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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  April 3, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm CEST

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the storm started people seven on d. w. . this is d. w. news wire from berlin tonight a seismic shift in middle east geopolitics saudi arabia's crown prince declares israel hounds a right to its own homeland mohamed bin salmond breaks with decades of saudi policy could this signal a new era of saudi israeli relations means on and saudi arabia's doorstep what the
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u. when described as the world's worst humanitarian crisis the civil war in yemen has driven millions to the verge of starvation is it too late for a donor conference and pledges of money to ease the suffering and he's wanted for treason in spain his fate tonight is in the hands of german judges today prosecutors here asked the court to grant a request to extradite former cattle on president carlos for just a month to spain. plus they couldn't you west troops who soon be patrolling to look border with mexico security were going to be guarding our border with the military that's a big step u.s. president donald trump imes the ante in his anger over mexico's failure to stop a group of migrants he says is headed north of the rio grande.
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i bring goff it's good to have you with in a major shift in attitude towards israel saudi arabia's prince mohammed bin solomon says that israelis have a right to their own land now that is in stark contrast to the position that saudi arabia has so far taken the conservative kingdom does not officially recognize the state of israel however in an interview published on monday in the us publication the atlantic the crown prince was quoted as saying i believe the palestinians and the israelis have the right to have their own land but we have to have a peace agreement to assure the stability for everyone and to have normal relations and shortly afterwards the princes father salty king solomon reiterated his support for a palestinian state. ari to help us read these salty signals i'm
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joined now by professor talk she is a middle east historian at the center for modern oriental studies here in berlin. good to have you on the show so what are we were we seeing here first of all i mean why is it important what the crown prince said. well i think it is important in that he explicitly recognizes israel's right to existence but we should also see that it's actually not all that new the saudis have already in two thousand and two put forward a peace plan and so far we haven't really heard anything revolutionary lee different from that peace plan which really recognizes the rights of both peoples of the right about peoples to their own country but is he saying that they have with him having the right to have their own land is he officially recognizing the state of israel well in a sense he is yes but. not explicitly. i mean almost
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explicitly but he is also saying that there needs to be an official peace agreement before any official recognition takes place and i think we've seen in the past since two thousand and two when this peace initiative has been taken up a number of times actually that the real devil is in the details well the what are these details are these details perhaps in saudi american relations we know that the u.s. president was in saudi arabia right after he took office there was a huge arms sale the saudi arabia is this is really friendly stance is that part of the deal. while it can it could be part of the deal but again i mean the peace initiative is somewhat older and i think the details namely the question of jerusalem the right to return for the palestinians. all these little details which
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could very easily end this kind of opening on the other hand the saudis are looking for regional allies against their main but they conceive to be their main enemy namely iran and here i think the saudis are trying not only to get israeli support but of course also american support which they felt they had lost when president barack obama had the peace deal with iran so when it comes to iran they do you think the saudis stance particularly with the crown prince is the enemy of my enemy is perhaps my new best friend well it's partly that it's also that the saudis are not terribly keen on power such as hamas and obviously they hate hizbullah as an iranian stooges they would see it so i think it's more than just the enemy of my enemy is my friend what about the crown prince vero or some who have looked at and said that maybe this is a trial balloon maybe he's trying to test the depths of his power or.
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it could be emin on the other hand he has already in the past months demonstrated quite clearly that he is the strong man in saudi arabia and i think he's cost in. expecting internal resistance to what he's claiming or if there is such internal resistance it might well people would need to find really intricate ways of expressing it they can't do it anymore in the semi-open way in which political discussions took place in saudi arabia before professor. we appreciate you taking the time and sharing your insights tonight thank you. well meanwhile saudi arabia is also one of the key players in the war in yemen the u.n. has urged the kingdom and all warring sides to reach a political settlement to end the conflict this as the u.n. held a donor conference that raised more than two billion dollars to help yemenis dependent
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on food aid three years of fighting have claimed around ten thousand lives and left millions on the verge of famine the proxy war between the saudi backed government and iranian backed who the rebels has also driven an estimated two million people from their homes ayesha is a mother to five young children. and she's also alone in the world since her husband died she has to track for two hours of her day just to fetch water from a well. she struggles to look after her family. had things which before the war even if you didn't have much money you could buy things but prices have skyrocketed i don't know how i'm going to buy food. for. years of conflict in yemen has devastated the country thousands are dead and
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millions driven from their homes two thirds of the population that's nineteen million yemenis need humanitarian assistance according to a u.n. report from last year half of the country has no access to clean running water. that's caused a widespread cholera epidemic. yemen's health care system is under extreme strain the young are worst hit. but i'm a little bit what would even before the war more than one in five newborns died now the death rate can hit seventy percent because of the current situation in the country yet at a center. for i and her family the future looks bleak without side health an already critical situation could become desperate. old tonight the former carillon separatist leader. is facing an uncertain fate and
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a setback for these a session is to leader a german prosecutor has asked for him to be extradited to spain where he faces charges of treason and rebellion a crime that carries a maximum sentence of thirty years it is now up to a regional court here in germany to decide whether or not to grant that extradition request. wolf to install this here for the former account to land lida for now accomplice pushed him on remains behind the walls of this detention center in northern germany. and that's likely to remain the case after prosecutors in the state of sless we called stein found spain's extradition request to be legally admissible. we take the steps that tori offenses listed in the european arrest warrant namely rebellion and misuse of public funds correspond to the offenses under german law high treason and misappropriation. we came to the
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conclusion that there is a correspondent. just over a week ago who travel to finland from his self-imposed exile in belgium to attend a conference and meet to make his. facing the rest of my financial thirties he tried to return to belgium. but police detained him shortly after he crossed the danish german border ever since handfuls of his supporters have been demonstrating outside the northern german detention center where he's now being held. but we have been there if you remember i see extradition is a betrayal of the european union's values. as a politician with ideals that oppose those of the spanish government or the differences of the basis of coexistence in europe they. knew about. the case no lines with. a regional court if it's judges approved extradition his
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lawyers could take the matter to germany's constitutional court so it could be weeks possibly months before a final decision. joining us here in the studio now is our correspondent kate breaking it's good to see you there's a lot to pack out in this story we've got german judges deciding whether or not to extradite this may and they have to decide whether or not the charges in spain are comparable to something that could be charged against him here exactly and that's what this public prosecutor. said today but that's now in the hands of the highest courts. those charges were rebellion and the misuse of public funds so now it's up to the court to say if that's actually satisfaction . rather necessary substance to actually implement this request for extradition.
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i mean another word for that is treason right there saying that he has done he has done something an act that goes against the state constitution of spain exactly and there is the argument from this prosecutor that german law is that high treason means that there had. recognition of that there would be violence so that there would be violence as a result they still sedition and they said that through him deciding to hold the castle on independence referendum last october and he was aware that that would result in file and he knew what the consequences of his actions could be this is much more than just a matter for the courts this is also politicized and it is explosive on the e.u. level we've got the german government the e.u. saying this is not our problems this is not our failures how long can that west
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exactly so far we've seen germany really trying to stand by its nitrite and neutrality in this and we already heard from the german government last week they're very keen to keep the separation from the judicial system in germany and politics a very wise is a political issue but also a judicial decision and they said of course they would be a legal affront if the german government was to then stop meddling in any decision that comes out of the court. but mr de mar he wants this to become and you decision right or an easy you issue he has said time and time again that he wants to belgium where brussels is he says the capital of the e.u. because he wants edu norms. to be considered in this case because that's what we've been hearing from some protesters as well on the has been some finger pointing from some some protests is asking why he was arrested in germany when he had traveled
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through the country through of course it is back worth bearing in mind that that. arrest warrant was reactivated by spain the day before he was arrested in germany and of course it wasn't the government that arrested him yeah i mean it's interesting he was also coming from finland didn't mark and in those countries he was not arrested remember lots of twists and turns with this story. correspondent thanks very much for helping us understand. here's some of the other stories now but making headlines around the world russian president vladimir putin is in the turkish capital ankara for talks with president richard tell your fair to watch it is putin's first trip abroad since winning reelection last month on wednesday the two men will be joined by the president of iran for a summit on syria britain's military research center says it has been unable to prove the nerve agent used to poison a russian double agent last month was produced in russia but the chief executive of
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the labs did say that the substance nobody talking would have been too difficult to create by any source other than a state age which the rules forwarded has been dubbed black tuesday in france as transport strikes will get underway headache skill or headaches going to anybody living in france shouldn't expect to be going anywhere fost in fact the next three months because those strikes all rolling strikes by rail workers the county on the way they could last that long and they have taken to the streets of paris to protest french president's money when michael's efforts to modernize one of europe's top economies now the stoppages will hate productivity and just as a report revealed today that foreign investment in france has hit a ten year high investors see the country on the road to end to reform also the french and hoff and the shake their heads. the chaos was complete hundreds of thousands of travelers left stuck not only in paris but throughout france the
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walkout at state owned rail operated s.n.c.f. led to the cancellation of almost all high speed train services on tuesday the few regional service is operating well mostly delayed post most because of us this is really catastrophic something needs to be done with the victims we haven't done anything we need to get to work like everyone else it's not normal and we're against this we're not happy. coordinated by four unions the strikes are response to government plans to reform the country's rail industry president in on one michael has set out to dismantle privileges including with fifty days holiday a year to which staff of the highly indebted s.n.c.f. are entitled michael also wants to raise the real work is retirement age at the moment train drivers can retire at fifty two. we're very happy with the number of strikers in the context of the number of trains because due to the strike practically the entire rail network was paralyzed so we satisfied with the level of
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mobilization by the train workers that. the unions have settled in for the long haul for the next three months at least until june workers plan to strike for two days each week and almost a year after mccollum was elected president other industries are also growing restless workers in the power and gas sectors have also come out on strike in protest of plan privatisation municipal waste collectors have also walked out workers here want the right to retire early if they deal with has a diskette nichols adding to tuesday's unrest stuff at air france were also on strike demanding a six percent wage hike. now the number one music streaming service specify has gone public and off to a rocky relationship with some artists the platform is currently enjoying a smoother ride on wall street attracting plenty of invested tension. spotify has not earned a cent since it was founded in two thousand and six but losses of almost
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a billion euros didn't seem to put off investors. at the new york stock exchange hopes run high for the swedish company. we do think the mob is going to be strong for spotify it's you know it's quite a sexy stock it's quite a sexy industry. and the way that they've done it's obviously made the indexes are going to come through a lot of trade as a lot of a lot of funds the ones i have spotted by. the share price underlines that spotify open it almost one hundred sixty six dollars per share that values the company it twenty nine point five billion dollars the timing for its i.p.o. is not ideal though. following facebook's data scandal the tech sectors reputation has been severely turning was going to do this. us president donald trump's verbal attacks on amazon came as an additional setback. still investors have high hopes for music streaming providers. more people are now
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talking about streaming it's easy to forget that just three years ago even in the us streaming wasn't really saying it was loading songs so this helps educate the market and that's equally true across the world spotify and its competitors account for sixty percent of all buzy revenues and countries like germany offer them a lot of potential for further growth that creates optimism and self confidence that spotify and among investors. let's bring in jose luis to add to our financial correspondent on the wall street now good to see you who is in the east now a lot of enthusiasm right now offering but is it as short lived so you will can we expect this to last. it's hard to tell how. netflix the dollars are remembered all those so-called unicorns as is the case of it's not lost nearly half of its value as for now spotify is the world's leading
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music streaming service provider and expected to reduce its losses in the car in gear spotify also can benefit from various networks that will help the company increase its users the animals are valuable intangible asset sales he added especially the user data and leaves an improper and says that said the company faces intense competition and has a cost structure that may lead it's profitability actually as a model is pointed out it will take years for the company to generate any profit at all was a release in other news you've got trump renewing his attacks on amazon is that having an impact on the market. that's the case helen especially if we take a look at amazon shares the losses over the last couple of days the market value has fallen more than thirty seven billion dollars since strong first began turgid in the company last week choose the amazon stock to search around one percent and these time analysts so point out that any regulatory action especially if we're
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talking about any case should be initiated either by the department of justice or different or all trade commission of which have announced any investigation so far that said fixation with amazon on its founder jeff bezos is not new since he has attacked dozens of times over the last two years it's also necessary to take in consideration that vessels are privately owned that the washington post which has been very critical of trance have been published several scripts related to the white house yes indeed. on wall street for us to talk some thanks. meanwhile trump has also been speaking out about the role that he plans to build of bread as the latest on the that's exactly right in telling the president donald trump says that he will deploy u.s. troops to guard the border with mexico until a wall can be built the statement comes as trump seeks to put pressure on mexico to stop a large group of migrants from reaching the u.s. border of those migrants mainly from honduras reportedly plan to either apply for
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asylum in the u.s. or to try to enter the country illegally. just some of the twelve hundred migrants from central america bone for the u.s. border they've received a warm welcome as they passed through mexico the procession is named after the catholic easter ritual the stations of the cross that has occurred a new leaf for the last ten years and to test against the kidnappings extortion beatings and killings faced by many central american migrants as they attempt to cross mexico for the u.s. . there's the military is our aim is to reach the us. to support those who stand behind. them not long ago my brother was killed let me he was killed crimson and. that's why we are fighting to go to the humans who do this to him and his family by.
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the organized processions have never reached the u.s. border but u.s. president donald trump said the security would be tightened nonetheless as he once again talked of his plans for a wall on the border with mexico. we have very bad laws for our border. and we are going to be doing some things i think it was general matters we're going to be doing things military a little hard to we can have a wall of proper security we're going to be guarding our border with the military that's a big step. the mexican government says it has already sent four hundred not just for the first time for griffin g. status to those who qualify but it's suggestion that it is not up to mexico to stand in the way of refugees but for the u.s. it's likely only to influential and go. that far let's take this story out of washington or correspondingly richardson is on the story for worst there good evening to you claire so we've got the u.s. president saying he's going to pull in the military to secure the border the
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southern border with mexico what has been the reaction so far. nice to see a groundswell the reaction here has been to ask why this issue has gotten under donald trump's skin right now certainly has promised to build a border wall what he calls a big beautiful border wall on the frontier with mexico was one of his key campaign promises but he's been largely silent about the issue in the last couple of weeks that is of course until this weekend when he went on a flurry of tweets accusing these migrants that we saw in that last report of coming up to the u.s. border he said that they were coming to take advantage of the program dhaka which is of course nonsense because they would not be eligible for it and the question is why he feels so threatened by this migrant group as we heard in the report it's a protest that they have done for years now they are protesting the conditions that they face going along the route in mexico trying to reach the reach the united states the possibility of death of kidnapping there mostly migrants from one door
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which is one of the world's most violent countries and they're fleeing towards the united states so we need to look at what it is about these thousand people or so that is so threatening to donald trump i think the answer lies in the fact that he's recently realized that the one point three trillion dollars spending bill that he signed provides hardly any provisions for the border wall includes funding for repairing segments that already existed but it's not the promise that he really made to his supporters that he was going to build that wall along the mexican border so instead he's saying we're sending the military there until that happens then simple clear troll just send in the u.s. military to guard the border earth is there a protocol that he has to follow kim kong blocking him from doing that. well it's not a new idea this wouldn't be the first time that a u.s. president has sent the military in the form of the national guard to the mexican border it was done under president obama it was done under george w.
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bush's administration but in those instances when the national guard was sent to the border with mexico they were there very much in a support capacity for the border patrol they were doing things like surveillance like intelligence gathering and there is a strong emphasis on the fact that they would not interact with the people who are coming across the border so how effective could they be if they are there simply in a support role perhaps they could serve as some sort of deterrence but it's still unclear exactly what kind of military presence donald trump actually wants to see on the board that we're following for you saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon says that israelis have a right to their own homeland the comments have raised questions as to whether the kingdom is preparing a major shift in its relations with israel saudi arabia does not officially recognize the state of israel german prosecutors argued to have former carillon president carlos forgetable extradited to spain the separatist leader is currently being held in northern germany he's accused of a rebel units for you know where they campaign for independence for the region of
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catalonia. you're watching news wire from berlin after a short break back to take you through the day we're going to have in-depth coverage on the fate of carlos forgetable now in the hands of german judges be right back.
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a house with. poor design highlights you can make yourself. in stoops and tricks. that will turn your home to something special. upgrades yourself with t. w.'s interior design channel on you tube. police in germany have him but for how long former catalan leader karl has put them all is a wanted man in spain for leading an independence movement does that make him a national traitor or the leader of a people seeking their sovereignty tonight german judges like it or not are being asked to deliver an answer i burned off in berlin this is the day.


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