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the storm story and you will see on t.w. . it is the number one killer the number one non-communicable diseases that we are trying. to. i want to walk into another edition of your imax i'm your host meghan leak from monkey lamps of boxing photos we've got a mixed bag on the show today here's a look at what's coming up. out of the ordinary the company selectee and their plate full designs. strike a blow and a photographer makes the roller cartridges of the wrestlers and boxers. and magic
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potion in a london pub the cauldron you can brew your drinks yourself. made in italy is the trusted phrase in fashion food and home decoration and perhaps because of the made in italy label customers may be more willing to purchase lamps with a monkey or colorful lightbulbs held by a mouse well the italian company selectee has specialized in playful home furnishings since the one nine hundred sixty s. we visited the companies at creative director to see how the levy products reflect today's culture and lifestyle. the sofas the fun the roll is a hotdog the cushions are tomato and cucumber slices stefano selectee loves little provocations fast food furniture and animal lamps made his company's name is objects a right louden garish but then he doesn't take himself all that seriously. he
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and his wife adriano like to decorate their own home with products from stephan his company. calls on the queen the move to the truck and i love my work so i also love all the things we make. there my passion going on what i like surrounding myself with them is that i should point out when the new rug go play just finished for them i can hardly wait to try to help at home. stefano selectee lives in this farmhouse in the countryside of the whole basin your parma. he bought it twenty years ago and has decorated it in his personal style. the living room centerpiece is the selectee phone rug but not everything here is
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from his company. who like to mix things like this so for my models with our own photo print pillows in the fall something of one color. combined with these strong images. i like the so called mistakes in the not so perfect combination and on and on not a must be i mean. not far from his home is the company headquarters with a large show room for iconic selectee designs. the hotdog sofa. and the burger chair. the banana lymph originally an expensive art objects cast in bronze is now made of synthetic prison and retails for two hundred twenty nine euros. the best seller is the monkey lamp designed by italian artist marcantonio. it's an object with
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a personality it keeps us company and it's decorative it makes us smile and expresses our desire for joy and being carefree. facility companies beginnings were a bit more humble stefanos father romano began importing basic housewares from china in the one nine hundred sixty s. stefano joined the family business after finishing high school and quickly developed his own ideas. he wanted to replace the house whereas with amusing it on usual decorative objects. nearly all of it is still made in china though it's now forty seven years old stefano doesn't create the designs himself but works closely with various professional designers and artists. such as more e.t.o. catalogs co-publisher of the photo magazine toilet paper. select he uses images from the publication for his designs for home accessories sometimes testing the limits of the takes. you look at it because suppose.
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i think you can make anything we call pretty even to do they go with the spaghetti because if you do it properly using a professional image. of you not in the second that is wonderful for me to be able to make my wishes reality. my craziest ideas and dreams and most of this and then to see that other people like them to the collision to. this do they cover features dollar bills with his face on them an idea from his friends money. descending animals cabinet office storage space and as a tribute to the one time farmhouse as is the plastic table cloth in the kitchen another designed by catch on. to let you know as there's a thin line between art and. bust i think we're good at not drifting over into excessive kitsch or if we manage to stay on that borderline among the monkey for instance that the has been copied countless times
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but none of the knockoffs has the artistic to talk about it you can see right away that they're not cops they look like gadgets in. this conservatory with open fireplace and company sofas strewn with pillows is the only addition he made to the old farmhouse sometimes stefano slitty can't find any space for a new collector's item so it gets stored here in the laundry room his own personal cabinet of curiosities. next up in the spirit of the upcoming easter holiday we take a brief look at some of the activities taking place around europe coming up in today's express. more than twenty thousand dramas a marching through the southeast and spanish town of the in this week called temple rada it's the christian holy week tradition that attracts around
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a million visitors each year the drum is traditionally wear red or black scarves and black tunics the final is splitting parade takes place on holy saturday this division stores will close on easter sunday with a large perception. vienna's largest easter market to start taking place until april second on the full course. more than sixty traders from around austria and neighboring countries are presenting traditional customs high quality handicraft food and like music it's fantastic. i think because it's very crossed oriented and it's so many handmade things and it's not will maybe in china the market is being held this year for the sixteenth time. after three years of restoration work a fresh go by italian painter piotr del francesco is back on display at the museum of sun typical in tuscany. the fifteenth century painting depicts the resurrection
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of jesus christ it's also thought to feature a self-portrait of the artist seen at the bottom of the painting different yes it is considered one of the most important artists of the early renaissance and this work was described by a british author of a stock sleep as the most beautiful painting in the world. the sport of boxing is a raw and rush to say the least but in the eyes of one for tug refer there is an artistic quality about it photo and video artist paula sitting and manages to turn the brutality of the sport interest soft artistic expression she was a slow motion and dramatic lighting to capture many of the movements well we caught up with her in berlin. a different octave boxing. figures like marble statues of a limb pins from ancient greece brought back to life. artist told us even being
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filmed and photographed boxes and restless. she wanted to connect the a statics of antiquity with modern day ideas of ought and beauty fast unicorns nearly every art form started because a body and of course i thought it was interesting that a certain body image is being conveyed that goes back to classical antiquity which we're all familiar with the use of nuclear and image with boredom schooled in the spirit can be. sure fogs and. policy buildings i was schooled at home while growing up. she's the daughter of a photographer a concertina seething and her father is also an artist. she lives in berlin but she grew up in deceit. she's just published
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a book entitled be a pic featuring photos that were on show in an exhibition on. photos from the series are enough to show progress less in the ring. seaven ing is interested in the theatrical presentation of the male body but also in the subliminal cracks in the established image of male ness is the times they are classified as men on bit. it was sex and this meant i'm the image presented is one of the classic heterosexual masculinity i know. but i will go with the kind of exaggeration all over emphasis. that for me has a lot of similarities with drag shows. when these incredibly strong men climb into the ring in their pinks mandates out of it says to me that's the key to saying that there's a wide range was a big or no course a wide spectrum in what's considered the masculine image it's mainly his beard this
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. is especially interested in the ambiguous when wrestlers go after each other with aggression it's also a kind of embrace. as i finished as an exaggeration coyote's i think there's almost tenderness in it and this hand which holds the head tightly and pushes it down and then the incredible body of the other figure which here is pressing into the robes and of course it's also a very erotic image. and wish. you could see the boxes the same way. blows and tenderness are not mutually exclusive as the artist realized when visiting berlin boxing janus. she wanted to find actors for her video the epic her films make the physicality of the fighters visible they're almost intimate closeness exposed mess of muscle and skin all accentuated
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by the slow motion images and there are these moments where you see how a punch affects the other body. part is you see the vulnerability of the bodies. and effort to make that visible i needed a different pace was i had to stretch time. to type again. there seems to be pure pleasure of the bodies in a world. curiosity or fascinated gaze at the male body. can't be reduced to simplistic a motivation. does ok but i think it's ok to describe it as a female gaze at the male body in the sense that for centuries the female body has been almost exclusively defined through the lens of the male gaze so that's fine
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considering that reversal. invites us to return to classical aesthetics for. singer and songwriter alice merton moved twelve times in twenty four years and that experience affected her so much that she wrote a song about it no roots has now catapulted her into the european music chart and it put her on the radar of music producers while the song in the meantime is appropriately named because it's hard to pinpoint where merton is actually from she's canadian irish and german and she currently lives in berlin and now she is chary with her new debut album but we caught up with her backstage to hear how she is handling her new found fame. that's the hit single by alice mercer it's about
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a month feeling at home in any one place. immersion currently resides in berlin but she lived in canada until the age of thirteen and spoke hardly any german. yeah they won't and then they have fun trying to here's where i used to live near toronto ontario my father has none of what galileo did but my dad worked a lot in noon of which were all the mines are. about each other and he worked in the mining industry. but he also had to go down into the mines but he was an advisor. and he traveled a lot. russian also moved around a lot over the years and she now travels throughout europe performing her music so remind us of canada are important to her. i just love maple syrup like maple syrup on everything pancakes crepes french toast. and salmon to salmon with maple syrup a stylish it was also. no roots went platinum and twenty seventeen with
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sales exceeding four hundred thousand units and sees it as a recognition of her artistic development since relocating to the german capital before it gets nothing at all mine was before i moved to berlin my music was quite different it's developed a lot here in. iran and i always played guitar and sang or played keyboards. and mice in an enclave you know. and it's important i wanted more of a full band sound a rock sound talking good and sound. rock sound goes down well with fans of her concerts. she's pretty swell which has a powerful voice i heard on the radio and wanted to see what she was like live. the singer songwriter discovered that an eight week tour on a pos through europe doesn't leave time for much else at the music.
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inside of the international. company should definitely exercise more. i have a plan any way i would so far that's not going so now. but i have a yoga mat with me. when you're actually on the stage just like a workout anyway. fellas versions debut album is set for release this spring. time now for some tips for all you do yourself there are flowered monograms are a colorful decoration which are nice the first education is like anniversaries birthdays or weddings and they are easy to make at home if you have some cardboard foam and a few artificial flowers while our resident d.i.y. expert friends in quito shows us how to make them. hi i'm friends with a guy and today i will show you how to make
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a beautiful lawn of granite flowering for its perfect program is it ok and i will make sure you can do it yourself you will need some decision flowers any light some cabinet is. enough to write something florida phone which you can get from a florist the internet shop and i'd like a box cutter and maybe a bit of the pretty game so you can cull out the letters from the outside. all of the card plug along the top of the letters. easily so be very careful. remove the card but inside that has so they are completely empty and. now you could if you like paint the letters. i'm making mine wide so they will match the blossoms i'm using. now kept silent film so it fits neatly into the hollowed out bed. it's finicky but not difficult to swallow should hold by itself but you can glue it to be on the set aside remember to send every
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little get. the stems off the flowers. so there is just a little bit left now comes the really fun part starts taking the flowers into the home base in unit is you might want to experiment a little until you see which flower you want way. that you've got them over and flower arrangement that intensive mother's day and wedding or as a decorated element in your living room. to make the whole thing and that most stable once you know wage flower goes put in it with a blue on the end of each stem to keep it in place. so what is the best way to show off a piece of artwork to the public well this is a question that curators of museum exhibitions grapple with all the time so now an exhibition in germany deals with the question of exhibiting and gives us some insight into how museums and galleries go about displaying art in the best way to
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attract the most attention. have you ever wondered why the pictures at an exhibition have been hung the way they have. or why objects are arranged as they are it's all the result of careful consideration by museum professionals how do you display art how do you create an exhibition. the garden has provided an almost overwhelming abundance of answers the main exhibition rule looks a bit like a second hand shop. i actually feel very at home in this room. items have been carefully collected and arranged to document the history of exhibitions through the ages. during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries cabinets of curiosity's were popular as members of the nobility and the rich portion was the were keen to show off their treasures preferably all at once. with the dawn of the
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modern age it all became more structured as. many private collections provided the basis for the first museums and exhibition architecture became ever more important . putting out an exhibition about exhibiting might seem like quite a challenge. as this in france i wish you could certainly a difficult idea that we had with the show how do you present the nature of exhibiting through an exhibition that was exactly what interested us that you. alongside historical items from exhibitions our works about the behind the scenes of exhibit. those who started. this is a work by fred wilson on one who likes to show all the invisible technology that is taught to walk out of this is that so i know this is a sort of movable war long. pictures flast but also slanting from
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behind. and coming. over the years it's been mostly artists themselves who have influenced exhibiting. they designed exhibition furnishings and discovered new exhibition space and. the idea of this exhibition is also to show that it's not only about exhibiting in a museum but that artists can turn almost any space into an exhibition space such as our lovely. shooting from the outside this piece looks a bit. true it could be a construction site trailer. but inside it smells like hey there's real grass sent a real tree rather than putting nature into a white cube the artist has brought the white cube into nature. artworks accompanying the exhibition are scattered throughout the city even in shop
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windows. to go with the construction site outside here's an artwork made of construction workers clothing. an exhibition about exhibit a. is taking quite a risk. but it manages to present what could be a dry topic in a playful manner encouraging visitors to reflect and ask questions. that there is no such thing as the perfect exhibition. but this one at least. it explains why such perfection is impossible. a majority of the fans from the harry potter series are kids and definitely not of drinking age however there are plenty of fans who have grown up in the mean time who also revel in the magic of the wizardry and for this group there is a new public in which specializes in cauldron like cocktails while here visitors can sample a wizards of brewing and at the same time feel all of its magical effects.
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the coltrane is london's latest trendy pub kitchen shelf out with a magic wand and a cloak and you can enjoy a fun drinking experience says apprentices who have the cocktails made by a mostly just all they can do their own mixing in the spirit of how we process and her mind. it's like that like magic that it's all down to chemical reactions still that's good enough to play the fans of the possible. we live opposite sides that will do one of the things we sort of bonded over years ago when we faced me it was harry potter so when i said i was coming over to visit we thought let's find some harry potter things we could do it's higher price or pass alcohol. tonight. but you don't have to be a part of and to enjoy this beer drink is dream come true a simple gesture to. the beer dispensing tree is pretty incredible in.
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france in really good. parts owners would have liked to call it the bus would be a tree but acquiring the rights to trademark names from the harry potter series would have been too expensive. for that reason any similarity to the creations of writer j.k. rowling is purely coincidental even if the manager himself bears assess resemblance to the main cat. combine those two things to create and interact. potions experience where we use science in tech in very specific ways so that you need to measure qualities that control aspects of the room i'm a co-founder dave has invented molecular cocktails that bubble and smoke can change color the generation that grew up with harry potter is now old enough to conceal adult beverages but that childlike enthusiasm for the magical world.
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and with that it is time to say goodbye but we go we want to let you in on this week's contest since the easter holidays holiday is just around the corner we would like to know what your favorite holiday is is it easter or maybe it's ramadan or something completely different only celebrated in your part of the world in any case we would like to know so please go to our website for all the details and you could qualify to win a euro max watch as always thanks for tuning in we'll see you again tomorrow. on the next edition of your imax speaks architects mario batali is turning seventy five this weekend the perfect opportunity to constantly look back at his life's work his designs question traditional forms of construction and he finds new solutions for classic buildings in many churches he's created our own so i'm usually incorporation nature in his unique way to discover a marketable technics time when you're at.
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this is the day of the news coming to you live from berlin caches between the israeli military and promised to erupt in gaza as thousands protest demonstration supporting the militant group hamas metric is really file at the israeli border guards off issues or at least seven palestinians have been killed and hundreds more injured also coming up diplomatic limousines arrived at the russian foreign ministry a small school starts a wave of explosions it's the lizards in the sound off over the poisoning of a former russian double agent at his.


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