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as that movement spread to the rest of the economy and around the was. and monica jones from business desk has a story and she is standing by and will be back with you with that story shortly don't go away. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history started on talent but so poor education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for him depend on drugs i see many of the younger promising who are now making names for themselves all over the world. song by group power along the way some like although some would continue. their experience of freedom in
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a sense is life experience over there you can visit what you call come back. my interview from florida and i work for you nobody. at. the founder of the co-operative movement was born two hundred years ago aimed at easing the plight of poor nineteenth century german farmers the successful ideas spread across the well. also on the show you love art you have money to spend to go to hong kong where out to basel is on show we take you around to some exits. welcome to g.w. business so today marks the two hundredth anniversary since the birth of pre-christian bill hemmer i feel the man who founded
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a particular form of rural cooperatives at a time when german pharmacies were fighting poverty as well as exploitive loan sharks co-operative banking model has spread to many other industries and it still functions today. these two families a members of germany's oldest co-operative in one thousand nine hundred eight their forefathers banded together and started a cooperative that built and operated a flour mill one farmer could not have done it alone escaped by the. grain from our region the old mountains is very coarse it was difficult to sell to nearby dresden there was very little profit so they said we need our own mill so we can process the grain and then we can make the bread as well. as. the mill and the bakery have ensured a thriving business for the farmers for many years now some seventeen businesses are now part of this successful cooperative. the idea of the cooperative goes back
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to free trish vilhelm hif isn't in the mid nineteenth century he promoted it as a way of overcoming the poverty faced by farmers in his region best of. since then the idea has spread to other parts of the economy new industries like sustainable energy have also adopted the model most corporative work on a majority wins basis all members can have this say regardless of their stake. in the continent vote or small when decisions have to be made to get everyone's opinion has equal weight. that applies to the world's largest corporative gone in spain it has around seventy five thousand members eighty percent of whom it joint owners as with any business cooperatives like mordor gone can suffer in times of crisis but because all members have an equal say they usually avoid mass layoffs it is. still
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a private company it has to be profitable but the number one goal is always to support the members so there are always two sets of objectives to consider economic objectives and social ones. to co-ops it's not just. about the bottom line. and maybe that's why they often outlast private companies that are generally profit driven. and the idea of co-op banks has spread throughout the world in mexico indigenous families are finding a way out of poverty through joining a coffee co-operative and it's one that treats men and women as equals getting both the opportunity to make ends meet. early morning in the choppers high lands. it's a good time for harvesting before the hottest part of the day. caesar bitchiness is able to live off of coffee farming something that wasn't possible for
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his farmer. when i was a kid my father would get maybe ten cents a kilo that wasn't enough it couldn't grow for sure for. the poor guy who worked so hard but it was the middlemen who made the big money. miss reliance on intermediaries came to an end when a jesuit order established a cooperative you're more ted which saw a local indigenous families team up they used the beans they grow to roast their own coffee and that also allowed cities are to receive training in the business and finance side of things. says mexico's poorest state and its indigenous peoples are often treated like second class citizens. men work the coffee plantations for starvation wages while women are bound to the home.
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that's another thing that you're more tell has changed. in one way no rodrigue this is one woman who is confident enough to forge a new path for herself. it's not something that's come it's difficult for women to leave this place to find work in this and leave it at that height in the in the that but that's the only way for a woman to change her life. for indigenous women the road to self-determination is even harder than for men from un weta it's beginning modestly by making her own soap. back at the plantation the beans are roasted in a hot oven sees out is anxious his teacher observes everything closely if the roasting goes badly the work in the fields will have been for nothing. the
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smell of coffee fills the air unlike raw beans which fluctuate in price producing roasted coffee guarantee seas are a stable income one that will increase of the product a successful. it's the biggest undertaking of my life it's not just for me but for my children to. see. the female members of the cooperative are also betting on success they're proud to be making their own decisions regarding production. with simple things like coffee the co-operative research helping indigenous families and shoppers taking big steps towards a brighter more independent future. german automakers are among the most profitable in the world and b. and w. takes the crown that's according to a study by eve wire b.m.w.'s profitability stands at ten percent for every one hundred euro in revenue b.m.w. rakes in a profit of ten euro dima came in third among major automakers after losing its
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second place from last year to japan's suki. chinese smartphone maker who away said its profit sought twenty eight point one percent last year that translates into seven point six billion u.s. dollars she away attributes the stunning results to heavy investments in research and marketing who away is the number three smartphone maker behind samsung and apple the company is owned by its employees with no publicly traded shares but the company reports financial results to allay security concerns in the united states europe and australia. and tesla is recalling one hundred twenty three thousand of its model s. then he calls worldwide making it to the company's biggest recall action ever affected model s. cars built before april twenty sixth in the problem is rusting bolts in the power steering unit the company says those bolts need to be replaced in an hour long
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retrofit in response to the news tesla shares dropped three and a half percent. if you've ever been to cuba you probably paid for goods and services in convertible pays us but that's not the currency the locals use for the same goods they pay in regular cuban pays us now president raul castro wants to phase out the two currency system and that is causing panic among many of his people. the run on local currency exchange bill in the last few days of the number of people seeking to change the use season took pesos at bank offices and cut the cost has risen this is due to the false information that in the next few days this new scene will be withdrawn from circulation as part of the monetary unification. part of google france will do and if you've got your monica the government says the see you see the convertible currency commonly used by tourists on the island is here to stay for now anyway but back in december cuban president hope kustra said
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he wanted to see the convertible currency become history castro will step down as president on april nineteenth and many cubans feared he would abolish the currency before leaving office. i think is a decline this year the us market looks even more appealing as investors seeks shelter from recent volatility on capital markets hong kong is embracing its newfound role as the global market. chinese bias probably wouldn't have had much interest in this painting by up and coming artist when dan in the past the dis here who worked communion is gathering a lot of attention. in the first few years i felt that they are very excited and they are so poor hungry in collecting so they would be coming up to us and wanting to collect right away certain pieces if they felt they were that they love it but
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over the years i've seen more and more of our educated behavior china has become the world's second biggest up market after the u.s. in the past year chinese bias have spent thirteen point two billion dollars on paintings sculptures and other rot that's up fourteen percent on the previous year . that's creating a windfall for some like eccentric on-call nationalist fro team quark who is selling his hand painted calligraphy here. when i found. that a lot of people just came to take photos but now the i thinking of it as an investment and that is a good development to. visit is also to have the opportunity to become an artwork themselves anyone can pose either as a consumer reduce to their purse. or is too interconnected forces keeping
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a book from falling this piece is kantian in gangs proving that you don't have to be a wealthy on fire to get your fifteen minutes of fame at. back on that presumably woman's head inspires me because it's raining a lot here in berlin so you could put did you use that you visit update here in w i see you in and out with really really really. really really really really really really.
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really really real. god saw. me take football personally. he's young he's fast and he's headed for the top english midfielder jaden sanchez teen sensation has impressed since joining going to take the time out to talk to us about his meteoric rise. living. why do elephants. does a plastic model turn into a painting stone why do algae make it clear. good idea can work
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