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this is the w.'s line from berlin german prosecutors clear the way for judges to rule whether former callen president carlos put you want can be extradited to spain the separatists leader is currently detained in northern germany he is wanted by madrid on charges of rebellion and leading catalonians push to secede also coming up an about face from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the country's leader cancels a deal with the united nations on the relocation of tens of thousands of african migrants and it's the world's worst humanitarian crisis the war in yemen has left
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millions of people on the verge of famine on out the u.n. hosts a conference to raise money for this war ravaged country. thank you very much for your company everyone the former catalan separatist leader carlos pushing monti is today facing an uncertain fate is currently sitting in a german prison after his arrest by police while driving into germany from denmark in a setback for the secessionists leader a german prosecutor just a few hours ago asked for him to be extradited to spain where he faces charges of rebellion a crime that carries a maximum sentence of thirty years it's now up to a regional courts here in germany to decide whether to grant the extradition request. will change still views he. for the former catalan leader for now.
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remains behind the walls of this detention center in northern germany. and that's likely to remain the case after prosecutors in the state of schleswig called stein found spain's extradition request to be legally admissible. we checked whether the statutory offenses listed in the european arrest warrant namely rebellion and misuse of public funds correspond to the offenses under german law high treason and misappropriation. we came to the conclusion that there is a correspondent. just over a week ago had traveled to finland from his self-imposed exile in belgium to attend a conference and meet game makers. facing arrest by finish off dorothy's he tried to return to belgium. but police detained him shortly after he crossed the danish german border ever since handfuls of his supporters have been demonstrating outside
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the northern german detention center where he's now being held. but we got him there if you remember i see extradition is a betrayal of the european union's values. as a politician with ideals that oppose those of the spanish government but differences are the basis of our coexistence in europe and they are going to fit within. the case no lines with. a regional court if its judges approved extradition his lawyers could take the matter to germany's constitutional court so it could be weeks possibly months before a final decision. and we can talk now to wolfgang schonberg who is the lawyer for carlist which montes on the lie now mr weaver gave please tell us how your we are your client has reacted to the prosecutor's decision. not surprised because
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we told him that it's a substantial likelihood that would be his decision as a prosecutor but now it's fuzzy independent judiciary to decide how optimistic are you that the judiciary will the side in your client's favor i'm very optimistic because for me to. the spanish warrant is manifestly ill founded in that there is no double criminality in particular there is no not a necessary intent. he has never called for violence and if that was violence no doubt but most police and. protesters then he always had called for calm and peace but when it was such an act then he did never take serious voluntarily in it could take into account read
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a little sharper your client did call for catalonia to secede from spain that is something that is against the law in that country and that's against the law in this country as well germany maintains it has to respect the rights of the european arrest warrant that you member states have the system in place to make sure that the rule of law is abate across europe that's a valid point that is that. that would be a valid point but that what you mentioned is not the underlying act what is your read in the spanish constitution is not punishable at all to secession as such there must be a link with one entry of violence and this has never happened and is the second crimes embezzle and. i don't see any punishable treaty in germany because. in the arrest warrant it reads only lets the state eight to some for the referendum. and that's quite normal isn't it. mr
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schoenberg i mean many people are wondering if it's just time for miss the point you want to go home and face the spanish justice. it's difficult if you look court of human rights has just ruled that. news expends government infringed human rights and is therefore we have to defend a person who is now charged simply for having a didn't different opinion and this should never happen in europe and therefore as the german law reads let execution extradition shall not be granted if there is still risk that a person would be persecuted because of his race or his political beliefs all that his situation would be written the more difficult for one of these reasons
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different it's a must in the law that such a. prosecution for political reasons is not allowed that. minimum sentence welcome schomberg lawyer of karla's put you on thank you very much for speaking to us thank you aren't talking about some of the other stories making news around the world. russian president vladimir putin is in the turkish capital ankara for talks with president wants is put in its first trip abroad since winning reelection last month on wednesday they'll be joined by the president of iran for a summit on syria. the malaysian coast guard has intercepted a boat carrying more than fifty were hendra fleeing violence and me and mark authorities say the asylum seekers will be allowed to enter malaysia on humanitarian grounds some seven hundred thousand three hundred muslims have fled me in march since last august after the military launched a crackdown. on saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin psalm on says
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israelis have a right to a homeland it's a notable shift in the kingdom's position towards the jewish state saudi arabia does not recognize israel but ties between the two nations have improved in recent years. and staying with israel or that country has counseled a deal with the united nations to relocate african migrants to western nations well that comes just hours after the israeli government unveiled the agreement some hardliners had attacked the deal because it allowed some migrants to stay in israel under the agreement with the un about sixteen thousand of them were to be sent to western nations some of these migrants mostly from eritrea and sudan have been living in israel for a decade. thirty five thousand of them they say they have fled danger of persecution at home in israel they work illegally but the government wants them gone and offer them a stark choice leave the country voluntarily go to prison or be deported to an
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african country such as rwanda. if that's the choice i'd rather go to jail at least i'd be safe there but many israelis and many supporters abroad condemns the plan an ethical must deportation so prime minister benjamin netanyahu turned to the united nations refugee agency for help. sixteen thousand two hundred fifty migrants will be sent to countries like canada or germany or italy or some of the world's most developed countries that's the commitment of the un high commissioner. but that plan has also run into trouble hardliners say it allows too many migrants to stay in israel that seems to be what has driven nessun yahoo to suspend the deal just hours after announcing it but it also remains unclear exactly how the u.s. deal with. germany and italy both mentioned as possible destinations for the deported migrants were taken by surprise they had not been consulted although the
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german interior ministry said always respected its humanitarian obligations. the un hosted a meeting in geneva today to raise money for war torn yemen and millions of people there on the verge of famine and desperately in need of aid he was secretary-general antonio terrorists call the conference a quote remarkable success with more than two billion dollars pledged so far well three years of fighting in yemen have claimed around ten thousand lives the proxy war between the saudi backed government and iranian backed who is the rebels has also driven an estimated two million people from their homes while the un has been revising upward the number of yemenis in need of assistance they're going to say she estimates that since last year another three point four million more people depend on outside help for survival. is mother to five young children not all and she's also alone in the world since her husband died she has
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to track for two hours of her day just to fetch water from a well. she struggles to look after her family. had things which she had before the war even if you didn't have much money you could buy things but prices have skyrocketed i don't know how i'm going to buy food or clothes. years of conflict in yemen has devastated the country thousands are dead and millions driven from their homes two thirds of the population that's nineteen million yemenis need humanitarian assistance according to a u.n. report from last year half of the country has no access to clean running water that's caused a widespread cholera epidemic. yemen's health care system is under extreme strain the young are worst hit. but i'm
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a little bit what would even before the war more than one in five newborns died now the death rate can hit seventy percent because of the current situation in the country yet at a center. for her family the future looks bleak without side health an already critical situation could become desperate. many across south africa are in mourning today following the death of winnie mandela the ex-wife of former president nelson mandela she was a towering figure in her own right in the fight against apartheid but she was also embroiled in a number of controversies in more recent years she died peacefully at a hospital in johannesburg at the age of eighty one. a couple united in their fight for freedom winnie mandela's battle against apartheid would dominate her life with husband nelson mandela. just two years into their marriage and nelson began serving
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a life sentence on charges of sabotage and plotting to overthrow the government when a who's given name nom samuel means one who strives became a leading figure in the anti-apartheid movement. mine has been passed been fighting for the liberation of the african people for their work and how one experience all good i should have kept in this country were there but harmony was not to become a part of winnie's doctrine after years of mistreatment by white police including solitary confinement and torture when he became radicalized she endorsed violent methods including necklacing the burning a life of police informants. bad white man's love. you want to follow her we could go kill her and go on to cool the five live our lives was a little over done. by god when he was implicated in the
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kidnapping and killing of a fourteen year old accused of being a spy and showed little remorse for his death she was also convicted of fraud. when nelson mandela was released from prison after twenty seven years when he was a hardened woman whose extreme views clashed with her husband's passivism their marriage wouldn't survive his freedom she later described it as a sham. though when he remains a contentious figure south africa's president calls her a gallant leader. he's one person who'll rarely went through a lot of tribulation. both anyone will suffer a guy who suffered a spark of the film but they have a good cop. outside prison. she's suffered with burns. but today. i departure is a real loss. for many in south africa winnie mandela will be remembered as mother
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of the nation she will be laid to rest at a state funeral on april fourteenth. and that does it for us on my locker for lent on behalf of all of us here thank you so much for spending time with us was he going to topping out. those funds in germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something henderson says we must overcome it and. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines.


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