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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 31, 2018 1:00am-1:03am CEST

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to stand up for women's rights. as i travel to the places where i lived as a child i'm filled with anger at the cost. to. the free voice of egypt starting on. israel's military has clashed with demonstrators in the gaza strip as thousands of palestinians begin six weeks of protests called by the militant group hamas the palestinian health ministry says at least a dozen palestinians have been killed. russia has announced the expulsion of diplomats from twenty three countries almost all of them european union members and sixty american diplomats were expelled is the latest move in the standoff over the poisoning of the former agent. and his daughter yulia in britain many western
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countries hold russia responsible despite repeated denials. reports that a subsidiary of german weapons made. for export to saudi arabia they made it a facility in sardinia italy and reportedly used by saudi forces in yemen a violation of german export laws the conflict in yemen has claimed more than one hundred thousand lives. a chinese space lab is expected to plummet to earth this weekend scientists. will likely burn up as it reenters the atmosphere its remains if any will hit somewhere between an area stretching from madrid to cape town however the chances of being hit by it are one in a trillion. after
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a series of small but damaging earthquakes the. true dangerous to exploit the shut down by twenty thirty. countries. two hundred years ago on friday the founder. of credit unions was aimed at easing the plight of german farmers the idea has since spread across europe and the world. the government says it's withdrawing the current tourists use on the island. also coming up uganda is taking one of the most difficult routes to revive tourism the country is considering restarting its. financial. so the idea won't fly. under your winter welcome to your business update. an internal company memo from facebook that has surfaced as caused major embarrassment for the company one of those social media giants topic.


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