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of an anti apartheid icon south africa's winnie mandela has died at the age of eighty one an activist and the first wife of nelson mandela for many she was the mother of the nation but her past was also littered with controversies also coming up an excess exclusive look inside syria's is reasonable doubt we follow an activist and resident of the rebel enclave as he prepares to flee to safety on this since rebels reportedly agreed to abandon the stronghold close china throws a punch in an increasingly bitter treat spat to beijing imposes judy's on the region a billion dollars worth of u.s. imports including court to ensure that in response to president from spirit of tariffs and life as an immigrant worker in saudi arabia to be used for the fish are reports on how reforms in the kingdom are making life more difficult for some
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foreign workers. thanks for your company everyone. south african anti-apartheid campaigner winnie mandela has died at the age of eighty one after a long illness the news when it was announced by her personal assistant winnie mandela was the ex-wife of the late president an anti-apartheid icon nelson mandela her legacy and south africa was mixed for decades she was long admired as a determined fighter against white minority rule in south africa but when mandela's reputation began to suffer in later years due to a number of controversies while still she remains one of south africa's most of finding figures and tributes have been pouring in for her this is what one member
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of the current government had to say. she was really it. was drilled the southern african political landscape. is the sea weed deep i want to felicia now dependent in some loot of this great icon of all you but issues struggling. journalist to jason burke works for the u.k.'s guardian newspaper and johannesburg and earlier i asked him if when a mandela's death meant the end of an era for the country well he certainly is in a sense when he was a huge respected figure controversial certainly but not very much as one of the major leaders of the end to party struggle particularly in the one nine hundred eighty s. when many of those close to nelson mandela were present many of those people now dead modeller obviously many of those who were close to him and when he is
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parsimony will be seen as really are the some of the very last of that generation who are still alive bishop desmond to terry still alive that he's seriously ill and it really does feel like that generation is now almost passed away entirely justin tell us a little bit more about winnie mandela the anti-apartheid activist. well she was always very very engaged in social struggle she was a social worker and. married to one doubter in fifty seven he was sent to president sixty three so there are together for a short period after that she was as she said married to the african national congress which led struggle through those decades and in that she was vocal she was determined she made very significant sacrifices and she was drawn into the atmosphere of violence and brutality that characterized those that period of
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particularly not the seventy nine hundred eighty s. and she has so hoods we had in the introduction was accused of being involved in some absolutely horrific crimes as well obviously fighting that i think on the poles and ship was the apartheid regime and jason talk to us now as a little bit more about her fall from grace because it was very steep can you tell us why she became such a controversial a figure in the past couple years but in a sense you had nelson mandela who would meet in prison for twenty seven years and i've come out of the president's audience hangs head boy they write in this violence brutality of the struggle in the one nine hundred eighty s. in south africa particular ninety nine just his wife had been certainly there as his spouse or the figurehead but really she's been very involved in the thought of
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this of that period in some way where she was linked to a series of assassinations and then in the immediate aftermath of the fall of a path a two. the new democrat democracy in south africa she lived . she was accused of corruption the kind of glamorous lifestyle that was very much at all this with the ascetic vision so when my devil to project a community ship so she was really out of place now to try in the early ninety's she also was adamant they opposed to any real reconciliation something that nelson mandela obviously supported with all his considerable powers and charisma when he was a hard one to remain in the hall and was absolutely unapologetic about the bonuses she had been and. jason burke reporting in from johannesburg in south africa is
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that women della has died at the age of eighty one thank you and get to other news now reports are coming in from syria that rebel fighters have agreed to leave their last stronghold in east on a hilltop syrian media showed buses set to be carrying militants and their families leaving the area opposing forces say they've cut a deal with the largest rebel group the army of islam but some members of the group deny that sources also tell the w. news that hundreds of wounded fighters from a different group have been bussed out of the area. now activists and citizen journalist nor adam has sent daily news exclusive footage video diaries showing the final days of rebel control in the besieged area.
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if they force us to leave that's our goal. that's where we are. this is so our. goal you can see this suction this job. now there are families. that. don't want you. know. we don't know. about that and that's what you what we will do. for saving is that we fight with this fight and this conflict has been revealed. i was arrested for any of the century and that it's gone down there i should and the u.n.
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and of course we are we know. because three countries three of the power of all the war going to the fight here and russia. that's. my position. did you. instill the. yes am i right. by. then when. i've been lost like more than twenty five or twenty six right. there. now. there is still there for nothing i risked my life a lot to sponsor the taliban for simply. and to sit.
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and that it's going for nothing. no atoms a video diary their firm is soon hotel and we can speak to our adam now who joins us from libya in northern syria where he went after leaving easton hotel. nor can you hear me ok. yes if i can hear it i can hear you loud and clear as well i can describe what it was like to leave the eastern hotel what the conditions were like what your journey was like getting out of eastern hotel.
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not add a lot of hiding or adam let me just repeat my question again to you can you describe please what your journey out of eastern hoto was for you. i did not. all right nor am i think we're what we're going to do now is first try to reestablish contact with you get a better line and we promise to get back to you a little bit later on in the in this volatile but for now want to flee and on some of the other stories making news around the world. militants of the boko haram extremist group have killed at least eighteen people after they attacked a military base and two villages near the nigerian city of my do guru dozens of people were wounded officials that the militants fired mortars at troops on the base and suicide bombers detonated explosives in the villages. egypt's
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election authority says president adam fetzer has sisi has won a second term in office after taking just over ninety seven percent of the votes in last week's ballot turnout was at around forty one percent and opposition groups have called for a boycott declaring the vote a sham. russia's postal service has hit a wall quite literally with its first attempt to deliver a parcel by drone while things didn't go quite as planned during the debut as you can see here ouch are eight of the russian postal authorities have previously announced plans to test using delivery drones around the country. all right you're watching t.v. we do so have a lot more to tell you about including life as an immigrant in saudi arabia so foreign workers are facing new harsh just because of the country's ambitious reform program to abuse funny fish are files a rare report from the kingdom on the cusp of change all right but first ben the
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fizzling is here with b m a story that's got financial markets worried big time there are market jitters you see that in asia today trade dispute between the united states and china escalating at this hour beijing's tit for tat tariffs on u.s. imports kicking in the government says the move is to safeguard china's interests and balance losses caused by a new american. these american avocados are destined for the chinese market but they might not sell so well anymore now that china has imposed tariffs on fruit and meat while steel pipes and scores of other imports from the usa the rates of fifteen percent on one hundred and twenty items and twenty five percent on eight others. the chinese government says that people support its move though some in china regret the ensuing rise in prices. it's definitely going to have an impact many fruits that kids love only grow in foreign countries we don't have them
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in china that is a direct impact. it's absolutely right to impose tariffs because i've seen the news about the us crapping trade deals with us it's right to fight back. the new tariffs are china's initial response to the u.s. move to slap tariffs on steel and alimony i'm imports the us is also threatening to impose further terrorist on sixty billion dollars worth of other chinese imports a year over what it terms the theft of intellectual property china by contrast is raising tariffs on about three billion dollars worth of u.s. imports. beijing says it will never submit if the u.s. launches a trade war and says that tariff increases are in line with world trade organization rules to protect its interests still the scale of china's new tariffs is modest the move looks more like a warning shot than a major counterattack the u.s. is china's largest single market
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a full blown trade war is the last thing china would want. cortical zw been doing the hard yards the financial crisis hurt of sterett he hurt even more but the country pulled through ad started spending again well before everything off rosy growth is now at two point seven percent business is going pretty well for even organized. his co-operative has been making wine since nine hundred fifty seven but sales haven't been this good for years. in the beginning there were only this part and then you have to upgrade it to increase the capacity then we. will double the capacity we. just side by side because we are in the maximum capacity of production and we have more demand and with what can you produce around thirty people work in the cover where a cooperative. working conditions have improved for most portuguese in the past two
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years thanks to a raft of reforms including a higher minimum wage instead of starting economic growth it's accelerated it at least that's how the portuguese finance minister sees it we have done some increases especially for the most poor. people for the pensions but we have done this in the. correct way by complaining the gross of the spending with a growth of the g.d.p. portugal is also trying to stimulate the tourism industry regulations have been eased for hotels and restaurants and as well as cutting spending the government has also cut taxes and the gamble is paid off millions of tourists are now visiting portugal especially lisbon to izmir the important thing impacting recovering of our cities but now is having an important impact on the developing our rural areas the
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cover where a cooperative is sixty kilometers from lisbon but the wind produced here because the name of the capital it simply sells better to the increase of tourism in porto lisbon's really trendy the labels are really important nowadays. but not everyone is profiting from the new wave of tourism rising property values are changing neighborhoods low income locals are being forced out like fernando tex era he grew up in boulder on the banks of the river he can only afford to keep the studio as the new bars and restaurants drive up the prices. got a new one. there are no portuguese people that can afford to pay rent in this area not one i was born here and i was thrown out so a hotel could be built and i have to move way back. if we prolly even all the things the government should make sure everyone benefits from the economic upswing but he remains optimistic that portugal can find prosperity
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without the need for staring. over economic challenges to technical difficulties is an awful when you doing an interview a lifetime to do so but we're going to try and do it anyway because we're going to get back to activism citizen journalist nor adam who shared a video diary showing the final days of rebel control in the procedure he's joining us from libya where he went after you left you so it's a very good to see you mr adam can you describe what it was like to leave who don't what were the conditions like of your journey when we are we left our dreams and our future and our friends by warbling and by that and by bombing and everything. horatia and for us that and we were and i would imagine that the baath to get. i mean when the people all the people who left the four thousand people left.
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and them all right now we get out from the duma city and now with. some. some people here are trying to head of them. live in a can there be bulletin and camp and there people. hi hi do. i have it right now i. i lost everything i was fighting for seventy this month and tell me what's happened force the siblings and help people and i was being arrested for one meal and all that go in. with saddam it's obviously a very harrowing a personal experience that we're so grateful that you're sharing that with x. i want you also to weigh in we have had reports of rebels holding people hostage not allowing them to leave what can you say about that what's your experience been . i mean i was in the grand and i saw that that
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that is not the true there o'boyle and syrian free army is the not the. keep any any hostages from either the soldier where they are literally really hostages. yes yes they allowed to leave and go to do their home and do everything and this older kid many b. ball and game day many many many shared urine but they're able of they're not they're like that or anything and they are earthy and free army they're what. created for depend to be book or to defend the film with depend who can defend i'm sort of from the children and women i mean there are many people look into from white him with their whole panel. after we leave there under the rubble no one can help them to get them out. when. the houses and
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everything they thought and get and. like from the fire they they go they think you did it when did leave the ball and. going experience that you're sharing with us and you know this war is for tracks of war so with us we greatly appreciate you sharing some of your experiences with us. arturo we're going to stay in the region saudi arabia is known as one of the world's most conservative societies but falling oil prices have hit the can their kingdom hard and that is triggering change clown prince mohammed bin simon has unveiled an ambitious program of economic reform known as quote vision twenty thirty reporter fifeshire travel to saudi to find out what his vision really means . riyadh is an international city
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a third of the population comes from abroad many of them manual workers they helped to build the saudi capital but the wall khan they once enjoyed is starting to fade . saudis first know that the saudi government splatted to reduce unemployment among native saudis employers who hire non saudis they have to pay higher fees and jobs in shops like this one selling electronics for example would be restricted to saudis only. foreigners will be banned from at least twelve jobs they snoozing store selling instruments has already put up a sign for saudis only be looking for a salesperson male or. saudis asian is a good idea but there are more job opportunities here for saudis than for foreigners. but he and a lot of service return from the u.s.
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and germany with degrees only to find many jobs already filled by foreigners for their own country should benefit from them as saudi arabia should benefit from saudis. we are in a neighborhood in the south of the city it's a tough area most of the people here are foreign workers want to here is from bangladesh here i have a month ago to work in this shop learning how to assemble picture frames everything is getting more expensive learned the salaries aren't enough for everyone is how traits if her to survive for the person's life for manual workers was never easy in saudi arabia just as in many parts of the world but falling oil prices have made it more difficult and if your prices doubled in a year pushing up prices and recently new taxes and basic goods added an extra burden it's even more to here has just finished his shift how many hours did you work today i swear words sixteen hours that's a lot. maybe it's
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a lot but i need to do that for the salary he makes one thousand three hundred saudi ryall a month that's about three hundred fifty u.s. dollars on the way home he tells me he used to have a good life until his father got very sick. you know we lost our almost all of our money in his treatment so i just thought that i should come here to. keep them alive being the eldest in the family he border responsibility he dropped out of engineering studies and came to saudi arabia to earn money but it wasn't as easy as he had expected life is becoming more difficult for foreigners most of the people of other countries. and even here he have the caused. because you know there are now just and they can't live like that maybe my boss gave me a place to live in the was a not like that even some people don't have
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a job sometimes the slaves near the road don't have time money to buy food. i want to hear chooses not to show me the room he lives in with three others he doesn't want to get into trouble and be sent home he wants to stay as long as he can to make money for his family he's just one of millions of foreign workers in saudi arabia they are realizing though that the future here belongs to the saudis. all right and that was our very own funny for sure who's here with me in the city of great to see us funny so we just heard you report on the saudi first program a lot of the foreign workers one of them you profiled are those with manual workers are saudis prepare to take on those jobs actually people on the ground make this joke that men have this wife though this white long garment they're not ready to get that life dirty meaning they're probably not ready to do those low skilled jobs
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however i've met both men and women who are just being trained to become a receptionist or to work in a hotel with gas etc because there is a misconception i think about saudi arabia not everybody is rich you're not everybody belongs to that high ten to twenty percent who are so wealthy that they don't need to work around thirty percent are unemployed because then you come when you go to the age range between sixteen and twenty four years old also the general unemployment rate is around thirty percent so yes there is a need for jobs the question of course is the sodium ploy or actually employ more saudis because the not really known to be punctual they're not known to be really committed there the way they're educated is very fearing based not know practically base so a lot of big companies when it comes to highly skilled workers are actually going to employ they say they told us they're going to continue to employ non celebes because they consider them more reliable and when it comes to low skilled jobs yes
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there will be a competition between foreign workers and saudis and there is the question how this process is going to continue that there are some non-stellar nonetheless stay in the country illegally because some employers appreciate them also over saudi workers so they are a lot of questions involved there and the question really is the big question is when you look down the road but that this is going to work out saudi first saudi first and there are still some other other changes in store for the saudi society as well talk to us about exactly talking about women for example. for example you see a picture of a woman being in a soccer stadium that's possible that wasn't possible before the four men also women are going to or if their male guardian a load of them too they're going to be able to drive single car but as i'm trying to to include also yes there are some step towards small for you don't know what's more independence also it comes to picking a job for women but at the same time there's this guardianship rule system still they are in the country that limits on the other hand what the garden to
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guardianship will basically is all about the willingness of men controlling or giving up control over the decision of women and that will still exist and say that will so it's a some very briefly if you can these i'm on a mantle of changes is there any resistance within saudi society this resistance on social media both against vision twenty so that people who don't want to change but also people who say i want to keep my islamic cultural conservative identity we'll have to see how that plays out in our exciting for sure thank you all right in the desert for us so we'll be back at the top the hour with more news to you that.
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tell the truth now do you know berlin well let's go through the city on berlin's most famous bus route. enjoy vibrant in life. a call for alicia and look at. journey of discovery with new ideas for visitors to her life. they strength in numbers and collective intelligence smallness of sticklebacks always manage to clothe. yet it's a single one on its own can't do that. so how does smallness develop such capabilities. researches have found
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a decisive in an over. to quarrel to dick sixteen. me take it personally i already with all the wonderful people and still that make the game so special. for all true friends. again playing god more than football on mine when i was young i dreamed about changing the world. but i was a woman in egypt some things turned out differently forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. so i know all else and all we rebelled against the written word to stand up for women's rights. now while the el saadawi boys of egypt starting april h d w.
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welcome to a new special edition of check in all about berlin. the first lucas to go towards the highlights of the poor force and. the food shops and history.


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