm a tongue germany's biggest defense corporation but here in south africa it is called the hine mittal deano munition or r.d.m. adi aim is mainly an export driven company and they are one of the most successful
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companies into africa they have got to turn off of billions of brand if they employ over two thousand people and they all crying at quite a question on the right the company doesn't just export bombs from here but also whole weapons factories thirty nine such facilities have been set up in countries including egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates they are all part of the military coalition fighting in yemen. which is currently facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis. is supplying arms to saudi arabia for this war despite strict german export regulations. this plant on the vacation island of sardinia manufactures these bombs. germany plays a role through the export of weapons especially into regions that are unstable
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where there is conflict where there is repression most obviously today the middle east and plays a role in ensuring that those conflicts are remarkably bloody profits flowing to the german companies coffers ryan mittal declined repeated interview requests it insists it follows the laws of the countries it operates in. the german government also refused to take a stance in the company's overseas subsidiaries for the green party that's an untenable position. still tied to a plea cynical of these defense companies to complain about the strict german regulations while they found ways to dodge the rules such as through overseas operations. and then they continue to supply german weapons to crisis areas that's unacceptable we urgently need to close these loopholes. government researchers have recently said that german politicians can lawfully limit the overseas activities of german companies but it's unlikely that will pass in
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parliament. a lot of folks are traveling right now with the easter holiday happening and some of them are getting a rather unpleasant surprise yeah especially when they chose one particular airline air france because if you do then be patient and be open to alternatives every fourth air france flight will be canceled today and the reason several trade unions planned to take strike action pilots to u.s. and other personnel demands a six percent pay increase after answers management is offering one percent the strike will affect the two largest airports in paris and those in other major french cities needed a whole slides will be hit the hardest but also every fifth the long and short haul flight passengers can change the journey for free of charge if possible german automakers are among the most profitable in the world and b.m.w. takes the crown that's according to a study by eve why b.m.w.
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profitability stands at ten percent for every one hundred euro in revenue b.m.w. rakes in a profit of ten euro. came in third among major automakers after losing its second place from last year to japan's zuki folks back in the world's biggest carmaker came in much lower in because of a lot. of the american economy a factor of tesla is recalling one hundred twenty three thousand of its model s. vehicles worldwide making it to the company's biggest recall action ever model s. cars built before april twenty sixth even were affected the problems is rusting bolts in the power steering unit the company says those bolts need to be replaced in an hour long retrofit in response to the news tesla shares dropped three and a half percent. today marks the two hundredth anniversary since the birth of the to
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heal him and i thought i was the man who founded a particular form of rural cooperatives at a time when german farmers were fighting poverty as well as x ploy to fuel known shocks and school operative banking model hasn't spread to many other industries and still functions today. these two families a members of germany's oldest co-operative in eight hundred ninety eight their forefathers banded together and started a cooperative that built and operated a flour mill one farmer could not have done it alone this could buy the. grain from our region the all mountains is very coarse it was difficult to sell to nearby dresden there was very little profit so they said we need our own mill so we can process the grain and then we can make the bread as well. as. the mill and the bakery have ensured a thriving business for the farmers for many years now some seventeen businesses
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are now part of this successful co-operative. the idea of the cooperative goes back to free trade vilhelm hif. in the mid nineteenth century he promoted it as a way of becoming the poverty faced by farmers in his region festival. since then the idea has spread to other parts of the economy new industries like sustainable energy have also adopted the model most corporative work on a majority basis this can have this a regardless of their stake. in the cantante both the small when decisions have to be made everyone's opinion has equal weight. that applies to the world's largest co-operative gone in spain it has around seventy five thousand members eighty percent of whom it joint owners as with any business cooperatives like monder gone can suffer in times of crisis but because all members have an equal say they usually avoid mess layoffs this is. still
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a private company it has to be profitable but the number one goal is always to support the members so there are always two sets of objectives to consider economic objectives and social ones. for co-ops it's not just. about the bottom line. and maybe that's why they often outlast private companies that are generally profit driven. following two years off the decline the ata market grew rapidly last year and this year it looks even more appealing as investors seeks shelter from recent volatility on capital markets now hong kong is embracing its newfound role as a global top within the first hour of this week's to basle faire in hong kong a piece by villa and the kooning sold for thirty five million dollars and chinese artists aren't far behind. chinese guy is probably wouldn't have had much interest
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in this painting by up and coming artist when dan in the past the desir who worked communion is gathering a lot of attention. in the first few years i felt that they are very excited and they are so poor hungry in collecting so they would be coming up to us and wanting to collect right away certain pieces if they felt they were that they love it but over the years i've seen more and more of our educated behavior china has become the world's second biggest up market after the u.s. in the past year chinese bias have spent thirteen point two billion dollars on paintings sculptures and other rot that's up fourteen percent on the previous year . that's creating a windfall for sounds like eccentric on-call not just for quark who is selling his hand painted calligraphy here. when i first
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started a lot of people just came to take photos now they are thinking of it as an investment and that is a good development. golf. visit is also to have the opportunity to become an artwork themselves anyone can pose either as a consumer reduce to their purse. or is too interconnected fool says keeping a book from falling this piece is candy in indiana proving that you don't have to be a wealthy by to get your fifteen minutes of fame and. terry maybe we should come up with some sort of installation and do you think there will be some sort of extra money on the site i'm sure we could put something together in just a jiffy with your creativity and no doubt about it monica thanks a lot let's catch up on some of the other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. president donald trump has said american forces should be coming out of syria quote
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very soon speaking to industrial workers in the state of ohio trouble amend it what he said was washington's waste of trillions of dollars in middle eastern wars the pentagon spokesperson said she was unaware of any new policy to withdraw u.s. forces. france's former president nicolas sarkozy is to stand trial on corruption charges and he's accused of attempting to illegally influence an inquiry into alleged irregularities in his two thousand and seven election campaign the former president is already facing separate charges over suspected illegal financing and catholic christians in mexico gathered in the city of talks or the procession of the flagyl its annual event marks the highlight of the city's weeklong easter celebration. people in the west african nation of sierra leone are heading to the polls tomorrow in
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a closely watched presidential runoff the vote was pushed back after a court challenge over fraud allegations in the first round earlier this month sierra leone's fragile return to democracy after civil war was tested by a devastating abode outbreak in two thousand and fourteen with a close race predicted many people are hoping for a peaceful election outcome our west africa correspondent adrian creech reports from the capital freetown. yes you know what for the past four weeks early ninety three children have become used to makeshift outdoor lessons like this one a series of elections run offs and still a's have meant that many of freetown schools are currently closed so. deal with. well it's very annoying and. he attacks because for the second time to have paid. fees on that bill you wait for school one and half
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so it scores them. full yes time that we have full you did not. do with the. fix said on tuesday the national electoral commission announced voting would now have to wait until saturday the delay has taken its toll on businesses too in freetown many have shut up shop for the election despite all criticism off the electoral process and the delays in sierra leone the majority of registered voters is expected to go to the polls on saturday and the country can look forward to a neck and neck race the opposition candidates. came in slightly ahead in the first round of voting and his supporters remain optimistic. that we're. going through something because he's the right man this country.
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has got to look at the will of the real briefly took power during a military coup back in the one nine hundred ninety s. now as a democratically elected president he wants to kick start the economy as well as fight corruption there would be. this fund want to know i saw the laws of corruption first. of the loss of this country to adapt to the difference in the political we have to make sure that people are prosecutor irrespective of. the party of president koroma has been at the helm for ten years as a second term in office comes to an end he has selected former foreign minister. as . his successor camara rejects any accusation of widespread corruption in the country even though the nation's auditor general announced millions of dollars had disappeared during the abel outbreak. only it is not so much about this it is about
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impropriety record keeping and that's what i think all of this was was up you know what it was not clear where the money is going i mean we're not talking about a little romance it's fourteen million it wasn't a huge amount of money while i was killing people but more than one hundred down. and down for. the jews it was difficult to get through because there's no doubt it was stolen it is a it's have to was the fight against. meanwhile style unitas hoping that the elections go peacefully and despite all her feelings of frustration she's determined to vote on saturday after all this is about her children's future . saudi arabia in which for decades has been known as one of the most conservative countries in the world now those things are slowly changing the reason is or oil falling prices have hit the oil rich kingdom hard in response crown prince mohammed bin has an accident
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vicious program of reforms known as vision twenty thirty aimed at transforming the kingdom's economy now these reforms include diversifying the economy and reducing its dependence on oil creating new jobs and making the country less reliant on foreign workers saudi arabia also wants to attract more foreign investment and acted a series of social reforms to create more liberal open and prosperous society oppressive restrictions on women are slowly being relaxed a longstanding driving ban will finally be lifted later this year for example a reporter funny traveled to saudi arabia to see how this vision of the future chimes with the people. it's a small but significant change many women these days with their a bios of the news even in the saudi arabia. capital
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connected to one and. plenty of billboards like this one portraying a young and dynamic face prince mohammed bin some on now he wants to read brand the image of the country as an open and modern kingdom but the question is will the population accept changes and wage and from top down. the majority of the population is young most of them are nothing more than religious extremists began to enforce restrictions on the country tame and soccer is excessive and these teenagers want me to join them but they are not yet willing to accept as women can play soccer they tell me. i have to wear a headscarf and his friend tells us. so because you know the culture in saudi arabia driving is only for men. not here in the desert it's not women
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have come here not far from riyadh to learn to drive but that change can not happen fast enough they are hungry to get behind the wheel in every respect. you want freedom for women and normal life it begins with driving but a lot to have to follow. and saudi arabia is divided over how much to change and how soon the country is at a crossroads i mean. she became known as the woman who resisted the driving ban in the ninety's is more change in the way she sounds. but however it isn't about the soccer isn't really about just women driving it is the impact it has in our core value and the change that comes with it and then this social structure change with with the structure of the power only the.
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psychologist her patients tell her about all the sudden changes impact family. within this transition put a face we're seeing the young adults are actually negotiating with their parents have a male or female if it was a female she's negotiating whether she wants to unveil her face in ago. whether she needs to take a particular job that has men and women working together or even traveling so there's a lot of negotiation within the family how much change becomes acceptable doesn't only differ between families but also between cities things are moving faster in jeddah. jeddah is a multicultural city most music concerts take place here people are still has a tent only a few would be hard to move the music adapting to change directed from the top down
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takes time. what's the secret of a lifelong roma it's a new german documentary film is trying to answer that question the enough the next day or the night of nights features for couples from around the world whose relationships have endured for over five decades we will all to the premiere it's a film about the secret to a lifetime of happiness and love featuring four couples who've been together for over fifty years the film puts big love experiences center stage. i've always been lucky just like with card games. the film reveals the strains and low points of married life the japanese couple's marriage was arranged for them patience and understanding were the key. meyer people used to talk a lot and often but grandpa here concha so well in the more stew much of an effort for me to converse with him. and. yes we talk less but now i hear fewer of the bad
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things. the nights of nights as an intimate film about relationships stemming from another era it's directors wanted to find out the secret to keeping relationships in life for over fifty years. all of the couples seem to use humor to resolve conflicts. and news in congo. we squabble but at night we fall asleep together. we can recognize ourselves in the nights of nights the message can overcome. you're always helps you're watching good news thanks for being with us we have more at the top of next hour.
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costs like. he takes football personally. he's young fast and he's headed for the top english midfielder jaden. teen sensation has increased since joining the boy he took time out to talk to those about his meteoric rise living.
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