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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 30, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm CEST

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this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin the expansions continue in moscow asks to dutch diplomats to leave as it splats with the west escalates envoys from germany and britain are among the representatives summons to the russian foreign ministry after the kremlin expelled sixteen u.s. diplomats it's or upon the diplomatic fallout over the poisoning of a former russian double agent and his daughter also coming up clashes between israeli military and finest immunes in dropped in gaza as house moves gathers a protest course for by the militant group hamas guns off mission c. five palestinians have been killed and more than one hundred injured. and
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a disused chinese spacelab on collision course with climbs up where it entered the earth's atmosphere and billick also the damage we'll talk to the head of the european space agency. plus the secret to a lifelong love for couples talk about what kept their romance going for over five decades in a new documentary that's just had this premier on the big screen. i don't welcome i'm. russia has ordered to dust stupid bastard leave the country and someone to massa destroy it's the e.u. countries to the russian foreign ministry this comes off the kremlin announced it is expelling sixty american diplomats and shutting the u.s. consulate in st petersburg it's the latest chapter in the diplomatic row over the poisoning of the double agent set again and his daughter yulia and britain many
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western countries hold russia responsible but moscow has denied it's involved. for hundreds of years since petersburg has held symbolic value for us russian ties it was here in seventy nine i see that the u.s. opened its first mission in russia but its diplomatic presence in the city will soon end moscow kicking out scores of western diplomats as a tit for tat retaliation over the poisoning of a former russian double agent in britain it means more than one hundred fifty diplomats from over two dozen countries will be out of russia. everything will also be reciprocal in terms of the number of people from the diplomatic missions who will be leaving russia. with people with these and that is all for now. a reciprocal move it may be but it's one the u.s.
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says russia cannot justified because moscow is at fault russia is responsible for that horrific attack attack on the british citizen and his daughter once again they have broken the chemical weapons convention it was a banned substance that they have used no overt shock we take this matter very seriously former russian double agents surrogates creep arlan his daughter yulia were found slumped on a park bench in the city of souls brienne early march poisoned person believes moscow tried to kill the pair. remains in a critical condition in hospital though yulia is conscious and talking according to doctors russian vehemently denies any involvement in the case and it wants access to yulia. we are witnessing the hindrance of russian representatives accessing injured russian citizens with what i see is congressionally. the question now is
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whether the crisis will move beyond teeth for tat measures. these new drug solutions in moscow and he joins me now from their meal russia has some various western ambassadors from the e.u. what more can you tell us. well the latest is that the russian foreign minister is some of the german ambassador to go far from thirty german basser said that germany is interested in having a good relationship with russia in face of the grave incident in salisbury it's up to code the russian government to do everything it can to provide clarity and transparency and to answer legitimate questions lead to legitimate questions and of quoted the legitimate questions when the german bass is talking about that he's of course talking about the poisoning of as st paul and his daughter euro. now in a normally diplomatic tit for tat russia has expelled u.s.
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diplomats has there been now equilibrium diplomatic equilibrium with these explosions or can we expect more punitive steps might moscow. well i'm ready to the fifa world cup starts in two and a half months i don't think that russia is really interesting in making a bad situation worse the kremlin is going to wait and see what washington and what london are going to do in the days and weeks to come british prime minister may said that. there could be further sexual sanctions in the days to come against sanctions against russia of course if this is really the case russia will retaliate you have the u.s. ambassador huntsman said that there was no justification for the expulsion and it shows that the crime is really not interested in a dialogue with the u.s. on the other hand kremlin speaker peskov said this is not true we are really
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interested in having a dialogue with the west at the only thing that we do here in russia this is a russian perspective call of course we only count action taken by the west ok and moscow is demanding access to you to skate by she's the daughter of set against was reportedly now conscious and talking why is the current kremlin interested in having a chats with well russia is acting like a victim their attitude is we have nothing to do with the poisoning osprey ball and as creeped out and her daughter and his daughter yulia the daughter has the russian citizenship and she's being heard seriously as we know so the representative of the russian embassy in london is basically saying well we have to take care of her that's our duty and london says no must go is not the victim they actually did all this to scrape by no daughter and for that reason london refuses moscow to give
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any further information on access to the daughter you go near drugstores in moscow thank you. israel's military has clashed with demonstrators in the gaza strip as thousands of palestinians begin six weeks of protests going by the militant group hamas the palestinian health ministry says five palestinians have been killed and dozens injured but. this could be the beginning of weeks of tensions in the palestinian territories the first clashes erupted soon after thousands of palestinians started building tent cities on the gaza side of the border to israel . there marking a number of historic events the creation of israel and the expulsion of palestinians in one nine hundred forty eight. the deaths of six arab israeli demonstrators in one nine hundred seventy six and the scheduled opening of the us embassy in jerusalem in may. israel has doubled its military presence on the border
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similar protests in recent months led to clashes that caused multiple deaths israel called the protests a dangerous provocation and said that hamas would bear the responsibility for any violence. the first casualty came even before the protests got underway israel's military said soldiers opened fire on two men who approached the border and acted suspiciously during the night one man was killed and another wounded the slain man's brother said he was a farmer. coolio look on that. he went there every day to pick pursley in the morning. since it means haven't seen him since he's been working there for six or seven years. but nothing ever happened to him when the jews started shooting. what happened this time i do not know. the protests the great march of return and says they will culminate on may
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fifteenth with a march across the border to break the siege and the cause of blockade israel has warned that it will defend the border more bloodshed and sorrow seem inevitable it was just me not being up to date with some of the stories making news around the mean mom has sworn in its new president a win my aunt it comes as the country mocks two years off civilian rule into de facto leader aung san suu kyi stressed the need to respect the rule of media during his inauguration speech in thailand at least twenty people were killed when abbas quote file and via off the road the vehicle was on his free fall the man mob ordered to bangkok when it burst into flames one with all those on board the bus while migrant. a court in china has sentenced a fifty four year old man to death for rape and murder of eleven women and girls the man dubbed as china's jack the ripper was arrested in two thousand and sixteen
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breed and to a twenty eight year search he admitted to committing the crimes between nine hundred eighty eight and two thousand and two the youngest of his victims was just eight years old. catholic christians in mexico gathered in the city of tax code for the procession of the flatulence the annual event marks the highlight of the city's weeklong is to celebrations. the united nations is called it's the was humanitarian crisis in the wild the conflicts in gehman has killed more than ten thousand people and displaced some three million and there's some concerns in germany that german arms could be fueling the bloodshed reports say a german arms supplier is circumventing strict export laws and weapons it's using its subsidiary in south africa to supply weapons to the coalition fighting in yemen . south africa some fifty kilometers east of cape town
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a huge tightly guarded compound. the watch towers carry the blue logo of i'm a tongue germany's biggest defense corporation but here in south africa it is called the hine mittal deano munition or r.d.m. adi aim is mainly an export driven company and they are one of the most successful companies into africa they have got a turn of billions of brands every year they employ over two thousand people and they all crying at a normal rate the company doesn't just export bombs from here but also whole weapons factories thirty nine such facilities have been set up in countries including egypt saudi arabia and the united arab emirates they are all part of the military coalition fighting in yemen. which is currently facing the world's worst humanitarian crisis. mittal is supplying bombs to saudi arabia for this war
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despite strict german export regulations. this plant on the vacation island of sardinia manufactures these bombs. germany plays a role through the export of weapons especially into regions that are unstable where there is conflict where there is repression most obviously today the middle east and plays a role in ensuring that those conflicts are remarkably bloody profits flowing to the german companies coffers. declined repeated interview requests it insists it follows the laws of the countries it operates in. the german government also refused to take a stance on the company's overseas subsidiaries for the green party that's an untenable position. still tied to a plea cynical of these defense companies to complain about the strict german regulations while they found ways to dodge the rules such as through overseas
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operations when i and then they continue to supply german weapons to crisis areas that's unacceptable we urgently need to close these loopholes. government researchers have recently said that german politicians can lawfully limit the overseas activities of german companies but it's unlikely that will pass in parliament. here watching the news coming up ahead. a disused chinese based lab is set to collide with planet earth we talk to the head of the european space agency and ask him why or it should be. the first is to monica she joins me now and look people go on holiday during easter but those traveling air france may be in trouble monica exactly we stick to aircrafts here and nothing from space so yeah if you travel with air france then be patient and open to alternatives because every forced air france flight has been counseled today
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because several trades unions have walked out pilots flight attendants and other personnel demand a six percent pay increase management is offering one percent of the strike affects the two largest airports in paris as well as other major french cities half of air france flights from nice have been cancelled medium haul flights are being hit the hardest and also many long and short haul flights passengers however can change their journey free of charge if possible now today marks the two hundred seventy first reasons the birth of the christian vilhelm i fison well he is the man who founded rural cooperatives at a time when german farmers were fighting poverty as well as exploitative loan sharks i fisons co-operative model has spread to many other industries and it's still functions today across the world. these two families a members of germany's oldest co-operative in one thousand nine hundred eight their
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forefathers banded together and started a cooperative that built and operated a flour mill one farmer could not have done it alone. in the grain from our region the old mountains is very coarse it was difficult to sell to nearby dresden there was very little profit so they said we need our own mill so we can process the grain and then we can make the bread as well. as for. the mill and the bakery have ensured a thriving business for the farmers for many years now some seventeen businesses are now part of this successful cooperative. the idea of the cooperative goes back to free trade vilhelm hif isn't in the mid nineteenth century he promoted it as a way of overcoming the poverty faced by farmers in his region best of. since then the idea has spread to other parts of the economy new industries like sustainable energy have also adopted the model for most cooperative work on
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a majority moon bases this can have this a regardless of their stake. in the cantante both in a small when decisions have to be made to get everyone's opinion has equal weight. that applies to the world's largest cooperative gone in spain it has around seventy five thousand men this eighty percent of whom a joint owner has as with any business cooperatives like monder gone can suffer in times of crisis but because all members have an equal say they usually avoid mess layoffs. still a private company it has to be profitable but the number one goal is always to support the members so there are always two sets of objective to consider economic objectives and social ones. to co-ops it's not just. about the bottom line. and maybe that's why they often outlast private companies that are
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generally profit driven. german automakers are among the most profitable in the world and b.m.w. takes the crown that's according to a study by the why b.m.w. is profitability stands at ten percent for every one hundred euros in revenue b.m.w. rakes in a profit of ten euros dima came in third among major automakers after losing its second place from last year to japan's zuki. chinese smartphone maker who always said its profits or twenty eight point one percent last year and that translates into seven point six billion u.s. dollars hugh way attributes the sterling results to heavy investments in research and marketing your way is the number three smartphone maker behind some sun and apple the company's owned by its employees with no publicly traded shares but the company reports financial results to allay security concerns in the united states europe and in australia. tesla is recalling one hundred twenty three thousand of
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its model s. vehicles worldwide making it the company's biggest recall action ever affected our model s. cars built before april twenty sixth in the problem is rusting bolts in the power steering unit the company says those bolts need to be replaced in an hour long retrofit it responds to the news. drop to three and a half percent. if you've ever been to cuba you probably paid for goods and services in convertible pays us but that's not the currency the locals use for the same goods they pay in regular cuban pesos president raul castro who wants to phase out the two currency system and that's causing panic among many of his people. the run on local currency exchange places called cut because it was so strong cuban t.v. saw the need to broadcast an official bulletin from the central bank and yes in the
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last few days the number of people seeking to change the u.s. sees two pesos at bank offices and that they cost has risen this is due to the false information that in the next few days this you see will be withdrawn from circulation as part of the monetary unification. if you want to. the government says this see you see the convertible currency commonly used by tourists on the island is here to stay for now anyway but back in december cuban president hope kustra said he wanted to see the convertible currency become history . will step down as president on april nineteenth and many cubans feared he would abolish the currency before leaving office. according to german prova all good things come from. the same this weekend we don't sure about this funny at monaco we keep you posted because china is defying spacelab one is said to plunge
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back to earth this weekend the ten meter long space station is believed to be out of control and it's unclear whether where the end to its atmosphere china's space agency says a most of the space lab will burn up on reentry and is unlikely to cause any damage the tiangong has been in orbit since two thousand and eleven joining me now from the european space agency for short is the director gendron verna now mr one of the first to be fit tell us about this one. so the young come one is space station which is all waiting in the earth's and usually that's a useful case if these stations are low enough in orbit then they are always a little bit decelerated by the atmosphere and in this case calculated that it will come down on sunday and by that of course it's
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a little bit of movie and that's it because we're hearing the still more controlled entry now for is that for a limit this sounds quite dangerous you know uncontrolled means that we have no link and that's at least what we have also as an information from the chinese to control it any longer that means it is operating and as it is decelerated we don't know exactly when it will be entered into atmosphere if we do a controlled re entry which we do regularly was old satellites right and then we defined very clearly where to where there should be and we enter into the atmosphere and ratcheted the earth but in this case we don't know and as i said we expect reentry on sunday at noon but to a variation because we don't know exactly what the atmosphere looks like according to the sound of the next days and therefore we don't know exactly where bill come down i mean an object which is about ten need is long winning or losing tons is
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falling towards. i would be violent how want to die you. so first of all i can say for a lot of people on earth there is no danger at all because young going is all beating in an inclination way as we say of forty two degrees that means it will not go for instance to berlin but it will it may hit this hasn't part of europe it may hit all the as a sudden and then that even in. africa is part of it but as we know there's a lot of water in between in the oceans so there is also some probability that it will fall down not just in the ocean and we don't recognize it but they say of course there is also some from the calculation point of view some per probability that it costs on solid ground that it hits or so some people it is possible we cannot exclude that one the chinese authorities say that you know they are saying
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that that would be a splendid show when the debris come down because it's like a meteor shot is that how you see it that would be as you would see it and most of that we expect we don't know exactly the construction of young no one but most of the aluminum and we can attack metals and they will burn up when we enter into the atmosphere but there might be a fraction which is hitting the surface of the earth so it is like a meter and that's a good comparison. actually generally john and then all of the european space agency e.s.a. thank you very much for joining us from paris thank you. and not a bit of sport in the two thousand and eighteen world cup in russia is kicking off in just seventy six days and fans across the world i'm getting a sneak peek at the trophy the fifo world cup trophy wants to hit argentina in the run up to the tournament where it was reunited with some old friends that included
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the nine hundred seventy eight goalie didn't boot when i'm audio compares and other experts from argentina's two one to cup winning squads they said they hold on and messi and his team mates were bringing back the trophy for a third time after this year's tournament. because you have to wait and see swedish football star abraham of which arrived to a rapturous reception in los angeles late on thursday head of his move to l.a. galaxy the new signing was greeted by excited fans at los angeles international airport the striker has played for several european heavyweights including ventus boss luna and most recently manchester united he said to make his debut in the first ever davi between a galaxy and the f.c. which has been dubbed a fickle. so what's the secret to offer a lifelong romance a new job and documentaries trying to answer that question the not there nesta or
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the knight of knights features full coppers from around the was whose relationships have endured for more than five decades we bent along to the premier it's a film about the secret to a lifetime of happiness and love featuring four couples who've been together for over fifty years the film puts big love experiences center stage. i've always been lucky just like with her. the film reveals the strains and low points of married life the japanese couple's marriage was arranged for them patience and understanding were the key. my early birds used to talk a lot and often but grandpa here conscious so well anymore it's too much of an effort for me to converse with him. and. yes we talk less but no i hear fewer of the bad things on the nights of nights is an intimate film about relationships
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stemming from another era it's directors wanted to find out the secret to keeping relationships alive for over fifty years. all of the couples seem to use humor to resolve conflicts. and news and conquer. we squabble but at night we fall asleep together. we can recognize ourselves in the nights of nights the message to love can overcome. i hope you are taking no it's not going to leave you now with some images of people in japan enjoying this see as cherry blossoms which have come to tokyo earlier than usual thanks to warm weather that look and enjoy.
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a legend please and by no means missed out on it or increasingly dangerous stuff to you made for minds. under water on the ground on the streets and in the air this episode of africa brings you new ideas and in this.


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