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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  April 4, 2018 6:02am-6:31am CEST

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law former carillon leader is a wanted man in spain for leading an independence movement does that make him a national traitor or the leader of a people seeking their sovereignty tonight german judges like it or not are being asked to deliver an answer i bring off in berlin this is the day. we cannot let down i've gone before a state that is becoming more and more authoritarian and that is cutting down on our rights and i believe the youth of. the peony watching them feel the pressure. from the euro is a model on the democratic grouping of countries that respect human rights it is good sometimes but it was before that it took months when in getting it and the rule of law and all that and that's also the separation of powers going to come
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down the street on any and. i think this is the real scandal is that we're about to do the dirty work for the spanish. yeah. some type ustedes. some of this and that makes me really angry i suppose. independent judges and second i'm. not going to win reelection and. also coming up tonight the conflict things all the signals over israel yes to israelis right to land no to israel's lethal defense of its borders. to do you know what saudi arabia strongly condemns this brutal massacre on mass protests in gaza which is considered a flagrant violation of international resolutions we call upon the international community to take immediate action to stop this aggression and provide protection to the palestinian people but honestly. well we
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begin the day with a spanish crisis that could quickly become a german and european one as well today prosecutors here in germany asked the court to allow them to extradite the former catalog leader karla's voyage to ma to spain now he was arrested here in germany last month on a european war carlist which tomorrow fled barcelona and spain after his efforts to leave catalonia to independence for stopped by spanish authorities he's charged with treason now for germany to illegally extradite bridge to mont to spain it must recognize the alleged crime and the charge and that is where the courts and politics could collide the hurdle for treason in germany is extremely high since the second world war only four people have been convicted of high treason here let's go through that in one thousand nine hundred two there was the german counter intelligence officer klaus shiran in one thousand nine hundred ninety three former
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u.s. army servicemen clyde lee conrad in one hundred seventy five the private secretary to then the chancellor villi brant going to yell you know and his wife crystal now all of these people were communists spies during the cold war and nazi convictions were not withstanding you have to go all the way back to nineteen twenty three when at off hitler was tried and found guilty of treason for his role in the beer hall put. so is this the legal league into which karl is put them up belongs and the regional german court will have to decide just then adds as it decides whether or not to extradite bridge tomorrow to spain. what's in store this year for the former catalan leader for now. remains behind the walls of this detention center in northern germany. and that's likely to remain the case after
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prosecutors in the state of schleswig found spain's extradition request to be legally admissible. we take the steps to tory offenses listed in the european arrest warrant namely rebellion and misuse of public funds correspond to the offenses under german law high treason and misappropriation. we came to the conclusion that there is a correspondent. just over a week ago travel to finland from his self-imposed exile in belgium to attend a conference and meet makers. facing arrest by finishing thora g.'s he tried to return to belgium. but police detained him shortly after he crossed the danish german border ever since handfuls of his supporters have been demonstrating outside the northern german detention center where he's now being held.
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but he got in there. i see extradition is a betrayal of the european union's values. as a politician with ideals that oppose those of the spanish government but of differences of the basis of our coexistence in europe on. the case no lines with. a regional court if it's judges approved extradition his lawyers could take the matter to germany's constitutional court so it could be weeks possibly months before a final decision. there's a lot of talk about here and to do that i'm joined here in the studio to my far right by martin gak he's here to give us some analysis on the political ethics of this story and right. next to me is our very own political correspondent kate brady to both of you welcome to the day kate let me start with you these german prosecutors today that asked for the extradition what grounds are they working on
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to justify sending mr burrage to ma just pay it well this all goes back to the charges in spain for rebellion a misuse of public money and the and how the prosecutors came to this decision was that they found grounds of showing that the charges are also illegal in germany and so that is going to be now up to the highest court in fact as they cost and also come to that agreement if they decide of course that it will be. if they if the decision goes against them they could then still challenge that so they have to what they have said is these charges in spain are comparable to what high treason would be here in germany and martin that that's i'm disability to take is it because we're talking about a former cattle on president to lead some would say a political movement but that's the extent of it with high treason here you're
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talking about someone who's been involved in actions that have included violence as a matter of fact the statute in the spanish spanish constitution includes violence us part of the crime of rebellion and that's something that you know by most lights seems to be quite ludicrous i mean in terms of really an incitement to violence it seems to some degree that the german chord is setting the bar for itself extremely extremely extremely high so high one would think that in fact they are preparing themselves to the night extradition because they would ensue in tode have to show that in fact there was something along the lines of this fire of violence now just one clarification which is the german court does not need to decide if these charges certain spurious or not and however that is most likely what the defense will try to do. and the prosecutors today said that in their argument they recognize that no violence can be directly attached to mr bridge tomorrow but they
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argued that he knew that by pushing for the referendum for independence violence with an ensuite exactly that's what they've been trying to push is that kind of substance substantial evidence but of course as last mentioned this now comes back to the court and does this become now suddenly a german problem and maybe even a european union problem i mean germany at least in terms of the government is certainly trying to distance itself and separate the very political issue from a judicial decision heya of course even from the protests that we've seen since pushing one's arrest there has already been something appointing demanding. from germany but of course we've heard from the german government last week and they said that they wouldn't veto in metal and in any decision made by the courts and they describe that they say if they started to meddle in the judicial system
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that would be kind of meddling that between state and major to which they're not supposed to do that part of the european union you know the states recognize the sovereignty of the other states but in this case with mr. martin as you are you see it you know he's in belgium in self-imposed exile there he has not been arrested he traveled he was in finland and then he was traveling through denmark and then into germany when he was arrested he was not arrested in finland or didn't work in on the outside looking at this it seems that maybe the europeans at least the authorities don't take the arrest warrant that seriously this is a burden for the european union it's a bad problem that will just not go away you have to keep in mind that this was actually booed by the european union by all its. as an internal problem from spain off spain and germane to spain able to go to the entire time their time and boogy man would just not let them do that he flew to brussels and mediately
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internationalize the case so this is not going to change i think that they should they take the war and seriously but they're trying to avoid essentially entering a political fray would human will not let that means trying to show and this defense team is trying to show that this a political case and cannot be resolved in a court but you could also look at it this way is there is a warrant out for him to be extradited and he's in the e.u. you know germany recognizes the walls of spain that's how spain got into the e.u. so it's a done me that there are new questions to be asked yes to be straight on in there he said a very simple problem here which is a broom of in fact the rule of law and the statute in spain so that is to say we need to believe the european law is based on the trust in the spanish legal system spain has actually one of the worst records under. judicial independence in europe so that goes to say that you have you can if you cannot trust that legal system then there are grounds for him to the fent he's position on german soil ok well we
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will see if it comes to that martin jack and kate brady to both of you thank you flesh. for now a follow up on our top story last night the growing controversy over a media company in the u.s. sinclair broadcast group that has reportedly forced the news anchors at almost two hundred stations to go public with the same trump friendly message text that many say is meant for trump t.v. which condemns the mainstream media for peddling fake news a video of those anchors recording the same message has gone viral here is part of that video take a look we are certainly proud of the quality balance journalism that c.b.s. four news produces but we're. going to hear one. you know every plaguing our country this sharing of biased and false news has become a call to comment on those are the media more.
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recently are through with the first unfortunately for some reason to believe there's nothing more for their own for. them to control the more you say and this is really dangerous to our democracy well tonight there are reports of resistance from inside newsrooms take a look at this tweet from a sinclair own station in wisconsin now it reads in response to the sinclair message which aired w m s in fox forty seven madison did not air the sinclair promotional announcement during our nine pm news this weekend rather we stayed true to our commitment to provide our madison area viewers local news weather and sports of interest to them and we tried to contact fox forty seven in madison today to invite someone from the station to be on the day to talk about
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why they had decided not to air the promo but we were not successful and that is not surprising considering what their corporate owner has communicated. this is a memo from a sinclair station in portland oregon katie eighty years now take a good look here employees were told most certainly don't talk to any press about this issue and if you look down the next paragraph is most revealing i will also remind you that giving statements to the media or sharing negative information about the company can have huge implications. when we have also asked sinclair broadcast group to comment and to explain what those huge implications are tonight so far no reply. in a major shift in attitude towards israel saudi arabia's prince mohammed bin al says that israelis have
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a right to their own land now that is in stark contrast to the position saudi arabia has so far taken the conservative kingdom does not officially recognize the state of israel however in an interview published on monday in the us publication the atlantic the crown prince is posted as saying i believe the palestinians and the israelis have the right to have their own land but we have to have a peace agreement to assure the stability for everyone and to have normal relations shortly afterwards the prince his father's all to king solomon reiterated his support for a palestinian state. to help us read these salty signals i'm joined now by professor or to go fry talk she is a middle east historian at the center for modern oriental studies here in berlin. good to have you on the show so what do we want to be seeing here first of all i mean why is it important what the crown prince said. well i
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think it is important in that he explicitly recognizes israel's right to existence but we should also see that it's actually not all that new the saudis have already in two thousand and two put forward a peace plan and so far we haven't really heard anything revolutionary lay different from that peace plan which really recognizes the rights of both peoples so the right of both peoples to have their own country but is he saying that they have with him having the right to have their own land is he officially recognizing the state of israel well in the sense he is yes but. not explicitly. i mean almost explicitly but he is also saying that there needs to be an if. peace agreement before any official recognition takes place and i think we've seen in the past since two thousand and two when this peace initiative has been taken up
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a number of times actually that the real devil is in the details or well the what are these details are these details perhaps in saudi. relations we know that the u.s. president was in saudi arabia right after he took office there was a huge arms sale the saudi arabia is this is really friendly stance is that part of the deal. while it can it could be part of the deal but again i mean the peace initiative is somewhat older and i think the details namely the question of jerusalem the right to return for the palestinians all these little details which could very easily end this kind of opening on the other hand the saudis are looking for regional allies against their main what they conceive to be their main enemy namely iran and here i think the saudis are trying not only to get
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israeli support but of course also american support which they felt they had lost when president barack obama had the peace deal with iran so when it comes to iran the do you think the saudis stance particularly with the crown prince is the enemy of my imma be is perhaps my new best friend well it's probably that it's also that the saudis are not terribly keen on power such as hamas and obviously they hate hizbullah as an iranian stooges they would see it so i think it's more than just the enemy of my enemy is my friend what about the crown prince there are some who have looked at this and said that maybe this is a trial balloon maybe he's trying to test the depths of his power. it could be i mean on the other hand he has already in the past months demonstrated quite clearly that he is the strong man in saudi arabia and i think he's cost in.
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expecting internal resistance to what he's claiming or if there is such internal resistance it might well people would need to find really intricate ways of expressing it they can't do it anymore in the semi-open way in which political discussions took place in saudi arabia before professor o'regan for i thought we appreciate you taking the time and sharing your insights tonight thank you think. well israel has canceled a deal with the u.n. to relocate sixteen thousand african migrants to western nations now that news came just hours after the israeli government said yes to the plan some hardliners attacked the deal because it allowed some of the migrants to stay in israel some of these migrants mostly from eritrea and sudan have been living in israel for a decade there around thirty five thousand of them they say they have fled danger
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and persecution at home in israel they work illegally but the government wants them gone and offer them a stark choice leave the country voluntarily go to prison or be deported to an african country such as rwanda. if that's the choice i'd rather go to jail at least i'd be safe that but many israelis and many supporters abroad condemns the plan as an ethical must deportation so prime minister benjamin netanyahu turned to the united nations refugee agency for help. sixteen thousand two hundred fifty migrants will be sent to countries like canada or germany or italy or some of the world's most developed countries that's the commitment of the u.n. high commissioner. but that plan has also run into trouble hardliners say it allows too many migrants to stay in israel. that seems to be what's has driven ness and yahoo to suspend the deal just hours after announcing it but it also remains unclear exactly how the un deal with. germany and italy both mentioned as
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possible destinations for the deported migrants were taken by surprise but said they had not been consulted although the german interior ministry said always respected its humanitarian obligations. well it is a strange place to find a swastika in a church tower but that is exactly what happened to the people in a small german tell last september now the locals were outraged when a decision was taken not to replace the bell after the swastika was failed well over easter somebody obviously took matters into their own hands a strip around the middle of the bell has been treated to remove a. swastika and the perpetrators left a note saying that it was time for spring cleaning to bring fresh air to the village here's an excerpt. we've been doing
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a bit of spring cleaning didn't just clean the village but the bell to. free to the pigeon and the nazi filth which was threatening after eighty years to divide the people off this village and hopefully freed it too from the muck that he could have cost of the home of meeting. this is a village with bright decent intelligent cosmopolitan people who won't just sit idly by and see how the community is split down the middle. in this heart and as christians for freedom we have freed this from the signs of a time that was full of guilt and to be us' we did that because of our responsibility before god in the face of deep dismay and to strengthen our village community. yeah the bell is ringing with the swastika now and the talk about this story which has gotten a lot of attention around the world is my colleague brady so the question that
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struck us is how did the nazi bill get inside the church to begin with do we know of these bells of being discovered quite recently that was quite out of control vis a several were found at once last year and a lot of them were set in various churches in the early one nine hundred thirty s. when the nazis first came to power and that's where you find a lot of nazi radix and kind of memorabilia searches from the fed keeps popping up in various places for hat sometimes. less expensive places than others but they all date around same time it's a prize you do when you see that but i guess it speaks to the fact that the the relations between the church the parties were in indeed rather tight despite what maybe we heard what has been the reaction to this so-called spring cleaning because
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this is without doubt most likely to reignite this debate over whether the bell should be continued to be in use or not but the church of the parish said today that it's now considering how to proceed and whether or not to take legal action but of course this debate is going to continue over whether these relics an artifact should still exist. in the debate isn't unique it's a bells of course on the one hand there's they argument that this concern. at least that they are two facts which attracts neo nazis but on the other hand you've got the argument that they shouldn't remain be removed as they act as a. reminder everyday of the atrocities caused by the nazis during the third and at the same time by removing them you'd also be removing a very poignant and important parts of history from this village the arguments are a pretty clear what is also unclear is how no one saw the swastika for so many
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years and the bill was singing in a church tower the church is still used and yet no one saw it we're talking about for decades right this is the links back there to kind of mindset and an ongoing process is still happening now in dealing with germany's past and there are all the time new part new pieces of. nazi memorabilia and the question will be hearing about more similar kinds of builds certainly just over the past year has been five found across germany some of them now taken out of use some of them about to be replaced like this one here the parish did in fact decide to continue using it for the parish. fascinating story. as always doing double time tonight on the day thank you kate. well the day is
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