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tv   Euromaxx - Highlights of the Week  Deutsche Welle  April 1, 2018 10:30pm-11:01pm CEST

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art of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. don't come to freedom. i want to welcome to our highlights edition with the best picks of the week i'm your host meghan lee and here's a look at what's coming up. light and supple erroll dancer counter reno soda to performs in the breathtaking setting. the patterns and colors the latest trends in spring trash in our out. memorable and unique it's
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seventy five architect mario for his designs are still impressive. when it comes to extreme sports perhaps skydiving or freestyle skiing come to mind but acrobatics can also fit into this category especially when catcher arena sold a two from greece does it now this aerial dancer takes her skills to newer and higher heights every time she goes out performing now for her there is no need for a circus venue when a bridge or crane or high wire across a valley will do the trick. aerial dance greek aerial acrobat come to reynosa dot to performs her choreographed pieces at dizzying heights and with spectacular backdrops.
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that's a wonderful way of expressing your emotions so modern arial dancing like also in your freend you dance in the air it's magic she records the magic in elaborate video clips and posts them on her website greece has sold it's devoted to promoting the beauty and history of greece and for that she has suspended her sixteen metre long silk in places like the corinth can now. the cliffs of matteo rock. and the island of santorini the idea of staging her aerial tricks outdoors came to her by chance. while i was on vacation with a sailing boat i decided that it would be nice to try to do some aerial silks some aerial dance from a sailing boat that was the first thing i did with first thing i tried something with my soaks. to studied modern dance now she combines it with
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acrobatics. in twenty thirteen her dance school beyond aerial opened at the olympic aquatic center in athens while swimmers plow through the water below she gives lessons beneath the roof and every day she rehearses her routines here. but there's one thing she can't prepare for inside if you. have like you have no weather condition if you're out. on a bridge hanging from a great story board or i don't know the difficult thing is that you have to be in control over many many things. it can sometimes be dangerous together with her team of six professional climbers and camera operators. catarina
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searches for the perfect locations each performance is precisely planned for weeks even months extreme athletes spotted us is responsible for making the videos. there have been times that there was quite silencing not from the aspect of filming but you have as well to help because they're in on the teamwork we always collaborate on the help each other with the reagan process is. one of the most spectacular endeavors took place in twenty seventeen over the vico scorch in northern greece plunging as much as one thousand meters down it's one of the deepest canyons in the world. just as catarina had got into position she was surprised by a strong wind it was like the silt all the way up six they need their silks it's a difficult situation because they're heavy and they're strong and i felt my legs
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are going to come off. managed not to panic. she regained control of the silk and her team helped pull her back to the cliff. catarina cell dottle and her team the greece has so project is a labor of love it's not supported by sponsors or tourism boards at least not yet but the stunning stunts have attracted international attention and come to reno has a long list of must see places in greece where she'd like to perform. i would last ago the highest point in greece which is the olympus mountain with those so really enjoyed going to create and to some of facts. so she intends to continue her aerial dancing. and atmospheric waning phrasing awareness of greece's history and natural
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beauty. made in italy is a trusted phrase in fashion food and home decoration and perhaps because of the made in italy label customers may be more willing to pay a bit more for a funky lighting fixture with a monkey attached to it or lamps made in the shape of gold but now the a time in company celebrity has specialized in playful home furnishings since the one nine hundred sixty s. and may not be to everyone's taste but there is no denying the creativity behind the ideas we visited the company's creative director to see how the levy products reflect today's culture and lifestyle. the sofas the bun the roll is a hotdog the cushions are tomato and cucumber slices stefano selectee loves little provocations fast food furniture and animal lamps made his company's name is object
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to right loud and garish but then he doesn't take himself all that seriously. he and his wife adriano like to decorate their own home with products from stephan his company. called on the queen the wealth of the truck and i love my work so i also love all the things we make. there my passion going on what i like surrounding myself with them is that i should point out when the new rug go play just finished with them i can hardly wait to try to help at home. stefano selectee lives in this farmhouse in the countryside of the whole basin your parma. he bought it twenty years ago and has decorated it in his personal style.
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the living room centerpiece is the celebrity phone rug but not everything here is from his company. who like to mix things like this so for my mother also with our own photo print pillows to fall something over one color combined with these strong images. i like the so-called mistakes and the not so perfect combination and on and on i must be i mean. not far from his home is the company headquarters with a large show room for iconic selectee designs. the hot dog so first. and the burger chair. the banana lymph originally an expensive art objects cast in bronze is now made of synthetic prison and retails for two hundred twenty nine euros. the best seller is the monkey lamp designed by italian artist marcantonio. it's an object with
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a personality it keeps us company and it's decorative it makes us smile and expresses our desire for joy and being carefree. facility companies beginnings were a bit more humble stefanos father romano began importing basic housewares from china in the one nine hundred sixty s. stefano joined the family business after finishing high school and quickly developed his own ideas. he wanted to replace the house whereas with amusing and unusual decorative objects. nearly all of it is still made in china though no forty seven years old stefano doesn't create the design himself but works closely with various professional designers and artists of. this do they cover features dollar bills with his face on them an idea from his friend. this sending animals cabinet offers storage space and as a tribute to the one time for. our house as is the plastic table cloth in the
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kitchen another designed icons on. solidity knows there's a thin line between can't. must i think we're good at not drifting over into excessive kitsch or if we manage to stay on that for the borderline among the monkey for instance at the has been copied countless times these but none of the knockoffs has the artistic process if you can see right away that they're not cops they look like gadgets. this conservatory with open fireplace and company sofas strewn with celebrity pillows is the only addition he made to the old farmhouse sometimes stefano selectee can't find any space for a new collector's item so it gets stored here in the laundry room his own personal cabinet of curiosities. the weather is still winter here in europe but the shop windows are already filled with the latest designs for
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a warmer season we were met up with a fashion expert to find out what's in the first spring and if you're lucky it may already be sitting in your closet. spring twenty eighteen is going to be wild every rule can be broken especially when it comes to combining happy. fashion journalist zuckerberg has been in the business for twelve years. with the help of a model in just a little fashion clinic shop she explains what to expect from the designers string and summer collection. and then a major focus in fashion right now is actually daring to break rules combining what seems on combinable because you can do that really nicely with materials and patterns in the in this case an abstract floral print is. combined with stripes
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under stripes or picked up again on our shoes after all the floor latif shows up again on the pads. another trend wearing many layers one on top of the other ideally oversized. i mean you have to be a little careful about the silhouette so that it looks good as a whole with a blouse can't be too long in the sweater should be too short you have to achieve a certain harmony. in terms of color palette the spring collection could hardly be more fresh almost all designers off favoring delicate tones that can be easily combined. on the one hand you've got the crystals very powdery tones but on the other you have see the glaring colors to set against those times. what's new is that these glaring colors can now also be worn together. as a compliment ten years ago or the complimentary colors like purple and orange could be combined now they can allow the crazier the better that's
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a motif we're seeing on runways. and another trend that was long scoffed at is making a comeback double denim right now almost anything goes when wearing dennis dennis. across all the silhouettes you see pieces of denim that can be combined even of different washing with light. right now we're also seeing a lot of denim patchwork. here different pieces are put together to make one pair of trousers. and the ninety's are back expect leotards of bathing suits with high cut legs. so feel free to go out in a shiny tracksuit you can spot this trend in shock. windows of stores like media
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and city center here the designer clothes on sale of pretty daring the ninety's influence is apparent in the transparent synthetic fabrics and flip flops. the war we are the experimentation with logos to the trying to the one thousand nine hundred schools for the now the big news today at grand scale they are hiding them anymore but boldly putting them right out there when i'm not taking it all for granted not in the showing way but most often financially. yeah i feel that first and this. spring is also bringing something for those who prefer the design classics the trenchcoat is the one hundred year old classic breakover. translucent classic the trench coat is a classic and now they have reinterpreted it with far more volume so that's the new stunning idea but a trench coat is always
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a good investment it's one of my favorite pieces of clothing you should always have one in your closet so it's none of the infamous hung. next to trench coats you'll also be seeing these transparent range cards and at the very least those will keep you dry and fashionable this spring if you're a. swiss architect mario bottas style is marked by geometric lines light and shadows now most of his signature works are located in his native switzerland among them churches and chapels while the star architect will soon be marking a milestone birthday so for the occasion that cause a risk a museum in locarno is hosting an exhibition on his works. believe it or not this. is
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a church in the chapel of santa maria de young julie into chino. the architect is mario botha. a sixty five metre viaduct leads to the round chapel a building that resembles an ancient amphitheater. just as unusual as the church of sun gotoh interior italy. and the chapel of every near paris. and overview of boxes designs is currently on exhibit in locarno switzerland. the architecture itself speaks to us through its silence and these sacred spaces of silence have a very expressive power a little ford is pretty see. they embody the idea of gravity. the idea of transition and these are the very principles of architecture they swim
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in fact or to keep the ball in the court. this is how we normally imagine churches the madonna just sounds so in la carno. in voters' home city of to chino sacred symbols are everywhere the same goes for the valley my just north of lake my daughter. but in the mountain village of morn you madi go back to change the landscape in the ninety's an avalanche had buried the town in one thousand nine hundred six. but to design the church of remembrance called the chapel of son giovanni but instead. architects giovan luigi dot seo was site manager then. we owe a lot to mario book because he has enriched his poor area with this project. the order of all of this has become not only a landmark but also an expression on. willpower generosity and passion.
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the church has a decorative chessboard pattern and is a site for visitors from far beyond the reach and. the marble in granite came from nearby pitch valley. a few that a seem pretty nearly mean to the architecture is always in dialogue with the landscape but with the surroundings. architecture is never also referential but your sculpture. it belongs to the geographical location as well as to the culture and history only the one i use. with light sails like half dome sea created a wellness oasis in there also switzerland. the mountain restaurant in your d.p. a truck or stone flower was opened in twenty seventeen unmounted general in
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switzerland. the facade with its seven towers was boldly built on a slope. but he has also left his mark on cities as here with the museum of modern art in san francisco. switching between secular and sacred buildings is not a problem for the architect he sees himself as a mediator another example is the construction of the chamber least a synagogue in tel aviv which opened in one nine hundred ninety eight. and. you know it's interesting because it's a university campus is intended for. religious students. been through. the late were afraid that the faithful were dominant and. maybe even the jewels so i designed big rooms do we see the way of. god to pray and do. and the conference room as a place for discussion but
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a year that. would be disclosed. today mario boater is working on more secret buildings including a mosque in china on the border with mongolia and a christian church in south korea your soul. mate i actually know what i have. always allowed me to work. it's good to work in grand the privilege of privilege especially in this time of globalization to be rentis a page and drugs so that people can express their spiritual name. the better responded in speeding through the wall. at seventy five mario porter is far from putting his design plans to rest. next up an artist
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who has an incredible memory and eye for detail how many artists set up their easels in front of the singer scenery that they're about to paint and they spend hours studying the landscape but stephen welsh our works in a different way he only needs one look from a high vantage point in order to draw something completely from memory and for him it's skylines we traveled to london to see how he does it. detailed and intriguing images of cityscapes from around the world have made steven will ship famous internationally. the selection of his work is on sale at his london gallery. a drawing by steven will chicken cost anything between one thousand. seven hundred and two hundred
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thousand euros. really is far from where my work was. going to do it i'm going to do it my way. steven belcher is a born and bred london and the city is a constant source of inspiration to him. he sometimes takes photos of views that speak to him but he draws and paints from memory. it's just so beautiful there are so i can see did the london eye almost. half of the county hall. hungerford bridge. review. board. back in a studio with a view still fresh in his mind steven will to begins join westminster bridge. with. the love to work another memorize it because.
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your hard work love my job sometimes. quick sketch of it and much for for a natural. but not. this time. for a bit of a quick sketch with. a quickie sketch that is astonishingly detailed a true to life snapshot of the world as the artist sees it i think it is important stuff in stuff. to concentrate. on to memorize. my mind. even though she was diagnosed with autism when he was three he began drawing when he was fine his talent was immediately obvious he won a series of odd competitions went on to graduate from on school and is now a celebrated account. draftsman with an international reputation.
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of thinking like it but said during your drawing for like it to to do it must. do the best no never stop. stephen wilson often takes helicopter trips over cities storing what he sees in his memory and later recreating the view in the form of gigantic panoramas. here in mexico city he spent several days on a panorama of the city where king in full view of the public. around one hundred thousand people came to watch meanwhile his words all over the world. like new york is not best. place. to buy singapore hong kong and i've been to. tokyo.
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plenty lots of places in the penner almost. this summit even wiltshire will be visiting us answer this one who says he to cross off his list. and went back we ran a nother week of euro max don't forget to friend us on facebook or check out our website for more on the program as always thanks for tuning in and we will see you again soon.
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of sticklebacks always manage to call it a shake yet it's a single one on its own can't do that. so how do you soon steve bennett such capabilities. researches have found it decisive in an. oral tradition thirty. w. . every journey begins with the first step and every month for each of the first word emerged in the cohesive germany to learn german. business first why not little. in simple on going on the road wild and free. to suffer. d.w. zealand in course because food. maybe c.
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modern. period. this is t w news live from berlin years of fighting in syria's eastern ghouta region may be drawing to a close reports say a deal has been reached to evacuate fighters and civilians from eastern good has last rebel held town syrian state media say the first fighters have already begun leaving tomorrow. also coming up. another hint of a conciliatory gesture on the korean peninsula north korean leader kim jong il and welcome south korean pop stars to pyongyang as the north and south gear up.


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