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this is. from berlin tonight south africa mourning the loss of a. home. to the age of eighty one and activists and wife of nelson mandela for many she was the mother of the nation and she leaves a mixed legacy tonight as of well we have gathered in her home in so well also coming up gay rights triumphed in coastal rica the candidate of the governing party storms to victory in the country's presidential elections value to legalize
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same sex marriage. and the escalating trade spat between china and the u.s. beijing imposes duties on a range of u.s. food imports in response to u.s. tariffs stoking fears of a trade bill. plus life as an immigrant worker in saudi arabia. reports on how reforms in the kingdom are making things difficult first. it's good to have you with us many across south africa are in mourning tonight following the death of winnie mandela the ex-wife of former president nelson mandela she was a towering figure in the fight against apartheid but she was also in broiled in a number of controversies in more recent years she died peacefully at
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a hospital in johannesburg at the age of eighty one. winnie mandela was first known as the wife of one of the nation's biggest dissidents nelson mandela but in one thousand nine hundred sixty four after just six years of marriage her husband was given a life sentence on charges of sabotage and plotting to overthrow the government he spent the next twenty seven years behind bars before being released in one thousand nine when he supported him and the anti-apartheid cause eventually also serving time in prison my husband has been fighting for the liberation of the african people for the which and someone else. in this country in the one nine hundred ninety s. when his reputation also began to suffer she was implicated in the kidnapping and killing of a teenager accused of being an informer. she was also convicted of fraud. when her husband was released from prison she was there to greet him although she later described the marriage as
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a sham the mandela's divorced shortly after he became president. nelson mandela died in two thousand and thirteen. today his ex-wife winnie mandela is mainly remembered for her unwavering commitment to the end of apartheid. for many years she bore the brunt of this sense that. with stories since him and fortitude despite the hardships you faced she never doubted that the struggle for freedom and democracy which time for succeed after a lengthy illness winnie mandela died in hospital surrounded by her family. however for many images a fighter lives on. the gaza. border in the studio by on the servant gigi is
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a south african journalist of the mill your face your v.w. she's an author and a documentary filmmaker and she has reported extensively on her contrary only it's good to see you again i dare ask the question because i know the answer is is a huge one who was winnie mandela when i think she's known as the ex-wife of nelson mandela but she was a very strong leader in a rut she was a social worker in the fifty's you could have gone to studying in there ik of that memory and then and in the time that he was imprisoned she kept his legacy alive and often think without her he would have not become that i can for the un to have to struggle that he later became would you see she is the one person who made a nelson mandela possible while he was imprisoned certainly i mean nelson mandela and he's in what is a very strong leader but he was locked away the a.n.c. was in exile and there was no opposition and when he was fearless she was not good
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of the white apartheid government she was very outspoken they kept on banning has said that she couldn't be outspent and they kept on trying to break and i think in the end maybe did great you know we've got a clip here that shows her speaking about this a piston he that she had concerning the white man's hate towards the black man in south africa take a look. when i was in the confinement. for those eighteen months. our dear god that is really my ten points in my political outlook. i must confess up to that state i was not where the extent to which the africana had to get their man in this country. and that
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stayed with her to the differ life to this but i mean she was making that statement to white men to my father adviser afrikaners. but she was treated very badly when she was in solitary confinement eighteen months at the time she had children who were eleven ten eleven very young children who didn't know where they thought that if the father was in prison a mother in solitary confinement and she was treated very badly i mean she had so many struggles. personal struggles and then nelson mandela was released their marriage ended and you and i were talking earlier there was some point where people say that she lost the plot. what happened in her letter years i think she actually also it's a bit earlier when she was in she was in banish the brunt force in the in the late seventy's and stayed there for nine years in the area where she didn't speak the language and very isolated and i think in that time she just started to lose the
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craft and she surrounded to set as self just before mandela was released with people who was very dodgy characters and probably worked for the security police and got into a lot of troubles and she was a bad. judge of character often and his she was very controversial people either love her or hate her there's no sort of in between with winnie. we're going to pick up on that a little bit later on on the day and tonight in talk a little bit more extensively about when you mandela only certainty is always good have you on the show. because to read his presidential election has resulted in a resulting victory for the governing party the win is also being seen as a victory for gay rights carlos alvarado of the ruling citizen action party has vowed to legalize same sex marriage his opponents and even jellicoe pastor campaigned against gay marriage the polls had predicted the runoff would be tight but in the end it wasn't even close.
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the crowd went wild when cost alvarado was announced the winner. my responsibility is to unite all the people in our country move the country forward and enable it to become a leading nation in the twenty first century was thomas alvarado the candidate of the ruling citizen action party had come in second in the first round of voting behind fabricio alvarado of the national restoration party the two men are not related fabricio alvarado ran on a platform of opposition to same sex marriage that became the main issue in the runoff which carlos alvarado one easily is the one where muslims are knighted because costa rica has shown it's a country that wants to invest for all its citizens for the lives of us here is that right after this has released a lot of emotions because costa rica has shown that it's a democracy that set a record this is the day of the surgery public. everyone of us has now contributed
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together to create a new lifestyle in costa rica tomorrow the fight starts back and that could force carlos alvarado to make some compromises that all the while has promised to reduce the deficit should have something that is actually affecting the economics in person or week at how he's going to do it is quite difficult because you have you know my jury in problem and he might have to look for some support from more conservative parties. he said only has experience in government having been a full my cabinet minister and now at least he has the support of the majority of voters. i whereas some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world egypt's election of the war he says that president of the fatah el-sisi has won a second term in office after taking just over ninety seven percent of the votes in last week's ballot turnout was at around forty one percent opposition groups have
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called for a boycott declaring the vote a sham. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has said that russia is not responsible for any escalation in the realm over the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. he has accused britain and the u.s. of quote playing children's games russia has denied responsibility for last month's attack on x. spies sergei scruple and his daughter yulia you're watching live from berlin still to come an exclusive look inside syria's eastern huta we follow a resident of the rebel enclave as he prepares to flee to safety and are they refugees or intruder as a deal offers new hope of thousands of african asylum seekers that israel wants to expel. or the world's largest economies are going
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head to head helena friends i would say that it's going to get worse before it gets better things don't look great right now that trade dispute between the u.s. and china is ramping up beijing's tit for tat tariffs on u.s. imports all kicking in the government says the move is an effort to safeguard china's interests and balance slow say schools by new american. these american avocados are destined for the chinese market but they might not sell so well anymore now that china has imposed tariffs on fruit meat while the steel pipes and scores of other imports from the usa the rates of fifteen percent on one hundred twenty items and twenty five percent on eight others. the chinese government says that people support its move some in china regret the ensuing rise in prices. it's definitely going to have an impact many fruits that kids love only grow in foreign countries we don't have them in china that is
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a direct impact. it's absolutely right to impose tariffs because i've seen the news about the us crapping trade deals with us it's right to fight back. the new tariffs are china's initial response to the u.s. move to slap tariffs on steel and alimony i'm imports the us is also threatening to impose further terrace on sixty billion dollars worth of other chinese imports a year over what it terms the theft of intellectual property china by contrast is raising tariffs on about three billion dollars worth of u.s. imports. beijing says it will never submit if the u.s. launches a trade war and says that tariff increases are in line with world trade organization rules to protect its interests still the scale of china's new tariffs is modest the move looks more like a warning shot than a major counterattack the u.s. is china's largest single market a full blown trade war is the last thing china would want.
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shares in amazon sell shell feel monday off the u.s. president donald trump for new his attack on its relationship with the united states postal service claims that u.s.p.s. is losing money on delivering and taxpayer off i don't think the law says analysts though point. out of the online retailing giant payments actually support the postal services other money news and business is on its massive pension obligations they say amazon is helping the u.s. the s.f. float but estimates say amazon pays the u.s.p.s. roughly hoffa what rival postle services would be charging. went back over to bret now in a critical moment in syria is exactly right tel and every ports are coming in from syria that rebel fighters are leaving their last stronghold in eastern guta syrian
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media showed the buses that are said to be carrying militants and their families leaving the area for regime forces say they've cut a deal with the largest rebel group the army of islam but some members of the group deny that sources also tell the w. news that hundreds of wounded fighters from a different group have been bussed out of the area and now an anti-government activists and citizen journalist norodom has sent d.w. news exclusive footage a video diary showing the final days of rebel control in the besieged earring. if they force us to be that's our goal. that's where we are. this is so our. goal you can see this suction this job.
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now there are families. that are no longer you. know. we don't know about that and that's what you what we will do. for saving is that we fight with this fight and this conflict has been revealed. i would be arrested for any of the century and that it's gone down there i should and iraq and that was the only we we've not. got three countries three of the power of all the war going to the fight here and russia. as.
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my missis if. i did you. instead of. yes if i write the speech. might be. that. i've been lost like more then twenty five or twenty six right. there. i. love them all day for nothing. my life. spotless force winds. and said. and all that it's going for nothing. well today marks the
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fiftieth anniversary of the beginning of a traumatic chapter in germany's post-war history on april second one thousand nine hundred sixty eight bombs went off into frankfurt department stores one of the perpetrators was andreas bother he went on to found the left wing terror group known in germany as the red army faction it's also known as the bother mine whole thing. after carrying out deadly attacks spanning three decades the organisation disbanded in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight the bottom line of gang it may have broken up but police believe that three suspected former members are still active police is searching for this trio in hiding for two decades they were last seen by surveillance cameras just in a robbery in northern germany in twenty sixteen they thought to be the remaining members of the so-called red army faction and stop the cut gov aig and. they belong to the factions third generation that pretty says is spot to national
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crisis in the one nine hundred seventy s. with the tax government blackmail murders and kidnappings the terrorist activities peaked in one thousand nine hundred ninety seven with the murders of germany's federal prosecutor general secret blueback bank manager yogen panto and the kidnapping of the president of the german employees association hans martin the terrorist shot him dead germans clearly remember that wave of terror. despise what this was the main topic on t.v. and in the newspapers it was as distressing as the islamic state activities are now the fashion it was a shock you just didn't think they would become as radicalized as they did about the student protests of one nine hundred sixty eight defines germany's political climate at the time extreme left wing violence also took shape that year two department stores in frankfurt was set ablaze symbolic acts to protest against
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capitalism and dress bad and good written and sleen took part in the crime they would later found and lead the red army faction hans christian stripped it was an active member of the student movement who appollo back then a.p.o. the non-governmental opposition students movement wasn't just a movement for revolutionary change in germany i also wanted that it was an international movement. and the left at the time sought self in that context. but some people a minute percentage should that we should not simply accept things that we had to take up arms them in the midst of the butter mind health group officially disbanded twenty years ago it's believed the trio's recent robberies were more likely carried out for the money than for political reasons discussions about the factions still divide germany today former conservative parliamentarian votes going
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bust path worries that they may still hold a fascination for some. up to us and no one can seriously claim that the end of the red army faction would also be the end of all if we need stream ism of lift to six trimix who are prepared to be violent so you should never say that chapter is closed forever on its congressional shriven a pleads for a moat differentiates a discussion through the. film it would help us work through this history and the discussion about it today if people debated these incidents more calmly without blinders and without prejudice it's often because often a difficulty in the red army faction's wave of terror a shocked germany during that era the country was an agent ideologically divided even now the group's actions of the subject of passionate debate throughout the country is saudi arabia is known as one of the world's most conservative societies
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but the inevitability of peak oil and falling crude prices have hit the kingdom hard that is triggering change prince mohammed bin solomon has unveiled in bishop's program of economic reform which is known as these in twenty thirty hour reporter funny finish our travel to saudi arabia to find out what this vision really me it's . riyadh is an international city a third of the population comes from abroad many of them bang over of course they helped to build the saudi capital but the wall khan they once enjoyed is starting to fade. saudis first know that the saudi government's plan to reduce unemployment among native saudis employers who hire none so these will have to pay higher fees and jobs in shops like this one selling electronics for example would be restricted to saudis only foreigners will be banned from at least twelve jobs this music
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store selling instruments has already put up a sign for saudis only be looking for a salesperson male or. does ation is a good idea there are more job opportunities here for saudis than for foreigners. and. a lot of service return from the u.s. and germany with degrees only to find many jobs already filled by foreigners or their own country should benefit from them as saudi arabia should benefit from saudis. we are in a neighborhood in the cell of the city it's a tough area most of the people here are foreign workers want to here is from bangladesh here i've a month ago to work in this shop learning how to assemble picture frames everything is getting more expensive learned the salaries aren't enough for everyone it's how traits if that had to survive for the person's life for manual row course was never
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easy in saudi arabia just as in many parts of the world but falling oil prices have made it more difficult and as your prices doubled in a year pushing up prices and recently new taxes on basic goods added an extra burden it's even more to here has just finished his shift how many hours did you work today i swear words sixteen hours. that's a lot. maybe it's a lot but i need to do that for the salary he makes one thousand three hundred saudi ryall a month that's about three hundred fifty u.s. dollars on the way home he tells me he used to have a good life until his father got very sick you know we lost our almost all of our money on his treatment so i just thought that as you come here to. keep them alive being the eldest in the family he border responsibility he dropped out of engineering studies and came to saudi arabia to earn money but it wasn't as easy as
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he had expected life is becoming more difficult for foreigners most of the people of other countries those in their band even hear of the call is the leaving so the because you know they're an hour. and that they can't live like that maybe my boss gave me a place to leave it there was a not like that even some people don't have a job sometimes the slaves near the road they don't have time money to buy food just want to hear chooses not to show me the room he lives in with three others he doesn't want to get into trouble and be sent home he wants to stay as long as he can to make money for his family he's just one of millions of foreign workers is saudi arabia they are realizing though that the future here belongs to the saudis. or the bavarian city of pasta in the southeastern corner of germany is experiencing
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a first today in the world's first museum devoted to the dachshund better known as the sausage dog opens its doors to the public the museum's founder says it's about time that sausage dog fans had a shrine dedicated to their beloved bring. excitement has been growing out of the museum's opening. man's best friend has already been having a sniff around the premises which is filled with some two thousand objects inspired by the sausage dog. museum founder and director. of proud but berry and can hardly believe no one came up with the idea before him. but often the world needs a selfish dog museum captured the essence of bavaria you know the dog in the world enjoys the same kind of recognition or popularity here as a sausage dog. some of the pieces on display might be considered kitsch by
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most people but probably not for ducks and lovers. one of the more serious exhibits pays tribute to famous sausage dog lovers among them nobel physicist albert einstein and actor leonard nimoy better known as spock from star trek there's even a drawing of the sausage dog sketched by none other than pablo picasso. and of course no museum would be complete without a gift shop visitors searching for the perfect souvenir for themselves or others and purchase a gift box that's sure to bring a smile to any sausage dog lover. and here's a reminder the top story we're following for you south african anti-apartheid campaigner winnie mandela has tied to the age of eighty one the ex-wife of the late president nelson mandela was seen by many as the mother of the nation but in later years her legacy was tarnished by
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a number of controversy she died peacefully in the hospital after a long period of. back to take you through the day stay with us.
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the women wait till nightfall to cross the border into israel. their syrian mothers bringing their wounded children into enemy territory clandestinely. doctors there will treat the little ones who are often seriously injured it's a gesture of humanity in an inhumane conflict three thousand and sixty minutes on. earth the home for saving google images tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global oil deal
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has been by a series of global three thousand on d.w. and online. every journey begins with the first step and everyone reaches the first word pollution eco nico he's in germany to find a german. why not. it's simple online on your old mile and free. to suffer. d.w. zealand in course week sure made easy. who would be pining for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears has come out. on top on double date is the female super hero on a mission to change attitudes smart women smart smart strange
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image and this in fine no means make them bring creasing doing dangerous stuff. to make them. from fake news to forced news across the u.s. local t.v. news anchors to say they were ordered to read from a script meant for trump t.v. tonight a declaration of dependence for america's mainstream media is the watchdog of the government becoming a parrot of the president i'm burned off in berlin this is the day.


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