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this is deja vu news live from berlin german prosecutors applied to have former catalan president carlos bustamante extradited to spain a separatist leader is currently imprisoned here in northern germany he's accused of rebellion in spain over catalonia a campaign for independence also coming up france has plunged into travel chaos thousands of commuters are stranded as rail workers start a series of strikes set to last for several months it's part of growing resistance to president in man woman falls plans to modernize the economy. israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu does an about face on a deal with the u.n. on the relocation of african migrants and it is the world's worst humanitarian crisis after three years of war again and has been pushed to the brink of famine today the u.n. is hosting a conference to try to raise money for the millions of humanities in the help. i'm sumi so much going to get to have you with us a german prosecutor is seeking the extradition of former cattle i'm president carlos bustamante to spain first of march currently in jail in northern germany he was arrested as he crossed the border from denmark last month he faces charges of rebellion in spain over catalonia failed bid for independence the separatist leader has been in self-imposed exile in belgium since declaring catalan independence after all. referendum last october. and more on the story now with our political
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correspondent hans brunches with us and in our studio here a public fully aaliyah's who's been covering the spanish angle of this story good to have you both with us hans let's start with you what grounds do german prosecutors say they have to seek the extradition of pushing on to spain here. well this is all happening on the basis of a european warrant of a race that was issued by spain and this warrant lists to reasons why i've pushed upon should be extradited to the one reason is rebellion or sedition the other reason is the misuse of public funds both of these are in connection with the referendum held for cultural annex independence last year and a german prosecutor has now decided that both of these given reasons are adequate in terms of german know that there are equivalent charges that could be. raised in german boy in other words an extradition according to the prosecutor is justified
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the prosecutor therefore has applied to the relevant court first of all for. independence leader to be detained in custody detained in prison pending extradition and second review the court will then decide whether or not to execute this extradition that's likely to take some time still ok but regardless public this is moving forward and if we do see the court rule in favor to extradite carlos push to what is going to happen in spain well of course the charges that are being brought against catalyst which i'm on are incredibly serious a rebellion in the spanish people penal code and carries up to thirty years in prison what we'll know more than likely happen if he is extradited back to spain is he'll be extradited back to madrid worldwide and seeing plenty of other former parliamentarians who were involved in this push for independence at the end of twenty seventeen in prison. on similar charges as well and so that would be probably the most likely scenario at there is also like cancer saying this is going
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to be a long process and i don't think we're going to be seeing any decision come quickly although by the looks of things spain wants to get this resolved as quickly as possible as was germany this is a huge political issue in spain pablo an onset something that the german government until now is that it wants to stay out of it once they leave this matter for the courts but could we see the government get involved after all. well in terms of german extradition though that is in fact a possibility for the government to take influence on the colts the situation if there is a sense that the extradition reasons are political reasons but in this case the german government has said that the courts the judicial process should take its course and that the german government is in fact going to stay away from this is not going to interfere is not going to try and influence the court and is not going to revise the course the solution as it were i think the reason for that is simply
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that the german government and the spanish government germany and spain are close partners within the european union all this is happening on the basis of european union legal processes and in addition to that the problems that spain has with the cattle on independence movement are regarded by germany and in fact by the whole european union as internal problems in spain that need to be resolved internally in spain so germany is going to stay away from this it's going to keep the things and hope for a resolution within spain that is indeed a message we keep hearing from germany and europe this is an internal spanish affair meanwhile pablo in catalonia the parliament is meeting today is there any reaction from the pro independence idea well they've already agreed to delegate catalyst for the months vote in the parliament so that will be passed on to somebody else but in reality i was there last week and one thing that's very clear is that there has been i don't go as far as saying condemnation for his detention
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in germany but certainly a lot of criticism geared towards germany for having at the tank out of this push on and now with this said decision by the prosecutor to push ahead with the extradition it's not welcome i spoke to many people on the street about this issue many people were shocked in fact that germany had decided to detain him in germany on the twenty fifth of march and there was a sort of a hope that perhaps. they wouldn't actually bring these charges against him you know there's a belief that the spanish court system among the pro independent side that he's not going to have a fair trial and they were hoping that germany would essentially back their their beliefs were saying that the german prosecutor has made his recommendation so i would say there's a lot of concern in spain about what the reaction is going to be on the streets to this because there has been many many protests recently over this issue all right our reporter probably fully ileus with us here in studio and home front our
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political correspondent thank you both very much for your analysis all right time for some business now and now to a walkout triggering a major travel chaos in france monica has more on that for us indeed i half sumi france is facing months off disruption as rea unions begin a strike to protest against president plans to overhaul the economy thousands of commuters had difficulties getting to work this morning most trains were cancelled international routes also affect it. tuesday morning at the godly on a major train station in paris. it's the first day of rolling strikes which are likely to continue for months. for some of the cuts is catastrophic something needs to be done we're victims we haven't done anything wrong we need to get to work like everyone else this is normal. france's national rail operator s.n.c.f.
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says the strike will halt eighty five percent of france's high speed trains and three out of four regional trains. said i don't think we started every train station no direct trains a commuter was unwell and here i am heading to work and needing to rush away yesterday there's. the walkout as a serious test for french president to manuel mcallen's reform agenda to protest these plans the country's four main rail unions are planning to strike two days a week through june but again i am reminding travelers to postpone their trips of possible if they didn't receive a text message confirming their train is running on to the fifth he does he'll. come and it's not just train workers electricity gas and sanitation workers in france are also taking part. in strikes on tuesday don't. as close of a straight away to our correspondent. in paris lisa how much disruption is this
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strike causing. well a lot really it crossed france and also at this train station behind me very few trains are running on certain train lines only one out of ten trains that is circulating and obviously the people that want to want to go to work are trying to get on this train as we could see on the pictures this morning that you were showing earlier there was one train here at the train station behind me that was canceled at the last minute by many people were hoping to get on the train and then get down get down on the tracks to crap cross over to another platform actually to get another train so it's rather chaotic although overall one must say the situation is rather calm lots of train stations across the country are rather deserted and those who can ask saying at home and taking the car or taking the car to work of course which of course then leads to major traffic jams should imagine
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this is french president manuel merkel's first big challenge to his reform plans how much support is there for the rail workers. for the time being it's kind of half half half the population is supporting the re workers' strike and the other half are saying you know why are they doing this we should be able to get to work smoothly obviously we have to look at this in the long run this is a strike that is supposed to go on for three months or so two days on three days off for three months and that will put a lot of strain on the transport network and also on french people's nerves so let's see what they say in a few weeks times time obviously for amanda mccann this is very important he wants to show that he is able to reform the country also he wants to show this this obviously to his european partners in order to push through his european reform plans as well right where you're saying that this that there's a series of strikes planned over the next three months is that an indication
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certainly the rail unions think marco is going to hold out. well yes and the government has said so his transport minister has repeated that in the media this morning he said we will not give in but the unions obviously hoping to win this fight and that they're also hoping for a convergence of the different fights as you said earlier that different strikes going on at the moment today but with different causes other sectors are asking for more privileges for higher wages and the hope of the unions is obviously that every day will come together and fight for common common cause so to say for example against new liberal reforms as they say so that more people across the country also could back these strikes and maybe later and also demos and make actually the government given all right lisa lewis in paris covering the rail strike there for
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us thank you so much. china's ambassador to the united states said to any new u.s. tariffs on chinese goods would draw counter measures off the same proportion the fear of a full blown trade war between the world's two biggest economies continues to weigh on stock markets around the world asian stocks traded lower today taking the lead from wall street where the markets were largely way to down by tech stocks fears that further tariffs could be imposed on tech products by china have spooked investors the united states is expected to release a list of chinese products that will be hit by the punitive tariffs announced by the u.s. government last week. and of course europe's main markets in london paris and frankfurt were closed on monday for the east bank holiday today they opened down more than north point five percent and for the latest let's cross over now to our man at the from food stock exchange only bards how's the market holding up half way
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through the day. that's holding up quite well considering what kind of stock market performances there were that went ahead especially on wall street here in frankfurt the docs is losing a little bit over one percent of basically all the major shares losing especially hard head high tech shares also the german ones they're losing much more in there and next almost two percent than the doc says with one point two percent at the moment and that's also because of trump's threats to our it's high tech companies and that fear that that sector could be affected is spreading here in germany as well trade war conflict fears also weighing heavily people fearing the president is looking at a break with the world trade system that would have severe consequences right and of course in the midst of all of this later today we will see a much anticipated i.p.o. music streaming service also if i will go public in new york what one does is know
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a good time for such a move. it's the worst possible time for such a move a the market conditions overall and then that animosity that fear that tech stocks will further decline and will be more hard to hit than perhaps standard shares from the industrial sectors spotify a very controversial i.p.o. anyways the new york stock exchange set of reference price of one hundred thirty two dollars but who knows which way the share will go when it opens because a lot of people fear too that the business model isn't all that substantial no profit yet that the company has ever recorded. in front of thank you so much for this update. and sumi takes us now to the middle east and the refugee crisis that that's right monica in israel has just in the past hour announced it is canceling a deal with the united nations to relocate african migrants to western nations and
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that comes just hours after the israeli government unveiled that agreement some hardliners had attacked the deal because it allowed some migrants to stay in israel under the agreement with the un about sixteen thousand of them were to be sent to western countries some of these migrants mostly from eritrea and sit done have been living in israel for a decade there are around thirty five thousand of them they say they have fled danger and persecution at home in israel they will kill legally but the government wants them gone and offer them a stark choice leave the country voluntarily go to prison or be deported to an african country such as rwanda that had like an if that's the choice i'd rather go to jail at least i'd be safe that but many israelis and many supporters abroad condemns the plan as an ethical must deportation so prime minister benjamin netanyahu turned to the united nations refugee agency for help. she should also
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be sixteen thousand two hundred fifty migrants will be sent to countries like canada or germany or italy or some of the world's most developed countries that's the commitments of the un high commissioner. but that plan has also run into trouble hardliners say it allows too many migrants to stay in israel that seems to be want has driven this and yahoo to suspend the deal just hours after announcing it but it also remains unclear exactly how the un deal with. germany and italy both mentioned as possible destinations for the deported migrants were taken by surprise but said they had not been consulted although the german interior ministry said berlin always respected its humanitarian obligations. and we can speak to william spengler he's a spokesperson for the united nations refugee agency that brokered the deal with israel mr spenlow thank you for joining us on our program as we just heard the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he's canceling this deal did his
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government communicate that to you. know we have just learned about this decision a few minutes ago but we are still hopeful that the solution will be found for asylum seekers who are in a very precarious situation in israel it's estimated that there's about thirty nine thousand of them most of them come from eritrea and sudan. they are not able to return to this countries because the persecution human rights violations or areas where they come from are in conflict just hours after the deal was announced been netanyahu first suspended and then cancel that what gives you hope that there is still a chance for this agreement to go forward. well this is a very good that dream and we think that it. provides a solution for these people it also is in the interest of israel because it will be
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able to fulfill its international obligations but it will receive help from other countries and also the international community will play a very important role in showing solidarity with israel by taking some sixteen thousand of these. refugees and asylum seekers through resettlement but also through family reunification through sponsorship schemes through work visas and so on the same time. very important aspect of this agreement was that. asylum seekers would not be sent back to places in africa where they would not be safe and where they would have to continue taking long dangerous journeys to find safety mr spenlow you say this is a good agreement also for israel but part of what has been controversial for the hardliners and benjamin netanyahu is government is the provision that some migrants will get the right to stay in israel is it possible to make amendments on that
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front. well we are very sensitive to the concerns of the residents of neighborhoods for instance in south tel aviv where many of these refugees and asylum seekers have been congregating these areas are congested there's so many social and economic issues that need to be addressed so we understand why there are some things in between the residents of this that neighborhood. suydam seekers and that's why the agreement also provides for encouraging. mechanisms to encourage asylum seekers to move out of this neighborhood store the parts of east where not to bleed through the means of trading schemes where they would be. getting some skills that are in high demand in their rhys areas for instance at the culture irrigation and solar power and so on where israel has a lot of expertise and knowledge and where there is
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a need for workers so some of these asylum seekers could be trained to work in these areas. or spokespersons the united nations refugee agency thank you very much for joining us on our program my pleasure. now to some other stories making headlines around the world saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon says israelis have a right to one homeland it's a notable shift in the kingdom's position towards the jewish state saudi arabia does not recognize israel but ties between the two countries have improved in recent years authorities in thailand have seized drugs worth an estimated twenty nine million u.s. dollars in several unconnected cases the largest single paul was seven hundred kilos of crystal meth betham fadam and the drugs were produced in the notorious golden triangle region where the borders of thailand and laos meet. and a truck driver in the u.s. state of georgia made
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a lucky escape just moments before his vehicle was struck by an oncoming train. a passer by captured the moment of impact on the phone of both a truck driver and the train crew are said to be ok. now an airstrike by the saudi led coalition fighting in yemen has killed twelve civilians in the coastal city of data data is the red sea port where most humanitarian aid arrives in yemen the attack destroyed a house where people displaced from other provinces were living the saudi led coalition said reports of the attack would be fully investigated and meanwhile yemen's foreign minister has called for a return to the negotiating table to end the conflict this at a un conference in geneva today seeking three billion dollars in pledges to fund its humanitarian aid plan for war torn yemen three years of fighting in yemen have claimed around ten thousand lives the proxy war between the saudi backed government and iranian backed to the rebels as also driven an estimated two million people from their homes the un has been revising off the number of many is in need of
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assistance the organization estimates that since last year another three point four million more people depend on outside help for survival. ayesha is a mother to five young children not all and she's also alone in the world since her husband died she has to track for two hours of her day just to fetch water from a well. she struggles to look after her family. had things what she had before the war even if you didn't have much money you could buy things but prices have skyrocketed i don't know how i'm going to buy food. years of conflict in yemen has devastated the country thousands are dead and millions driven from their homes two thirds of the population that's nineteen
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million yemenis need humanitarian assistance according to a u.n. report from last year half of the country has no access to clean running water. that's caused a widespread cholera epidemic. yemen's health care system is under extreme strain the young are worst hit. but i'm a little bit what would even before the war more than one in five newborns died now the death rate can hit seventy percent because of the current situation in the country yet put out a center. for ayesha and her family the future looks bleak. without help and already critical situation could become desperate. that many across south africa are in mourning today following the death of when he mendell up the ex-wife of former president nelson mandela she was
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a towering figure in the fight against apartheid but she was also growth in the number of controversies in more recent years she died peacefully at a hospital in johannesburg at the age of eighty one. a couple united in their fight for freedom when he mandela's battle against apartheid would dominate her life with husband nelson mandela. just two years into their marriage and nelson began serving a life sentence on charges of sabotage and plotting to overthrow the government when he has given name nom samuel means one who strives became a leading figure in the anti-apartheid movement. my husband has been fighting for the liberation of the african people for the weekend from one explore all the racial groups in the country were there but harmony was not to become a part of winnie's doctrine after years of mistreatment by white police including solitary confinement and torture winnie became radicalized she endorsed violent methods including necklacing the burning
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a life of police informants were grabbed by her throughout. the one who followed her reporter killed her go wrong good tool well i was one of our lives was i live by the family. by god when he was implicated in the kidnapping and killing of a fourteen year old accused of being a spy and showed little remorse for his death she was also convicted of fraud. when nelson mandela was released from prison after twenty seven years when he was a hardened woman whose extreme views clashed with her husband's passivism their marriage wouldn't survive his freedom she later described it as a sham. though when he remains a contentious figure south africa's president called her a gallant leader. she's one person who'll the murder went through
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a lot of tribulation. both anyone who's suffered the most suffered this bunch of them but there were a good mom. who says. she's suffered with bones. to bring. her departure is a real. for many in south africa winnie mandela will be remembered as mother of the nation she will be laid to rest at a state funeral on april fourteenth. which is one sports item the european spring is here in the ski season is winding down one of the last competitions before the snow melts took place on monday the free ride world tour finale in switzerland in the men's competition sammy love from the u.s. played in on the president to the third consecutive title to put on a strong display of speed and agility despite the terrifyingly steep terrain in the resort. in the women's competition austria's. claimed her first world tour title
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with an impressive run and multiple shots. and we just have time for a mind of our top story here on d w german prosecutors apply the house former catalan president carlos bustamante extradited to spain the separatist leader is currently imprisoned in northern germany he's accused of rebellion in spain over the campaign for independence in the region of catalonia. and thousands of commuters are stranded in france as rail workers start a series of strikes set to last for several months it's part of growing resistance of president and plans to modernize the economy. thank you for watching he will be back with you at the top of the hour.
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