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this is news coming to you live from berlin south africa mourns the loss of an anti-apartheid icon. has died at the gauge of eighty one and i missed and wife of nelson mandela for many she was the mother of the nation but she leaves a mixed legacy south african presidents pose a paid this tribute to her. she was not only ration but she also touched the lives of many millions of all fictions do it in the dark days.
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israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu caves in to pressure from the right wing to suspended deal with the u.n. on african migrants just hours after announcing it. is the world's worst humanitarian crisis after three years of war yemen has been pushed to the brink of famine today the u.n. is hosting a conference to try to raise money for the millions of yemenis in desperate need of help. public life in france faces major disruptions with the unions staging a mass strike the walkouts hidden millions of travelers as rail workers are protesting against president manuel might call an economic policy plus we report from a restaurant in colombia that has decided to employ female comics we'll find out what the prisoners get out of the experience and what the diners think.
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hello i'm terry martin good to have you with us. many across south africa are in mourning today following the death of winnie mandela the ex-wife of poor president nelson mandela she was a towering figure in the fight against apartheid but she was also embroiled in a number of controversies in more recent years she died peacefully at a hospital in johannesburg at the age of eighty one this young bride the first black social worker at the south african hospital where she worked and when he mandela's fight against apartheid would dominate her marriage and the rest of her life in one thousand nine hundred sixty four her husband nelson mandela began serving twenty seven years on charges of sabotage and plotting to overthrow the government during that time when he supported him and the anti-apartheid cause eventually also serving time in prison my husband has been fighting for the liberation of the african people for the weekend from one of the all good russian
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groups in the country. in the one nine hundred ninety s. when his reputation also began to suffer she was implicated in the kidnapping and killing of a teenager accused of being an informer she was also convicted of fraud. when her husband was released from prison she was there to greet him although she later described the marriage as a sham. to mandela's divorce shortly after he became president. nelson mandela died in two thousand and thirteen. winnie mandela is mainly remembered for her unwavering commitment to the end of apartheid. for many years. she bore the brunt of this. with stories and fortitude. despite the hardships she faced she never doubted that the struggle
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for freedom and democracy which time for em sexy. or no after a lengthy honest when he meant ellen died in hospital surrounded by her family. however for many her image as a fighter lives on. let's bring in jason burke from the guardian newspaper he's standing by for us in johannesburg tell us jason about winnie mandela as activists. activism she was considered a giant within the anti apartheid movement wasn't she a she was not the reaction other smalling. are saying. the president himself the senior members of the ns church leaders inside will have already told a key role in maintaining the determination all tens of millions of people to overthrow the regime particularly in the seventy's and eighty's where many of the
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more established leaders of the african national congress were in prison. nelson mandela she was somebody who was imprisoned and tortured herself for short periods or eighteen months i think was the longest she was out on the streets in the thick of the struggle in places like silhouettes or leading more it was a increasing and brutal and intense battle to overthrow the state also its his regime. and ella was clearly a positive role model for many and will remain so but she was also a controversial figure convicted of several crimes even after apartheid ended tell us more about her fall from grace. well there is really off to the end of. the. more negative elements of. what he meant as coach of ursula life began to be better not in particular
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a result when seen in extreme violence so when it's out of the townships in the late eighty's as i say this is a great part of the environment she was sucked into rates and people very close to her. personal body guards accused and in fact found guilty of killing a fourteen year old who they thought was an informer he was tortured just one of many that other millet is that they were alleged to have been involved in she was found to have been the least responsible for one of those killings in the sense that she gave the orders or at least near of it. then she was in growth she was fired effectively from nelson mandela's first cabinet after being appointed a minister for. as achieving basically and also for rising fears of corruption she once had a glamorous lifestyle at that stage it's my own but also been financed by shrewd and there are all sorts of not stock elements characters which have the same
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dissension in the last decade or so. ok. we're going to leave it there jason burke from the guardian newspaper thanks so much for talking with us. and cared. israel has announced a deal with the un to resettle african migrants to western nations but just hours later put that deal on hold prime minister benjamin netanyahu said he wanted to consult more widely on the deal which some hardliners that attacked because it allowed many of the migrants to stay in israel under the agreement with the un some sixteen thousand of them were to be sent to western countries including germany. some of these migrants mostly from eritrea and sudan have been living in israel for a decade there are around thirty five thousand of them they say they have fled danger and persecution at home in israel they work illegally but the government wants them gone and offer them
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a stark choice leave the country voluntarily go to prison or be deported to an african country such as rwanda. is that the choice i'd rather go to jail at least i'd be safe there but many israelis and many supporters abroad condemns the plan unethical mass deportation so prime minister benjamin netanyahu turned to the united nations refugee agency for help. sixteen thousand two hundred fifty migrants will be sent to countries like canada or germany or italy or some of the world's most developed countries that's the commitment of the u.n. high commissioner. but that plan has also run into trouble hardliners say it allows too many migrants to stay in israel. that seems to be want has driven this and yahoo to suspend the deal just hours after announcing it but it also remains unclear exactly how the u.s. . germany and italy both mentioned as possible destinations for the deported
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migrants were taken by surprise they had not been consulted although the german interior ministry said always respected its humanitarian obligations. let's bring in our political correspondent hans blond to try to explain what's going on here hans the israeli prime minister announces a plan to send unwanted the saddam seekers to other developed countries like germany and italy but germany and italy claim to have no knowledge of it how is this possible frankly it's it's a gaffe on the side of netanyahu undiplomatic it's something he shouldn't have said and he has explained that mentioning germany and italy and canada and fact that these are just examples that they would really concrete agreements with these countries although canada has said that it is talking tonight on you know what did happen is that there is an agreement between the united nations high commissioner for refugees the united nations refugee agency and israel in fact to try and find
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countries that will take these sixteen thousand or so refugees from israel and you know take them up for various reasons humanitarian reasons family reunion that kind of thing but there have been as far as we can find out no concrete agreements with any country at the moment to take up for a few days from israel so the israeli prime minister going out on a limb there but apparently the u.n. was informed at least can you give us an idea a rough idea at least of how this plan this deal was supposed to work well the united nations refugee agency has said that they would look for countries other countries in israel to take up refugees for various reasons possibly if they have family members in those. andries possibly if those countries would grant them political asylum but as i said they have as far as we know been no concrete agreements with any countries so far actually to take up these refugees so it's a matter that's really in the hands of the united nations at the moment and not
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really israel but if this plan is further developed and if israel if netanyahu gets his cabinet the rest of his government on board with it is it something that germany might be willing to go along with well the german interior ministry has said that germany is always prepared to accept its responsibilities its humanitarian responsibilities in terms of refugees and so on so i think the germans would be prepared to talk about this whether they would be actually prepared to take up refugees is another question since obviously germany also has quite a large number of refugees already and this is a very controversial political issue in germany as well so there's no guarantee in fact that germany would take up any of these refugees at the moment thanks so much hans but from our political desk. phallus take a look at some other stories making headlines around the world today saudi arabia's crown prince mohamed bin solomon says israelis have a right to a homeland it's
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a notable shift in the kingdom's position towards the jewish state saudi arabia does not recognize israel but ties between the two countries have improved in recent years. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has said that russia is not responsible for any escalation in the dispute over the poisoning of a former spy in the u.k. he has accused britain and the u.s. of quote playing children's games russia has denied responsibility for last month's attack on x. sergei three paul and his daughter yulia. and a circus truck carrying five elephants has crashed in southeast spain killing one of the animals and leaving another two injured emergency services used a crane to remove the body of the dead elephant as well as the survivors from the crash site. the syrian regime could be a step closer to taking full control of eastern ghouta the reports are coming in
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the rebel fighters are leaving their last stronghold in the damascus region for days a gradual evacuation of the area has been going on pro regime forces say they've cut a deal with the largest rebel group the army of islam to leave the region's biggest town duma but some members of the group deny that. now and anti-government activists and citizen journalists nor has sent d.w. news exclusive footage of video diaries showing the final days of rebel control in the besieged area. they say force us to be that's. that's where we. did this so. you can see this section so.
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now there are families. that. no one you. know. we don't know. what you what he was doing. or saving his life i was fighting. like have been revealed. i was arrested for any of this and. it's going to go there i should. go see we. got three countries the power of all the war going to the fight the u.s. and russia that's. my mrs and.
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i did you. yes it is my right. my dad. simply. because. i have been lost like more than. twenty five or twenty six right. and right now. all of them is going to day. for nothing i risked my life to sponsor the taliban for the super wins. and to say it. and all that it's going for nothing. meanwhile two of the key
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international players in the syria conflict are set to meet today russian president vladimir putin is due in the turkish capital for talks in ankara with his counterparts. and a sign of the strength of russian turkish relations has chosen turkey as the destination for his first foreign trip since winning re-election last month. our correspondent is following putin's visit for us from. syria is not on the official agenda but. i'm told will have a hard time of boarding it are they united or divided by their interests they're. very much divided. backers of the assad regime. and in many ways have been fighting in syria backing rivals. to be
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an endgame a solution to the syrian civil war. and that's what we've been seeing in the past and increasing cooperation between these countries which is leading to an even deepening relationship visit by schools is deepening relationship tomorrow the president will be flying in all three leaders will be sitting down and syria will be top of the agenda. the two leaders i understand are also to discuss the sale of russian surface to air missiles to turkey what with the. sale of these s. four hundred. is great. and the united states because the fear is if this deal go through these missiles that deliver these sophisticated system. it has much. equipment and this russian missile system which is very sophisticated and
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nato analysts fear is it could have much spyware compromise nato and nato has been warning turkey not to go through with this deal they say look to alternative missile systems in fact we have a top u.s. diplomat here last week offering the american patriot system as an alternative but is insisting this deal will go ahead it has already made a very large down payment and putin is expected to expedite the delivery of this missile as soon as possible talking twenty twenty and that means. there is a looming crisis with nato. until recently relations between russia and turkey were poor how have they managed to put that. behind them. marketable turnaround if you recall and twenty fifteen turkish forces shot down a russian jet operating in syria that's. been relations between the countries but since then they've realized they need to work together in this region and that
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deepening cooperation has coincided with turkey facing increasing alienation from its western allies in particularly europe the united states and the russia has been exploiting this because the end of the day the ultimate goal for putin is surprise turkey away from its nato partners and that's the biggest fear in nato and among the european union as well. as further steps in that process and that's why turkey's western allies will be watching this visit very closely. dorian thanks so much w's dorian jones reporting from. well monica's here with some business news and it seems that emmanuel mccall is reforms in france not making everyone happy we've got a major travel problem that must travel chaos i think you could call it by loud read those the first wave of rolling rail strikes underway today the four main rail unions have cancelled two days of strikes in every five days for the next three
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months to protest against a shake up on the national s. and c. s. rail monopoly no other sectors from energy to garbage collection joining the walkouts and this as terry just mentioned in opposition to french president in mind when the calls labor market reform agenda. rail workers are especially angry with the government plans to do way with train drivers rights to retire at fifty two the administration also wants to make cuts to their current holiday entitlement to fifty days per year those kind of privileges cost a lot of money and state owned railway s.n.c.f. has accumulated a debt burden of forty five billion euros the disruption to france's regional and long distance rail services is expected to last for three months the four unions involved will strike for two days and then work for three preprogrammed chaos. workers in other sectors will also be striking electricity and gas sector workers
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will be joining in the dispute there is a sting plans to privatized their industry and want to remain a state employees trash collectors are also going on indefinite strike they want workers who have to deal with has a diskette macos to be able to retire earlier. france employees are battling for a six percent wage hike. the unions have coordinated their own snot skillfully attacking the government from several sides at once. because many voters chose him on his platform of making labor law more flexible and ending privileges in some industries but analysts warn that if public life in france is paralyzed for more than two weeks or so the government would face increasing pressure to back down. for the latest let's cross over to our correspondent lisa noise was standing by for is in paris lisa first of all what's the situation right now how are people there getting to work and other places well the situation is very
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calm at the moment here in paris i just walked through the got to the left behind me one of the major train stations in paris it's very quiet and calm i must say for this time of the day and also across the country people are taking the collar that's hiking taking buses way there can or working from home because they know that very few trains are circulating on certain lines only one in ten ten trains is running however there are already four hundred kilometers of traffic jam in the paris region and that could get more over the days so the situation could get more complicated for those who want to go to work and what's the move to like do french people there sympathize with the demands of those rail workers on making for example fifty days of paid holiday or retirement the age of fifty two. but for the time being it's about fifty fifty half the french are saying we
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understand they're striking for their working conditions many people are attached to their public service here in france they think it's a very important part of this country and they support the strike but obviously over the long run we need to see how this will pan out as he said it's an ongoing strike there will be to strike days every three days over three months so let's see what they're going to say in a few weeks time as quite a lot of disruption led to daily life and of course this is the first major strike wave under president emmanuelle mccall how will he or his government handle it will he have to make concessions. absolutely it's the major test in the first major test for him and he will try not to make any concessions at all in the run up to this he's been talking to the unions he's been telling everybody we are actually consulting them we're trying to find a common solution the unions are saying well he has talked to us but he hasn't
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hasn't actually taken into account anything we have said so it seems to be that the two sides are not really communing with each other very well for the time being the government is adamant not to give in there because they want to show that they're actually governing the country that they can reform france as i am and mccall promised his european partners as well and he is as we know adamant to push through some european reforms and his ability to push through these reforms and to convince other european partners to go along with him also depends on the fact if they believe that he can actually do what is needed in france all right lisa louis there reporting for us from paris where at the moment at least everything seems to be calm thank you so much. china's ambassador to the united. said to beijing one. drop counter measure to
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any new u.s. tariffs counter measures of the same proportion the fear of a full blown trade war between the world's two biggest economies continues to weigh all markets asian stocks traded lower today taking the lead from wall street where the markets were largely weighted down by tech stocks that further tariffs could be imposed on tech products by china have spooked investors the united states is expected to release list of chinese products that will be hit by the punitive tariffs and now by the u.s. government last week. and among the biggest losers on wall street e-commerce giant amazon though it's led by more than five percent of the new attacks from president on a trump and the relationship with the united states postal service trump claims that the u.s.p.s. is losing money on delivering for amazon and taxpayers financing the losses analysts point out the online route and in john's payments actually support the
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postal services of a money losing businesses and its massive pension obligations they say imus that was helping the u.s.p.s. stay afloat but estimates say amazon pays the u.s.p.s. roughly half of what rival possible services to be charging. football and germany's top club is headed for space that's right monica buying munich visit serbia in the first leg of their champions league quarter final this evening by honor on the verge of winning their sixth straight bonus league title but it's been five years since they won the champions league in recent seasons spanish sides have always been the stumbling block. byron haven't won the champions league since twenty thirteen every season since they've crashed out against spanish sides. but coach. is keen to point out that things were very different when he was last in charge. when i was here in two thousand and twelve and twenty
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thirteen we beat two spanish teams to reach the final the two best teams in the history of spanish football barcelona and real madrid. in history so for me the last four years aren't relevant. severe may not have as impressive a record in europe as spain's top two sides but they have won the europa league three of the last four seasons. they're also on a high after knocking manchester united out in the last round severe someone tele says the key to success is taking the game to buy and. used to scoring lots of goals in every game they used to having control of the ball we have to do the same and keep the ball for as long as possible that way you force them to do something they're not used to. but shutting down by and will be no easy task
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they scored eight goals against us in the last round and six against dortmund at the weekend. the scene is set for a classic champions league encounter. or take a short break when we come back we'll be looking at the humanitarian situation in yemen stay with us for that. looking for action and the artistry. edge of the seat drama. joy and jubilation. we've got it all played as legal highlights. kick on in sixty minutes.
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every journey begins with the first step and every month for each of the first word american eagle nico he's in germany to punch remember. this test why not tell him. in simple online on your role model and. stuff. t.w. zyklon in course. maybe z. one hundred million tons of sound. the a devastating interest in its tracks. with deadly consequences. the story. coming home on a slow. growing in magnitude and frequency.
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once the. you start. stopping i'm. starting to pull something. welcome back. to our top stories south african. wife of the late president nelson mandela was seen by many as the mother of the nation but in later years her legacy was tarnished by the number of controversies she died peacefully in hospital after a long illness. and israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu pressure from the right wing to suspend a deal with the african migrants just hours after announcing. an
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airstrike by the coalition fighting in yemen has killed twelve civilians in the coastal city of. the attack destroyed a house where people displaced from other provinces were living witnesses said the dead were all from the same. coalition said reports of the attack would be fully investigated. is the port where most humanitarian aid arrives in the. meanwhile the un is hosting a meeting in geneva today to raise money for war torn yemen and discuss humanitarian issues related to the conflict organizers are hoping to bring in some three billion dollars in new pledges to meet the rising costs of providing aid three years of fighting in yemen have claimed around ten thousand lives a proxy war between the saudi backed government and iranian backed with the rebels has also driven an estimated two million people from their homes. the un has been
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revising up for the number of yemenis in need of assistance the organization estimates that since last year another three point four million more people depend on outside help for survival. is mother to five young children natalie and she's also alone in the world since her husband died she has to track for two hours of her day just to fetch water from a well. she struggles to look after her family. had things which she had before the war even if you didn't have much money you could buy things but prices have skyrocketed i don't know how i'm going to buy food. for. years of conflict in yemen has devastated the country thousands are dead and millions driven from their homes two thirds of the population that's nineteen
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million yemenis need humanitarian assistance according to a u.n. report from last year half of the country has no access to clean running water that's caused a widespread cholera epidemic. yemen's health care system is under extreme strain the young are worst hit. but i'm a little bit what would even before the war more than one in five newborns died now the death rate can hit seventy percent because of the current situation in the country yet at a center. for ayesha and her family the future looks bleak without side health an already critical situation could become desperate. or more on the situation in yemen i'm joined now by martin millions from the aid organization care international who's the regional emergency coordinator for north
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africa in the middle east and he's based in jordan's capital amman jordan we heard some disturbing numbers there about the situation in yemen as someone who deals with humanitarian crises in many countries can you put the yemen crisis into context for us. yeah it's it's mind boggling i mean looking at the numbers this is the biggest humanitarian crisis of our times. we have i think eighty percent of the population more than twenty two million people in need of humanitarian aid. it's i mean looking at the numbers it's sometimes really difficult to understand the situation because you know i frequently travel to yemen and when you look at the situation you still see people industry it's used to markets open the food in the shops and then you know at the same time that there's eight million people that the brain
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called famine conditions sometimes it's very very difficult to comprehend what it means for the families and i think your report showed well that the people are just struggling to buy the food that's available in the market but they just don't have the means to purchase for that's happening. as we're talking donors are gathering in geneva with organizers they're hoping to collect three billion dollars in aid for yemen even if that target is reached is it going to be enough. you know i mean to put it in perspective last year we are for much less and it was funded by around a little more than fifty percent and you know the situation as we see it now i mean there is no silver lining that it will get any better basically the peace negotiation the peace process the u.n. that these process has kind of derailed and there was no progress made in the last
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year so first and foremost what the people need of course is you know for the warring parties to come back to the table and cease fire i mean that is the minimum i don't think with humanitarian aid you will solve the situation in yemen. well what about the calling flip that in terms of trying to address the issues between the warring parties do you see any prospects for making progress in that direction perhaps also there at those discussions in geneva. much hope so you know that the governments because there are of course governments with influence over the working parties and we have seen now you know kind of a change in the u.s. and. you know the people in charge him it is. now so we hope that there's new energy and figure into the process and also support also i want some
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governments and that they really leverage dangerous that they have with the warring parties and we don't think that they have done sufficient they have been kind of supporting but very much passively that process so that only sickly in twelve months we have zero progress what do you make of the saudi arabia being one of the main aid donors for yemen while at the same time saudi arabia is one of the main protests pinson the war. yeah i mean that of course is. you know i mean the main thing that we are asking for is you know basically to stop to stop the war and him and i mean that this even if that aide i mean they this promise pledging and delivering this also to a different different things than we have seen that in the process as well as the conditions that are usually attached to this money is another concern for us. but
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of course i mean we see at the same time that him and still end up looking i mean like formerly it was eased or lifted by in reality. the kind of the hurdles impediments. for importers economic as well as humanitarian importers to use what they eat out whole word which is sticky lifeline for the population in the north of yemen that speaks a totally different language so we have seen almost you know especially economic. imports in the last two months fled lining and tightening because of all the hurdles that were put up especially you know by the parties that are currently you know this is. fighting with one south a movement in the north. finally briefly if you can even if the fighting in yemen were to and to morrow they come through it still need massive a what kind of
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challenges will the people of yemen face after the war. i think now is it's also the social taboo a fabric of this social cohesion that the country is very much divided now into at least two parts and one when we talk about the south it's also you know it's not like one governance structure it's really kind of fragmented many different on was like fiefdoms. something which we have never seen before and to that extent i think that would be a huge issue. and of course you know there's a lot of. you know infrastructure that was damaged infrastructure that was destroyed and i think there's yeah i mean that would be for me i guess those two elements would be the top priority peace building so secretions sources are very good as well as recovering economic recovery from the damages of the war martin
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thank you very much for talking with us so as martin really is there with care international he spoke to us from jordan's capital amman thank you very much. well back here to germany and in the eastern state of brandenburg that surrounds berlin and almost a quarter of the population voted for the right wing populist alternative for germany party or d. and that was in the last election in september and now the f.t. is the biggest opposition party in germany's parliament the bishop of berlin says christianity and the a.f.p. are not compatible but many congregations are reluctant to enter the conflict pastor bitter explaining is not among them she's been plotting to fall right for years and isn't about to give up now. whenever i had to go in and see all those youth sitting on the steps i clench my face and tell myself i would manage to get past them. i always did but sometimes i really had to brace myself.
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so. i used to do karate so i did have a few tricks for remaining stable six women to show it that helped. and i think it's good when girls do that they out. playing is well trained in combating right wing extremism. years ago she was able to read her small parish and ran a birth of new nazis. now once again she's fighting right wing populists and their anti refugee rhetoric. feel a mensch many people think it has nothing to do with us we live in germany and we don't want any foreigners here they say. i heard that just a few days ago. they said what's here is for us germans we work for
8:42 am
it but we don't achieve anything alone the family of humanity is bigger than one country and since i'm land. despite her preaching the far right i'll turn it in for germany party garnett over twenty percent of the votes at the last elections. they probably didn't come from her congregation. but she has to encourage church goers to maintain their resistance not to know this most nationalism doesn't come from god to only think about ourselves not about others this selfishness competition all this incites injustice that we're all familiar with these driving forces so we have to change them with small things and then with klein doing. not an easy task. here the extreme right keeps a low profile. you often start is one hour away from berlin it has three thousand
8:43 am
five hundred inhabitants and hardly any of these are immigrants or of immigrant descent. the a.f.d. is in conspicuous there isn't a constituency office not even a notice board with information the other political parties are equally absent if anyone is doing anything at all then it's beer text playing stretch most locals refused to say anything on camera. in twenty ten the rightwing extremist n.p.v. party used to march through your home style and later this new nazi sash on the town council after being convicted of setting fire to holocaust memorial. the atmosphere was oppressive and the church and its pastor were openly targeted and had known it was some aggression of course now we can laugh but we counted the incidents of the time and there were fourteen of them. the violence reached
8:44 am
a head when some young girl and musicians including immigrants performed a concert against right wing extremism. in this concert but then in the kitchen when the concert started in the church some people who looked like right wingers went up to the gallery and started swearing and shouting. and the insults turned into assaults more and more new nazis turned up there to explain try to bring the young musicians to safety. this is all too real got into the car and they started rocking the car from side to side. there were used at the front and back of the car and they were rocking it inside everyone was crying shouting holding the doors there were some people there who didn't look like right wingers and they went monsters just normal news even nice ones when i told the council they said that's the son of so and so or so and so's daughter. we have to do something about this they said of these orphans ovies order to talk to for this kind of.
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what they did was to create music create. the six bands and three dance groups as an alternative to joining brite when gangs. and the neo nazis lost ground and you are can style. but at school some still voice extremist sentiment. yeah we hear these cliches because coren is out and when we try to speak. against it we get labeled too but we keep on trying. are you scared. i'm not. using music in the battle against the far right.
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the u.s. . would like to see colleagues in other parishes get more involved. perseverance is the most important thing and staying true to one's ideas but if you notice you're scared you should step back a bit until you find friends and allies again. before he went there to explain has many friends and you are. and she knows she can count on them in her battle against right wing extremists and now to a story of second chances in colombia a country that often makes headlines for its crime rates at a women's prison in the city of coffee select inmates have a chance to cook for diners at the jail's own commercial restaurant these hands preparing a meal used to deal drugs and once upon a time this friendly waitress committed murder the meal served in this restaurant
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which is inside a prison smell like freedom for patrons it's a unique dining experience for the inmates working here it's a second chance. carter haina the pearl of the caribbean was once a haunt for pirates and slave traders now it's a tourist destination. san diego women's prison is right in the city center. is doing time here for dealing drugs. in the world and you see life in prison is hard you can't do what you want you can't see your family you have to live with strangers some good and some bad you can never get into the bathroom. with twenty women sharing a cell there is no space for privacy. it's hot and humid here and prison life is monotonous. but today is energized.
8:48 am
in a few hours she'll be cooking for sixty to seventy guests because of this she's even allowed to cut in line for the bathroom. tonight she's working as sushi chef in the prison restaurant in terror no. the fifty five year old sees this unexpected career opening as a huge opportunity. i feel useful to have contact with people and i'm taking time off my sentence. for each day that nail that works one day is scrubbed from her sentence plus she's learning skills to help her when she gets out . there like it was for her i did what i wanted no one was there to tell me what to do. but now i have goals in my life i didn't have that before and i'm looking at. the former criminal has garnered a lot of official goodwill top ships have helped train delta and the country's president has even visited. but what do people think about near there where her
8:49 am
family was involved in the drug trade. this shanty town has open sewers high unemployment and lots of crime. her former neighbors here think dealing drugs is serious and although they were angry with her at the time some applaud the prison's efforts. that they have fit what they're doing there is perfect these criminals can become better people than i think it's great that there's a restaurant inside the prison. after all they tell us life takes unexpected and often unpleasant turns everyone makes mistakes. as evening descends on carter haina the restaurants fill up and at the prison to. if you haven't reserved a table near out of luck. and it's show time for the kitchen then wait staff. take a listen. this isn't
8:50 am
a high security prison and the women who work here are model inmates. candelaria landed here after stabbing a man she says tried to rape her that was in the way up i'll never be able to forget that night it affected me a lot i thought i was a bad person but not anymore i really believed it was his life or mine. but god yes it is the women here are learning teamwork discipline and staying calm under pressure. these are important skills that will prepare them for life outside prison. and thanks to her job candelaria is able to send her family back home a little money each month. she hasn't seen her children for two years. these diners are stunned by her story. they can't believe she killed someone wow
8:51 am
me me oh that was very unpleasant and i first i thought i didn't want to stay here . with a story then she told me her whole story from her perspective and i accepted that you know that. every guest has a different reaction and it's not always pleasant. how is this people go sometimes they insult you say you're a killer a murderer. had eleven pm it's closing time the restaurant crew is exhausted. he may be getting released in a month but she tells us freedom still seems like a far off dream. i . think back to our sad reality she says. but for
8:52 am
candelaria up bright moment of hope. the following morning her mother brings her two children for a visit. the small monthly salary she earns in the restaurant goes a long way toward supporting her little ones. by gregory school they need uniforms they need shoes and books are also really expensive gotta buy gas. for the last two years they haven't been able to afford the bus fare so this visit comes as a surprise. kind of dowdy hope she'll be released sometime this year it will be a second chance for her and her family. now to new york and another woman who knows a thing or two about starting over serene next shot is an exiled iranian artist
8:53 am
who's made her home in the big apple she was studying in the u.s. when the nine hundred seventy nine islamic revolution broke out and she was cut off from her homeland the trauma of separation has defined her life and although much of nationals work deals with iran she's not allowed to make or show her or there her next film will focus on a rainy and women like herself living in exile in the united states. deals with contrasts between islam and the west men and women light and dock with reality segues into dream. and sure enough shots were always she says the female voice. over. the extremely fragile and vulnerable and yet extremely strong
8:54 am
and and find the female experience in iran was the subject of her fist feature film women without men about full women seeking. their lives. that mean. that it's just a fact that it is done. to me yet. because. i. always knew she wanted to be an artist at the age of seventeen she left iran to study in the
8:55 am
united states at that time the western backed shah was still in power in one nine hundred seventy nine he was overthrown an islamic fundamentalist ayatollah khomeini took over after that now shot was no longer able to return home. i think it was years or the most traumatic years of my life and separation became really critical for me separation the trauma of exile and a change to run these issues she also addresses in her video installations. in twenty seventeen nish it turned her focus to the wont of opera when she directed aida for the salt spec festival. was our heart.
8:56 am
sure initiates work is constantly evolving mirroring the trajectory of her life. you're watching did every news coming to you live from berlin we have more coming up in just a couple of minutes of course you'll find all our stories online at g.w. dot com thanks for. the go.
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me live. in a low. playing. the business to be news coming to you live from. south africa borders the wall. partake i called winnie mandela has died at the age of eighty one and activist and wife of nelson mandela for many she was the mother of the nation but she leaves a mixed legacy south african president cyril ramaphosa had this tribute for her. she was not only inspiration but she also touched the lives of many millions. during the dark days.


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