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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2018 10:00am-10:31am CEST

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storm starting to pull something on t.w. . this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin russia hits back at the west by ordering its own wave of diplomatic expulsion sixteen u.s. envoys are told to leave the country and the consulate in st petersburg is being shut down schools also demanding access to yulia sprit fall who was poisoned in the u.k. together with her father a former russian double agent for russia's relations with the west on
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a downward spiral. also in the show tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama marks his sixtieth year in exile reports on the fierce loyalty commands china's efforts to isolate him and prospects for the future. and the w.'s funny chart his in saudi arabia looking at the latest reforms announced by the conservative kingdom or the country's leaders no more in tune with the people. following terry martin good to have you with us. russia has responded tit for tat in the ongoing dispute over the poisoning of a former russian spy the kremlin has announced it is expelling sixty american diplomats and shutting the u.s. consulate in st petersburg this comes after nations around the world kicked out
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russian officials in response to the poisoning of surrogates group paul and his daughter in britain but the western countries hold russia responsible for that moscow has denied the allegations. but hundreds of years since petersburg has held symbolic value for us russian ties it was here in seventeen ac that the u.s. opened its first mission in russia but its diplomatic presence in the city will soon end moscow kicking out scores of western diplomats as a tit for tat retaliation for the poisoning of a former russian double i agent in britain it means more than one hundred fifty diplomats from over two dozen countries will be out of russia. everything will also be reciprocal in terms of the number of people from their diplomatic missions who will be leaving russia. and that is all for now. a reciprocal move it may be but it's one the u.s.
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says russia cannot justified because moscow is at fault russia is responsible for that horrific attack attack on the british citizen and his daughter once again they have broken the chemical weapons convention it was a banned substance that they have used no which shock we take this matter very seriously former russian double agents scree pile and his daughter yulia were found slumped on a park bench in the city of salzburg an early march poisoned believes moscow tried to kill the pair screen power remains in a critical condition in hospital though yulia is conscious and talking according to doctors russian vehemently deny. ize any involvement in the case and it wants access to yulia. we we are witnessing the hinges of russian representatives accessing injured russian citizens that's what i see as congressional. the question
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now is the way that the crisis will move beyond the task missions. more let's bring in our moscow correspondent near drugs sorry near drug tell us more about these latest expulsions terry we knew that these explosions are going to come the only question was why closing down closing down the general consulate in st petersburg and not one of the other gentle consulates in russia when you look at the map you will see that there are four u.s. consulates here in russia one in the far east in light of all stock one in you get to them work in the middle of the country and two in the european part of russia here in moscow and in st petersburg you can't close down the embassy here in moscow so it had to be simply just work so this is a reciprocal move me a drug matching expulsion of russian diplomats by the u.s.
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does this restore that the diplomatic equilibrium now or can we expect further punitive measures. well the fifo well karp starts in two and a half months i don't think that russia is really interested right now in making a bad situation worse the kremlin is looking to is going to wait and see what london and washington are going to do u.s. ambassador huntsman said that there was no justification for the expulsion and it shows that the kremlin is not really interested in a dialogue with the u.s. you may hear and russia experts who will disagree with that and basically could say we only counter action taken by the west british prime minister may and made it clear just a couple of days ago that there could be further actions against russia if this is the case terry you can be very sure russia will retaliate now moscow is demanding
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access to yulia script paul the daughter of the double agent there both of them poisoned insults barry in the u.k. you know yulia is apparently conscious and talking again why does the kremlin want to talk to her well russia is acting like a victim their attitude is we have nothing to do with the poisoning of scruple and his daughter yulia the daughter has the russian citizenship and she's being heard seriously so a representative off the embassy in london would like to talk to her he's basically saying you know that's my doing my duty to talk to her and london say no moscow is not a victim that actually did it and for that for that reason they refused to give moscow any further information on access to the daughter it i thank you so much for bringing us up day to me
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a drugstore it's there in moscow. now it's catch up on some other stories making headlines around the world today u.s. president donald trump has said american forces should be coming out of syria quote very soon speaking to industrial workers in the state of ohio trump lamented what he said was washington's waste of trillions of dollars in middle eastern wars but a pentagon spokesperson said she was unaware of any new policy to withdraw all u.s. forces. in thailand at least twenty people were killed when a bus caught fire and careened off the road would be a cool was on its way from myanmar border to bangkok when it burst into flames almost all of those aboard the bus were burmese migrant workers and catholic christians in mexico gathered in the city of talks cope for the procession of the flatulence the annual event marks the highlight of the city's week long easter celebration. tibet's spiritual leader the dalai lama is marking the sixtieth year
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of his exile in india and he was it was in march and nine hundred fifty nine when he crossed into india from tibet the chinese army had entered tibet for and taken over administration of the province the uprising that followed forced the dalai lama to seek refuge in the northern indian city of daraa. it has since become the seat of tibet's government in exile india is home to more than one hundred thousand tibetans but it's the deadliest on the upon a qantas covered commemorations in dharamsala have been muted allegedly because of pressure from beijing. high in the foothills of the human in the in india to do this week that a glimpse of the. wood is. simply. in the bin piece nobody has lived here in the town. nearly six decades even since
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india granted him a site. in one nine hundred fifty china invaded then independent a bit following the field and the chinese uprising in one thousand fifty nine that the lama was forced to please palace. and cross the himalayas and foot here right in india and set up a government in exile he's been advocating autonomy for tibet but china considers him a separatist threat to bet and it's monasteries remain under the tight control of the chinese government possessing pictures of the line arma or his writings is illegal. in param shiela however the diaspora has transformed the area into a mini tibet the town draws visitors and followers of the lama from all over the world all but china remains unhappy and opposes countries that support the do it leader and that the lamas presence in india periodically aggravates border tensions and inflames diplomatic spats between the two asian giants the calm in this
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a million town has been marred by political controversy in recent weeks the indian government has advised the patients to stay away from events commemorating the vellum as sixtieth year in exile in india to avoid angering china at a time of rising tensions as a result the tibetan exile government has canceled a high profile event for the lama in delhi which indian politicians were meant to attend officials insist the latest controversy is a mite a hiccup that won't affect india's welcoming attitude towards the tibetan community us. if a tall the tibet cause is a life at the top as well as a lot of myself flourishing i caught on a thanks to india and a small. political decision which i call it a temporary face in political the bar mysie when not undo six decades of pleas rooted born in ties but on
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the streets of them shall this anger about what some see as china's bullying of the indian government if you listen to china once then they're going to tell you next time you can't do this do that janice china has become so powerful the trading with the whole world they have a lot of economic clout as to putin's that does scare us. in a makeshift studio dark along with his friends dumps animated films into to britain . for many refugees like him continuing chinese repression in tibet and the long years in exile have made questions of identity all the more important. today he's at his old school in that i'm sure. arrived as often from tibet at the age of seven . the children are treated to one of mick mars dubbed films. they rarely get the chance to watch cartoons or to put it. it's
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a big hit the what are you here isn't just about preserving to put an identity. it's the very survival of the community. what i feel is like what will happen if there's no i don't know. if but then i might just normal some what really going to happen to the tibetan the next time i don't do that kind of i wrote the questions loom large as make moderns family head to the temple and even for decades that the lama has been the best known galvanizing force behind the tibetan cause life without him seems unthinkable. reporting from india well back in china we've got our correspondent ts berlingo standing by for us in beijing on this story a materialist the dalai lama has been an exile for nearly sixty years but china still regards him as a dangerous separatist what the chinese really have to fear from.
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terry what they accuse him of is that he would want to bet on independence and he would split the territory of the chinese of the people's republic of china. that donna lama himself however has renounced to independence a long time ago he's advocating more autonomy a real autonomy for the chief bratton areas in china i think the problem the chinese government has with him is that he's extremely popular in. bed still off to sixty years of compay mz against him he's still really respected religious authority worldwide and the chinese system is one that has one key element that is always respected the communist party needs to be in charge of everything that can be liberties that can be relaxed areas of life but in the end it will be the party who has the control and they would not be able to keep this control over religious t.v. bet if they allowed him back in. as you well know that his it's really difficult
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for journalists to get access to to bat why is china keeping it so isolated. there is still unrest in she bed there are protests however there have been no major incidents but we've also for example we've seen within the last ten years more than one hundred fifty self-immolation spy chief betances. china wants to control its event china and hansen's control over. monasteries and he bet and it does not want the world to see these. there's a lot of discussion about what will happen when the dalai lama is gone he's eighty two years old how is that discussion going in china. china has made clear that it wants to have
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a say in who is going to be the next dalai lama when the dalai lama dies he is reading can i hid in a child that has gone around the time he died there is a religious process to find this child in a religious tradition and china is hoping that with controlling the next dalai lama from childhood it would get better control of tibetans minds the has been a precedent for this the punching lama he is the second highest authority in tibet the second highest religious school for eighty died in one nine hundred eighty nine and when a successor was found to be the chinese government made me disappear this child and named another child the new punch and long. story has still a lot to go mathias building out there for us in beijing thank you so much. well it's the easter holiday and many people are traveling but are in for
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a rather unpleasant surprise more again as a kind of travel warning a slight one terry because if you're planning on taking an easter holiday vacation with from us be sure to be patient and open to alternatives every fourth air france flight will be canceled today the reason several trade unions planned to take strike action pilots u.s. and other personnel to mount a six percent pay increase now afrin says management is offering one percent the strike will affect the two largest airports in paris and those in other major french cities medium haul flights will be hit the hardest but also every fifth long and short haul flights passages can change their journey free of charge if possible . german automakers are among the most profitable in the world and b.m.w. takes the crown that's according to a study by the why b.m.w. is profitability stands at ten percent for every one hundred euro in revenue b.m.w. rakes in
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a profit off ten euro dima came in third among major automakers after losing its second place from last year to japan's suzuki folks live on the world's biggest carmaker came in much lower in position a. chinese smartphone maker oh wow i said its profits soared to twenty eight point one percent last year that translates into seven point six billion u.s. dollars miles ahead of twenty sixteen when profits eked and mia four tenths of a percent increase but the company attributed the sterling results to heavy investments in research and marketing she why is the number three smartphone maker behind some sun and apple the company is owned by its employees with no publicly traded shares but the company reports financial results to an a security concerns in the united states in the europe and in australia now the american economy a factor
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a tesla is recalling one hundred twenty three thousand of its model as their goals worldwide making it the company's biggest recall action ever model s. cars built before april twenty sixth dean are affected now the problem is rusting balled in the power steering unit the company says those bolts need to be replaced in an hour long retrofit in response to the news tesla shares dropped three and a half percent. if you've ever been to cuba you probably paid for goods and services in convertible pesos but that's not the currency the locals use for the same goods they pay in regular cuban paisanos president raul castro wants to phase out the two currency system and that's causing panic among many of his people. the random local currency exchange places called cut because it was so strong cuban t.v. saw the need to broadcast an official bulletin from the central bank and the us and
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the last few days the number of the equal seeking to change c.u.z. sent to pesos bank offices and cut the cost has risen and this is due to the false information that in the next few days the u.c. will be withdrawn from circulation as part of the monetary unification. and if you've got your monica the government says this see you see the convertible currency commonly used by tourists on the island is here to stay for now anyway but back in december cuban president raul castro said he wanted to see the convertible currency become history. will step down as president on april nineteenth and many cubans feared he would have bollixed the currency before leaving office. for the german chancellor which mix one say to anyone who has visions should go to the doctor that's typical which means but of course in order to bring about
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fundamental change you do need a vision right you do need a vision and the saudi crown prince seems to have one we're going to tell you about in just second the for decades saudi arabia has been known as one of the world's most conservative countries now though things are slowly changing and the reason is oil prices for oil and it hit the kingdom hard in response crown prince mohamed bin solomon hasn't acted in ambitious program of reforms monica mention visual this was known as vision twenty thirty and it's aimed at transforming the kingdom's economy now these reforms include diversifying the economy and reducing its dependence on oil creating new jobs and making the country less reliant on foreign workers and saudi arabia also wants to attract more foreign in beslan. acted a number of social reforms to create a more liberal open and prosperous society at least that's the idea oppressive restrictions on women are slowly being relaxed
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a longstanding driving ban for example will finally be lifted later this year our reporter funny has been in saudi arabia looking at what this vision of the future really means for the country and she joins us now from the city of jeddah. we've got thirty great good to see you father looks like it's a windy day there in jeddah you've been in saudi arabia now for a couple of weeks so what's your impression of how much the country is actually opening up. apart from the visible changes terry that you just pointed out that lifting to driving ban for example what is really interesting when you talk here on the ground to people you come to realize there's so many different factors involved when it comes to the dimension of change that the off change if you look at are coming reports we realize that it can depend on so many things for example you age the city for you live you are here in jeddah for example that's considered much
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more open to change then the capital city of saudi arabia but change can also depend on your own personal beliefs certainly however on the willingness of male relatives if it is a family to give up control when it comes to decision making of females let's have a look at the report. it's a small but significant change many women these days with their. news even in the saudi arabia. capital. two one and. you would see plenty of billboards like this one portraying a young and dynamic face prince mohammed bin psalm on no he wants to read brand the image of the country as an open and modern kingdom but the question is will the population accept changes and raisins from top down. the majority of the population is young most of them are nothing more than religious extremists began
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to enforce restrictions on the country tame and soccer is itself and these teenagers want me to join them but they are not yet willing to accept everything women can play soccer they tell me. if i have to wear a headscarf and his friends tells us. so because you know the culture in saudi arabia driving is only for men. not here in the desert it's not that women have come here not far from riyadh to learn to drive but that change can not happen fast enough they are hungry to get behind the wheel in every respect. you want freedom for women and normal life it begins with driving but a lot to have to follow up with. saudi arabia is divided over how much to change
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and how soon the country is at a crossroads i meet up. she became known as the woman who resisted the driving ban in their nineties is more change in the way she sounds. but however it isn't about the soccer isn't really about just women driving it is the impact it has in our core value and the change that comes with it and then this social structure change with with the structure of the power only. psychologist her patients tell her about all the sudden changes impact family. within this transition phase we're seeing the young adults are actually negotiating with their parents have a male or female if it was a female she's negotiating whether she wants to unveil her face in ago. whether he needs to take a particular job that has men and women working together or travelling so there's
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a lot of negotiation within the family how much change becomes acceptable doesn't only differ between families but also between cities things are moving faster in jeddah than rio is a multicultural city most music concerts take place here people are still has a tent only if you would be hard to move the music. change direction from the top down takes time. and our reporter funny still with us there in jeddah saudi arabia it's funny many of the reforms that are underway there in saudi arabia right now they affect women or women they're on the verge of gaining freedoms equal to men he would get that impression if you look at the report and how ecstatic how hacky this women today are behind the wheel that they are able to drive soon but at the same time he also
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expressed concern because not every woman is going to drive depending on what the a male relative to a male guardian is going to load into do they need permission still a sponsor of the god ship rule how much freedom they can actually enjoy so even though let's say in theory they are you reforms for example lifting driving ban for example encouraging women to join a different field works of field that wasn't possible in the past but at the same time that god is ship rule is still in place ok what about clothing restrictions on women in saudi arabia finally we're talking here about the kind of a cloak or you know head scarves of people familiar with org those restrictions being listened to. there was a highly debated televised interview by the crown prince of all that been sound man who pointed out in that interview that decent closing both a man and woman by the way that doesn't necessarily mean suits include with
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clothing for example these include thing doesn't certainly mean or doesn't necessarily mean for women that they have to wear a black abaya or they have to wear a black headscarf was really interesting to see how women into print this this this comment some women said ok that probably means i can wear a different color what other people said no that actually means you can take off that i buy you can take off that has a scarf and in fact when you go through gender you will see women of it also has kind of already when you're in the in a much more conservative city the capital city of saudi arabia it is still very much unusual to not only see women without a headscarf but to even see them he didn't a body that has a different color other than black it's a process funny fascinating thank you so much. panipat char they're reporting from jeddah saudi arabia. you're watching d.w. news going to be back at the top of next hour with another full bulletin and of course we'll get all our stories online d.w.
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